Monday 13 June 2016

Villains and Dungeons of Xor

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Xor is not evil, just indifferent. But some evils of Xor are a recurring problem and a menace to everyone.  Xorward ho meatbags!

d12 Troublesome Forces of Xor
1 Bands of murder hobos out to kill rob and enslave and torture locals to find legendary gold
2 Cultist of various demons, assassins, foreign or apocalyptic sects like hoods, masks and murder
3 The Great Beast is a titanic parasite that subverts Xor to breed servitor monsters and minions
4  Wizards from outside are always raiding with minions or seizing dungeons for exotic ingredients
5 The cosmic cancer cult bring radioactive star stones to Xor which spread mutation and shoggoths
6 Demons love to visit Xor for meat and victims and have been trying to subvert Xor to evil for aeons
7 Under the surface of Xor whole kingdoms of strange beings struggle to rule Xor
8 Plagues of creatures arise often and require adventurers to destroy the spawning point
9 Crusaders have come to Xor under impression everything demon tainted and requires purification
10 Conquerors of Xor are bandits and warlords united by a despot against all free people of Xor
11 Assassins of Xor are spies and killers but they in reality set their own secret agenda
12 Titans of Xor are god like beings who secretly still dwell on Xor in monster filled meat dungeons

d12 Some boss monsters in the dungeons of Xor
1 Kurgad the skinless ogre rules a gang of hairless rat men who rob and kill locals
2 Erdin the flailed man a mercenary who wears his flailed skin as a cape leads local banits
3 Zordka a sucubi who uses charmed spies to infiltrate settlements and steer them to demon cults
4 Barudka Arnjarz a bloated woman with her mutant sons who steal food and kidnap men for her
5 Master Azeron a demon cultist who breeds chaos spawned shoggoths in his secret temple
6 Kraj the warlord leads a band of pierced and mutated tatooed freak warriors who seek conquest
7 Ladja the Tick queen serves the demon ticks of the abyss and summons more with every sacrifi ce
8 Gorfang a hairless dog man with his savage tribe of mixed beast men hates humans except for food
9 Cernubas a hideous mutant and crime lord who runs nasty criminal gladiator bouts in the wasteland
10 Kalya the sorceress with her pet giant flies tries to halt trade and keep people isolated and ignorant
11 Goldrun the Flesh Wizard has been making flesh golems for years but they all go insane
12 Udru the ghoul leads his people from necrotic pit to gangrenous sore, increasingly hate the living

d12 Suspicious Locations
1 A abandoned meat quarry has had signs of habitation but none dare explore the old pits
2 A crumbling bone castle once a site of a dynasty with forgotten flesh dungeons beneath
3 Remains of a ghost town and old almost healed over mine has had lights seen from it
4 A great once glorious living manour house now inhabited by monsters
5 A great scab mound has a bad reputation and things crawl out from beneath Xor here
6 A scabby valley with pustule hills and flowing sewerage has several demon shrines
7 A great wet cave entrance has swallowed many adventurers over the years
8 In a great wasteland of feces a tribe of humanoids has been growing increasingly hostile
9 A great flesh citadel once home of plane traveling elves appears every few years for a while
10 A great swollen red hill has been growing for years full of festering things crawl under Xor's skin
11 A slavers camp surrounded by bone walls has been taken over by a demon cult
12 A great cancerous cluster of hills is increasingly crawling with pink trolls and shoggoths

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