Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My plans for next year here...

Planning my projects at moment so suggestions comments and requests welcome. Comment boxes been quiet for a while here and they do encourage me and keep me going. I have been prompt with my requested d100 table in past. Sorry Im still not on 5th ed bandwagon yet.

Health best in several years, income good and being social like i was years ago with gaming and artworld again.

My DnD and Fantasy games...

On a side note my longest game players since 2012 said next campaign game can we play somewhere different setting wise which is a bit irksome after developing this blog and writing so much about the place and players having not even explored half the island and only visited some suburbs of the city once. Underland is intended to be a major ad on to my setting. A uber horrible inhuman post apoc fantasy with remnants of all the evil ages and prehuman monsters. Leaving will be hard. I could start next game in new region of another land mass. Exile Island was intended to be the most dungeon filled craphole in world with most chance of social mobility. The old world is rigid with near god like high level types maintaining rigid hierarchies. Perhaps after Underland and the old empire settings Exile will look good.

I might do Planet Psychon for a break and I suspect they might like Downstairs modern military vs dungeon but I know is a very unpopular choice for some players. The point of my Exile campaign is to explore my take on 80s UK gaming tropes like Pre warhammer white dwarf and Fighting fantasy which suits DnD well. If i did a new fantasy setting I would probably use BRP with bits of magic world. I got many of the extra magic systems for BRP and Magic world and I dont like any of them really. Rewriting a whole world or digging out a old one seems like a drama. Sadly I like writing for oldschool DnD and I feel it is very accessible for my online readers and peers but i generally am shunned by newschool gamers at clubs. Writing and running original oldschool content and not a canned nostalgia ridden TSR setting probably costs me lots of players. I have to agree with others who critics of late and post 80s TSR for fluff filled text which is painful to read and no room for DM content. Also nostalgia players want to use their nerd fanaticism of the texts in play and are willing to learn setting more than me. Gorantha only setting I would run as is unchanged and possibly griffin Island 9but i prefer mountain version but Island nice for a 6 month game).

Anyway will possibly give Exile campagn a break next year. If only for a few months.

Things I hope to run next year
Will run Babylon RQ3/BRP game into next year. Now getting to Rune level and very mythic. Want to explore some mass combat, every player with a chariot, and some over the top power levels so will last into next year. Marvel getting good but inconsistency of players makes character driven plotting hard. Marvel has been fun and is easy to run. Using hero clix and models has been good and will run as a co game. Roadwar game big fun and will play as long as i can. Power gain is been easy to reign in and plenty of room to grow. A good con game too.

BRP rome still on way as company ran out and printing one for me. Will mix well with rome cthulhu and will get me reading history again. Viking Rus sequel to my last viking game set 16 years after last game but a mini campaign to use up scenarios i never ran. A intermission of Cthulhu in space and cthulhu metropolis too. Thats a years worth of Sunday games again. Even my Cthulhu 1920s arkham county or UK sandbox seems tempting for a bit. I am getting lots of 20s miniatures next year. Some kind of cthulhu monster miniatures would be handy. Or I could sculpt some tentacle things myself. Silicon sealant blobs full of tiny googly eyes might be fun. Cthulhu is what got me regular players and got me weaning onto my BRP/RQ3 games so bless him. RQ3 Glorantha or my old setting possible. Gammaworld seems hopeless but might get in a fri one off game. Psychon and roadwar scratch my post apoc itch. New player recruiting might be good for club once new venue safety issues resolved. Lots of mini con and theme days.

