Thursday 16 June 2016

d100 Sidekick Woes

Sidekicks are a burden and can be helpful (first aid everyone you leave maimed so you dont loose karma). They can even save you from a death trap. Temporary sidekick teen heroes in training can be a novelty. A agency might recruit you or might even insist you do adopt one to make up for some breach of the heroic code. Heroes might find misguided troubled teens with powers who will turn bad without help. Heroes should get karma for helping troubled teen sidekicks. I have sidekicks as a standard option but contacts can be handy. Referee might let you roll you Popularity to bring in a sidekick to help when you are trapped.

Of course law now days frowns on child sidekicks being brought into battle and those fallen pedophile heroes of yesteryear didn't help (TOP10 and 49ers by Alan Moore or Martial Law play on this). But honestly, having a sidekick is worth while, some even marry them.

d10 Sidekick problem classes
01 Growing Pains
02 Vice
03 Troubled
04 Brooding
05 Angst
06 Zealous
07 Naive
08 Passionate
09 Public spirit
10 Strange Mysteries

 Sidekick problems 
01 Green hero -2cs for rolls till trained for 2 weeks 
02 Power unreliable or poorly controlled
03 Afraid of engaging in combat
04 Afraid of hazardous places or environments
05 Lost confidence with selves and mission
06 Sneak of to party and cause a public disturbance
07 Gets attacked by gang ambush
08 Charges foolishly in combat without looking
09 Doesn't follow instructions, terrible improvisation
10 Thinks they know it all, cocky

11 Failing schoolwork
12 Catch pervert talking to sidekick

13 Sidekick behaving oddly, experimenting with bad drugs
14 Catch sidekick abusing drugs hardcore
15 Becomes a sly drinker
16 Breaks curfews and breaks out to party
17 Become a gambling addict and in debt
18 Almost kills someone, becoming blood lusty
19 Buys super energy powder from guy in street or internet
20 Obsessed with exercise and becoming a angry hotheaded beefcake jerk
21 Desperate for company is tricked by a enemy
22 Getting fat and sloppy and eating free doughnuts on patrol
23 Collecting gang members money after defeating them
24 Crime incredibly fascinating and drops other interests
25 Vengeful wrath after seeing parents victims of crime
26 Wants lots of guns and lethal weapons
27 Wants lots of money and cool stuff
28 Easily distracted, plays with phone on duty
29 Takes up cigarettes and swearing
30 Busy studying hottest and sexiest villain photoraphs
31 Writes terrible poetry and goes a bit emo
32 Gets into punkrock, piercing and tats
33 Gets into anoying sub genre of heavy metal you never heard of
34 Becomes born again religious
35 Mouths off angry stuff to media
36 Obsessed with mortality and heroes doom
37 Hanging with hippies and reactionary droputs
38 Got in thick with cult and gets carried away
39 Terrible at delivering deadpan and embarrassing catch phrases
40 Gets into guitars and mopes about the lair being a jerk
41 Cry when they fail
42 Panic in battle and do dumb stuff
43 Feel bad about being a hero
44 Secretly love hero or someone they probably shouldn't
45 Keep bringing up social issues at irrelevant times
46 Keep mentioning favorite tv, games and movies adults have never heard of
47 Keeps moaning why nobody loves them
48 Goes out with bullies due to self loathing
49 Keeps mentioning personal tragedy too often
50 Moans they will never be a real hero or as cool as hero
51 Fanatic no time for fun, got to be the best, in danger of burn out
52 Studies and questions legal procedures like a anoying pedant
53 Pulls apart equipment to study it
54 Likes to graffiti name everywhere around town on patrol
55 Sleeps at school from overwork
56 Tries to kill criminals when hero not looking
57 Has foolish theory on killing a kingpin would solve everything
58 Keeps wanting upgrades and weapons and new uniforms
59 Thinks friends make you weak, claims hero taught them, doesnt want secret ID 
60 Adopts additional identity and goes on secret patrol
61 Lets go a villain who showed him a fake SHEILD ID
62 Sidekick has pregnancy scare
63 Crooked patrol cops encouraged them to beat on bound criminal
64 Thinks they can take on any problem
65 Accidentally kills or maims someone
66 Lets out hint of secret identity requiring a cover up
67 Talks candidly to press too much
68 Believes criminals will fear them
69 Ask for explanations of everything
70 Swears and blurts out inappropriate hate speech
71 Goes into rage in fight publicly
72 Argues with everything and has tantrums
73 Smashes things when angry 
74 Oversexed and turning into a jerk
75 Picks fights and smart mouth
76 Stops to make long winded speeches
77 Easily provoked hot head
78 Taken to carrying a knife and threatening people with cruelty
79 Terrible road rage driver
80 Jealous of attention hero give others
81 Patronizes police and common working persons
82 Likes to pose dramatically when public watching
83 Repairs battlefield if possible next day or feels bad
84 Picks up litter and rubbish compulsively
85 Always doing community work and good deeds
86 Berates evil doers with windy speeches 
87 Offers to talk to high schools about good life
88 Reminds heroes about the hero code of conduct and the law
89 Gets on TV more than hero for good deeds
90 Risks dangerous power amplification to be a better hero
91 Sidekick mind controlled or possessed by enemy
92 Zelous public figure condems hero and sidekick relationship
93 Tries to operate villain equipment or power source
94 Evil duplicate (clone or parallel earth) replaces sidekick
95 Gets a crush on a villain and tries to reform them and offer second chances
96 Turns into a monster temporarily (were wolf)
97 Age is changed or replaced by older or younger version from alternate earth
98 Temporarily granted god like power, dangerous and goes to their head
99 Otherworldly being takes fancy to sidekick
100 Abilities out of control and weird

Reading more wonder woman reprints so possibly another d100 love gone wrong coming
d100 super team troubles a possibility

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