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d100 Burried Things

Not everything you dig up on a treasure map is going to be treasure. Sometimes erosion or a flood might partly uncover something. Or you might find suspicious mound of different coloured earth in field or dungeon or near that burned out old ruin.

More like archeology than a standard treasure table but the last items could be a mini dungeon or entry to a lost level.

Some things buried are intended to be collected later. Others are part of a ritual or buried in a disaster.

d10 Quick Buried Things

1 Animals buried goods mostly food, animal corpses, nuts, dung, eggs

2 Garbage and waste such as toilet, foodstuff, camp fire, broken bottles
3 Corpses including bones, body parts, murder victims, dead creatures
4 Stone carved or clay relics such as headstone, border stone, monument, statue
5 Documents possibly books, criminal records, tablets, maps
6 Ancient relic goods such as artworks, tools or objects from ancient civilization
7 Stash of goods in a bag or sack such as gold dust, some weapons, bag of coins d100 gp
8 Cache of goods in a chest or trunk such as rations, treasure, tools, payroll d1000 gp
9 Buried horde of goods, a sprawling heap of coins, jewelery, metal goods d10 thousand gp
10 Hidden structure like a crypt, vault, store house, cell, cursed thing containment

d100 Buried Things
01 A collection of nuts or other vegetables or fungus buried as food supply by animal
02 Collection of burred bones saved by some creature
03 Corpse buried for food by some creature from person or animal or non human
04 A burrow where some typically small creature lives
05 A buried clutch of eggs awaiting to be hatched or long forgotten, mother might be near
06 A burial spot for a fussy animal who buries own dung to avoid detection or hygiene
07 Mummified ancient animal remains like a mammoth
08 Fossilized prehistoric animal remains, possibly in tar or amber or stone
09 Petrified or carbonized vegetation or wood
10 Dead insect nest like a bee hive, wasp nest or ant colony
11 A buried toilet pit
12 Remains of a campfire, food stuff and discarded or broken containers
13 A midden heap mound of food, garbage and shellfish remains and charred bones
14 A collection of pots, bottles, amphora or other discarded containers
15 Remains of a collapsed shack or shelter with crude bed, fire pit, other trinkets
16 Heap of rusty damaged weapons and armour
17 Byproducts of manufacturing such as metal slag, charcoal, reject goods, scraps
18 Smashed and burned cult items, destroyed and buried by rival faith
19 Remains of crates, broken wagon or boat, dead beast of burden, smashed containers
20 Filthy old mattresses, filthy sheets, old clothes, straw, feathers and bedding materials
21 Human or human skeletons 1d20
22 Pile of severed heads or skulls 1d100
23 Children remains 1d6
24 Murdered bodies 1d6
25 Remains of dead humanoids 1d20
26 Horribly mutilated or tortured corpse
27 Corpse in chains, cage, gibbet or crucified
28 Pit of plague or massacre victims 5d20
29 Hastily mass burial of warriors with armour and weapons, some intact
30 Remains of injured explorer, wounded and hidden with some tools ans supplies
31Stone sarcophagi, possibly broken 3in6, probably looted 5in6
32 Long forgotten shrine with votive objects and remains of sacrifice
33 Enigmatic statue of unknown god or ruler
34 Ancient memorial with text and art describing life of some glorious ancient
35 Ancient border stone with depictions of gods and kings
36 Broken old headstones from ancient graves
37 Chunks of old statues, heads, arms, other bits, some possibly intact in ancient style
38 Megalithic stones with primitive signs or runes carved onto
39 Collapsed building or wall partly intact
40 Remains of ancient silo with grain or fungi or water or dust remains
41 Clay tablets, mostly records and letters, some literary or ancient lore
42 Clay jars with scrolls of ancient religious texts, possibly cause dispute among clergy
43 Piles of rotting old books wrapped in cloth in sacks
44 Piles of clay chits used for currency, services (prostitution, food), lottery or ritual
45 Scroll tubes with collection of ancient records
46 Incriminating or legal records someone will be very unhappy to see uncovered
47 Scroll tubes with maps, possibly to ruins or treasure
48 Holy books of local religion, locals will be happy to see unearthed
49 Manuscripts of blueprints, plans, building instructions or lost technology
50 Lost bag of mail from courier, possibly with business information and documents
51 Collection of figurines of gods, animals and ancestors of ivory, clay or amber
52 Collection of stone tools and weapons like hand axe, arrow heads, knife, scraper, etc
53 Carved collection of tusks with prehistoric designs, possibly fertility symbol
