Thursday 2 June 2016

d100 The village is rampant with chaos

The first time you went to this village you were a bit worried. The second time you almost called the inquisition or witch hunters. Now it is too late, hell has taken over, the villagers are damned. A horror filled parody of life and normalcy, a prelude to the powers of evil plans for everyone.

d10 Quick Weird Village Encounters
1 Animals
2 Children
3 Folk art
4 Cover ups
5 Shops
6 Odd locals
7 Farming
8 Monuments
9 Outdoors
10 Strange People

d100 The village is rampant with chaos
01 Fused together cows with tentacles spraying milk from their huge udders
02 Devil swines slaughtering and eating human farmers charmed to acting like animals
03 Chaos centaurs whipping humans strapped in yokes pulling a plow
04 Hell cats sweetly offer to help you and help your dreams come true
05 Hell hounds on chains barking madly and spitting fireballs
06 A cockatrice hops about the yard eating a trail of eyeballs
07 Rat beastmen with maces eating a shopkeeper
08 Goatmen performing a human sacrifice to demons
09 Chaos duckmen barbarians stabbing old people for small change
10 Tentacled babies hanging from walls flailing their parents

11 Children in robes running about buildings laughing
12 Child magician wants toys, adventurers will do nicely 

13 Child fleeing monsters runs to adventurer for protection is a witch or shapeshifter
14 Possessed children as strong as ogres hungry for murder
15 Goatfolk kids in adorable costumes frollicking and gnawing on chunks of human meat
16 Running giggling child ahead if cornered is a ugly chaos dwarf in missing childs clothes
17 Gang of small children turned into chaos halflings who throw rocks like specialists
18 Children playing ball with fresh bloody severed head or heart
19 Devilswine boy in human form stealing pies and food, carries a bloody clever
20 Children teasing a small dragon with sticks
21 Villagers dancingon green with devils or demons
22 Demon hybrid drunken villagers spit roasting a resistant villager
23 Dancing demon villagers with living chaos dragon turtle as a hobby horse
24 Demon dressed as priest preaching chaos and evil
25 Demon band playing and evil tainted beer being served to dancing villagers
26 Zombie and skeleton farmers dancing to funeral music set on living hungrily
27 Public execution where devils work the chopping block 
28 Spectre of evil priest killing demon tainted villagers
29 Animated bloodthirsty golems from scarecrows, corn dolls, and farm tools
30 Puppets strangling their owner, then look for more victims 
31 Hedges of thorns surround village
32 Phantoms haunt possible exits to scare people back inside
33 Bear traps and wolf pits concealed arounf village exits
34 Screeching flying skulls try to distract and disturb visitors
35 Swarms of flies or locusts irritate humans around exits
36 Imps exiting a hidden pit carefully concealing it after exiting
37 Clouds of bats confuse everyone who fails a save
38 Clouds of colored smoke obscure vision and choke breathing
39 Vision ripples and everything distorted causing -2 to hit
40 Laughing and burning noises and illusionary flame
41 Pushcart and demon selling adorable imps, hell kittens and hell pups 
42 Shop selling disgusting food and vile grog run by succubi
43 Blacksmith furnace is a living burning entrance to hell tended by demon smith
44 Butcher demon selling demon and monster and human flesh
45 Shop selling evil idols and cult robes and knives
46 Shop selling torture tools and apparatus  
47 Shop selling weapons with exotic designs
48 Shop selling drugs and poison
49 Tavern with succubi and devils 
50 Crafter in shop fighting gremlins or imps
51 Robed cultists praising evil
52 Coven of witches kissing a devils butt in a pact
53 Farmers ignoring incursion of chaos trying to act like nothing happening
54 Drunken nuns cavorting and drinking with devils
55 Band frolicking with demon hybrids
56 Leper colony happily selling souls to devils for sham cures
57 Corrupt priest having sex with succubi in street 
58 Animals dressed as villagers wearing clothes and walking on hind legs 
59 Snake men in hoods have come to visit and give tainted gold to villagers
60 Militia obviously tainted question those not corrupted
61 Devils with whips drive humans pulling a plow
62 Demon bull chasing victims easily distracted by newcomers
63 Devil swines in pig form wallowing in mud mixed with corpse chunks
64 Imp chicken hybrids holding a evil ceremony around a crater of slime
65 Crows plucking eyeballs and meat chunks from trees, rooftops and gibbets 
66 Vampire drinking from a cow flees if spotted, setting vampire cow on visitors
67 Farmers tending a pit of larvae with their kins faces
68 Bat winged carnivorous goats chasing farmers
69 Sheep shearers with diabolic features sacrificing sheep to evil altar 
70 Goat men beating shepherds with sticks
71 Demonic idol or monolith dedicated to hell in street
72 Wall of flame around churches, holy places sand shrines
73 Devils guarding a temporary living hell mouth 
74 Black hexagonal monolith with with squat toad demon teaching evil wizardry
75 Bronze bull with devils roasting screaming prisoners inside
76 Shrine to a demon with priests and guards
77 Huge statue with furnace where demons encourage cultists to roast their children in 
78 Forest of impaling poles, gallows, gibbets and wheels on poles all with rotten bodies
79 Huge mound of corpses
80 Carnivorous squirrels in woods
81 Burning forest that ever keeps burning
82 Burning sulpher pits and craters
83 Rain of burning sulpher
84 Fog and mist reduce visibility
85 Rabbits are skinning a hunter alive with tiny knives
86 Bear family roasting child on a spit roast
87 Dire wolves howling hungrily attack by night
88 Elk men performing a dance around a bonfire, enraged if seen
89 Frogmen croaking around creek or pond edge preying to the frog god
90 Human entrails strewn in treetops, human bloody bones laying about woods
91 Old lady with cats  fused to her screaming 
92 Chaos mutant evil bard villager with living demon bagpipes
93 Chaos mutant jester follows asking annoying riddles
94 Villager hiding, really partly responsible for troubles
95 Demons and witches assisting in a birth of a prostitute mother
96 Demon preacher warning mutant villagers about the unclean presence
97 Skeletons dancing in the street following a plague doctor
98 Mayor being carried by celebrating mutants drinking and dancing
99 Store owner wallowing in pig shit who thinks it is gold coins
100 Local priest being crowned as anti pope by devils then hunted and sacrificed

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