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d100 homes for the wee folk

Thought I better do a token classic fantasy table as my hits dropped below a thousand to yesterday. Since then my net been troubled so im just down to phone tethering.

The wee folk live in tiny natural houses near human villages and rural farms quite often. Some are well hidden or invisible to humans other are blatant. The last kind are best avoided as they are pretty well defended to be so brazen. If they get along with locals and trade they might just be neighbors.

In my game i have some extra classes to coven non humans. Abhumans cover beastmen and elemental folk like rock men and tree men even orc or human barbarians. Changelings covers the more lithe but magical beings who are more overtly supernatural shape shifters like tree spirits or animal spirits, faeries or planar hybrids.

For wee folk I use halflings or gnomes as base model. So a halfling could cover a goblin, humanoid beavers and badgers, moss men and benevolent hedge or barn trolls. Gnomes cover the more magical versions with spells and magical abilities and are slightly smaller again. This has worked well and I should write up some examples or re write these classes with variations.

Anyway this is good for local wee folk homes to place near a village or in a magic forest. In a evil dark elf or haunted forest they are more likely to be utter bastards or openly hate humans. Good creature will help humans especially children, will warn them or protect them of help farm animals. Neutral creature will try to avoid humans but turn nasty if humans disrespect the balance of nature or swear. Evil creature will sadistically torment rob and kill humans.

Im a big fan of moomintrolls and gloranthan trolls and the standard DnD troll is insane immortal cancers sprung from troll chaos folk aeons ago. The smarter trolls could be played as abhuman (rock troll, bridge troll, hill troll, cave troll), halfling (barn or hedge trolls). For more magical and rare trolls changelings are good (arcane trolls, elder trolls) and gnomes make good stove trolls.

So what follows is simple tables to create a wee folk home or encounter plus a larger table with lots of pre created ones. Yes I am introducing more talking animals in my setting.

d10 Wee folk home
01 In a giant mushroom with tiny door and window
02 In a tree stump with chambers going into roots
03 Inside a living tree stump
04 In branches of a tree
05 Inside a large rock formation
06 Tiny little cottage
07 Inside a bush
08 Inside burrow of a animal
09 Inside a hill or burial mound
10 Under a pond or on a tiny island

d10 Defences
01 Animal guard is a able fighter
02 Animal friend warns inhabitants
03 Birds get help if trouble
04 Cunning traps
05 Has several potions
06 Magical plant defenders
07 Gods curse any who harm
08 Invisible guardian spirit
09 Magical guard construct
10 Illusions hide home

d10 Household size
01 Single and lonely or even bitter
02 Single with d6 pets
03 Several unmarried d3+1 possibly with d3 pets
04 Nuclear family of four with d3 pets
05 Extended family of 2d4+4 with d6 pets
06 Household of 3d3 mixed wee folk and taliking animals 
07 Is connected by paths to 1d3 other households
08 Is connected by tunnels to 2d4 other households
09 Is actually a village with 3d6 households
10 Is part of a large hidden colony with a king and or queen

d10 Good Wee Folk
01 Kind gnomes who help anybody
02 Faeries
03 Squirrel folk
04 Rabbit
05 Mushroom folk
06 Sprites
07 Mouse folk
08 Mole folk
09 Beaver folk
10 Robin or wren folk

d10 What are good wee folk up to?
01 Singing and dancing for festivities
02 Singing and doing chores
03 Performing rituals to thank nature
04 Performing first aid on local animal friends
05 Gathering and preserving food like nuts and berries
06 Repairing or expanding home
07 Receiving friends for supper
08 Playing games or performing in a band
09 Playing with local child and teaching them secrets
 Hiding from evil greedy adventurers

d10 Allies of the good wee folk
1 Bright elves
2 Unicorn
3 Giant eagle
4 Wild dogs
5 Good Tree man
6 Forest Dwarves
7 Kindly Wood troll
8 Local villagers
9 Firebird
10 Faerie Dragon

d10 Neutral Wee Folk
 Forest Gnomes who help nature
02 Rabbit folk
03 Cat folk
04 Frog folk
05 Moss folk
06 Brownies
07 Raven folk
08 Owl folk
09 Rock folk
10 Badger folk

d10 What are neutral wee folk up to?
01 Performing lewd fertility rites
02 Beating a trapped or tied enemy with sticks
03 Having a drunken orgy
04 Milking caterpillars or other forest creature
05 Receiving a guest druid or elf or fairie
06 Placing traps to snare human hunters
07 Seducing a youth they found in forest
08 Buying a child off a parent
09 Laying about in magic mushroom stupor
 Dancing around a fairy circle to open a gate

