Friday 3 June 2016

The Quivering Flesh Pits of Xor (celebrating post 850)

This is to celebrate half a million page views, my 850th post and my best month ever. Also Dedicated to Venger Satanis for his one man adult indy efforts.

This started as idea for Venger and after I thought of the name (he added the wet pink part) I began to think of my bio dungeon articles from earlier and also one of my shared gonzo hex descriptions from a shared hexcrawl project. A giant cube of flesh with wet orifice entrances and strange creatures within. Axos or Zygon ships from old DrWho might be worth a look too. One episode of Blake’s7 had a living planet ecosystem. Aeon in Marvel comics similar too. The show Lex and Farscape had living ships. 40K tyranids do it too. It is a well established trope. Ive done it before for my spacewreck sf game. This version a bit more colourful and perverted.

I welcome anyone to add fleshy dungeons, rancid meat towers and gore eating inhabitants for this setting.

This previous stuff done more for a metamorphosis alpha or sf type adventure or even inside a titan, kaiju or flesh dungeon. A bit more darker and non human. Possibly good for the deep interior of Xor.

I've also had some hyphen problems in blogger doing strange things - even tried to put in word and indesign which created more problems. So any tips? Painful reformatting whole document of bugs. Possibly i imported it with a graphic but stubborn to remove. Font size changing lots too and had to reset multiple times.

The Quivering Flesh Pits of Xor
Xor is in fact a living quasi dimension that overlaps and intrudes into multiple other realities. In facts some wizards use the quasi plane to travel to other worlds.

d12 How did Xor get here?
1 The stars are right and Xor has come
2 A wizard or cult summoned Xor
3 A conjuration from aeons ago finally arrived and it was Xor
4 The land is cursed but gods of chaos and called Xor
5 A alien wizard of another plane used Xor to travel here
6 A cosmic spore traveling through the stars seeded Xor
7 A elder monument was activated by someone releasing Xor unto the world
8 Xor grew from a cancer dead plague carrying mutant
9 Xor grew from the turd of a plane traveling daemon
10 Xor has come here for a nutriment cycle
11 Xor needs something from this world and has come to take it
12 Xor grew in the underground aeons, just surfacing now

At first glimpse an area overrun with the flesh pits is a verigated fleshy panorama of wet pink. covered in pits and sphincters and tentacles polyps, eyes, spasming and twitching randomly. Occasional patches of coloured skin, weeping sores and crusty scabs and dried secretions are to be found. On the shores of the great lake of flesh, where it meets the normal soil of your world, it appears as a great slab of sweating meat is resting on top of the ground. You can even lift up the edge and look underneath. It may have grown a great tap root of flesh into the planetary crust to sap nutriment from the life force of the planet.

d12 Major terrain types
1 Dry slab of skin covered flesh with pores, tiny hairs and occasional freckles (any colour skin)
2 Moisten wet slippery exposed flesh, often uneven and slippery 1/2 speed
3 Damp verigated surface pockmarked with orifices (see below) 1/2 speed
4 Red ropy fleshy ridges with tendons and sinew holding bundles of muscle, moist with blood
5 Squirming fleshy pink tentacle polyp forest, swaying like trees in a breeze
6 Soft yielding pink tissue that legs sink into, covered in pools of saliva 1/4 speed
7 Gum like ridges of hard flesh with twitching growths, moist to the touch
8 Huge organ like lozenges nested against each other in pink, purple and violet, that pulse rhythmicaly
9 Coiled intestine like mass up pipes and tubes, some move occasionally as something moves in them
10 Fleshy mounds with orifices that regularly erupt in disgusting random fluids 1/2 speed
11 Shallow lake or sea of fluid
12 Tufts of hair and fuzz growing like bushes or forest or grass

d12 Occasional terrain features
1 Eyes glare meloncholicly, blinking occasionally
2 Bulging veiny fleshy sacks
3 Soft fuzzy velvet hairy lumps like on a mole
4 White growths or polyps attacking surrounding tissue
6 A extra large fleshy orifice
7 A great bleeding wound that something has taken a bite from
8 Swollen stinking infected mound of white, yellow and green
9 Gelatinous grey brain mass colony, if harmed attracts monsters
10 Inflating huge sacks of tissue full of air or liquid
11 Clusters or single huge breasts, possibly lactating
12 Clusters of strange alien genitalia