54 Obsidian weapons or tools with hand grip for non humans
55 Cylinder seal able to print cope of art onto clay tablets carved from semiprecious stone
56 Holy symbol in jade or amber or coral of ancient cult
57 Ancient castration tool from ancient cult or nonhuman slavers
58 Ancient metal ritual goods such as sickle, bowl, mirror, bell, dagger
59 Stone weapons made by prehistoric or non human wizard including sword, dagger, sickle
60 Mummified small animal with semiprecious jewelery such as ibis, cat, monkey, vulture
61 Bag of gold dust or nuggets worth 2d100 gp
62 1d6 weapons in serviceable condition
63 Bag of mixed coins 2d100 cp 1d100 sp 2d20 gp
64 Satchel with silver dagger, garlic, wolves bane, holy symbol, wooden stakes and mallet
65 A minor magic weapon d4 1=glows 2=+1 3=leaps into owners hand on command 4=cursed
66 Backpack with 2d20 iron spikes, hammer, 100 foot rope, grappling hook
67 Backpack with 2 man tent, week iron rations, water skin
68 Satchel with wineskin, pipes, narcotic resin or mushrooms in a tin, cups
69 Box with a boardgames or playing cards
70 Bundle with 2d10 torches or 5d10 candles or lantern and bottle of oil
71 Box with iron rations for 10+2d10 weeks
72 Barrel of grog 3d10 gallons
73 Box with 1d10 healing potions
74 Bale of dried narcotic plants wrapped in oilskin
75 Chest with 2d10 outfits d4 1=cultist robes & masks 2=uniforms 3=prostitute clothes 4=noble suits
76 Trapped chest with coronation long lost implements like sacred stone, crude crown or scepter
77 Chest with mixed coins d1000 cp d1000 sp 2d100 gp and some copper metal vessels
78 Brass and copper plates, cups, neck rings, arm rings all in a battered decorative couldron
79 Chest of tarnished silver and tin plates, cups, neck rings, arm rings
80 Chest of fused coins in lumps worth 100+d1000 gp
81 A trapped pit with collection of coins, weapons, copper vessels and rings
82 A long slumbering monster guarded cave with huge collection of coins
83 Stash of 1d6+2 chests each with a trap and various loot inside
84 Hidden religious relics of gold holy symbols, vessels, candlesticks all cursed
85 Crates of military weapons and armour well greased to equip 10+5d10 men
86 A wagon with bales and boxes of trade goods and shop supplies to start a general store
87 A cache of buried cult treasure, relics and banned books, a demon is released if opened
88 Huge iron chest 1d6 smaller chests within each other, trapped or cursed with spell book inside
89 Barrel filled with coins but spirit of greedy miser tries to posses any who touch his precious
90 A horde of coins and rings and semiprecious stones with a single magic item
91 A long forgotten tomb or crypt possible a boat or chariot grave
92 A buried cellar of long gone building with multiple rooms
93 Long forgotten grain silo with multiple chambers, some food, possibly monster lair
94 Tiny prison cell with remains of long dead prisoners who have tried to eat each other
95 Stone megalith vault, inside a terrible undead or monster has been imprisoned
96 Remains of frighteningly huge monster corpse, smaller human corpses inside
97 Remains of a shrine with statue and some ritual relics inside, all cursed
98 Huge mozaic floor from ancient palace or temple, worth lots to right buyer or a clue
99 Top of stone age wizard tower with 1d6+3 deeper levels
100 Entrance to long forgotten dungeon level


  1. Like so many of your lists, this is the result of the kiss of genius. I just love this blog. You have the imagination of a child, which I mean to be a compliment.

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  3. every time I read a konsumterra list I am awed by the creativity...
    have you publishes a book yet..

    1. I struggle with editorial issues so been delayed

  4. I'm very amused by the top of the stone age wizard's tower, I can picture folks digging down and falling in. Picture the confusion if the wizard is still in and up to business and don't walk out the front door as it opens back in the stone age.

    1. lich still in bottom?
      mammoth headed giant skeletons?

    2. Time vortex maybe. Further down iin tower the "fresher" everything gets as explorers step back in time.

  5. You should really gather a bunch of these together in a book. I would buy it in a heartbeat, and sing its praises for all to hear.

    1. I was keen to and even had several manuscripts ready... Editorial a big issue for me as im dyslexic and unsure if to use uk or usa english

      non gamer editors couldnt hack it

    2. If you need help, you can forward me the manuscript, and I will do an editing pass for a credit and a copy....


      ravencrowking at hotmail dot com.

      Really, your stuff is good. You should do this.


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