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d100 Quests to Xor

The body is a temple and Xor is a holy cathedral

I got more rust monster outrage about Xor which is ok. A human body has the about ir Iron in it equal to the weight of a paperclip. Poor rust monsters stick their antenna into veins and filter feed for most of the day to get Iron. It is very tiring for them dealing with that stuff they don't need in the way. They also find nodules or iron made by bacteria or other creatures on the ocean like volume of blood. Some things leave iron they don't consume as iron nodules. This quality varies and is about as good as bog iron, require good smelting and is otherwise brittle. Meteoric Iron from the stars is of superior quality and even primitive people use it as it can be enchanted up to +3. The primitive people with poorer quality common form of Xor iron mostly make +1 weapons at best and most are blunt maces with bone handles with sinew to hold in place. Rust monsters go crazy for refined Iron and can smell it a mile away, even following you for days and coming from deep underground. More metal makes the tracking range increase to ten miles. Rust proof processes taste funny to them.

There will be d100 Quest On Xor (Intraquests?) - for stuff locals wont done

Quests of Xor
As if you didn't already need a reason to visit Xor here are 100 more to possibly discover Xor for your players. As Im running ASE Anomalous sub surface environment I might use it there for some high level stuff.

A party is selected to find something and the answer is Xor. Some adventurers may get additional missions from their religions or guilds or masters. Use them as ruins and teasers. Perhaps roll a mission per player plus one - select one for official mission and give every player their own missions.

d10 Classes of missions
1 Merchant guilds
2 Criminal syndicates
3 Military forces
4 Farming folk
5 Church elders
6 Adventurers
7 Cultists
8 Wizards guild
9 Nobility
10 Otherworldly