d10 Orifices
1 Nasal - these blowholes inhale and expel foul air with passages going deep into Xor
2 Aural - twisting tunnels with fine hairs inside, often surrounded by trumpet like structures
3 Sphincter - a knotted flesh valve sealing flesh tunnels for secreting waste, vary in tightness
4 Sexual - these twitching sensitive pits await to be fertilized or give birth to monsters
5 Weeping sores - leak secretions from infections or even blood
6 Mouths - these toothed chasms contain drool filled pools, writhing toungues and best avoided
7 Pores - leak oily secretions, some become hard and block pores causing infections
8 Glands - leak all kinds of fluids but most often sweat
9 Urethra - leaks pools of yellow stinking urine or solid urea crystals or mineral stones
10 Gastric Vents - flesh pits of acid that idiot creatures wander into and are eaten

D20 Random Fluids and secretions
1 Smegma - oil and dead skin, burns slowly if used as fuel
2 Urine - stinking piss, can ferment into ammonia, some cases emitted as a hard urea crystal
3 Sweat - salty water with hormones, can ferment into ammonia
4 Feces - stinking sticky semi liquid clay, used as food by some creatures
5 Pus - rotten yellow or white stinking mess, attracts insects for food and breeding
6 Milk - fed off from animals, harvested by sentient beings for food and potions
7 Bile - green, yellow, cyan and black and magenta, each with alchemical transformation properties
8 Acid - corrosive fluids or vapour ranges from irrirtants to metal and flesh eating varieties
9 Mucous - semi viscous fluid, biolubricant and protects surfaces, forms crusty bubbles on edges
10 Semen - reproductive fluid, food for animals who unwittingly transport it to reproductive vents
11 Tears - salt hormone filled fluids cause mood ans
12 Blood - vital fluid of life used as a superfood, plasma or serum
13 Phlegm - pituitary secretion alters consciousness, causes mutations and cancer
14 Nuero Fluid - interspinal and cerebal fluid, if consumed enhances mental abilities and reactions
15 Saliva - drool from mouth, used as food, drink, lubricant, cleaning and sterilizing product
16 Cellular Fluid - juice from in cells crawling with tiny alien critters and macroscopic life
17 Vomit - violently discharged unprocessed food, acid and gastric juice, used for food and acid
18 Sebum - skin oil, greasy body oil, used as food, cooking, lubricant
19 Amniotic Fluid - fluids accompanying birth of a creature or egg
20 Lymph - clear sticky fluid, healing properties and cures

Bonus fluids!
Ceremun - ear wax used as resin, fuel, bioplastic, adhesive, super foodSputum - infected matter violently expelled or oozing from orifices

So what the hell do I do here?
Killing, looting and feeding are common reasons to visit Xor.
Fresh un salted water is rare and valued.
Finding a way to make it leave is pretty common too.

d12 How Can I make Xor go away?
1 Heal Xor’s wounds
2 Feed Xor
3 Destroy the foci of the magic that brought it
4 Performing a ritual
5 Help Xor deliver a baby
6 Find the central neural cluster and annoy it
7 Remove a hostile object harming Xor
8 Communicate with the central intelligence
9 Introduce a contamination to a vulnerable organ
10 kill the meddling d4 1=cultist 2=demons 3=aliens 4=wizard
11 Pleasure Xor and bring to a climax at neural pleasure hub
12 Help Xor find a better home

Encounters of Xor
Xor is inhabited by various beings. Parasites, symbiotes and antibody entities are common. Some kinds of demons and dimensional beings find Xor pleasant to visit. Some creatures from worlds Xor visits come for the food of the local biomass. Some stay, thrive, mutate and become one with Xor. Some places in Xor are huge organic structures that living beings thrive within, some actually are part of Xor, refining and recycling biomass.

