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d100 Blasphemous Books of the Black Library

Near Shadelport are several unlawful schools for illegal wizards. Some are lone renegade masters, Devil Hill has several levels in a great dungeon. But the black school moves or at least the door does. Students sell heir souls and perform vile acts to pay for tuition. Demonic lecturers are unseen. Horrid hands reach from secret panels and give students assignments and books to read. These wizards move into dungeons or start their own towers in the wilderness. At night the students are in absolute darkness and demons grope and beat them or whisper special assignments.

Many books from the forbidden library go missing and many find their way to occult booksellers and dungeon treasures. They are risky but wizards know the risk may be worth it. Some students change class to evil priest at the bidding for their unseen demon tutors.

d12 Book Binding
01 Cow leather
02 Pig skin
03 Reptile leather
04 Fish skin
05 Metal
06 Human skin
07 Orc skin
08 Elf skin
09 Demon skin
 Devil skin
11 Monster hide
12 Dragon hide

d12 Book Decor

01 Intricate patterns on cover
02 Face stamped in cover
03 Woodblock printed with illustrations
04 Full of margin notes and diagrams by past reader
05 Fanciful borders and ornaments throughout
06 Gold leaf titles and capitals through out book
07 Monster face or body part worked into cover
08 Set with silver and gold and semiprecious stones
09 Hand Illuminated text with illustrations
10 Splattered with demon or devil blood

11 Battered, burned, crumbling and fading yet endures
12 Highly illustrated with many diagrams

d12 Book 
01 Locke clasp
02 Locked clasp with poison needle
03 Poison ink save every session reading
04 Hallucinogenic ink save every session reading
05 Explosive runes
06 Holder develops irrational love for the book (save vs charm)
07 Holder develops insanity from reading book (save vs charm)
08 Book is cursed (save vs spell)
09 Book has greater curse (save vs spell) will effect descendants
10 Book alters readers alignment (save vs spell)

11 Book turns reader into monster (save vs spell)
12 Book contains a magical guardian (see sub table below)

d12 Book Guardians

01 Gate opens every night releasing a gremlin
02 Invisible imp or quasit lives in the book
03 Lesser demon or devil lives in book
04 Major demon or devil lives in book
05 A haunt, phantom or shadow lives in the book
06 A ghost, spectre or wraith lives in the book
07 Book has protection from good and acts as holy un symbol
08 A horde of humanoids are trapped inside awaiting release
09 A monster is contained in the book (sphynx, troll, giant, etc)
 A dragon lives in the book
11 Unique demon or devil can see anything near the book or detect book being harmed
12 Book's previous owner bound to book tries to possess reader

d12 Book Creepy Features
01 Has a picture of everyone who ever read it inside including you
02 Terrible sense you have read this book before but forgot it
03 Book has family tree in back with your ancestors named
04 Scrawled message to future readers warning them of damnation
05 Portrait of current readers face on goats bottom
06 Name already written in book on list, other names crossed out
07 Start to have strange dreams every night after reading
08 Small animals shun you after reading
09 Grass, flowers and small plants die on contact with reader
10 Strange voices call out to reader from the darkness

11 Sometimes reader sees strange shadowy forms stalk them
12 A demon or devil in human form tries to buy soul of reader (keeps trying)

d12 Secret Lore Within (3d6 hour read, INT roll to find secret)
01 Research for a spell
02 Location of relic
03 Truename of planar being
04 Location of a dungeon or ruin
05 Recipe for a potion
06 Recipe for a magic item
07 Contains a d6 level wizard or priest scroll
08 Contains a d4 number of wizard or priest scrolls of level d3
09 Description of a cult in great detail
Description of unique planar being
11 Description of unique magic location
 A possibly true prophecy seems to be due

d100 Blasphemous Books of the Black Library

01 Erotic Delights of Necromancy
02 The Grave Cannot Stop Me
03 My Love with a Incubus
04 Buggerized by Frog Demons
05 Concubines of the Witch King
06 Charmed by Devil Swine
07 Finding a Virgin in Shadelport
08 Seven Unpopular Means of Life Extension
09 I Lived with the Ghoul Kings
10 Black Lotus Love Secrets