d100 Quests 
to Xor from the outside
1 Traveller’s saw a mysterious flesh hued landscape previously unseen in the mountains
2 Strange potions have appeared on the market, apothecaries guild want to know where they come from
3 Drugs hitting the streets have infuriated the usual drug dealers and guildsmen they want you to find the source
4 A strain of new hairless rats are running rampant in the sewers and the guilds want them found and prevented from returning
5 A nobleman merchant obtained a miraculous wonder food that helped his sick wife and he sends you to find more
6 Some strange fluids have contaminated the local creeks from the mountains and weird ropy threads have fouled the water wheels and fisherman nets, the river guilds send you to find why
7 A merchant tells of a wondrous land where he lost his men and cargo, the guild sends you to find the truth and possibly return the goods and men
8 A butcher from the mountains has been selling wagon loads of fine meat and the butchers guilds and slaughterer yards want you to find where he gets the meat from
9 A strange gibbering madman was found buy a caravan and told a tale of a murderous land in the mountain flowing with milk and meat, a rich merchant wants him out of the madhouse and to see if there is any truth to the tales
10 A trader caught a strange wrinkly scarlet goblin unrelated to local breeds. He tells of of a unknown land called Xor and the trader wants explorers to investigate
11 The thieves guild have many members addicted to a new drug on the street and the guild master cant exercise his power till the source is stopped
12 A guild of assassins have reported a strange new non member assassin using weird fleshy creatures to kill and the master desires the assassin be found, killed and his secrets stolen
13 Someone has been kidnapping youths leaving just clothes behind. The kidnappers, slavers and skinners guilds have been getting the blame and want this to end (skinners steal kids clothes)
14 Some of the town guards have been eating a strange compound making them alert, improving night vision and stronger. Thieves guild want the source stopped or under their power
15 One of the slavers guilds has been selling cyclops mutants with tentacles to gladiators, a criminal guild has been paid to find the source and undercut the slavers
16 Several dignitaries have exploded in public from strange parasites. Someone is using them as assassin weapons but the grubs in the sewers have begun to infect thieves, the guild want’s this stopped
17 A assassin was killed in the thieves guild hall with a mask of living flesh, the master wants the source of the mask found
18 A popular theif returned from a mission out of town and burst into a tentacled horror in the guild hall and only fire could kill him. The guild wants you to find what happened
19 Giant leeches have appeared in the river and started flooding the drains. Poison has worked but has side effects and the guild wants to find the source of the monsters
20 Plagues of horrible lice have filled the ghettos and more recently some the size of lobsters and small dogs have been found in the sewers. Bad for business the guild master wants them gone
21 Military leaders have reports of new monsters and a isolated valley overrun by otherworldly horror
22 Military have been alarmed by refugees from the mountains driven away by new monsters
23 Previously unknown monsters have been seen in outlaying regions and a nobleman thinks they are scouts for a greater threat
24 A great demon has been menacing the frontier and seems to have a base he takes captives to, find the base and stop the demon
25 A rival power has adopted several new species as riding beasts and wagon pullers and large stores of dried meat. A lord wants to know where these wonders come from
26 Gibbering naked savages with bone weapons have been raiding the frontiers disturbing the peace between goblins and mankind, find and stop them
27 A old crusader against chaos has mutant corpses and reports of strange things. The city lords send you with him to confirm or deny the possibility of a chaos breach into our world
28 Humanoids in the mountains seem to be having a population boom whereas normally they are starving and weak. Now they become bold and ready for war. Who is feeding them?
29 City militia report wrinkled hairless mutants in the sewers coming from up river, city wants them found and exterminated at the source
30 Mountain villagers have reported a plague of mimics and other amorphous flesh creatures. Visit and prepare a report and explanation as fast as possible
31 Farmer Zed has been growing strange twitching ambulatory plants full of meat, other farmers are disgusted and curious where the new money making crop came from
32 A strange red fleshy weed has grown from the water side and is covering fields. Farmers want to know where it is from and how to stop it
33 Giant meat eating bugs have been eating farmers in their fields. Farmers want them stopped and the source found
34 Something has been mating with the livestock and all the animals are being born hairless and strange, find out why
35 Wild animals have been departing as if a doom is approaching, could you investigate?
36 A horrible pink chaos goat has been molesting livestock and chasing village women. It lairs in the mountains and heroes are needed to hunt it
37 Strange pink fleshy boulders have been growing on the edges of the farmlands and villagers want adventurers to find out what is going on
38 Hairless flesh bats have flown from the mountains and have emptied the granaries. Find their lair and destroy them
39 A farmer has a strange bull he keeps in his barn, jelous neighbors want yoiu to find where it came from, it produces huge fecund hairless musclebound offspring
40 A yeoman hunting in the forrests claims strange mutant creatures are coming from the hills and eating all the game and even birds and vermin, they want the creatures investigated
41 A old hermit came into town crying “dooooom!” then fell dead with a horrible giant parasite bursting from him, the church want matter cleared up
42 A nun had a vision of demons cavorting in a strange landscape bringing doom to the land and church send investigators
43 A star fell some time ago in the mountains and odd reports have alarmed churchmen who want the matter investigated
44 A prophecy about a falling star was discovered in a library and monks think the mountain crater worth another look since they first found the empty pit decades ago
45 A insane naked man with no head and a face in his chest was caught stealing farm chickens. Clergy need escorts for a pilgrimage to convert the the hidden land of the strange heathen
46 A high mountain village has reported many monster children so they are sending a mission to investigate possible demonic activity
47 A priest has a vision that a new god has come into the world and a mission is assembled to greet the god and determine if it is good or evil
48 Mutant hunting priests declare a frontier area overrun with loping naked degenerates needing holy fire and the heirophant declares a investigation
49 Demons have been coming from the frontier and charming farming folk, leaving their homes dancing madly into the mountains, the church is suspicious
50 Goatmen led by a fabulous giant demon baby have been tormenting the frontier folk and have sent a petition to the church to find them and stop them
51 A band of murder hobos came selling strange treasures and boasting of a magical land in the mountains. After drinking their purses dry they headed back and did not return
52 A crazed mad adventurer tells of a weird land of fabulous wealth and meat, he has a map for sale
