Saturday 4 June 2016

Material Components Again Simplified

A few considerations i did not think of last time i did this.

Material Components

Spells require a material ingredient.

Consumable components for low level spells are local and cheap with cost and rarity increasing with component costs. Im simplifying and clarifying them.

Common is for 1-3 level spells
Rare for 4+ level spells

0=zero1=1cp 2=1sp 3=1gp 4=1pp 5=5pp  6=100gp 7=1000gp 8=10000gp 9=10 0000
Consumable universal
0=1sp =1gp 2=1pp 3=25gp 4=100gp 5=1000pg 6=10 000 gp 7=50 000gp 8= 100 000gp 9=million

Non consumable
100gp per level of caster

Consumable common - holy water, drops or wafers 1st, animal sacrifice
Consumable rare - gems, gold, food, blood, wine, weapon, slave sacrifice
Consumable universal - saint corpse powder, fragments of planar beings
Non consumable - holy symbol, staff, rod, jewelry, saint body part, book

Consumable common - animal body parts, herbs, bones, minerals, shells, coral, coal
Consumable rare - monster body parts, potions, gems, gold, mineral, amber
Consumable universal - philosophers stone, lich dust, fragments of planar beings, alicorn
Non consumable - staff, wand, dagger, ring, circlet, crown, hat


Consumable common - mistletoe, pine cones, holly berries, mandrake juice, animal sacrifice
Consumable rare - mandrake root, narcotic mushrooms, amber, slave sacrifices, severed heads
Consumable universal - fragment of ancient beast or plant or clan ancestors
Non consumable - tattoo, sickle, dagger, staff, live snake, fetish, torc

Consumable common - gold, silver, calligraphic tile, animal sacrifice, wine
Consumable rare - calligraphic scrolls, seals, artworks, slave sacrifice
Consumable universal - addictive lotus resin, fragments of planar beings
Non consumable - staff, wand, dagger, ring, circlet, crown, hat, tattoo

So a local school of magic spells have local material ingredients some which are consumed when cast. There are expensive universal components that are difficult to find. Some are addictive alien narcotics like black lotus resin. More expensive foci objects can be re used but have the downside they can be lost and are difficult replace or require a week to meditate on new foci. Many casters will carry several foci and still carry components for a emergency. Arcane casters feel exhilaration casting spells and using different material components gives a different rush. Different schools may vary components.

NWP Skills that will help
Abure  Components can let you cast without ingredients but you need to make prime prerequisite stat roll
Focus allows pluses on foci to add to spell damage dice, plus other foci based skills
Improvise components allows you to improvise and develop new alternative ingredients of a different area

Some familiars can cast spell for you and they consume masters components or foci through their link.

Familiar blood is worth a level per HP as a universal consumable component. Using familiar blood makes you shunned by comunity.

Druids use human or animal blood as a common component. Arcane types prefer monster blood. Priests if evil use blood with virgin or holy blood being the best. Good clerics might occasionally sacrifice a criminal or enemy as a form of justice or might use saint blood dust.

I have considered referring to material component use as sacrifice

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