Most mammals adapted become hairless
Most reptiles and amphibians are mostly pink or white
Many monsters and demons have mutations

Skin colour could be any colour really
Flesh underneath could be pink, purple, scarlet with white sinew

d10 Common Mutations
1 Extra eyes or only one
2 A tentacled tumour growth
3 Functional d4 tentacles (1in6 out of owners controls)
4 Eyestalks
5 Amphibious
6 Acid resistant
7 Extra limbs possibly tentacle or crab claws
8 Extra sphincter or orifice
9 Insectoid feeding parts
10 Extra sexual characteristics (breasts, genitalia)

d12 Common Encounters on Xor
1 Swarm of fleshy bug, worm or naked rodent like critters
2 Amoeba and gelatinous horrors
3 Tentacled and shape shifting rafts of flesh (Shoggoths?)
4 Hairless giant molerat like creatures
5 Hairless bat-men like creatures
6 Fleshy naked hound like pack mammals
7 Naked faceless sexless humanoids with biological weapons
8 Fleshy pink dinosaur like horrors
9 Fleshy insectoid creatures with bony hooks, beaks,
10 Skinless draconic predators that spew acid
11 Demonic intruders like succubi, incubus or breasted chaos demon
12 Outsider intruders like murder hobo adventurers, cultists, druids or wizards

d20 Most Common Beast Men
1 Lamprey or leech
2 Bat or dog
3 Oyster or eel
4 Mole Rat or seal
5 Isopod or Centipede
6 Pig or goat
7 Turkey or Cockerel
8 Mantis or scorpion
9 Crab or lobster
10 Squid or octopus
11 Blowfly or maggot
12 Vulture or cassowary
13 Hyena or jackal
14 Ape or baboon
16 Starfish or sea urchin
17 Man-o-war or snail
18 Axolotl or newt
19 Cat or sabretooth
20 Lizard or serpent

d10 Monster Encounter Classes
1 Gelatinous Antibodies
2 Lost Adventurers
3 Lost Races
4 Settlement
5 Herd Organisms
6 Predator Organisms
7 Mutants
8 Macroscopic
9 Alien beings
10 Demons and monsters