11 Nine Weeks in the Demon Dungeon
12 Grave Robbing a Beginners Guide

13 Midnight Madness in the Mausoleum
14 Vampires: the Forbidden Delights
15 Dark Elf Ornaments From the Forbidden City
16 Abominable Gods of the Monster Empire
17 Slaves of the Necromancer Kings
18 Against Life Against the Gods
19 Seven Heavens of the Were Spiders Web
20 Choir of the Eternal Night
21 Stories From the Witches Sabbath
22 Serpent Man Hybrids, How they are Made 
23 Dread Chaos Unleashed 
24 Succubi Sluts of the Abyss
25 Moistened by the Slime gods
26 Seed of the Devil
27 Call of Eternal Darkness
28 Defiling the Sanctity of Sainthood
29 I Spit on Your Soul
30 Base Desires of the Goat Folk
31 Mushroom Gods of Goblinkind
32 Black Blood of the Demon Reign
33 Monoliths of the Toad Lord
34 Worm God's Harvest
35 Fangs of the Night Mother 
36 One Thousand Imps
37 Plaything of the Nighthags
38 Polymorphing Perversity Vol 9
39 Moans of the Night Demons
40 Deflowered by Dark Elves
41 Serpent Men Tore My Soul
42 Ravished by Beastmen
43 Slave Pits of the Monster Kings
44 Concubines of the Death Lords
45 Dungeon Fluids I Have Known
46 Horned Demon Gods of The Underland
47 Goat Lords of the Demon Wastes
48 My Poisoned Lovers
49 Gigantic Mushrooms in the Goblin Grotto
50 Sex Secrets of the Dwarves
51 Dark Secrets of the Rat Men Warrens
52 Dark Wine of the Ebon Gardens
53 Passions of Eternal Night
54 Kidnapping for Profit or Pleasure
55 Tentacles from the Well of Eternal Sorrow
56 Devil Contracts and how to Escape Them
57 Million Chittering Voices of the Void
58 Domination, Subordination and Charm Spells
59 Flesh for the Meat God, Wanderings of Xor
60 Probing the Orifice of Eternal Evil
61 Ship of Fools Sails the Undersea
62 Tavern of the Damned, places of Respite in Hell
63 The Nightmare Kingdom, Seizing your Domain
64 Carnal Secrets of the Netherworld
65 Raising Your Demon Child
66 The Rancid Meat Sceptre of the Beast
67 Blood and Sorrow, the Warlock's Lament
68 A Complete Guide to Cannibalism for the Novice
69 Piercing the Heart of the Ice Princess
70 Forbidden Alchemy Germination of Monsters in Apparatus
71 Damned Artifacts of the Monster King's Age
72 Forgotten Terrors of the Dawn Age
73 Fingers of the Devil Await the Wicked
74 Ghost Towers of the Hell Wizards
75 Six Fingers for Seven Holes
76 Mirror of Delusion and the Souls of the Damned
77 Bright for the Lich King
78 Blood & Souls for Arioch
79 Tears of Pain for the Forbidden Prince
80 Perfume of the Demon Lust Garden
81 Pentacles and Cups for the Lords of Hell
82 Students and Secrets of the Black Library
83 Secret Stench Pits of the Undercity
84 Madness of the Red Queen 
85 Impaled Flesh Puppets of the Hell Gardens
86 Ruins and Forbidden Place of Lost Lore
87 Wedding Feast of the Corpse King
88 Crown of the blood lords thrice cursed
89 One Thousand Nights in the Tentacle Chamber
90 Forgotten Places in the Celestial Spheres
91 Anatomy and Vivisection of Angels
92 Chants and Recipes of the Mad Monks
93 Pursuit of the Night Kings Bride
94 Across the Moon Kingdom by Dream Ship
95 Knowledge Gleaned Drinking With Demons
96 Unicorn Recipes and Uses of Alicorn
97 Devil Whales of the Depths
98 Grooms of the Goat Queen
99 Phlegm Pits of the Undergarden
100 Unholy Unions of Evil and their Treasures

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