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d100 Petty Lairs

I found this which looks like hard work

Plus 4 more bits of Xor Lore coming to you

These are lairs you might find a hike from the village or to the unused side of the lake or on travels. They should be safe for beginning level 1-4th level adventurers and not horrible or otherworldly. Well not much.

I assume small caves mostly or use this table for a change

d10 Typical Lairs

1 A small cave
2 A cliff shelter
3 A rock pile shelter
4 Old ruined shack
6 Stone ruined walls
7 A dirty hole dug in bank
8 Under a fallen tree
9 In a forgotten crypt
10 Collapsed old cottage

d100 Petty Lairs
01 Wild dogs with d6 pups
02 A wild boar, two sows and 3d4 piglets if in season
03 A large talking bobcat who is wary of humans
04 A pack of gigantic rats each size of a small dog
05 Several wolves with d4-1 pups and human child skeleton
06 A brown bear lives here will chase off humans
07 A giant python lives here with the remains of a dead knight
08 A panther lives here and likes to ambush humans from above and or behind 
09 A giant cave lobster with a pool and d100 silver from a stolen payroll
10 A giant friendly talking owl

11 A mangy old lion turned man killer from desperation
12 A giant savage fighting frog lost from local frogmen

13 A fire toad has a pile of d100gp he sits on
14 A hungry owl bear with several human corpses15 A starving rust monster with a pile of d100 semiprecious stones
16 A cave lizard clinging to the roof licks it's lips when pink wriggly people enter
17 Wild ponies shelter here and lick mineral salt deposits
18 A family of angry badgers live here
19 A giant porcupine with shooting quills lives here
20 A solitary dire wolf lives here
21 A ochre jelly lives here with some metallic parts of mining tools on floor
22 A hook horror lives here with piles of bones
23 A black bear trying to get a beehive 
24 Several giant carnivorous bugs
25 Several giant spiders in webs 
26 Giant ants building a nest and collecting gold
27 Giant carnivorous territorial bat 
28 Huge swarm of bats
29 A pair of giant blood sucking weasels 
30 Giant flies raising several giant maggots in sheep bodies
31 A battered chainmail wearing robber knight in hiding from his gang and law
32 A band of common thugs desperate enough to rob travellers
33 Professional criminals stealing and threatening locals for a living
34 Some young priests practicing being hermits for initiation
35 A band of local cultists with ritual paraphernalia and evil altar
36 Local hunters camp here and perform ancient rituals
37 A band of filthy murder hobo adventurers resting here
38 A old hermit who doesn't want to talk
39 A wary poor old magician with a student or pet
40 Scrawny homeless starving refugees
41 Old chests of contraband rum buried by smugglers
42 Several old prospectors on hard times
43 Local drunks gather here, hundreds of empties
44 Local youths gather here as a romantic location
45 A priest making out with a parishioner who is possibly married
46 A crazy cannibal clan live here and cant let you leave
47 A serial killer keeps several prisoners and a collection of victims loot
48 A old hag lives here offering medical treatment, love potions and luck charms
49 A prostitute lives here with her huge moronic son (possibly half ogre)
50 A clan of rednecks live here offering various questionable services with clan members 
51 A dwarf lives here repairing tools and living quietly
52 A lost elf shelters here ware of humans
53 A gang of drunk halfling poachers having a feast
54 A family of strict gnomes who trap for furs and do leather craft
55 A family of kobolds eating a stolen chicken
56 Goblins here harvesting annual sacred fungi here
57 Hobgoblin bandits eating a prisoner with several more tied up
58 Several bugbears who spend nights scaring local children
59 Orc mercenries on way to serve new evil lord keen to have no witnesses
60 A fat ogre eating a caravan guard with a d3 prisoners
61 Coven member goat men awaiting till enough arrive for a dark ritual
62 Wolf men eating a human, will pretend the are werewolves and demand money
63 Cat woman solitary hunter very alert and good at ambushing
64 Pig men gorging selves on food villagers send them to stay away
65 Dog men bandits looking for glory and treasure and comrades 
66 Hyena men in service of a dmon cult raiding for sacrifices d3 prisoners
67 Toad men hunting and preserving giant bugs for feast
68 Rabbit men chopping up and impaling several human corpses for fun
69 A fox man offers safe accommodation and to join him for dinner
70 Lizard men diving in local pools seeking lost relics
71 Serpent man if cornered will promise to share a ancient treasure location
72 Mixed group of beast men drinking and playing instruments
73 Fauns getting drunk and keen to know where they can find women
74 A wild centaur hunter wary of humans but a wise teacher
75 Bat men blood cultists who require sacrificial food for vampire goddess
76 Fire newts scouting human territory for easy prey
77 A shape shifting fox spirit woman seeks a human mate she can use as a pawn 
78 A blue skinned and horned ogre from hell moved in to torment locals
79 A shaggy furred ogre eating pile of deer he has dragged into lair80 A goat headed ogre smashing rocks to expand home
81 A group of ancient warrior sacrifices here leave only undead skeletons
82 A collection of murder victims stashed here were reanimated by dark elves as zombies
83 A lonely phantom is here bound till someone returns sacred urn to church
84 Several ghouls here feast on a old cave tomb
85 A stinking ghast guards a stolen hoard of silver
86 A nightmare shadow from the netherworld was summoned here long ago
87 A necromancer and students reanimating the dead
88 A priest of evil equipping undead with weapons and armour for a mission
89 A skeleton hound guards treasure chest in cave for long dead master
90 A huge zombie hound left here to guard cult tresure
91 An Imp lives here performing evil rites alone
92 Filled with gremlins all keen for mischief 
93 A lonely Dryad wants helpers to replace the ones eaten by orcs
94 A spectre offer gold to those who murder his enemies descendants
95 Faeries picnicking will try to charm strangers or steal coins
96 Werewolf lair with treasure and gore from murdered locals
97 A wailing banshee spotted as a woman washing blood from clothing
98 A grisly wight arises and screams furiously if living com near
99 A kindly treeant watches over a grove of young saplings
100 A friendly animal or plant spirit invites you to share a meal as a test


  1. Index all of your tables was surprisingly hard work, but only because there are just so many tables, a lot more than one would think. I'm not even going to suggest making a PDF out of all of them, because THAT would be a ton of work.


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