d10 Allies of the nuetral wee folk

1 Wood elves
2 Halflings
3 Druids
4 Centaurs
5 Satyrs
6 Dryad and her thralls
7 Stag man hunter
8 Nature spirit
9 Local hunters
10 Were boar or bear

d10 Evil Wee Folk
01 Black hat gnomes who like poisoning wells
02 Toadstool folk
03 Rat folk
04 Redcap gnomes who like to bathe in blood
05 Fox folk
06 Weasel folk
07 Goblins
08 Forest Imps
09 Gremlins
10 Mandrake folk

d10 What are of the evil wee folk up to?
01 Torturing a bound enemy
02 Making poison in a cauldron
03 Preparing spells to torment local farmers
04 Terrifying a small crying child
05 Comparing stolen loot
06 Dancing naked covered in blood around mangled corpse
07 Praising the powers of darkness with blood sacrifice
08 Playing ball with a human head
09 Making zombie animals for fun
10 Planting weeds, thistles and thorns

d10 Allies of the evil wee folk
1 Dark elves
2 Hobgoblins
3 Goat men
4 Giant spiders
5 Evil tree folk
6 A forest giant, ogre or evil troll
7 A coven of witches
8 A wight or other undead
9 A wyvern
10 A werewolf

d100 Wee folk homes
01 Old tree stump with tiny door with a dwarf, otter and beaver having a tea party inside
02 Door on a tree with black cap evil gnomes making a batch of poison for local children
03 Huge fallen log with several doors inside a pixie a sprite and a brownie playing cards 
04 A tiny pond next to a tree stump cottage of a tiny frog man who likes to smoke and fish
05 A door under some tree roots is home to several evil dwarves having a black mass
06 A cluster of mushroom cottages with a band of pixies performing for local animals
07 A cluster of tree houses with clothed swashbuckling squirrels polishing their nuts
08 A pond with a tiny shroom house with a bathing nixie, becomes irate if spied on
09 Tiny hut in bush where drunk goblins play spin the bottle with a intelligent pig
10 A small bear and a monkey angrily trying to enter a gnome tree house

11 A tiny lantern filled grove where fairies dance about mushrooms
12 A tiny door in a grassy knoll, a badger in a dressing gown sips tea in the door way

