Sunday, 23 November 2014

Roadwar Journal and update

So did a quick session today and heat kept players hiding home. So i did lots of writing then had a quick battle. Was a massive birthday larp with smoke machines and air raid sirens set in ww2. Very classy background. Two big writing sessions and another on layouts and i will have rules set up in a pdf and be able to play as one off battle game. Will run a day of marvel, a day of roadwar and a something else next year.

The BRP uni-table i did was awesome and sped up this and Babylon game.
Did list of standard cars, equipment and car mods ans some basic rules.

To do

Finish my road sections and buildings, make some more houses and fences
Get trees and some farm animals and somehow find cheap HO scale bikes
Make smoke, fire, mine and explosion tokens (cotton wool)
Build some bunkers, turrets and a gate house
Get some warhammer guns i can mod for cars


Guns sheet
GM Screen
d100 Death Racers
Build cars from scratch rules
Car sheets for other vehichles like copters, jets, boats, GEV, Mecha
Stat sheet for standards (lawmaster, renagade buggies, gentech intercepter, stat up some toys)
Hit location charts for  various vehicles from front side and rear

d100 weird wasteland encounters - ufo's, undead, occult, mutants, cryptofauna, weird science
d100 sanctioned ops - agency and solos
d100 lone road warriors - loan
d100 race teams and list of various motor death sports sports
d100 gangcults - satanists, cthulhu cults, tech cults, ufo cults, Christians
d100 urban encounter tables for walled and feral zones
d100 corporations will be handy for a few games

So the wasteland mutie was called by poor mutants on the fringe of wasteland who were being killed by a mysterious skull/skeleton themed race car in black and white. At night it came into settlements and burned down houses and ran over escaping mutants. The mutie praised god for a chance to kill and headed from Tamworth to preceded to shanty town of outback humpies.

Mutie ma and pa and gramps and six kids lived in fear. Jeremy was a bloated fishboy mutant with tentacles who could barely move on land. Most of town burned out. Spent day welding spikes to his wheel hubs. So our hero buried car under burned corrugated iron sheets and waited. Heard car coming, a deep rumble of a high performance road beast. Charged out and caught car approaching family shed. The clan on the roof fired .22 rifles. Rammed in frint side damaging steering. As it turns out car made for road fights not dirt so now it's axle bent and suspension broke it's turning capacity. So he chased it about ramming the car, damaging it's weapon systems and keeping from it's fire arcs. Strange car damage more like wounds. Left black goo on his ram plates and saw car covered in occult sigils.

At one point he smashed boot over and out came corpses which got up. Ran down three corpses and one climbed up his bonnet. Finished it off with his mutant flame breath. Finally rammed the sliding roadster through jeremies humpy and the mutant fled huffing and puffing. The mutie family fired shotguns at windows of the mystery car and shattered windscreen and injured the driver. Our hero disturbed by the back blood driver connected to his car. He finally rammed the car's rear flame caster and used breath to ignite. Car tried to head for road and two more rams made turning almost impossible. As burning car rolled uphill from momentum the undead driver got out and ran for humpie hamlet. Driver was leaking black fluid. Torn suit revealed emaciated body and necrotic flesh. Opened visor to reveal skin pulled tight over grinning skull.

Our mutant defender got out og his car and got out his clever. The two brutes punched each other for 20 seconds before the dead driver fell. The winner looked at burning car screaming in pain and came back to find zombie racer moving. So while mutie rednecks impaled masked driver to ground with pitchforks our hero chopped to bits and threw on fire. A unsolved mystery to be sure but a job well done. Watched the parts dance in the fire with yokels singing hymns.

Players have met plenty of zombies but first zombie driver encountered with strange hybrid biological necrotech.

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