Xmas in Adelaide and Redbrick book

Over Xmas in Adelaide with mostly no net and writing best activity so will finish lay out draft of Redbrick book for my readers to proof. I have several editors who i trust living there and can game with my old crew 3 or 4 sessions. Some getting days off for me. Might try and bury old hatchets with one of my old gamer buddies. My artist (thats his work) is there and he plans to kill himself next year when his money runs out. I wish getting hm work would help but I dont think it will and I now he is very behind. If I thought he was open to work I would promote him. I hope to Finnish my last commission with him over xmas. He is utterly inflexible and unwilling to adapt but that is what makes him best illustrator of comics and pinups anfd fantasy in Australia. Also get some statement about our co-created products as my name not clearly on some documents. All sounds cold but I can only help drowning person so much if they dont want to live without risking myself. Most of my hometown friends without babies seem to be suffering depression. The others all left for greener pastures. I will revise my EMO DnD rules too into 2nd edition and get published as PDF here too. Am getting back in to non game art making and zines again next year. Buy photo lighting soft boxes for photographic portraits and scanner so i can digitise my boxes of drawings next year.

Upcoming writing for this blog
A few more magic item things for my game
More Underland stuff/Tenkar's Landing gazetteer possibly for a PDF in few weeks
Underland citadels will be for post 600 soon

To do list
d100 Tragedy table - haunting covered some ideas for this too
d100 Random Strange Crypt Table
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 undead boss monsters - might do sub-bosses also  
d100 catacomb and Gothic decor
d100 alluring strange headstones
d100 Madness table for failed WIS checks vs horror, tragedy or shock
d100 Secret Societies
d100 honest undead motivations
d100 madmen and their monsters
d100 Elemental/Demonic relics with corruption fxd100 Law/chaos/elven/cthonic and other relics with corruption fx

d100 crypts
d100 village life
d100 humanoid loot
d100 shrines
d100 cults
d100 lairs

Castle Geomorphs - keep and wall and tower section
Manor Geomorphs - a few mansions for haunting and tragic nobility
Crypt and tomb - lots of small funeral structures
Ruin Geomorphs
Catacomb Geomorphs - create a maze of tunnels
Mausoleum Geomorphs - this will be basic one
Cathedral geomorphs
Fantasy citadel zone

story/plot tables
goblin mines zone ideas
d100 goblinoid tribal factions for your goblin mine megadungeon
Scan Sir Banister Fletchers architecture book will help all of this

Redbrick to finish
who built and why - convert to d100
entrances change to locations and d100
floor table
expand redbrick a-z
d100 dungeon documents
common monsters
fix vermin table to real d100
mid and high level encounters
monster market
convert barrels and boxes to variable containers
false traps and secret doors - animal nests, repaired leaks, etc

Undersea setting(pirate and travel could be Exile game Fix)
the deep dark and undead chaos mermaids

sunken city
d100 weird odd and nonhuman sailors
d100 sea undead
ship weird ships
Undead chaos mermaids from the depths
deep sea
d100 pirate captains of shadelport
d100 weird sailors, weird captains, weird ships

Upcomming Psychon & SF Stuff
Citadel pubs
Elder Gods and pre human horror
Organizations and other creeds of psychon...
Heroes, warlords and wizards - champions

Pregens created for different genre piece adventures
ancient ruin generators

the twelve rays of Psychon

Post Cash ship exploration

Robots and mutant characters class
Spaceman characters class?

Post crash space hab modules 1 features industrial type
interior/superstructure ship sections
1 Engineering - power and engine sections
2 Ships boats, docking, drone rack, fighter bays
3 fabrication, factories
4 superstructure
5 gunnery, weapons and defense systems
6 exodus storage and supplies, terraforming
7 medical, suspended animation, dna vault, life support sections
8 crew quarters, mess, training, relaxation
9 Sensor/coms/electronics/computer section
10 Bridge and command sections
bio dungeon treasures
d100 alien space ruins


Deco punk tech list
d100 pulp planets for deco punks

Roadward100 wasteland encounters

d100 sanctioned ops
d100 race teams
d100 wasteland road hazards
d100 gangcults
d100 urban tables
design rules

long stairs Dungeon Stormers DnD Modern

Lists of officers and personalities at three bases (about a third to half play time was in base).
rough maps of base and local zones
Print out equipment lists and info for players
Need to get my modern era skills sorted...
d100 Base missions - protect miners, bug hunt, whodunnit?
more stuff to do in base

