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d100 Wasteland Compound Structures

I have some days off so getting to chill and possibly game extra and write.

Rural pitt stops on the road was a early attempt, i have recycledd some data. These tables good for small comunities and has comunity defence tables worth using. These setlements are common on trade routes and welcome travellers. I might convert these into d100 instead one day. Previous post to this one has some useful links too.


Wasteland compounds are settlements off trade routes, mostly completley rebuilt from trash partly using ruins. Most compounds have a wall. Technology is lower. They are not just used by desperate farmers and neo primatives but popular with gangs, cultists, tribals, ferals and others who prefer to live in the forgotten wastes. They make good settings for missions like mad max 2 rescue the village from bandits. They can also be targets for attacks or subterfuge or headquarters of enemies. Corps might use them as covers for black labs.

d10 Walls (can have mixed types)
01 Trash heaped into wall with wire and logs
02 Mesh baskets full of rocks stacked
03 Log stockade with corigated metal sheets
04 Dry stone wall heaped loose stone and earthworks
05 Wire fence with concrete anti vehicle bollards
06 Recycled brick wall, reinforced in defencive areas
07 Stone bricks with mortar
08 Ruined brick walls reinforced with trash
09 Trash with vehicles like air craft, train, trucks or stacked car wrecks
 Reinforced concrete covering garbage and mesh wire and steel beams

d10 Wall defences
01 Watch towers - high towers for observation, snipers and weapons
02 Spikes and barbed wire - making climbing hazardous
03 Pit or moat - pit around walls with spikes, septic water or flamable liquid
04 Mine feild - trigered by foot, car or remote detonated explosives
05 Crude tank or car traps - concrete spikes or bollards and pits
06 Chemical weapons - use gas, smoke and irritants, defenders have masks
07 Flamer weapons - using gas or refined fuel and incendiaries
08 Balistia and catapault weapons - often using truck springs 
09 Machine Guns - ammo often limited and low or mid cal but effective
10 Light Artillery - mostly light anti vehichle weapons

d10 Quick compound structures
01 Residence
02 Industry
03 Agriculture
04 Storage
05 Defence
06 Public
07 Admin
08 Emergency
09 High Tech
10 Strange stuff

compound structures
01 Clusters of small humpies, filthy little single person hovels
02 Small wooden and scrap huts for families
03 Large shack for multiple families
04 Barracks with bunks for workers or fighters
05 Slave pens for labour
06 Prison cells for criminals or hostages
07 Ramshackle scrap cottages for families
08 Large communal living multi story shed
09 Small guest shack
10 Multi room hotel

11 Fuel refinery using bio slurry (meat or shit) or petrochemicals or gas
12 Windmill or water wheel

13 Shack with tools for specialist like blacksmith
14 Sweatshop work house shed for often unhealthy labour
15 Mineshaft pit with waste rubble heaps and toxic water pit
16 Garage for car fleet and repairs with piles of arts
17 Blast furnace for smelting and casting metal
18 Steam plant burns coal or wood to provide mechanical energy
19 Water refinery and pump house
20 Shed of mining equiptnment and excavating equiptment
21 Green house garden for special crops
22 Hog sheds eat sewerage and waste produce biofuel
23 Chicken sheds for meat and eggs waste produces fuel, fertilizer, explosives
24 Grain silo for storing grain and flower
25 Cannery to store food
26 Refrigerated cold store
27 Mushroom growing sheds
28 Trees growing in sheds
29 Root vegetable store room
30 Slaughter house
31 Vault for keeping valuables
32 Quartermaster store for goods and sales
33 Brewery
34 Fuel dump
35 Ammo dump
36 Library
37 Warehouse
38 Lockers for clan personal stuff
39 Scrapheap full of parts, wrecks and store sheds
40 Cistern for water storage
41 Gunpower mill
42 Anti aircraft gun tower
43 Spotlight tower
44 Underground bunker
45 Guard animal pens
46 Fire control sprinkler pump house
47 Shooting range shed
48 Armoury for weapons and armour
49 Radio  and radar shack
50 Ultralight scout plane shed
51 Saloon Bar
52 Meeting Hall
53 Gallows or guillotine
54 Fighting pit for gladiators or animals
55 Bath house
56 Brothel
57 Mess hall
58 Theatre
59 Shrine
60 Billiard hall
61 Record office
62 Boss house
63 Council Meeting hall
64 Market Place
65 Tax office counting house
66 Bodyguards barracks
67 VIP guesthouse
68 Statue of founder
69 Cult statue
70 Plaza with artwork, flags and statues
71 Fire house with waggon shed
72 Infirmary for sick 
73 Doc surgery
74 Drug lab
75 Crack house for laying about stoned in
76 Torture dungeon
77 Agricultural lab for developing new crop strain
78 Museum with collection of antiques and collectibles
79 Collection of occult paraphernalia in shed
80 Home of former celebrity or shrine to dead one
81 Tank or APC in shed
82 Cyborging black lab, military surplus or corporate
83 Ultra tech experimental weapon like laser
84 Drone bat and control room
85 Airship mooring
86 Surplus combat or gladiator robot
87 Advanced mainframe fell off back of a truck
88 Satellite uplink station
89 Several cruise missiles and launch system
90 Cable tv station with studio
91 Enormous mutant plumbed into building sucking out ultra nutrient fat
92 Cave shrine with prehistoric idol to elder god
93 Hidden lab with brains in vats and alien biotech
94 Witch house with d6 witch cultists
95 Psi house with d4 psionic 
96 Sheds with mutant creatures
97 Sheds with undead prisoners
98 Shed with a stolen dinosaur
99 Shed with strange glowing thing that fell from sky
100 Drums of mutagen in a tunnel complex 


  1. You are killing me here I'm inearly planning for my next campaign and thisp post and the last has me wondering if postapocalypse might be better than fantasy.

  2. i invented my psychon setting so i didnt have to choose between gamma world and dnd

  3. Hmmm...Metamorphosis Xorcosa?
    Starship Warden crashed into a Xor infested Carcosa. I just have to find 5 to 10 maniacs that would want to play that for 18 months plus.


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