d100 Encounters Encounters
1 Ochre Jelly acting as antibody d4
2 Gelatinous Cube acting as a cleaner
3 Grey Ooze eats intruders
4 Gibbering Mouther wallowing in a pool of filth
5 Black Pudding on cleaning detail
6 Roper guard important nerve clusters while wallowing in filth
7 Tentacle groper concealed under floor or wall
8 Shoggoth a tentacle and eye covered servitor gone insane
9 Grell a tentacled mobile brain cluster that directs repair work
10 Noe-otyg devours and wallows in pulls of diseased liquid waste
11 Templar warriors sent by church to explore
12 Assassins looking for exotic poisons and weapons
13 Cultists seeking wonders of Xor
14 Knights on a quest to find missing person or relic
15 Thieves looking for interesting treasure
16 Wizards looking for exotic secrets of the universe
17 Sorcerers looking for drugs and strange new pleasures
18 Clerics looking for means to return restore normalcy
19 Sages looking for curious secrets of knowledge
20 Mercenaries with two handed swords, pikes, guns and crossbows hired to explore
21 Beastmen tribal warriors exploring new land or seeking territory
22 Changelings looking to infiltrate adventurers for safety
23 Orcs looking for territory to move to
24 Goblins gorging themselves on edibles foodstuff
25 Hobgoblins marching looking for way to get out of this
26 Bugbears exploring land, assimilated ones lose hair
27 Dwarfs seeking treasure and glory
28 Elf band looking for home, flesh tribe and bone elves have assimilated
29 Gnomes curious about the land and seeking to adapt
30 Halflings gorging themselves on some luxury foodstuff or milk
31 Camp of travellers may be willing to trade or share
32 House often built of local materials, often inhabited
33 Wizard tower of flesh and meat, a wizard bases himself here with followers
34 Village of commoners, farming and working to adapt to new land
35 Fort of intruders have built a bone keep as a military base
36 Farm with several shacks and a family of farmers
37 Mine with prospectors tunnelling for precious biogoods
38 Shop selling local biological and imported goods
39 Tavern where many species gather to eat and drink
40 Inn where many traders and travellers stay
41 Herd beast d4 1=goats 2=sheep 3=pigs 4=deer
42 Hairless Cattle d4 1=farm cows 2=auroch 3=bison 4=water buffalo
43 Pink elephant herd mostly peaceful but get irritated if people approach young
44 Pink rhino, very aggressive 1in6 has mate and babies
45 Pink sauropod dinosaurs, mostly peaceful but might stampede
46 Pink duck billed dinosaurs
47 Pink anklysaurus or stegasauraus or triceratops
48 Giant maggots or caterpillars often herded or milked
49 Giant slugs and snails grazing on slimes or hair
50 Small game d6 1=lizard 2=rat 3=rabbit 4=monkey
51 Giant carnivorous mole size of a grizzly bear
52 Mole rats the size of dogs
53 Flesh hounds are wild hairless pack hunters 3d6 or more
54 Lone huge pink carnivorous dinosaurs, allasaurus, t-rex
55 Pack of hunting dinosaurs like raptors
56 Pride of lions, alpha male has main made up of porcupine quills that can shoot
57 Pack of savage carnivorous apes covered in fleshy colorful growths
58 Featherless axe beak carnivorous flightless birds in a hunting pack
59 Demon dogs the size of dire wolves
60 Grizzly bear with scabby scaly hide
61 Aberrant mutants with varied changes and deformities, cannibal sex maniacs
62 Mongrel men, patched together mutant savages
63 Faceless men are covered in wrinkly skin hoods and can spit 2d4 acid 2"
64 Eye men covered in eyes most are wizards
65 Headless men with faces in torsos hate regular configured beings
66 Tentacle men with four limbs like a octopus mostly mad cultists
67 Flesh Golem wandering lost, formed by lightning strikes on waste assemblages
68 Trolls, grown from tumorous growths
69 Colourful naked ogres with bone clubs
70 Ogre Magi with bone and sinew weapons and bows, horned smart magic ogres
71 Tripod with a harpoon between legs, eats prey or modifies them to breed for it
72 A single tentacle sprouts from pod buried in wall or floor
73 Spheropod a bouncing ball with a tooth filled oral sphincter and claws to grip things
74 Swordpod - floating slug like blob with bladed tentacles
75 Migo exploratory force seeking pineal secretions
76 Migo wearing human skins in disguise pretend to be friendly
77 Grey hybrids in disguise as humans seek aid to find lost agents or crew
78 Eyepod - a non-mobile intelligence cluster with telekinetic abilities
79 Brainpod - a non-mobile intelligence cluster with telepathic abilities
81 Astronaught lost in time and space with limited supplies
82 Overspace entity, spirits of old one looking for host body
83 Overspace entity, converts a dead body to a vampire host
84 Overspace ghouls, converts a dead body to a vampire host
85 Gray alien shipwrecked looking for help, advanced weapons explode if he dies
86 Grey alien explorers, a survey team awaiting to be collected
87 Alien robot exploring and recording surface, can eventually translate
88 Alien saucer wreck with dead or dying humanoids
89 Human experimental escaped, mutated with cybernetic implants
90 Alien drone searching and scanning for secret masters who can see through it
91 Larvae, human headed lost souls of the damned, used as currency by evil beings
92 Tiny evil demons used as familiars and messengers
93 Manes demons idiotically roaming about
94 Dretch demons aimlessly wandering for victims
95 Rutterkin demons
96 Babau on assassination mission keen to kill some extra victims
97 Droning fly chasme demons
98 Succubi or incubus pretending to be lost adventurer
99 Bar-lgura, leaping orarangutan demons
100 Greater demons with extra breasts

Treasure of Xor
Xor has many exotic treasures, some are precious secretions and organs like ambergris. Other places Xor acumulates metals and other substances in nodules. Many visitors to Xor die and what Xor cannot consume gets covered in organic secretions to protect Xor from contamination like a human body might do to a splinter or piece of glass or needle that is stuck inside a body. Druids sometimes visit Xor looking for new species or to care for the wounds of Xor.