13 Brownies with watering cans tending flowers in a grove in front of a tiny cottage
14 A sloppy tiny shack where goblins lay about eating shrooms with erections
15 A tree stump table where a evil dwarf and weasel playing knife games
16 A colourful mushroom manour with naked sprite doing house work inside 
17 A tiny grove where a stern gnome berates goblins for letting intruders in area 
18 Red hat gnomes building a tiny cottage for a fairy who squeals with joy
19 Rabbits with tiny waist coats dancing about a maypole instructed by a brownie 
20 A rat a spider and a evil gnome drinking dark ale in a burned out tree hollow
21 A cluster of tiny tents where hedgehogs cook grubs on forks over a fire
22 A cat with a fiddle entertaining a giant cricket, a frog and a mole while eating stew
23 A tiny stage in the woods for a insect cabaret with lady beetles and crickets
24 Singing giant mice picking berries flee into their giant bramble bush cottage complex
25 Weasels in teeny robes about to sacrifice a hedgehog on a pentacle carved in tree stump
26 A door in a foxhole is where the local mr fox lives, local barnyard serial killer
27 A creek with a tiny waterwheel cottage home of river rat family who are terribly nice
28 A beavers dam complex where dozens cheerily work, they are a religious commune 
29 Tiny tree men and faeries dancing around a atractive glitter covered sleeping naked elf 
30 Dark forest dwarf shack where they are busy with prisoners in sacks they need to shank 
31 A fluffy bunny, squirrel and brownie in a mushroom house trying to to help a lost faun
32 Band of small duck folk standing around pond trying to solve gruesome murder of a duck
33 Several evil treemen about a old stone shrine plotting how to exterminate humans
34 A dark elf child with his zombie farm animal pals torturing a tied up farmer
35 A tent where a Imp a weasel and a dark dwarf camp in between murdering locals
36 A toadstool patch actually a village of gremlins and their pet toads 
37 A grove of fungi where a tender goblin druid with his sickle cares for this garden
38 Fairies playing with brownies who leapfrog over mushrooms laughing
39 A hillock has a tiny gate house where faerie guards to a elfland through the portal
40 Shambling shack with a light on distracts you from a evil mandake plant man 
41 A tiny village of toadstool men are performing evil rites to the fungus goddess
42 A slimy fungi cottage in a pond a newt is serenading his love hiding in the house
43 A robin, a leprechaun, a  frog and cat telling bawdy stories in front of a door in a tree 
44 A kindly wood troll helping little folk repair roofing of their mushroom houses
45 A hole in hill with a adorable tiny mining shack with several moles drinking after a shift
46 Giant bramble hedge where mice and wren with clothing live in multiple cottages
47 Brownies learning about love from an old satyr bard in his hollow tree house
48 Village of sprites in mushrooms having a birthday party for a centaur foal or baby unicorn
49 A mushroom village of pixies with a charmed village idiot they stole from locals 
50 Faeries in a village hanging from tree branches all gathered around a human baby 
51 Pixies in hut playing with wild baby goats, pigs and other cute animals they look after
52 Dark elf mother in hollow burned out tree with spider nanny and dozens of goblin brats
53 A mossy glade hides dozens of moss men and their strange mentalist powers
54 A worn stone circle is actually a village where rock folk mostly sleep between rituals
55 Raven family with a cottage where humanoids hang humans in gibbets to die
56 A village of raven folk tree houses where they train orphans to be warrior monks
57 Owl folk cottages in branches where owls debate philosophy and giving quests
58 Grove of bird houses where every dawn and dusk a fire bird comes and from his house
59 Industrious badger burrows with doors, mining, working metal and making weapons
60 Old badger with his moss woman and rabbit friend live in a pond side cottage
61 House of a brownie, sprite and faerie teaching a lost child about wonderful faerie land 
62 Mushroom houses of brownies who run and hide leaving a d6 changeling babies
63 Frog men and rockmen village in stone filled swampy pond, training in martial arts
64 Nature spirit becomes visible and pours flowers and fruits over fairy mushroom village
65 Village of evil tree folk, squirrels and imps plot to torment local humans for the year
66 Door in hill where quaint forest trolls have built sprawling cottage for mixed wee folk kids
67 Red hat good gnome village having celebration for ancient treeman guest
68 Black hat evil gnome village summoning imps from the netherworld to alter reality
69 Small shroom house looks like a gnome but is a redcap - turns from a gnome to a ogre
70 Green hat tree gnomes in front of tree homes brewing up potions to awaken trees
71 Druid sacrificing a dog to a mixed group of animals and wee folk who start to prepare it
72 Mixed wee folk village celebrating a dryad and her enterage of charmed humans visit
73 A huge fallen tree cottage is home to jolly wereboars and their dozen children
74 A old bear, a newt man hunter and a forest drake live in a cave together
75 Foggy remains of destroyed tiny shroom cottages guarded by a willo-the-whisp
76 Outside a tiny shack with iron stove live a imp, a fox, a weasel and a goblin gamblers 
77 Thousands of fairy huts in branches of trees like glowing fruit, mortals unwelcome
78 Drunken halfling throwing his weight around in a mushroom village of mixed wee folk
79 Pixie mushroom house where household are treating boar wounded human hunter
80 Hobgoblins and goatmen serve dark dryad and her evil faerie friends in their tree house
81 Evil spirits materialze in toadstool imp village to advise their war on humanity
82 Cave of young fauns being tutored by a brownie and a badger in life's secrets
83 Craggy rocks with many holes and thorn bushes home of plucky mouse settlers
84 Tiny shack where hedgehog and blackbird live with mementos from their adventures 
85 A treehouse belonging to a harpy and her tree imp friends who plan evil deeds
86 A tribe of savage forest octopi folk holding druidic rites in woven communal tree nests 
87 A cobwebbed grove with dark faerie toadstool houses, above them lives their spider god 
88 Creepy pond where a kelpie her frog and goblin servants live in a shack
89 Several dark faerie live in a shroom cottage on a crypt of a banshee spirit
90 Sprite and a frog co habit under a creek waterfall in a mushroom outraging their families
91 Frog mushroom village around a pond having a inspiring sing song
92 Nixie a pixie and a brownie by a mushroom cottage run a small shop peddling supplies
93 Goblin brothers lounging on porch of their shack built on a cave mouth busy drinking
94 A wicked gnome and her spider consort live in a battered old mushroom house
95 Several wicked imps hold a attractive elf prisoner inside a tree awaiting a ransome
96 A clan of giant bat riding small goblins live in tree nests built from guano 
97 A tiny door leading into a hill is entry to a tap filled kobold mine
98 A cave mouth with smoke pouring out is home do dark dwarf smiths trade in weapons
99 Witches coven cavorting with goblins, cats and imps in toadstool grove
100 Old hag telling stories to young goblins, dark elves, rats and spiders in a cave shack

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  1. Wee Folk Homes number seven = polishing their nuts. Good job!



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