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d100 Black Sphere Cult Maxims, Phrases and Epigrams

The cult of the Black Sphere was formed by cults of the outer gods, materialist alchemists and the morose grey gnomes of the deep whose melancholia has made them hate existence. While mixing their magical arts they formed a new creed and purpose to nullify all that is or ever was.  

These maxims were chanted by the troops and arcanist scholars. They were engraved on gun barrels, sword blades, journals and on buildings. For the clone soldiers of the cult, these maxims gave them purpose. Unimaginative they may use these for code keys for guard passwords.

These are meant to be terrible bad guys and not admirable or sympathetic. Maybe their personnel might defect and be helped. The Cult use regular mind wiping and teaches this makes them more objective and serves the truth. Some memory loss may be from potions, machines, surgery, vat-grown alien monsters or psionics. Whatever is cheapest.

d12 Common Propaganda
1 Posters printed and hung or pasted to the wall
2 Portrait of a pro-Black Sphere kingdom ruler
3 Map showing controlled land around Chagrinspire
4 Panphlet explaining some maxim
5 Booklet of cult maxims, prayers and songs
6 Slogan with appealing mural
7 Graffiti scrawled, etched, drawn and painted 
8 Comic showing heroes fighting for Null
9 Magazine with printed images of soldiers and the homeland (was it even real?)
10 Beer with the Black sphere Label and pewter steins with pro-Black Sphere kingdom ruler 
11 Playing cards with rulers, soldiers, war machines in a collectable card game
12 Report forms of sightings of enemies activity like shells or flyers with pin-up posters. d4 1=friendly rulers portrait 2=scenes of homeland 3=soldiers and war machines 4=attractive saucy smut often the most valuable 

d10 Types
1 Basic cult plan
2 Enemies of the cult
3 Cult chants
4 Paranoia
5 Motivational
6 Fighting words
7 Cosmic creed
8 Save our souls
10 Ultimate negation