D12 Containers of Xor
1 Chrysalis will eventfully open
2 Eggs or egg sac - will eventfully hatch
3 Coating of organic - crystal must break open
4 Coating of slime - to scrape off
5 Pod of fluid filled skin - cut open and clean
6 Casket of flesh - stimulate nerve ganglia correctly to open
7 Flesh sphere of meat - cut open
8 Ball of infected puss - cut it will burst open
9 A lump of dried oily gunk - scrape and clean off
10 A living being with something stuck in it - kill and disembowel
11 Encrusted in mass of minerals, mostly calcium
12 Coated in brittle pearl like secretions

d10 Strange Item Classes
1 Things left by adventurers
2 Things left by alien outsiders
3 Bio valuables like pearls, ambergris, amber
4 Organic weapons and armour
5 Biological agents, gas
6 Symbiotic organism, implants that give abilities for for HP
7 Hormonal Secretions, potions, drugs
8 Wonder Foods, edible stuff
9 Living tools and equipment
10 Useful creature, pets

d100 Strange Items
01 Plate armour with jellitinized corpse inside
02 Skeletons with metal arrow and spear heads in pool of acid
03 Travellers chests with clothing and d4 bottles of booze
04 Letter or map in a bottle
05 Magic +1 weapon in pool of slime d4 1=mace 2=sword 3= spear 4=staff
06 A broken smell wagon with a cargo of meat, saws and axes
07 A backpack with rope, pitons, hammer, d6 days food and water
08 An adventurers d4 1=head 2=arm 3=leg 4=skull
09 Rotting corpse being eaten by worms
10 Split open helmet and scraps of armour
11 Alien helm, protects you from gas and provides thermal based night vision
12 Silver jump suit with deformed skeleton inside, as weightless chainmail
13 Strange glowing crystal hand to football size
14 Life detecting gem, d20 charges, 10 min a charge, 3”
15 A rod which can be cast shocking grasp d10 charges
16 Collection of 2d100 silver discs with alien glyphs worth 1gp each
17 Glass vials of mercury (Xor dislikes these spilling)
18 Strange alien gold hand held idol 1in6 can send your dreams to an elder god
19 Metal cylinders with engravings, when activated play recordings of chants for elder gods
20 Chrystal cluster of rods, tubes and spheres - 2d6 dam alien ray with a d6 shots 10" range
21 Brain or other organs sealed in a container
22 Ambergris used for perfume worth d10 x1000gp
23 Pearls in a container worth a d10 x100gp
24 Tears full of hormones in a container with effects of a magic potion
25 Resinous secretions turned hard into bio plastic gems worth d10 x100gp
26 Mother of pearl in sheets suitable for craft d100gp
27 Horn or keratin slab mass useful as a craft material or sheilds
28 Shells scattered or in accumulations, decorative d100gp
29 Salt deposit of a d10 pounds (a gp each)
30 Hair follicles, huge and strong like wood, useful for making arrows, javelins, darts
31 Weapon made from bone and sinew 1d8 items
32 Bow of bone and sinew with 2d20 bone arrows
33 Thrown weapons bundle of 2d6 items d4 1= dagger 2=shuriken 3=javelin 4=dart
34 Armour or shields of keratin, resin, bone, hide, horn, leather
35 A living weapon with gum hand grips and moving tooth edge, requires food
36 Living armour or shield that bleeds, heals damage if fed blood
36 Biological firearm, re-grows propellant and ammo daily, requires food
37 Living bow that grow a dozen shot daily if fed well
38 Needler gun shoots d4 bone dart, 2 per round, 100 shots day, 10" range 1in6 poison
39 Spitting tube shoots one shot of liquid d4 1=fire 2=web 3=acid 4=narcotic gas
40 Flesh puffball bursts if irritated into poison gas cloud 1" across
41 Packet of compressed web strands if thrown traps all in 1" across
42 Spore pod if irritated bursts to release disease 1" across
43 Retching bile pod if irritated releases cloud of vomit inducing gas 2" across
44 Gas clam mine if irritated releases sleep gas sleep 1" across
45 Fear trumpet is a fleshy pink flesh horn that may once discharge fear gas in a 2" cone
46 Grey fleshy gland that sprays mood altering or hallucinogenic gas one in a 1"
47 Glob of highly explosive matter inflicts 2d6 damage 1" across
