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Underland Ruined Citadel Encounters & Loot

This is a quick encounter table for the citadel ruin adventure I'm using now. Probably a good mid level dungeon table I've been missing....meaning to do several mid to high level tables. Weaker creatures swarm and use mass tactics and even just soak up ammo and spells. They are also food for nastier horrors. A dozen goblins will feed a family of owlbears for a few days. Mostly classic monsters.

Common Underland Ruin Encounters

01 Gremlins sabotage bowstrings and weapon scabbards then lure in a second encounter
02 Swarm of gremlins attack en masse
03 Gremlins hurl monster turds at party
04 Mad gremlin shaman spoils food and water with spell on scroll
05 Gremlins copy party voices but say embarrassing shameful things
06 Gremlin runs up with grenade and lit fuse laughing (learn to fear this sound)
07 Goblins offer to sell magic mushrooms, rat on a stick or gremlin on a stick
08 Goblin youth gang with slings pester party
09 Goblin youth gang busy graffing area with gang tags
10 Goblin shaman and body guards direct huge zombi and skeleton horde
11 Orc bandits demand toll fee if party strong or goods if seem weak, have built barricade
12 Orc skirmishers riding wargs shooting bows avoid melee and spread out if possible
13 Orc shamans enhances orc suicide squad with spells and poison weapons
14 Orc halberd and shield phalanx in lines with javelin throwers in rear ranks
15 Hobgoblin horde with chaos shamen and heroes charge
16 Hobgoblin beserkers and shaman dedicated to demon cult with a lesser demon
17 Bugbear assassins with well planned ambush including rear attacks, archers and retreat into traps
18 Bugbear evil templars with heavy armour serving a champion with lesser demon
19 Whole kobold tribe with archers, heroes and shaman, swarm in scores suicidally in waves
20 Orcs with chained ogre idiots, release them then support with javelins
21 Rust monsters herded by squealing goblins who back them up with archers
22 Goblins herd ochre jellies to party using foul scents on sticks the jellies hate
23 Shadows of ancient residents arise hungrily
24 Wights of ancient warriors arise hungrily
25 Mummies with skeleton guards angrily attack intruders
26 Ogre gang hungry for victims with throwing rocks and clubs
27 Ogre gang with shaman who enhances all
28 Ogre mutants with strange extra body parts drooling insanely
29 Ogre chaos cult with lesser demon leader and his quasit familiar
30 Ogre slavers with chained up humanoid cattle will try to grab more but protecting cattle priority
31 Owl bear family snuffling about for food and teaching young
32 Hook horror family teaching young to gleefully dismember other species with hooks
33 Behir guarding territory, lair nearby possibly in a crawlspace up high
34 Carnivorous giant beetles swarm hungrily in a pack
35 Overgrown area with webbing, semi intelligent giant spiders cooperate and cast nets from ceiling
36 Trapper on floor with faux treasure chest growth in middle
37 Mimic in disguise as a chest or door
38 Pack of carrion crawlers attack as a group 1in4 herded by goblins
39 Manticore pride stalk party for moment of opportunity by tracking
40 Chimera prowling for food, hybrid of different creatures every time
41 Shoggoth angrily looking for protein
42 Roper clan in area overgrown with calcium deposits like a natural cave
43 Otyugh sitting in giant pile of feces dumped from leaking pipes of upper levels
44 Wyvern nest with crack or trail leading to outside
45 Gibbering mouther in a pile of slime and drool and corpses guarding a altar
46 Giant ant nest will ignore intruders to a point but harming or robbing them sets off alarm scent
47 Carnivorous ape clan screaming bloody rage and hunger
48 Subterranean axe beaks hunting for meat, former riding beasts of ancients
49 Giant badgers hungry and hostile to intruders
50 Vile basilisk or cockatrice with tiny gold crown has polluted area
51 Doppelgangers in disguise as d4 1=adventurers 2=escaped sacrifices 3=pilgrims 4=prostitutes
52 Eye tyrant, just a basic old fashioned one, tries to run pocket empire but everything avoids him
53 Black pudding rolling about eating remains of dead
54 Catoblepas grazing on goblin corpses, exited to find fresh kills with new flavours
55 Colossal prehistoric centipedes from four yards long hunting
56 Giant scorpion pack scuttling about for a kill
57 Giant cave crabs feeding off fungi get exited to see meat creatures in territory
58 Partially flooded area with giant lobsters aggressively swarm on anything touching water
59 Pair of succubi or incubus or both in disguise need rescuing from monsters, reward heroes with kisses
60 Squad of abishai devils seeking something or someone for master
62 Erinyes devils seeking victims to torment and take to hell
62 Pride of displacer beasts hungrily prowl in silence
63 Evil dwarves out for loot and murder, often use grenades to soften up foes
65 Dark elf explorers seeking treasure and ancient forbidden secrets, possibly will trade and/or betray
66 Giant frogs came in through sewer pipes looking for bugs
67 Gargoyle gand disguised as architecture will ambush, often pose among real statues
68 Gas spore bobbling along stupidly awaiting something dumb enough to attack it or "guarding" treasure
69 Gelatinous cubes in area, swarm party seem like intelligently cooperating but not really
70 Ghoul gang led by ghast swarm en mass howling furiously
71 Non corporeal undead horror d4 1=groaning spirit 2=spectre 3=ghost 4=several wraiths
72 Harpy gang looking for mates to kidnap then eat
73 Lycanthrope gang looking to rob/eat/mate with any victims in turf
74 Lamia with thrall adventurer, charms males and kills females if possible
75 Naga with pile of treasure guarding shrine, possible not evil type
76 Invisible stalker guarding area on commands given thousands of years ago, kill any who cross area
77 Medusa possibly several sisters among sculpture hall
78 Ilthiliad mind flayers with thrall monsters and humanoids seeking forbidden lore
79 Night hag riding a nightmare rides through area cackling, just enjoys terrifying living
80 Ogre magi band seeking treasure and battle and slaves will try to destroy adventurers just for glory
81 Salamanders (giant flaming lizard version of frost version) guarding a elemental gateway
82 Shambling mounds laying in wait among mounds of decaying filth dropped from upper levels
83 Swarm of giant vampire bats or stirges roost area will cover victims and feed in desperation
84 Giant toad nest mostly like giant rats but keen to eat new thngs and defend a water supply
85 Troll gang wandering about for food, insane and full of rage, scream when smell foes or food
86 Umber hulk burst through walls, bellowing for kin to aid it in blood feast
87 Vampire d4 1=ancient insane 2=charming adventurer 3=bestial fiend 4=im a poor lost maiden
88 Beast men adventurers of same type serving a evil priest looking for lost magic
89 Will-o-the-wisp hauntingly tries to lure into traps or other monster lair before attacking
90 Huge swarm of giant rats, often running from monsters eating them
91 Giant slug will surprise from above and spit acid if dinner tries to flee
92 Crypt thing teleports you to distant level for fun
93 Golem, construct or automaton in disguise as sculpture or stomping about on patrol or mad rage
94 Pack of hell hounds led by a warlock
95 Lonely hell cat seeks a new best buddy
96 Penanggalan often pose as adventurer dressed in ancient clothing
97 Sheet phantoms covering old furniture with sheet ghouls waiting nearby for sound of battle
98 Doombats or other giant bats or pterodactyls nesting in colony
99 Gorgon stomping about with metal hooves, bellows with rage
100 Grell hiding in ceiling or drain awaiting tasty victims