53 A dead cultist has a letter in his hand telling all cultist to travel to the strange new kingdom of the flesh god to construct a new temple to witness the end of the world
54 A tavern keeper has cheap high quality fresh mystery meat and explains a man who owed him money brought a waggon load. He had strange bone weapons and other artifacts too
55 A crazed old adventurer needs some young explorers to help him rediscover the land of eternal youth where he hopes to stay and live forever like his old party
56 A barbarian with his living weapon with rows of teeth tells you of many implausible wonders and treasures he found there and would like to re visit
57 A strange left handed man who buys all drinks with strange gems, tells of a land flowing with fabulous treasure and hands out maps tabooed on skin
58 A adventurer met before tells of a strange land he visited that is growing, soon we will all be a part of this land of flesh and sinew, the sooner you adapt the better you will be
59 A adventurer tells of a strange kingdom of flesh with fabulous magic, then his nose bleeds and he falls dead. He has a map in his pocket and several potions
60 A crippled old adventurer the party know has miraculously had his limbs restored, in fact he looks stronger and younger, he smiles and gives you a map to the land of ever living wonder
61 A formerly crippled old beggar skips down the street praising the land of wonder and promising to take anyone there to his healing shrine
62 A new sect has been feeding the poor and has many fine muscled youths among them, they invite any to join and promise to teach the worthy about a land of wealth and wonder
63 A new cult has been using attractive members to seduce new members, a adventurer manages to steal a leather-bound book from a cult lover with a map and describing wonders of the new world
64 A robed sect announcing the end of the new world marches the streets giving away free meat vellum scrolls of their prophecies, they welcome pilgrims to visit them
65 A new cult manages to help the infertile with many wondrous pregnancies, as monster children born the cult flee to the frontier to escape the towns wrath
66 A new cult of the flailed god preaches using human remains for food and tools in preparation for the coming god, when he comes those unready will be washed away by the flesh tide
67 Succubi and incubus demons have been working to start a new cult who’s members leave city on a pilgrimage to the land of love, desperate to find their lovers the cultists abandon all kin and wealth
68 A cult of flagellants publicly mutilate themselves then depart too the land where they will be reborn ever young and undying in the arms of the kingdom of the new god
69 A robed sect have been kidnapping youths and taking them somewhere out side the city, many families offer rewards to find missing kin
70 A cult on death row were caught salting the fields and poisoning wells and eating mild poison to avert the great devourer who comes to claim us all, their books tel of the great eater and how they hope to avert his coming
71 A wizard has several strange tools made of flesh with teeth for edges and he wants more
72 A alchemist growing strange fleshy things in his lab wants more of the strange spores that he found on the frontier
73 A wizard has found a spellbook of living meat with strange new spells found in mountains, he wants investigators to find more
74 A wizard tells of a apprentice who had been seduced by blood wizards. He found their secret school abandoned and a map f the place they went beyond the frontier, he wants the apprentice back
75 A summoner has been questioning a succubi and believes there is a demon haunted strange kingdom just beyond civilization, he wants explorers to find it
76 A blood sorcerer has been having visions of his patron entity that calls him. He wants to travel there with his cult of degenerates and directly commune with the patron but wants guards
77 A wizard has found a strange land with his crystal ball and wants adventurers to bring him back samples of it’s wonders
78 A sorcerer has become adicted to a new drug and want a better source, he provides a magic compass and cash and sends adventurers
79 A wizard has been dissecting the new breed of pink river dolphins found in the river and is convinced the species came from the headwaters of the river, he will pay to confirm his theory
80 A demonologist has learned demons are coming en mass to this world for a great prize in the mountains. He will pay explorers to investigate and believes the demons seek a wonderous realm of power they wish to make part of the infernal realm
81 A family lost a child to a new cult who went on some pilgrimage to the ever living land or something, they will pay to get the child back
82 A long lived attraction widow has a secret map and needs explorers to recover a magical milk to keep her young, she will pay and they may use the treatment too
83 A young knight has been given a quest to find a missing woman, all he has is this cult map and some cash to hire help
84 A wise old lord has been having trouble with demons and mutants and wil pay to know where they come from
85 A young lord has word that the ruined bone castle in the hills has returned to life and needs confirmation of this, he worries some other evil fuels the problem
86 A lord of the city has many jars of picled mutants and believes such creatures are increasing. He wants explorers to find the source, no doubt a evil wizard or demon or something
87 A titanic naked cyclops was killed attacking lords castle and it’s organs proved valuable to scholars in the city. He wants you to track it and find more exotic creature guts
88 A lord is secretly a wizard and his line have kept a living lake of Xor flesh alive in dungeon for hundreds of years. Now they want real thing and send hired adventurers to escort them to the central nerve citadel of Xor or a Brain Ziggurat or something
89 The lord had a ancestor battle Xor long ago in a previous growth cycle, lord sends adventurers and prepares to escape dimension with family
90 Family of mad wizard nobles want to send some members of clan with guards to explore Xor but each has a differnt true selfish motive besides collecting lore for clan
91 A god sends you a dream sending you to a distant land to find your true destiny
92 The gods are rattled by Xor and assemble then send a message for heroes to investigate
92 A great relic warns that Chaos is coming, and Chaos is attracted to Xor
93 A god disguises them self as a mortal patron, paying investigators to find Xor
94 A king has been sent a message by a divine power to send party to explore Xor
95 A great being of eternal evil tries to get the king to stop adventurers travelling to Xor
96 A angel or devil comes down and instructs you to investigate Xor on behalf of gods
97 A god prepares a doomsday monster to scorch the earth in case Xor gets out of hand. The apocalypse monster will lay waste to a fifth of the world. another god warns some mortals
98 The gods are seizing pairs of mortals and animals and monsters to repopulate the world after it is sucked dry by the nutrient Cycle of Xor, some spirits and servants of gods warn humanity
99 The elder gods are planing to destroy this universe to stop Xor, part of a aeons old chess game that has failed every time before, cultist are swarming to Xor to help (the gods of Law try this too to stop chaos even though Xor is neutral)
100 The gods are preparing for battle, the apocolypse is comming and churches are preparing and arming zealots. Some church's send adventurers on suicide missions (they don't emphasise the suicide) part)


  1. Some ideas/options for Xor-plorers and local freaks to use for Armor:

  2. Love it! All this Xor stuff is gold! You do good work!


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