48 Entwined sacks of liquid ignites as incendiary 2d4 dam +1d4 for next d4 rounds
49 Cold frost covered chitinous containers full of frozen gas d4 damage 1" across
50 Wasp nest bomb carries a angry insect swarm 2" across
51 Healing symbiote, 1 HP a day will once a week heal you a d4+1 HP
52 Nutrient symbiote, 1 HP a day but you dont need to eat
53 Water breathing mask uses 1 HP per hour under water +1 per week
54 Skin symbiote acts as leather armour lose 1 HP per day
55 Camouflage symbiote acts as leather armour +2 sneak and hide lose 1 HP per day
56 Vestment symbiote acts as clothing and can change form for 1hp per change
57 Overskin suit symbiote acts as +1AC for 1hp a day, not recognizable as skin
58 Glider cape symbiote can glide across as far as above ground, 1HP per day
59 Skin suit symbiote keeps wearer warm/cool and ignore acid, 1 HP per day
60 Cap of eyes gives you 360 degree 6" night vision for 1 HP a day
61 Haste hormone potion in crystalline ter bottle
62 Healing hormone potion in crystalline tear bottle
63 Beserker potion in crystalline tear bottle
64 Water breathing potion in crystalline tear bottle
65 Strength potion in crystalline tear bottle
65 Intelligence potion in crystalline tear bottle
66 Dexterity potion in crystalline tear bottle
67 Charisma potion in crystalline tear bottle
68 Acid resistance ointment biological resin jar
69 Cure disease antibodies in clear gel blob
70 Cure poison antitoxin in clear gel blob
71 Delicious sweetmeat glands with attractive odours worth d10 x10gp
72 Blubber a superfood, a one inch cube feeds a person for a day, d100 piece chunk
73 Brain cluster, if eaten allows you to commune with Xor's spirit briefly, one use per week
74 Eye jellies, if eaten allow you to see in the dark 6' for 24 hours, and Xor sees through you
75 Milk of Xor heals as a healing potion and a days food and water, usually in d10 bags
76 Blood of Xor heals a HP and a days food and water, usually in d10 bags
78 Water sac, a gelatinous bag with fresh water for 30 days
79 Royal jelly acts as a potion of heroism
80 Honey comb with d10 doses in a hive, heals disease and poison
81 Living tools like hammers, saws, drills, made from gums and teeth, require food
82 Water udder, absorbs water from air to supply a person with water for a HP
83 Spidersilk rope, d100 foot long, stronger than rope, 10 foot weighs
84 Glow worm, acts as a light 1" radius, eats fungus 1d4 in a cluster
85 Glow flies in a bioplastic bottle, if released d100 spread out lighting 1/2" each
86 Extendable ladder, 2 food long elongates to 20, made of living bone and sinew
87 Organ bugs, burrow inside a dying person and replace damaged organ healing 3d10
88 Skin tents keep users warm and dry, require food scraps, each holds a d6 persons
89 Stretchable meat sack, grows from 1 pound coin bag to a 80 pound sack
90 Hair eating isopod will shave you but eat all your hair if you let it, you can hold as it eats
91 Stray dog, friendly and trained now ownerless lost by explorers
92 Child servant with lamp and ten foot pole lost from his party
93 Donkey with tents, pots, pans, supplies and a d6 weeks food and water
94 Pack slave wearing loin cloth and gators with ropes and sacks
95 Pack mole rat size of a pony fanatically loyal, can climb and track
96 Pack grub a giant caterpillar can carry as a draft horse and can be milked
97 Fleshwing, a giant hairless bat that can carry a lightly equipped person
98 Fleshhound, a large hairless warhound size of a wolf that can track and guard
99 Hairless cat, a sly cat that understands speech and reduces party surprise chances
100 Adorable pet lap grub that can remember things from brains it eats, mostly eats scraps

Hazards of Xor
Xor is not evil or necessarily anti human life. Xor is more indifferent than malicious. Xor is both a individual and a collective organism. Humans and creatures manage to survive. Beneath the surface of Xor are flesh chasms and meat tunnels. In the darkness below the surface other kinds of horrors dwell.

