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Growing Up on Xor

Lotsa Xor stuff coming....sorry

Rolling up a home town is one good possibility for a background or roll here for a quick background. Sample starting loot and mounts at end

d10 Quick background
1 A almost blank slate with no equipment, start wet and dripping
2 Primitive tribal state with primitive tools and weapons
3 Village life
4 Non humans
5 Urban life
6 Outsider
7 Citadel
8 Under the skin
9 Magic
10 Weird

d100 Backgrounds on Xor
01 Lived for most of life in womb complex till got lost and accidentally escaped
02 Used to be connected by umbilical cord till you gut cut free and banished
03 Hatched from a egg fully formed adult with language
04 Hatched from a pod fully formed adult with language
05 Born from a ground fully formed adult with language
06 Hatched from corpse of your parent fully formed adult with language
07 Walked from foam of a pink primordial sea a fully formed adult with language
08 Raised by animals of Xor who found you as a baby 
09 Lived since a feral child in wastelands till start with a bonus tooth knife or bone club
10 Clone decantered when original copy reported dead to alchemist creator

11 Born from the ground and found by hunting tribes people bonus bow and arrows
12 Fled home tribe of immobile overweight lazy freaks who just sat about naked eating Xor

13 Member of nomad clan separated from clan before they were all killed
14 Member of tribe of barbarians but love gone wrong resulted in tribe now hating you
15 Fled desperate tribe who began to become cannibal monsters bonus ear necklace
16 Member of nomad beast riders start with weird hairless pink mount best friend
17 Lived with beast nomads who lived as equal brothers with another species till yours died
18 Lived under the saliva sea till your gills fell off and you came ashore bonus shell jewelry
19 Your tribe came to Xor to escape your worlds doom, Xor is your savior
20 Your barbarian tribe were enslaved by evil wizards and you escaped captivity
21 You lived in crude skin huts and grew mould and mined meat
22 You lived in a lone bone shack built by your humble parents who died of old age 
23 You grew up in a small trading village enslaved by a warlord
24 You saved your parent from a assassin and now you have been marked for death
25 Your village got the plague and everybody died but you
26 Your village well dried up and most moved or died
27 You farmed quivering meat blobs till beastmen stole them and killed your village
28 Your farm and village was destroyed by giant burrowing carnivorous bugs
29 You were in the militia but were carried off by pterodactyl men as a prisoner far away
30 You were in the village militia when rest of people eaten by ogres
31 Raised by gnomes till you couldn't fit in door to gnomeland bonus gnome hat
32 Raised by elves to life of pleasure serving them in a citadel bonus d100 silver pieces
33 Raised by dwarves who used you as a labourer bonus metal weapon
34 Raised by halflings who overfed you and teased you about your freakish height
35 Raised by goblins among fungus garden in a cave bonus bone sickle and shrooms
36 Raised bug bugbear head hunters who abandoned you when you no longer feared them
37 Raised by hobgoblins who abused you for years but made you tough
38 Raised by orcs who travelled thousands of miles with you across Xor on raids
39 Beastmen enslaved you and killed your kin till you managed to escape
40 Insectoids from the underland kept you as a food animal till you escaped
41 You were raised in a town as an apprentice to a abusive master
42 You lived as a homeless street urchin and after a lucky score got out
43 You lived as a gang member who were your family till they turned on each other
44 You lived as a caravan guard travelling between towns
45 You lived in town working in a store till you were fired by a mean master
46 You were a own guard who failed to catch a assassin and had to flee
47 Your drifted from a urban gang member into local bandit
48 You worked in sweatshops till you couldn't stand it
49 You were a miner working in a disgusting flesh pit
50 You were kept as a companion and plaything to someone wealthy in city
51 You came as a teen linkboy with murder hobos who abandoned you
52 A wizard brought you here as a servant but kicked you out for being stupid or lazy
53 A gang of cut throats brought you here for loot and only you survived
54 Templars brought you here to serve them while they hunted demons
55 A cult expedition kept you as a possible sacrifice having kidnapped you
56 You ran away with a lover to Xor and they were separated from you
57 Old prospectors brought you here as apprentice but got swallowed up by a pit
58 Your knightly master brought you here as a servant but he got eaten by trolls
59 You were with a posse chasing a fugitive here and got lost alone
60 Your cult brought you here but they betrayed you to a demon and you escaped
61 You were born in a citadel but one day you got out and never went back
62 You dwelled in a citadel ruin and served the last elf who died of grief for it's kind
63 You were with last humans living in upper citadel when the lower monsters broke in
64 You lived in citadel and were sent out to explore by the lords to get rid of you
65 You lived in the citadel full of monsters under a mighty wizard but you escaped
66 Your citadel was over run and burned by a beastmen or orc hoard
67 Your citadel was swallowed up by Xor and you managed to jump clear in time
68 In your temple in a great citadel you were shown your one true love and now seek them
69 Your citadel died and began to decay then fall, you got away before the end of it all
70 A great dragon attacked your citadel burning it to the ground
71 You lived in a flesh cave with your kin and had to flee your evil uncle
72 You dwelled in lonely ruins in a flesh cave when newcomers dug a new entrance 
73 You lived inside a titan in a orderly society till it died and you had to escape the rot
74 You lived with a hedonistic cult deep under Xor till you began to resist the drugs
75 You lived in a gigantic skull until murder hobos broke in to enslave everyone
76 You served the wizards of Xor's spleen until they decided to cross breed you
77 You attended brains of Xor under a transparent skull dome till giant wasps invaded
78 You lived immortal in a garden under the grace of Xor till you sinned and were expelled
79 You were a guardian of the digestive tract of Xor from demons but were vomited up 
80 Your clan lived in the endles stomaches of Xor but a great quake swept all away
81 You faced certain death when a pink fleshy portal appeared and took you to Xor
82 A crazed flesh golem carried you to Xor as a child and you have survived since
83 Demons carried you here on your wedding day and left you here laughing
84 You were exploring a serpent man ruin when you fell through a portal to Xor 
85 You crashed on Xor in a sky chariot and forgot your old life from shock
86 You were battling a cult in their lair and fell through a mirror to Xor 
87 A evil wizard sent you here to stop you meddling in his schemes
88 You ate too many mushrooms in the goblin grove and woke up on Xor
89 Xor called to you in a dream and when you awoke you were here
90 You were killed in a far off land and somehow Xor resurrected you from it's flesh
91 A alchemist regrew you from your found thumb and you don't remember much 
92 A wizard sewed you together from spare parts and trapped a soul in your body
93 You were from one of the first generation of your race but got trapped inside Xor
94 A god sent you to Xor without memory of your old life as punishment for hubris
95 You boasted of you sexual prowess offending a god and were sent to Xor
96 Your world was invaded by demons and you sneaked through a gate to Xor
97 You were a servant in the celestial citadel, you were sent to Xor for some sin as a mortal
98 Some being made you to explore Xor, one day they will come to extract your brain
99 You were a demigod for an aeon but your karmic debt brought you to Xor as a mortal
100 For some reason gods are out to get you and carried you from your palace to Xor

