Sunday 19 June 2016

d100 More Marvel love gone wrong

So romance should be a common problem for heroes. Some players declare friends are liabilities and try to avoid love but this is doomed to fail also. I seem to be having a break from fantasy stuff for a bit, probably as I'm reading comics lots. Net been a bit more intermittent.

d100 More love gone wrong types
Dating difficulties
02 Personal problems
03 Romantic rivalry
04 Unwanted interest
05 Spiteful enemies
06 Vile plots
07 Family drama
08 Deathtrap delight
09 Loves pain
10 Unnatural excursions

d100 More love gone wrong
Emergency comes up before date or meeting with love interest
02 Family, friends or co workers interfere with dates
03 Crime or accident spotted on way to or during date
04 Date asks you awkward questions about how hero spends time
05 Muggers try to rob you during date

06 Love interest expresses annoyance at heroes secretive and busy life
07 Love interest pressures hero for commitment like engagement or co habitation
08 Love interest tries to convince hero to adopt less dangerous and quiet life
09 A romantic rival or ex meets you while on date and makes awkward moment
10 Love interest makes public romantic gesture and devastated if not returned

11 Love interest suffers temporary memory loss probably from injury
12 Love interest feigns illness to get attention

13 Love interest tests heroes resolve in relationship
14 Love interest develops a split personality
15 Love interest  struck by disability and requires support
16 Love interest having crisis and goes to odd sanitarium for rest
17 Love interest needs a break and flies to opposite end of country
18 Meddling friends and family try to play cupid and put pressure on relationship
19 Love interest makes gift demonstrating commitment (house keys or ring)
20 Love interests family make personal attacks and difficult to impress
21 Several love interests meet and quarrel publicly
22 Several love rivals create a contest to prove who is most worthy
23 Several love interests view another as a threat and team up to get rid of them
24 Love interest tired of waiting for commitment dates a jerk or enemy
25 Love interest injured by ex lover angered by interest in hero 
26 Love interest has crazed admirer who tries to arrange death of hero
27 Super enemy of hero becomes admirer of romantic interest
28 Super enemy of hero kidnaps romantic interest to convince them of superiority
29 Some one builds a robot that becomes obsessed with heroes romantic interest
30 Villain adopts new identity to seduce heroes romantic interest
31 Fans of hero swarm about them, both annoying and dangerous
32 Misguided fan throws self into danger for attention
33 Unstable fan attacks hero love interest
34 Powerful being appears declares hero a worthy mate to reproduce with
35 Villain tries to clone hero to be a worthy mate
36 Villain taunts hero with crimes in order to meet and seduce them
37 Media gossips and speculates on heroes love life and interest
38 Journalist stalks hero and villains try to make use of obsession
39 Spurned unbalanced former love interest becomes villain for attention
40 Powerful unbalanced being demands hero love them or inocents will die
41 Evil demon seeks to torment hero through endangering love interest
42 Enemy apparently kills love interest but just a cruel trick
43 Enemy tries to make love interest jealous of friends claiming they are having affair
44 Enemy declares will kill your love interests
45 Gangsters kidnap heroes love interest to blackmail hero
46 Crazed fan lies about being  heroes lover attracting enemies to kidnap them
47 Enemy makes hoax threats of danger to hero love interest to be a jerk
48 Someone makes false prediction about heroes love life to cause trouble
49 Fan fakes evidence of hero being love interest (Photoshop or a baby)
50 Enemy fakes evidence that hero killed love interests family member
51 Enemy changes love interests age from under age or elderly
52 Enemy erases love interests memories of hero
53 Enemy uses mind control to steal love interest out of spite
54 Enemy reveals (or lies) that contact with hero is a health hazard
55 Enemy turns love interest temporarily evil and taunts hero
56 Enemy clones love interest and sets loose to cause trouble
57 Enemy offers love interest powers so they can be truly with hero
58 Enemy sends love interest back in time or to future
59 Creature released by enemy hunts love interest
60 Eemy tells insane monster the hero secretly loves them
61 Family cultural, religious and nationality causes some family to disprove
62 Family member is a super villain goon for hire and closet full of coloured boiler suits
63 Family member has personal vendetta against super humans and vigilantes
64 A parent of love interests says you have to prove your worth to get their approval
65 A love interest's sibling becomes crazy for hero in secret or public ID 
66 Sickly grandparent pretends to be sick to keep you apart because she hates your kind
67 Parent of love interest is mind controlled agent of an evil force and used as a spy
68 Love interest family have many criminal and corrupt members
69 Love interest has several members in a conspiracy breeding super humans
70 Love interest has family members who monitor strange phenomena for secret agency
71 Several love interests in deathtrap you choose between their life or mass desruction
72 Love interest taken and left in a deathtrap with time limit by villain
73 Villain uses love interest as hostage to force hero to serve them in a task
74 Love interest infected with horrible alien parasite that will kill host in time 
75 Love interest parent actually encourages villain to get rid of hero
76 Villain decides will be heroes only one and threatens to kill heroes love interests
77 Villain uses a android replicant, clone or plastic surgery look alike to lure hero into trap
78 Villain sabotages love interests career and reputation with fake evidence
79 Assassination attempt by some means of hero while on a date with love interest
80 Villain intrudes on heroes dreams trying to influence them romantically
81 Love interest while on a date outraged hero seems distant and not really interested
82 Love interest keeps getting urgent calls and cancelling dates for work
83 Love interest outraged by a heroes opinion and blows it up into absurd drama
84 Ex love interest tells to much in public or online media making you famous as a jerk
85 Love interest seems to to only wants you for making babies
86 Celebrity or social media claims hero in relationship with someone the are not 
87 Love interest sick with worry all the time for heroes well being
88 Love interest witness to crime or jury member in important case of mobsters
89 Love interest gets suspicious job offer
90 Love interest needs time out and goes on trip leaving only a few clues
91 Unearthly being seeks a host body to be born in this world and impregnates someone
92 Creepy villain declares love for hero or love interest, if rejected cries then goes insane 
93 Enemy with hots for hero love interest declares a contest to see who is most worthy
94 Enemy with love for hero or or love interest attempts mind control or drugs
95 Enemy impersonates hero and is abusive and cruel to hero love interest
96 Enemy spurned by hero love interest shrinks to micro size and moves inside their body
97 Hero struck by telepathic SOS message from unknown soul mate on another world
98 A strange being from beyond warns your love interest that hero is no good for them
99 Alternate universe self who lost love interest now wants yours and they seem nicer
100 Fantastically rich lonely creep offers hero or love interest or power to forfill desires

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