Whole civilizations exist in the gastric chambers of Xor but their are also air tunnels for Xor's breath and various liquid transmission systems if explorer's can breathe water.

Hazards are easily avoided obstacles that can cost time or the explorers can take risk to cross faster. Combats should avoidable.

d10 Hazards of Xor Types
1 Meat
2 Weather
3 Fluid
4 Structure
5 Settlement
6 Creatures
7 Parasites
8 Infection
9 Dungeon
10 Supernatural visitors

d100 Hazards of Xor
01 Fleshquake as Xor sneezes or laughs
02 A thin flexible keratin bridge over a huge open wound
03 Hug stinking boil with monsters wallowing in pus bogs
04 Sensitive ground expands, contracts and quivers, cant walk but can climb
05 Spasming field of red tentacles swaying in unison
06 Thick forest of hair or horns or antlers
07 Ground scaly and covered in flakes of skin that smother travellers
08 Open wound being grazed on by carnivorous
09 Wall of giant teeth and gums
10 Huge ridge of bones
11 Meatstorm rains gobbets of squirming meat
12 Blood rain pours down
13 Huge methane deposit released to surface as a stinking cloud
14 Asphyxiating oxygen depleted cloud of gas washes over area
15 Clouds of dried skin falling from sky burying landscape features
16 Swarms of insects blot out the sun scouring landscape for food
17 Humidity increases everything damp with airborne sweat
18 Air dries, ground becomes wrinkled and leathery moisture sucked out of travellers
19 Wind storm blowing salty crystalline secretion dust
20 Acrid cloud of acid rain dissolving detritus and washing it away
21 Violent flood of vomit rushes over land
22 Creeks of tears run by, releasing mood altering hormones in vapour
23 Ground sweats and secretes salty stinking fluid
24 Greasy smegma makes ground slippery from skin oil and dead skin
25 Flash flood of sweat
26 Rapid flowing river of drool
27 Calm lakes of saliva
28 Pools of digestive acid
29 Oozing rafts of frothy spittle slide over terrain
30 Liquid protoplasm sea that responds to sentient dreams by forming dream creatures
31 A oozing fleshy cave that spawns monsters and treasures has attracted adventurers
32 A great meat mountain with a bony weathered castle formation on top
33 A mass of gums with canyons of giant teeth, some have tunnels and homes carved into some
34 A fleshy forest with eyes and other organs, halfling folk are born of them as guardians
35 Gigantic brain structure under transparent organic dome, some humanoid species lives within
36 A gigantic meat cube with various orifices home to many species on several levels
37 A huge cyst crater weeping infected fluids where fly demons wallow with maggot like larvae
38 Savage gnomes town with a tied up giant being tortured and eaten for decades
39 Orcs guarding a sewn up vent to the underworld
40 A huge fleshy gateway into the under skin lands guarded by a major demon
41 Tower of meat head with exploratory force of a strange race
42 Wall of bone surrounding a village
43 Deranged cannibal camp up ahead
44 Hairless cannibal dwarfs from a flesh cave have set up a cooking pot
45 Orcs or others besieging a flesh tower with last remnants of magical race
46 Camp of flesh giants skinning some humanoids for dinner
47 Houses of friendly villagers who try to drug newcomers
48 Cultists living off he land want to help explorers commune with Xor and join it forever
49 Sorcerer living in a skin tent with drug crazed cultists
50 Strange foreign robed merchants collecting biological material while tensely aiming strange weapons
51 Giant white sperm snakes writhing in a carpet like a river
52 Titanic sperm snake writhing over horizon
53 Pride of giant hairless cats on prowl
54 Flesh golem screaming and punching the landscape looking for victims
55 Herd of fleshy herbivores migrating between hair fields to graze
56 Great flesh hulks fight for supremacy while confused creatures watch them
57 Bullette land sharks bashing their scabby heads together roaring
58 Huge pack of hairless dogs or giant rats galloping across path howling
