Monday 30 June 2014

d100 Dungon Stuff

So revising my redbrick book draft about 75 pages. Since I finished original draft 18 months ago I have trained myself to spit out bigger better tables. I was just working towards mostly doing d100 so I am expanding a few tables full to d100. I have a few big tables and some section intros to write too.

Expanding use into more dangerous depths for mid and higher level play so some extra bosses, elites, monster tables and treasure tables. But I hope to get readers proof for most out within fortnight.

Am amalgamating old and new tables for 3rd version in some cases. Contemplating changing one set of tables to make actual rolling process more fun (is that a good thing?)

This is one table to be revised as i forgot i had done it and want to amalgamate with mystery dungeon fluid tables.

One thing a dungeon cannot have too many of is a barrels! In dungeon theme pc games they are a standard thing to smash open. So here they are!

D10 is for common barrels and d100 for more unusual ones or more specific ones

1d10 Quick Dungeon Barrel
1 Corpse d4 1=unrecognizable rancid stinky mess 2=monster 3=humanoid 4=adventurer
2 Building materials like nails, lime, gravel, tar, sand
3 Old weapons and armour
4 Garbage, rotten food,
5 Trap like gas, explosive, darts
6 Critters (bats, rats, stirges, flumph, bees)
7 Wine or beer 1in10 still drinkable
8 Sewerage, used as toilet or just collection for dung
9 Foodstuff d4 1=hard biscuits or jerky 2=flour 3=beans 4=dried mushrooms
10 Water for drinking

1d100 Weird Dungeon Barrels
1 Prisoner 1d4 1=child 2=adventurer 3=villager 4=thief
2 Adventurer corpse 1in6 a zombie
3 Humanoid or demi human corpse 1in6 a zombie
4 Monster corpse
5 Skeleton ready to attack
6 Kobolds with poison darts
7 Goblin with a crossbow
8 Mummified human corpse with journal or map
9 Humanoid very grateful offers to serve kind masters
10 Scared flumph ready to attack after months of ill treatment
11 Preserved chunks of troll flesh in brine, if removed start to grow
12 1d6 sad monkeys, very hungry
13 3d20 bats will aggressively swarm, carry disease
14 Wasp swarm will attack any who open for 1d6 rounds
15 Giant leech in water
16 Dead body in leather, infected with dungeon threadworms
17 Flea covered corpse will swarm over party if opened
18 Aggressive snake ready to strike and a corpse
19 3d6 Gremlins loose, some scuttle. some decoys, some climb into backpacks
20 Drunken hobgoblin or orc in bad mood
21 A shadow rises from corpse inside
22 Doppelganger will adopt a pleasing form to join party
23 Barrel is a mimic
24 Carrion crawler stuffed inside
25 Ghoul inside
26 Bundles of leather armour
26 Theif corpse with tools, weapons and loot
27 Bundle of various short swords, maces, hand axes
28 Bundle of rusty old swords, a few in good condition
29 Boots of various sized
30 Helmets of various sizes
31 Horseshoes
32 Onions or garlic
33 Beans
34 Grain
35 Flour
36 Stale bread
37 Wax coated old cheeses
38 Empty wine bottles
39 Cleric with chain, mace, holy symbol and holy water
40 Iron rations a bit mouldy
41 Lanterns and 1d4 bottles of oil
42 Candles
43 Tin and wooden plates, bowls, cups, spoons
44 Bundles of coarse cloth
45 Old sacks
46 Lard
47 Honey and beeswax
48 Straw
49 Turnips
50 Apples
51 Salted fish
52 Iron spikes
53 Rope bundles
54 Fire wood
55 Monster dung
56 Rancid sewerage
57 Salt
58 Nails
59 Wizard body with robes, hat, hands cut off, exotic spell ingredients and a potion
60 Clay tokens
61 Monster teeth
62 Ears, various species
63 Old gunpowder
64 Wood working tools
65 Iron working tools
66 Rusty old tools
67 Paint
68 Giant jumping rat
69 Giant fly or mosquito
70 Swarm of angry rats
71 2d6 stirges
72 Explosive trap
73 Poison gas trap
74 Alarm that attracts monsters
75 Flaming oil explosion
76 Spoke bomb, burns with chocking black sooty smoke for minutes
77 Irritant gas, burns eyes and throat
78 Stink musk trap, resist or vomit and carry odour for days
79 An adorable puppy, piglet or kitten
80 Commoner or peasant clothing 
81 Fancy noble or fancy dress clothing
82 Feathers
83 Bundles of wool
84 Animal bones
85 Hundreds of mice scurry out leaving some spoiled grain
86 Cloud of spores, full of mould and fungus
87 Cheap trinkets from a cult
88 Brushes from a dead salesman
89 Mouldy old books in terrible condition
90 Broken glass and ceramic chunks
91 Rags and scraps of cloth
92 Scraps of broken old metal goods and wire
93 Tar
94 Malt for brewing
95 Fermenting grog not ready yet
96 Goblin or kobold child
97 Ritual robes and face paint
98 Broken chunks of ancient statues to be smashed for lime
99 House paint
100 Chalk

As I have two tables final will have typical strange and possible extra category

Things I have learned from friends Fighting Fantasy games as player:
Dungeon inhabitants are like a form of crime syndicate or secret society with ranks, apprentices, gang signs, drinking sessions, business and more. Some onsters start menial trap scrapers or trap setters or patrols or guards. Work way up to getting own level or dungeon for profit and gang status. His is quite detailed but i like idea.

Also considered:
Writing some mythology for monsters living in dungeon with symbol and gods of dungeony things. Extra handy for sentient or ancient dawn age dungeons. Dungeon cult secrets. How the barrel goddess made the things to build the universe. A lamp god. A trap god. A chest god. A gate god. God of bars and chains. Or at least children of the dungeon goddess.

Buying some art for book illustration:


  1. Plunderable for my own games as usual.

    Those gods don't all have to be GODS some can be very useable as Demons and Angels (More likely to show up ).

  2. Your work is fantastic. Thank you!


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