Tuesday 14 June 2016

Marvelous meat dungeon in the making

Some working art. Will add up and down holes possibly use  room 5 for some passages to second level but difficult to get to.

Living dungeons are like coral reefs were in Australia, full of life and wonders. Any vacant space will be repopulated. Creatures come and go using the random encounter table. Also good to restock dungeon but a roll each ten minutes with a 1in6 chance of a encounter.

Pigmen rule most of level and use goblin and kobold workers to fill their magic offal wallowing pit.

Jellies are part of the dungeon immune systems cleaning up trash.

The snails eat all sorts of rubbish including parasites like humanoids.

Rust monsters have learned to live off blood of Xor which is rich in oxidised iron. They are a bit skinny for normal and flatulent from the blood elements they cant subsist off. Their tails can strike for a d10 damage.

Centipedes crawl in the cube to gorge themselves and ambush other living creatures or persons. Stirge are like regular bats in this dungeon.They are bloated and fat sacks of blood and slower than most breeds. They can drop from roof or crawl from flesh folds in floor improving their defense.

Doppelgangers are fleshy horrors that can fuse with the meat walls and pass through them. This only works here and is a trick feat they have learned by mimicking systems of the cube. They tend the cube and make it comfortable for monsters.

Ghouls come here because the food is infinite and they can aggravate necrotic wounds which taste better than healthy living flesh. The cube does not welcome then and is trying to expunge them.

Adventurers are the worst predator as they slaughter and enslave and smash everything.

d10 Quick Adventurer mood
1 Fresh and friendly will see you later
2 Battered and seek allegiance
3 Declare they saw this dungeon first and have a licence
4 Hate party just competitive bullies, pick a fight
5 Tell you to get out of our dungeon or surrender
6 Laugh madly and attack for kicks
7 Offer to let you leave alive if you hand over everything
8 Greedy and seek to murder party by surprise or betrayal
9 Follow you and will try to surprise you
10 Will sexually harass and follow you catcalling and leering funny

Will get formula right and produce more levels

One person said I need more weird monsters (Chad!) rather than "DnD" monsters. Id rather have them adapted to the setting or represent certain types more. Or even just skinning.

All monsters creepily flesh or skin coloured, hairless, featherless and wrinkly

Except elves they are totally hot but possibly bald with smooth skin, everyone hates them

Do meat dragons look like creepy fleshy saggy horrors that vomit up acid?

I could make monsters up but i tend not to use them as much as i should.

Will be a layer with nerve-electrical system and a wandering nerve hub that runs digestive processes

Your ideas and suggestions welcome


  1. This is going in our game. Excellent. The nerve hub sounds boss.



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