59 Ochre jellies rolling around in complex patterns and budding new offspring
60 Herd of hairless apes eating brains of explores
61 Fungus and mould covered with sickening spore dust and dead dried skin
62 Hundreds of grazing giant ticks, fleas and mites sucking at scabs
63 Mass of blind toothed worms crawl out of wound ahead
64 Transparent worms burst through ground and bite feet in this area
65 Cloud of giant flies laying eggs on wound, mites use flies to ride to new wounds
66 Open wounds crawling with huge hungry maggots keen for new food
67 Giant purple worm writhing under surface of skin, hungry for new food
68 Giant lobster like parasites patrolling around a wound for food
69 Blood red octopus like creature bursts from wound and snatches passing animal
70 Giant ankheg insects burst out ground and snatch migrating hairless71 Area sweating and shaking, hallucinating flesh creatures laying about having fevers
72 Sticky masses of ropy mucous with trapped small creatures trying to escape
73 Gelatinous mass full of eyeballs quivering over landscape devouring animals
74 Scabby welts and ridges attracting diseased ticks to lick up fluids
75 Chaos rat beast men coven in robes throwing plague corpses into a vent of Xor
76 Valley of invading grey oozes grazing on terrain but interested in new tastes
77 Beholders disintegrating a pit to invade surface kingdom with some charmed servants
78 Brain cluster being raided by mindflayers with pet displacer beasts
79 Diseased wasteland with neo-Otyughs wallowing in pus cesspools
80 Diseased orifice covered in bubbling green slime
81 Ruined civilisation with ruined bone structures
82 Area full of hidden and dangerous orifices and pits
83 A meat pyramid with a orifice for each face ruled by a great wizard
84 Giant idiotic open mouthed face in mountain having spasms and strokes
85 Mesa of flesh with thriving tentacle forest on top
86 Huge inflatable flesh membrane structure floating on saliva lake
87 Forest of flesh towers with giant centipedes and scorpions crawling about them
88 Huge open mouth full of drool and entry to subterranean flesh caverns
89 Fleshy volcano erupting fluid and attracting monsters
90 Skeletons guarding a bone fortress
91 Devil swine meeting on cumfy chairs with servants and guards
92 Succubi looking for slaves to help it gather biological treasure
93 Tentacled demon probing orifices for food
94 Chaos frogman war lord with hoard of invading beastmen eating Xor's fleshscape
95 Arkon of law attracted by chaos demons is eliminating everything it can grasp
96 Bubbling lake of living elder god spawning all kinds of crawling horrors
97 Crab claw demon multi limbed demon tormenting explorers to death
98 Vulture demon with no feathers and saggy skin flies over plain to hunt
99 Shoggoth made up of breasts and eyes, a living gateway to another plane
100 Demon lord with courtiers come for a holiday and entertainment

Other Possible Stuff
Whore Lore of Xor
Children of Xor - xor births many things
Hormonal Secretions of Xor
The Great Flesh Cube - dungeon location
Red Druids and Blood Wizards - magic schools
Mutations of Xor - expanded quick mutation table
Wonders of Xor - interesting feature

Do I need to develop as a setting to come from?
Local mods
Worshipping Xor's cult

Spells - wall of meat, shape flesh, etc
Carousing opportunities

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  1. I can well imagine expeditions onto/into Xor to milk or extract various glands for fluids/hormones. People claim all sorts of animmal pieces are aphrodisiacs surely xor is just jam packed with themm.

    1. well some visit by choice for luxuries and others trapped for generations for survival

      a party with contrary motives might be good

  2. more Xor lore

    1. did it again, just another time where your posts spark uncontrollable creativity in me.

  3. yeah it went a bit further than the first joke

  4. Just the best stuff here.



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