Wednesday 15 June 2016

Mysterious Meat Mages

Possible Meat Spell List - suggestions welcome

also see my blood mages
possibly would overlap with bone type necromancy

bone dart d4, bone blade 2d4, bone lance 3d4

bone bow 2d4 ranged two shots a round

call flesh tentacles - summon 1h HD tentacle per lv

wall of meat - rib like wall and food supply

meat storm - confusing storm of blood and gore

shred flesh - damages flesh

crushing meat tendril - constricting entangle

meat sceptre of the beast - powerful melee weapon

induce stroke - death or brain damage

explode heart - or other organs

Fuse species - combine two specic creatures

Graft Flesh - fuse body parts, for implants, new limbs

keratoin plate +2 AC

impregnate - need a egg and a dna sample

unbreakable bone +2 AC half damage from weapons or falls

meat sheild - +2 saves

coat of flesh - extra hp

shell of anti flesh - meat proof field

stat boosting spells

form tissue - make organic tools and weapons

arouse cantrip a must for new caster

transplant stool a dodgy cantrip

lust, fear, charm spells influence emotions

induce mutation

tentacle master - grow extra limbs

change gender

change colour - colours hair and skin

call eye of Xor - dunno but sounds cool

embrace xor - a mouth forms under someone and eats them

maw - creates extra mouth snaps at people

jaws of the beast - extra extendable second row of teeth

mimic form

polyp eruption - sprouts a pound of revolting growths/lv

devolve - turns victim into fleshy shoggoth blob

evolve - becomes weaker brainier and hairless

transplant organ
transplant limb
transplant head

transplant life could be handy

Bodily Adaption - can survive and move inside a creatures body or being swallowed

Invisible Flesh- But bones visible even seeming to glow (1st lv crap invisibility spell)

some of my druid spells that let you change unborn children and eggs into other creature might be good too

Suggested on G+

Hungry Maw - extra bite attack, mouth in torso mostly (That Chad again)

Shape Flesh - for cosmetic make overs, mutilation and getting through a meat wall

Meat bag summons corpses usefull for spells mostly human and some just bags of guts and blood handy to feed some undead or cannibals with

Flensing - gruesomely shreds all the flesh from a corpse possibly turns zombies to skeletons (or higher level version does to living being)

Join Beings - turns two separate beings into a Siamese twin with average HP
I have several regen spells under my Psionics list I can import or make a slower spell like
1 HP per hour per level/level of the spell would be different from cleric
And my favorite - Meat to sausages spell - turn every corpse into sausages then sell at market!

(Thank you and inspired to make this list Chris P who also recommended these)

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