Dingo dungeons of gamma oz

koala wagon
dingo dungeon

possumclaw tower
glory falls 
emus and elves
Bunyip Burrows
Gumboot gallows
koala wagons for gamma oz setting

will write a comprehensive review of 80s RPG from Melbourne RUS a Russian fantasy fairytale romance game and will include Super Squadron and Hunter Planet also - Australian gamers now dont remember most of these 80s Oz games


  1. Saw your mention of empty comment threads and decided to stop lurking. I found your blog several months back and absolutely love it. Particularly your weirder science fiction or psychon-themed d100 lists. While I don't use them for random rolls I find certain specific entries give me ideas that flow well with the game I am currently running which is Science Fantasy (Numenera to be specific, very new age storyteller style if you haven't heard of it, but you might like the weird tech). Your stuff has encouraged me to shake off the mantle of serious dramatic tones and just get crazy with my players. My favorite lists by far is the "d100 Strange Gateways" and your collection of Post Crash space habs lists. I look forward to many things on your future to do list and hope to keep coming back for new ideas (though even if you stopped posting, I would still come back and raid the rotting corpse of your blog for ideas like a crazed post-apocalypse junker).

    1. Cheers - will be here a while yet and lots more to come - cheers for taking the time - helps me keep prolific

  2. Do half that stuff and I will love it. I have commented much last few posts because I'd feel silly with the cheerleading... but recognition and attention does help when bloggng, doesn't it? A little bit provides a heck of a lot of mtivation for me.
    I lov the 1d100 lists, even when they they delve into an area I don't go near myself because that format offers utility and inspiration when coupled with your style and imagination.
    (I've also been cutting a lot of wood, it's cold ad getting colder in my part of the Northern hemisphere)

    1. Cheers are my spinach so thanks a lot

      Yeah i find inspirational list of ideas handy and paint a Chinese portrait of setting better than long winded purple prose. I also let my players take turns to roll

  3. I love your blog, I have been noticing it appearing more and more in blog lists on other blogs. With regards to comments on your blog I think people have to be given a chance and a reason to comment. If you have told someone their blog is great once you don't really feel the need to tell them again. And if you feel most of their posts are good it seems silly saying that every couple of posts.

    To give people a chance to post you have to reduce the frequency of your posts. If it is only on your home page for a day then not many people will see it if they check your blog once a week. If you post one a week then it gives lots of time for people to see it and comment, and it is easy for them to find again since it is still on your home page. (I do NOT want you to post less frequently!)

    To give people a reason to comment then you should provide them a way to interact. If you just post an entire list then there is nothing for them to say except 'great!' What you could try is to provide a 100 entry list but only fill out 80 of them, then ask people to fill out the rest in the comments. Likewise, if you are just writing a game log what do you expect people to say? But if you say something you did well or poorly, or if you ask or give advice about the session then it would invite comment. If you had a piece of gaming material after each game report it might encourage people to comment as well (e.g. a map, treasure, monster stat block, etc).

    Anyway, you are doing great. Yours is one of the more inspirational RPG blogs on the web due to your creativity and phenomenal output. Keep it up please!


    1. cheers - i get your point
      sorry to come off needy but gone from daily feedback to none. Ive also seen decline in output from some of my peers i have been inspired by so instead on not being able to keep up with cool new content i find myself reading books or going o play a computer game.

      I have offered to produce stuff by request and have done a few times usually quickly and even followed recommended tangents for a while. But only had a few ever and outright asking people for germs of ideas is a direct request to interact. I can write topical gossip clickbait but mostly i regret it. I enjoy collaborations and welcome them.

      Id still like t do some G+ gaming but im a bit of a Luddite and need lessons.

  4. Thanks for all your hard work, I have co-opted rather a lot of your stuff into my D&D campaign.


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