Wednesday 29 June 2016

Murder Highway Image Dump 1

So Im going to do a few more image dumps like i did for Babylon on some other topics for my various settings.
Possibly will include murder highway which will include my car combat, punks, modern ruins, cyberpunk and near future tech.

Psychon, Weird War 1, SF stuff too. Mostly for east access visual references for me and players.

For the moment this is recapping all my appropriate previous posted images on the genre plus a few more

Ruined subways are good settings for exploration or fire fights

In the future anything can be weaponised. This goat has been brainjacked from a continent away and is ready to attack

Every good driver needs a buddy. A mechanic, navigator, gunner or co pilot can do a lot like operate fire additional weapon systems cheaper than a fancy computer

Depopulation of several bioplagues have left ruined towns and parts of cities. Many are still crawling with necrovirus victims like zombies, ghouls or vampires

 Ruined labs, power plants, research labs are plentiful. Some have automated defences and alarms. Black labs might be active inside still

Hospitals are abandoned everywhere. Modern ones are fortified, sealed, compartmentalized vs contamination. Many hospitals are automated. Necrotech INC made a fortune freezing bodies of early sage necrovirus carriers. These mausoleums store thousands of corpsicals with the promise of resurection. Mercenaries protect them from undead incursion or rival corporate powers  

Hundreds of pre fab pod towns were built in the pre plague years and now are mostly empty or used by gangs, cults and desperate homeless

The first gangland road battles were private but through easy broadcast online proved to networks and government road combat sports were able to make money and keep people looking at tv

 Modern vehichles are custom mass produced with showrooms demonstrating catalogue variations. Modern vehicles are electric, ceramic, plastic with computer controlled engines and park themselves.

In the outback fancy stuff falls apart, costs too much and who wants trademark approved service centers whe yer mate Dazza has a shed or wrecks you can swap parts with. Better still car bodies are everywhere in ruined sprawls and outback towns

Australian road trains are huge and by night they are lit by strings of xmas lights. They are increasingly attacked by gangs and those who can afford it use airships

 As times have grown worse biodeisal from road kill or corpses has become increasingly viable. Cars can be fuelled from plant matter even and all kinds of human or farm waste. Mass graves have become a thing of the past in war zones!
Old model cars with steel bodies are desirable starting points for combat cars. Modern polymer models are too fragile

Gangs of the wastelands have most individual scratch built vehicles, even weapons

 Gangcults with increasing psychotic violence appear everyday. It was starting before the plagues, back into the 80s

Retro lookalike products are pretty popular, especially with those foolish enough to visit the non policed zones of the remaining cities

Road warriors discovered early on that gimmicks get attention and cash in the league televised matches. It gives drivers and their navigators to milk media sponsors
 Being able to fire a human body mass in ammo in a minute not so useful but as a one off leading a squadron of bikers can have a place

Scout buggies are deployed by gangs, military and even lawmen. A sniper with a .50 cal cal cause unwelcome enemies lots of problems 

 Custom printed hulls and body armour have filled wastelands with some deceptive looking opponents. Many are rich fanboys but some with money have some high tech hardware that can be easy to under estimate from the cosmetic glam

Cyborg infantrymen like this are mostly machine but units like this are mostly for military black ops. Some however have been infected with necrovirus and have been developing independence and necro biological metal shells. These necrocycles actually process corpses into fuel and wrecked vehicles into repairing damage and ammo. The military in turn want to know the secrets of these improvements on their tech. Car versions are a increasing problem

This heavily armoured police car with two banks of sis grenade launchers (teargas and smoke) with a 360 degree .50 cal gauss gun able to destroy most targets within line of site

Armed scouts used by outback factions often attach off the shelf military hardware like assault rifle or machine gun. These buggies rely on speed and off road handling but low price is good consideration

Before death racing there had been a decades old scene of criminal interstate cannonball runs. Detective agencies scoured outback for bail jumpers. The rich were undertaking turkey shoots, rifle hunting victims with vehicles. Cops in Coober Pedey already using uzis that fired same round as their service pistols against gangs with mining explosives and hunting rifles

Stuntmen of old gave great performances and inspired generations of dangerous driving and deadly motorsports. God salute you pioneers!

Increasingly advanced ATVs with independent electric power wheels, morphimetic(TM) tires change properties for terrain, can float and is semi amphibious being steerable with a special tyre configuration to aid moving and steering  

A poor black paint job with a over sized engine and a single medeum machine gun is the most common vehicle configuration in the sedan size. Common for gangs and militia alike. Passengers might add to fire power through windows

This three man scout buggy with two heavy machine guns is very dangerous

Bush mechanics cobble cars from all kinds of crap, even filling tires with grass for inner tubes. Clans recycle wrecks and might pool together for new cars. Many live in wrecked cars

The old farm bike can carry a sheep or a kidnap victim and can travel a long way cheaply. Every farm teen has one and any street gang nowadays gets bikes and go to the outback

This high tech ATV is armoured in latest polymers and has a wide angle turreted 20mm cannon that can select fire from six ammo types. It has a advanced mission computer with auto drive and auto fire, so with orders can enter combat without a driver.

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