Monday 6 June 2016

Fuse Being Spells

I like spells that can make monsters. It makes explaining weird creatures even easier.

Each version of the spell fuse two species together to make new ones. each spell variant fuses two different creatures into a new creature,

Horse and dove = pegesus
Lion and eagle = griffon
Snake + rooster = cockatrice
Human + fish = mermaid
Human + crow = harpy
Any animal + human = beast person
Griffon + human = sphinx
Horse + human = centaur
Goat + human = faun
Male + female = hermaphrodite (alchemist favorite)

Some spells come in sets of multiple spell to hybridize additional creatures
(Lion + snake) + goat = chimera (classical version)
(Lion + snake) + (goat + drake) (dnd version)

actually snake lions and goat drakes sound cool

If the byproducts breed their offspring are normal members of the hybrid species

Druids and wizards use these to create monsters. Priests use them to create guardian monsters for temples and treasures. While beast folk claim to pre date humans many in fact come from magicians. Alchemists specialize in this feild and creating new life. Witches use as a curse. Chimeraism (the condition of being a unatural hybrid) is the main source of monsters. It is banned in some places and  these spells make people suspicious. Lawful people use chimeraism to support church and state not just for perversion. Evil people often use these to populate dungeons.

This spell is in three varieties.
3rd level temporary spell useful for short situations
5th levl permanant spell
9th level permanant spll

A 3rd level basic one that allows two specific species to merge for a ten minute turn per level, usually to be dominant of one of the minds which is a witness to everything. Although with 5th level version the dominant persona fails a save vs any mind altering spell, The second personality also gets a save to resist the spell and if successful they are now the primary mind in control. The fifth level version is permanent but can be reversed by learning the same spell backwards. The ninth version creates a being with all the limbs and heads of both beings. The minds of both form a new being with a new alignment. The also have +3 INT +1WIS & CHA. The being has a glowing power aurora.

Possible a different 5th version of 3rd level spell but it can fuse any two beings temporarily without a specific spell for the two species.

Old versions of spell may require extinct species or species no longer on continant

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