DM pick best for background

Primitive kit - stone bone teeth sinew tools
Sack, hand axe, cord, knife two javelins, 
 wooden bowl, bone club and loincloth,

Nomad kit - stone bone teeth sinew tools
Sack, skin tent, skin cloak +1AC, skin clothes +1AC, tooth dagger, three javelins, hair rope, shortbow and 12 arrows, fermented milk or blood in skin, dried meat

Barbarian kit - stone bone teeth sinew tools some metal
Sack, skin cloak+1AC, soft skin amour +2AC, iron dagger, biological battle axe, bone spear, shortbow and 12 arrows, hair rope, wineskin, dried meat, skin sheild +1AC, torches

Peasant kit - wide variety of materials native and traded
Backpack, lamp, oil, hair rope, woven hair clothes, hat, hair blanket, iron knife, shortbow and 12 arrows, bone staff or club, clay bowl, wine skin, tinderbox

Militia or non human - wide variety of materials native and traded 
Backpack, leather armour +3, bronze sword, bone spear, iron dagger, one weeks dried rations, water flask, tallow candles, bottle of wine, block of head cheese 

Urban poor kit - wide variety of materials native and traded 
Sack, leather cord, sandals, hair shirt, leather cap, tooth knife, begging bowl, stick

Urban or citadel rich kit
 - wide variety of materials native and traded 
Linen clothes, steel dagger, one steel weapon, sinew and bone crossbow and 20 bolts, wine skin, fancy hat, stylish cloth cape, 3d100 silver coins

d10 Starting mounts

1 Giant hairless mole rat

2 Hideous warty hairless pony
3 Giant hairles dog
4 Quadraped devolved human

5 Riding Mutant Turkey
6 Giant pink salamander
7 A riding amoeba

8 A hairless riding cat
9 A giant bat
10 A giant beetle slow but sure

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