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Murder Highway Exposed plus d100 Roadkill

Inspired by....Roadwar2000 pc game and it's sequels
Games (sweat) Workshops dark future setting
Jack Yeovil Novels set in that universe
Dark Angel
Judge Dredd
Max Headroom
Speed Racer

You can mix stuff from these games in this setting:
Cyberworld (Death Valley Free Prison is a must sourcebook)
Carwars and Autoduel (also lots of good GURPS stuff)
Dark Conspiracy had some great monsters
TSRs FREElancers and FREE America setting for Top Secret
Mecha, mutants and undead from other settings are welcome
TORG was some weird and near modern stuff

A couple of points for my setting

It is set in Australia in the year 2000
Time changes slowly possibly time is broken

Timeline diverged in 1980s or 1970s from our own

Climate and economy suffered, crime grey and highways fell to first gangs. Crime especially murder increased at unprecedented levels. A new highway interceptor patrol was created to eliminate gangs. Their were lights in the skies government agents investigating Fortean phenomena.

In 1980s Zone Wars covered most of the equatorial nations of the earth. Started as brushfire wars and police actions then escalated into limited nuclear conflicts. Nuclear terrorism attacks in the west then the plague outbreaks finished first world involvement in the conflicts. The wars kept communism going and spread through the war zones. Crime rose and fuel shortages gripped the planet. The plagues made everybody retreat in panic.

By the 1990s world wide plague killed 40% of population

Many survivors were in fact carriers of an alien undead or mutagenic nanoplague. The plagues generally reduced intelligence and increased desires like cannibalism and sex.

Climate shifts and mutagens affected crop production

Cities built walls around cores and outer perimeters with quarantine forces regulating passage

By mid 90s zombies, mutants and gangcults were no longer a myth and most people wanted nothing to do with life outside cities. Wasteland is for the oor and criminal classes. Car combat races went from underground gangs to prime time TV. Airships increasingly took over trade for foodstuffs. New zone war involvement in west used cyborg technology and millions of cyborg vets returned home with minimal psychological support. Many went to the wasteland.

By late 90s rich dead and infected are kept in crionic mausoleums by Necrotech in hopes of restoring them to health. Most of the rest of dead are cremated by law. Mass graves started in late 80s become undead hotspots. Corporations increasingly take over. Governments mostly concerned with tax and military. Studies based on the nano plagues advanced many fields of technology including power systems, materials, energy weapons, mass customisation factories, robotics, cyborgs, androids, clones and more are available at a price. The wastelands have gone backwards salvaging everything and using retro but more easily repaired technology.

In the year 2000

Murder Motorsports are no1 TV viewing
Killing apearing in more ordinary shows to keep up

Zombies have made some wasteland areas no go zones

Mutant ghettos and shanty towns sprung up everywhere

UFO sightings have increased

Gang and cults in the outback are most common settlements outside of towns

Fortified outback towns operate as states with tolls and taxes and militias

Semi biological undead vehicles are found on highways with undead drivers

Murder Motorsports are everywhere, every community in outback has armed vehicles

Solar and bioslurry fuel plants are common. Roadkill and plants and anything organic can be made into fuel easily. There is a decrease in dumped bodies and cremations as anyone can turn them into fuel. Some collect zombies and mine graveyards. Strip mining forests has helped desertified some areas.

Meat production becomes prohibitively expensive, most eating modified algae, soylent green, altered yeast and grains. Fake meat products far more common. Cannibalism is common in outback.

City states operate police departments. Many police forces are privatized and multinational. Smaller towns operate elected sheriff departments. National governments operate military. Private and corporate security forces are common.

Drugs are not considered a serious problem anymore. Sobering drugs are common.

Mainstream religion has declined. Small sects and cults thrive with charismatic leaders. Catholic Church operates like a megacorporation with own espionage agents, military, arms factories, drug companies and sanctioned ops.

Richest corporations experimenting with androids, clones, cyborgs, uplifted animals and more. Several Prehistoric parks have gone bankrupt and some animals have wandered off.

Asteroid mining has been tested. Their are several national and corporate moon bases. Killsats and orbital arcologies are in orbit and growing in numbers. The mars mission disappeared and is clouded in conspiracy theories. The massive zombie outbreak after the mars mission black out is seen as suspicious. Funding for a second Mars mission is being raised now with joint multi national and corporate and military support.

Most undead are slow zombies. Faster zombies eat voraciously and are called ghouls. Intelligent ones vary but are sometimes vampire like. Undead sometimes act in coordinated manner and arise en mass as if directed by a signal. Undead have attacked the Necrotech crionic banks, possibly to liberate undead and infected corpses. Most people don't want to accept possibility they are some kind of cog in some scheme. There are possibly undead on the net.

More stuff for setting...

Celebrities have had different career paths and might turn up as astronauts, politicians or race drivers drivers.

Alter popular film, tv, game and book names to be more violent

News items every session to reveal the setting and create adventure hooks and NPCs

Introduce new tech frequently

Yes you can have mutant undead dinosaurs but not everyday but 90% of threats should be gangs

Conspiracy theories are rife. The Cthulhu mythos probably real. Yes there is an alien invasion underway. If you want include occasional Kaiju, ninjas, super agents, hammer horror monsters thats ok. You dont want to give objective answers to what is going on more worry that everything possible is going wrong..

Mobile phones are mostly used by elites and inner city Controlled zone residents. Having a phone attracts trouble. Pay phones are common but fifty fifty vandalized outside a pc zone. Car phones are common.with 6cd changer laser disc players.Slightly dated and future tech are welcome. Everyone smokes Marijuana cigarettes.

