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d100 Urban Rental Nightmares in Shadelport

Rent in shadelport for adventurers. After their first haul adventurers seek better living standards. The city redlight district is a favourite district is full of tomorrows bitter murder hobos. Many are favorite rubes for con men and shapeshifters. Fires, plagues, criminals, evil land lords all are menaces murder hobos dont want to face monthly.

These assume apartment buildings or side by side rows of housing in a cramped overcrowded poor area. In Shadelport the nice parts of town wont even let shabby adventurers in.

d100 Urban Rental Nightmares in Shadelport
01 Fire in building, firemen ask for money to help put out
02 Burns to ground overnight with a d6 other houses
03 Small fire in house or building causes some damage
04 Neighbors die of drug abuse
05 Neighbors door kicked in and murdered
06 Neighbor found long dead and partly eaten by animals
07 Plague sign marked on door of building for quarantine
08 Corps found on door step
09 Gang move in next door
10 Gangsters hanging out on doorstep ask "what are you looking at"

11 Rats in the walls
12 Giant rat in bed

13 Stray cats hang around building
14 Zombie heart noisily beating under floorboards
15 Fungus out break
16 Bats in the roof
17 Neighbor is a werewolf or wererat
18 Leak in roof
19 Sewerage leak in building
20 Floor or ceiling collapses partly leaving a hole
21 Serial killer tries to kill you 
22 Neighbor climbs in window to steal loose change
23 Phantom haunts the building
24 Whipping and screaming from neighbors  
25 Pervert drills holes through walls to spy on you
26 Moths eat clothes and leave food full of grubs
27 Flea infestation
28 Neighbor dies and and arises as zombie
29 Birds living in roof
30 Stirge owls living in building
31 Crazy cat lady moves in next door
32 Giant tick gets in through floorboards
33 Locals abandon babies on your doorstep
34 Termites start eating building
35 Tiny stove troll lives under stove
36 Brownies in roof, punish people who swear
37 Gremlins move in causing hilarious shenanigans
38 Jesters living nearby have noisy drunken parties
39 Band move next door and practice all night
40 Witch neighbor gets annoyed by you and curses with her evil eye 
41 Landlord like collect rent in case your broke to collect in sexual favours
42 Horrible drunks sleeping in the stairwell
43 Wasps build a nest in chamber pot or somewhere not fun
44 Hood wearing cultists among neighbors 
45 Lost pet reticulated python loose in between walls
46 Stray children in between walls and roof cavity
47 Goblins in the basement
48 Orc neighbors cook strange smelling food
49 Neighbor likes to slaughter animals at home and has poor sanitation
50 Necromancy students neighbors slip out to steal corpses by night
51 Stray vulture get in home
52 Rabid dog in street
53 Drunken landlord demands more money and starts fight if you disagree
54 Drunken landlord snoops in your place while your away
55 Evicted because landlords relatives homeless
56 Evicted because building demolished
57 Evicted for building redevelopment for hipper nicer tenants
58 Alchemist next door steals stores poison chemicals  
59 Rat with human face bites you in your sleep
60 Carnivorous jelly oozes up through drain pipe
61 Stray sailors monkeys break in and rearrange furniture
62 Mysterious bloody stain keeps appearing
63 New tenants set up a drug house and dump corpses in lane weekly
64 Building graffiti covered by youth gang
65 Giant beetle eaten several tenants this month
66 Skinny homeless teens harass adventurers for work
67 New landlord demands tenants are tidy church goers
68 Hailstone ruins roof
69 Wall collapses
70 Imp tormenting and murdering local tenants
71 Old drunk wizard neighbor casts spells in his sleep
72 Assassin trying to kill neighbor with incomplete address
73 Cultists looking to collect human hearts for imitation
74 Giant mushrooms start growing from dungeon spoor
75 Former criminal tenant wants treasure hidden in house
76 Drug crazed killer hiding in building
77 Gong farmers blacklist area, sewerage everywhere in street
78 Secret police seen spying on building, identity unclear just look creepy
79 Snooty citizen claims writer once lived in apartment, declared historic site
80 Former tenant was a gambler and thugs visit demanding cash
81 Lesser demon banished here a hundred years ago finally returned 
82 Some rival adventurer dropped some troll meat in crack in the floor
83 Giant fly enters through window and steals food and leaves maggots
84 Amateur black powder maker blows his apartment up
85 Someone in building distributing treasonous documents
86 Tax man makes a visit and estimates your net worth and leaves a bill 
87 Strange fungus growing on ceiling
88 Giant leeches come out of sewer in the rain
89 Rat colony in your bed
90 Fungus people children grew in the wall cavity and now in your house 
91 Mosquitoes molest building inhabitants from sewers
92 Bull goes wild in market, runs up stairs and into your flat
93 Hole collapses into sewers on bottom floor, sewer goblins come out at night
94 Adventurer neighbor died while away and secret pet owlbear gets hungry
95 Religious neighbor leaves you pamphlets and preaches to you
96 Green slime develops a colony in building attracting city officials
97 Neighbor cavorting with lesser devil makes horrible noises
98 Orc gang members move in next door and party all the time
99 Secret policeman's mother moves next door and spies on everyone

100 Thief practicing reading magic summoning scroll summons a angry dinosaur

So after a few more dungeon looting expedition you will be finding a better class of neighborhood.

With different horrible problems

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