d100 Black Sphere Cult Maxims
01 End all suffering for all forever through the Black Sphere
02 Dont regret the past, destroy it and all its injustices
03 Only through the Null Sphere can creation finally find peace 
04 All desires and suffering and injustice will end through the power of the Black Sphere
05 Let the black light of the Null Sphere siphon away the agonies of time and existence  
06 End the tyranny of rulers and gods forever - all hail the Black Sphere!
07 The annihilating anti-light of the Black Sphere will show us the way to eternal peace
08 Through the infinite nothingness of the Black Orb all suffering will finally cease
09 All possibilities will be eliminated when the Black Orb ends time
10 The sphere sits and waits to end all but only we can inch it ever closer to oblivion
11 End the tormentors who wish to repeat the same eternal suffering for gain 
12 The enemies of entropy can only delay our struggle but they can never win
13 All the aligned armies against us are the same and they only crave eternal conflict
14 Our foes suffer needlessly in struggle so let us end them with mercy
15 Each life they hurl against us only advances our great purpose
16 By the power of our guns, we set fly leaden death on our foes!
17 Our ignorant enemies are lost in false dreams and old stories
18 Help our foes face the great silence of oblivion with us
19 Our foes fight like fearful beasts in a trap of illusions
20 The slaves of gods hate the eternal freedoms of Null
21 What do we want? Nothing! When do we want it? Never!
22 All Glory to the Black Sphere! 
23 The Black Sphere is the future and the future is now!
24 Embrace the salvation of total annihilation
25 Bring the stillness back to the void
26 No fear, no death, no strife, now is the time of Null life 
27 Snuff the lives of those who stand against our purpose!
28 Our enemies are scared of chittering insects before the coming nullification
29 Every enemy life ended brings us closer to Null
30 For zero fear live the zero life
31 Beware those who subvert the master machine from its true purpose
32 Let the doubters go hungry for their souls are weak 
33 Dont talk about your past while spies are everywhere subverting your destiny
34 Secret gatherings? Report suspicious meetings to your Inquisitors
35 Report mutations to medics before it is too late (soldiers shooting tentacled horror)
36 Frightened? Facing Doubts? Speak to your Null Preacher today before you are lost
37 Strange dreams are enemy attacks, report all dreams and don't talk about them
38 Not a doppelgangerger. They are on our side. Report look-a-likes don't kill them
39 Too many potions and now you have sweats? Report to your medic
40 Beware of books and unofficial documents that may contain toxic enemy ideas
41 Your heroic sacrifices will help end all history  
42 Memories distract you from your duty, mind wipes help everyone  
43 Feelings are a selfish luxury nobody can afford, ask your medic or null-preacher
44 The universe is a cosmic cancer and we are the cure
45 Only you can help stop the constant fire of time making things happen
46 Soon the war will be over and all the pain you have endured will end forever
47 Let your body be destroyed in battle against the enemy now! Don't let it be ruined by time and living in ignorance
48 Everything is going to plan - the end will start soon
49 Terminate the believers whose lust for life keeps them in the great dream
50 Lose yourself in the eternal peace that is sweet Null
51 I give my life to the Black Sphere so part of this rotting world can be unmade
52 I sacrifice my flesh for the Black Sphere to nourish the great annihilation
53 By the blessed horns of the end times I give my life to wipe away existence
54 By the power of the Null Sphere, I give myself to the great project 
55 By the secrets of the great machine, the un-making has already begun
56 Final power to the Black Sphere - let them unmake the mistake of existence
57 The one path to infinite peace lies through the power of the great black orb
58 Be no slave to petty gods or planar parasites let your will to power be through Null
59 Let the peace of Null touch your heart your mind and your breath, let your every moment be a gift to Null in the war against the ignorant 
60 When you reach for an enemy let the power of Null annihilate them through you
61 Spread the gift of unlife to the savages and their awful gods
62 Welcome those who came to die on our lands with fire and steel in the name of Null
63 The millions sent here to die against us only made our kind stronger
64 Gods and planar powers came against us once and now they are our captives
65 The enemy who copies our weapons only destroys themselves for us
66 We fight to end all war and all conflict together forever
67 Enemy captives willingly join us and fight their false former comrades
68 Only the Black Sphere can unite us all in the infinite nothingness, all other paths are just a delusionary delay
69 We march for forever victory against the tyranny of creation
70 Chagrinspire is the great bastion against the delusion of selfhood
71 Only final victory will assure your immortal souls will be free of thralldom to the gods 
72 When you kill an enemy their spirit just moves worlds or is merely reborn, only complete cessation of all existence and time will set us all free
73 The gods keep immortality for themselves, only the Null Sphere can free us from the will of gods
74 Turning on a being to the Null force is better than just killing them, your enemies will merely be reborn and we will have to just kill them again
75 The gods feed on souls and prayers and sacrifice so we will starve them and burn their otherworldly palaces
76 The soul parasites of the outer planes and the gods hate us for they know we can hurt them and set all peoples free forever from divine subjugation
77 When the god's great game is broken then we will all finally be free
78 Souls are just the cattle of the gods bred for food and sport by the ancient powers
79 Free your soul from existence, unite all in the infinite peace of Null
80 The cosmos cries out for silence through violence - all hail the Black Sphere
81 Even a golem can think
82 Our formulas propelled great flying machines and spewed poison across the sky
83 We made the great poison wasteland and soon the world will soon follow
84 They said a carriage could never be horseless or machines could never fly
85 As we approach the end times our machines will be stronger, smarter and able to fight without orders
86 The world machine is broken end it now 
87 Creation is a prison and only the Black Orb can free us all forever
88 The world illusion makes us all seem different and in competition but the final unity of the Great Black Sphere is inevitable 
89 Creation vomited us into being in a world of delusion against our will, the Black Sphere will end all
90 Strike back against the soul-eating gods and otherworldly hunger, strike back with the Black Sphere
91 Exterminate the lovers of the world illusion with no remorse
92 Kill the priests first then eat their gods later
93 Stop the eternal rebirth and slavery of existence, end it all with the Black Sphere 
94 Forget the past! Onward to Extinction for all!
95 We can stop the war whenever we want, the enemy must give up first
96 Onward to the final day of the Null Sphere! Completion is coming! 
97 The Black Sphere is inevitable, the rabble against us sacrifice themselves to futility
98 Life is an Illusion, the Black Sphere is finality
99 One final inevitable doom will make all our struggles meaningless forever
100 Do your part! Total cessation is the ultimate solution!

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