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Flesh Maze of Xor - Dungeon Dressings

Some details for inside a meat dungeon

If anyone sees any inspiring art let me know - I think above piece from Heavy Metal magazine.

A human body has 3-4 grams of iron not enough for a rust monster but in tisues of Xor ther might be. Possibly iron nodules form in places or meteors fall and become lodged in tissues. So rust monsters might survive and even have a function in the ecology.  Possibly a good op to re-do slime creatures in my new format

Wandering Monsters
Encounters for travelling but also when damage made to doors or structures. Wounds or damage to structures like doors will also atract wandering monsters.

d12 Xor damage response encounters
1 Ochre Jelly come to clean up damage and pests
2 Gelatinous cube clean up rubbish and pests
3 Slithering tracker looking for intruders
4 Black pudding come to eat rubbish
5 Mimic comes to replace missing parts
6 Trapper or lurker above cover injuries like bandaid
7 Shoggoth looking for intruders or acting as dressing
8 Parasitic life looking for food
9 Animal looking for food
10 Humanoid looking for food or exotic fluids
11 Elder race looking for exotic fluids or humanoids
12 Demonic beings looking for food or souls

d12 Xor parasite table
1 Giant leeches
2 Giant ticks
3 Giant ants
4 Flies or maggots
5 Ankeg
6 Featherless Stirges
7 Fire beetles
8 Giant lobsters
9 Giant wasps
10 Carrion crawlers
11 Tunnel worm
12 Purple Worm

d12 Xor animal sub table
1 Naked mole rats as big as dogs
2 Shambling bald cave bear covered in rash and leaking sores
3 Swarm of hungry furless rats or albino pink mice
4 Giant pink lizard chamoflaged awaiting prey
5 Giant flesh amphibian frog, toad, newt, axalotl
6 Naked blood sucking giant weasels
7 Strider or axe beak birds featherless and flightless
8 Hairless goats or other herd animals
9 Giant white snakes
11 Tentacled mutant bald apes
12 Bullette burrowing through the flesh seeking prey

d12 Humanoid Sub Table

1 Explorers from outside seeking precious biological treasure
2 Human local tribes folk nomads seeking nutients or fluids for life
3 Tribe of abhuman barbarians looking for materials to survive
4 Naked wrinkly goblins who worship the body of Xor
5 Naked elven wanderers seeking to protect Xor
6 Naked halflings loooking for a easy feast of flesh
7 Exploitative orcs looking to kill rival life and take what they need
8 Cultists on pilgrimage to see wonders of Xor
9 Trader caravan with beast pulled wagons and mercenaries
10 Rangers exploring the wondrous landscape of Xor
11 Giant exploring Xor and protecting it from unwelcome exploiters
12 Doppelgangers infiltrating and destroying humans

d12 Elder races on Xor
1 Moon beasts, lumpy white tentacle faced frog thing wizards who serve chaos
2 Pink lizard men who survived here while old civilization died out
3 Migo miners seeking exotic nueral peptides and nerve tissue deposits to harvest
4 Cthonian great burrowing telepathic squid beasts who dine on humanoids
5 Dimensional shamblers atracted by plane shifting Xor
6 Fish men hybrids able to dwell in fluids of Xor and predate on humans
7 Gugs, horrible hairy 4 armed giants with sideways mouths who eat humanoids
8 Hairy primitive pre humans who still worship old ones since before their civilization fell
9 Squid men occultists with sinister plans for domination of Xor
10 Headless humans with faces in chests, wicked cultists who serve dark gods
11 Faceless humanoids who worship the old ones and hate humans
12 Humanoids wizards in robes actually masses of worms in human shapes

d12 Demons of Xor subtable
1 Larvae grazing on wounds left by demons
2 Quasits out for trouble or souls
3 Horde of mindless manes gibbering madly
4 Pathetic hordes of stupid naked demons looking for victims and food
5 Succubus or Incubus looking for humans to torment and seduce
6 Chasme fly demons carrying larvae to wound
7 Cambion demon human hybrids spreading influence of the abyss
8 Alu demon hybrids press ganging humanoids into army against Xor's defenders
9 Bloated idiotic dretch demons feeding on Xor
10 Rutterkin demons wandering about looking for victims to torment
11 Ghouls seeking grazing grounds to feed off
12 Greater demon covered in breasts with horned head and demon blade

d12 Doors
1 A flap of skin with a hinge, half are one way opening without damaging them
2 A mouth possibly with teeth, toungue and saliva pool
3 A sphincter can be in various states of being 
4 Blockage of scar tissue formed over 
5 Folds of flesh block entry like gates
6 Passage just squeezes shut
7 Translucent membrane that admits only certain fluids or life
8  Gelatinous blockage like pherical jellies or gelatinous plug
9 Plug of tissue
10 A curtain of flexible flesh
11 Masses of tentacles block passage
12 Tight ring of contracted muscle leaks toxic or corrosive secretions

d12 Biological lock opening mechanisms
1 Nerve cluster require correct manipulation
2 Pheromones chemical scent
3 Bio electric charge or signal
4 Taste key on a bank of taste receptors
5 DNA test from blood or bio fluid sample
6 Retinal scan from visual examination
7 Nueral peptide trigger from brain microsample sample
8 Scent test with a nasal receptor that smells things
9 Keyed food item inserted in a mouth
10 Keyed organ inserted in flesh pocket
11 Particular sound vocalised into sound receptor
12 Orifice requires mouth contact kiss

d12 Corridors inside Xor

1 Rigid cell structure walls in round tubes
2 Round tunnels caked with plaque or oily secretions
3 Windy tunnels covered in waxy secretions with hairs
4 Wet crinkly tissue with loose slippery surfaces
5 Windy tunnels occasionally semi blocked with phlegm
6 Spongy tunnels with damp drool covered floor
7 Line with pulsing veins, organs and veins
8 Irregular tunnels with bundles of muscle and sheathes of sinew
9 Wet cave like tunnels often with flowing liquid over the floor
10 Thick ropey organic fibres dripping with liquid
11 Rigid rings of muscle with strong air currents
12 Irregular tunnel choked in twitching polyps and finger like tentacles

d12 Flesh chasms features of Xor
1 Orifice with drool waterfall filling pond on the floor
2 Bone structures stretched over with skin
3 Polyps, infections and cancerous growth leaking foul fluid
4 Secretion coated remains of explorer corpses fused to walls
5 Pool of digestive fluids with rank acrid odours and fog
6 Gristly threads and fibrous cables attached to walls, ceilings and floors
7 Tentacles gently swaying range from huge to carpets of finger like ones
8 Nervous tissue growth, many sparking with bio electricity and ozone smells
9 Sacks with creatures growing inside attached to walls
10 Tubes with eggs in various stages of development moving through them slowly
11 Huge brain like sacks suspended from roof
12 Lined with pulsing organs, veins and sacks of gurgling fluid

Thieves on Xor have a host of organic fluids, drugs and body parts to trick open doors. Might require local thieves to show the ropes and explain how to use the local thieves tool - mostly bottles of liquid, syringes, tweezers, tongs and tubes.

Here is my old amorphous monster cheat sheet i did but will be re writing in my new format.

I got mixed up with lemures a type of devil with demons and wrote this encounter:
"Mindless liquid flesh demons oozing idiotically from wound"
Might squeeze in somewhere later

Kind of getting enough content for dungeon interiors. Xor mostly about exploration but something like som missions or adventure hooks might help.

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