Things to do...
d100 weird wasteland encounters
d100 sanctioned ops
d100 race teams
d100 gangcults
d100 CBD encounters
d100 interzone scum encounters
d100 Wasteland Cyborgs
d100 Vehicles for sale
d100 drive fumbles
d100 monster drivers
new vehicles including interceptors, renegade, boats, copters
d100 bike gang freaks
d100 roadkill table
d100 professional criminals
d100 wandering goodguys and vigelantes of the wastes?
Car mod packages with weapons and armour included for quick custom cars
Standard cars for gangs, cops, sanctioned agents

Example Race Events fully detailed with stats of drivers, cars, roads, encounters
-Sydney Murder Motor Sports League 2000
-Scouge of the Battle Rig
-Triffid Muster 2000
-Close Encounters
-Moon Murder Transit Bugs
-Race in Relyeh
-Bathurst Zombie Murder Race
-Bathurst To Bendigo Kill Zone Regatta
-Emeraldt to Gold: Sydney to Goldcoast Slaughter Spree
-Velocer Raptor World Scavenger Race
-Childrens Cancer Fund Charity Murder Race
-Wackiest Murder Race (novelty freaks with themes only)
-Prison races

Ad I have put up as I decided I need to do more art

Post Apoc Punks Wanted!

Im illustrating a book for myself - a non profit post apocalypse setting game pdf which will be free on my blog. I need photos of punks, bitching cars and post apoc mad max cosplay (original not derivative of anything). If i can get them high enough res i will turn them into illustrations in my stencil/graphic style and use them to illustrate a book. I will be happy for those who submit to use the art derived for themselves. I might paint some as stencils too. I can take photos if you want. Please make sure models/owners/photographers ok with this. If it ever turns ito a comercial product I will renegociate terms. Feel free to pass on to your friends. You can email stuff to me with your contact details to Big thanks to Luca Rejec, Christopher Menell and others for encouraging this project

d100 Roadkill

d10 Quick Roadkill

01 Domestic and
02 Feral animals
03 Native animals
04 Exotic
05 Native birds
06 Native reptiles
07 Mutant Animals
08 Humans
09 Humanoids
10 Weird

This can be used as a quick corpse on the road during a car chase or even as a encounter table. Smoe roadkill 1in6 has some life and will thrash around and attack if disturbed.

d100 Ozzy Roadkill

01 Adorable Calf
02 Cute pink pig
03 Lovable farm pup
04 Exploded kitty
05 Chicken crossing road
06 Duck
07 Alpaca
08 Donkey
09 Goat
10 Farm triffid, docked and tagged
11 Feral trffid 

12 Wild rabbit 
13 Wild boar 
14 Wild cat 
15 Wild dog 
16 Feral fox 
17 Feral brumby (bush horse)
18 Feral deer
19 Feral cattle 

20 Feral camel
21 Wallaby 

22 Small grey kangaroo
23 Huge red kangaroo 

24 Wombat 
25 Koala 
26 Echidna or Platypus
27 Tasmanian Devil 
28 Dingo 
29 Tree kangaroo 
30 Possum 
31 Feral reticulated python 
32 Feral ostrich (ex farm) 
33 Feral water buffalo 
34 Feral pigeons 
35 Feral panther 
36 Marsupial lion 
37 Diptotodon 
38 Tasmanian tiger 
39 Bunyip (mutant or supernatural horror) 
40 Yowie (Sasquatch)
41 Magpie
42 Carawong (Crow) 

43 Wedge tailed eagle 
44 Fruitbat 
45 Emu
46 Cassowary 
47 Lyrebird 
48 Galah (pink and grey parrot) 
49 Cockatoo (sulpher crested or black)
50 Rosella (rainbow patterned) 

51 Crocodile
52 Frill necked lizard 
53 Goanna 
54 Cane Toad 
55 Blue tongue lizard 
56 Bearded dragon 
57 Shingleback or stumpy tail lizard 
58 Monitor lizard 
59 Turtle short or long necked 
60 Thorny devil lizard 
61 Mutant goanna 
62 Mutant dingo 
64 Mutant cane toad 
65 Mutant bat 
66 Mutant kangaroo 
67 Mutant goat 
68 Mutant cat 
69 Mutant turtle 
70 Mutant tasmanian devil 
71 Farmer
72 Policeman or sherriff
73 Biker
74 Gang member
75 Homeless swagman
76 Teen hitchhiker
77 Feral child
78 Missionary
79 Cultist
80 Tribal person
81 Fishman hybrid
82 Mutant humanoid 
83 Half human half beast 
84 Zombie 
85 Ghoul 
85 Tentacle filled burst open human 
86 Dead corporate or military android 
86 Crashed drone 
87 Feral robot infantryman covered in graffitti 
88 Corporate security robot 
89 Ex military cyborg vet 
90 Corporate cyborg mercenary 
91 Small shoggoth like mutant 
92 Hybrid chimera thing mutant 
93 Undead animal d4 1=boar 2=goat 3=dog 4=Carawong (crow) 
94 Grey alien in silver underpants 
95 Man in black alien hybrid 
96 Dinosaur or Pleistocene mammal 
97 Giant mutant yabby (freshwater crayfish) 
98 Gigantic insectoid alien or mutant thing 
99 Necrotic mutant tentacle horror 
100 Mi-Go alien explorer with no road sense

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