Will do more gonzo one yet


Here is some tables for loot
Patrol monster 1d2 rolls

Nomads 1d3+1
Lair 1d4+2

Traders 1d6+3
d12 Underworld Loot
1 Food and water (Usually basic supplies in large quantities)
2 Domestic items (grooming, cooking, pots, craft tools)

3 Trade goods (trinkets, furs, teeth, tusks, beads)
4 Weapons
(spare or looted weapons)
5 Armour (spare or looted armour)
6 Drugs and medical supplies (narcotics, grog, herbs)
7 Luxury items (fancy clothes, wine, grooming goods, toys)
8 Livestock (pack or food animals)

9 Building and craft supplies (ore, ingots, wood, obsidian)
Coins and currency
11 Gems and jewelery
12 Magic itemsUnderland domestic beasts

d12 Domestic underland beast
1 Pony or donkey, possibly blind or albino or from surface
2 Spider, have a vagueley humanoid face when mouth parts folded up, good climbers

3 Lizards, slow but hardy, able to make bursts of speed
4 Quadrapedal humanoids, moronic and mutated or bred to be like this
5 Zombie or skeletal beast
6 Giant beetle good all round fast, climbers, many types can fight
7 Giant grub easy to tame with food on a stick
8 Giant moth tame with pheranome potions
9 Giant bat may be flightless variety, carnivorous
10 Giant slug or snail slow but reliable
11 Ambulatory fungus
12 Giant frog, toad, salamander or newt, prefer damp conditions but amphibious

d12 Trained as...

1 Pack beast
2 Riding beast
3 Fighting beast
4 Combat mount
5 Labour beast
6 Adorable drooling pet
7 Hunting beast
8 Truffle hunter
9 Wagon beast
10 Chariot beast
11 Pit fighter
12 Guard beast

d12 How many types of training?
1-6 only one  type
7-9 two types
10-11 three types
12 four types

All are edible

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