Sunday 22 June 2014

d100 Rival Parties

Ive been busy working on my book - as went through draft i was happy with a year ago am writing some extra stuff. Am about 44% though to copy i can send out to readers, then can start laying out with some art and get a cover done. But is on go which is good. I also have several licenses to re apply for, teaching programs to write and 3 job apps to apply for before school holidays where I will be a wreck. So I will be quietish this week sorry.

Have Roadwar game log (3 new players) and two viking logs to catch up. Dnd game on hold till I get one or two more regulars.

Welcome to the world of monster murder magic mazes!

This is what i most had near finished at the moment....

d10 Quick Version of Rival Parties
1 Holy men with paladins, priests and templars of empire seeking evil to purge
2 Arcane magician with assistant and mercenaries seeking magic and lore
3 Cultists looking for cult relics or magic
4 Religion on quest to recover relics
5 Villagers looking for easy money, lost sheep or kinfolk
6 Criminals looking for a lair or easy loot
7 Non human band of heroes like demi humans, beastmen, goblinoids
8 Official dungeoneers from local state
9 Barbarians looking for loot and killing
10 Adventurers looking for monster murdering and looting opportunities

d100 Rival Parties

1 Holy men with paladins, priests and Templar's of empire seeking evil to purge
2 Inquisitors looking for witches and heretic cults or rogue wizards
3 Warrior monks from monastery dedicated to finding lost holy secret sutras
4 Warrior battle nun sisterhood dedicated to killing evil in any form possibly including you sorry
5 A group of Templar's or other holy order seeking relics and more cash to loot and evil to kill
6 Imperial dungeoneer corp scout team looking for plunder working with military camp near surface
7 A band of noble knights and followers come on a quest to reclaim a lost treasure or maiden
8 A nobleman and his hired specialists are sacking dungeons methodically for cash
9 A group of soldiers are scouting but really on a stupid hunt for treasure against orders cos they are bored
10 Heavy infantry with shield wall and team tactics with a support magician led by a hero
11 Arcane magician with assistant and mercenaries seeking magic and lore
12 A sorcerer desires some trinket so has sent some of his cultists and students to fetch it
13 A bard has assembled a band of heroes to provide him with source material and ancient loot
14 A group of wizard chums graduated from school with hired veteran mercenary bodyguards
15 Sibling noble magicians competing with different types of magic, with exotic guardians
16 A evil wizard with his band of monsters looking for loot, mayhem and new turf
17 A sorceress with her monster lovers is looking for new monsters to charm
18 A wizard and his succubi and monster followers is looking for evil forbidden lore
19 A elder sorcerer with a mask dedicated to strange alien gods followed by cultists and a shoggoth
20 An elemental magician and following cultists with elemental monster pets
21 Cultists looking for cult relics or magic required to restore their sect
22 Cultists looking for a chosen sacrifice to free their cthonic horror god
23 Cultists being tested by master to who can bring greatest dungeon treasure to him
24 Cultists on a murder spree where nobody cares, in training for the final reckoning back in city
25 Cultists seeking adventurers who wronged cult or member in past
26 Cultists kidnapping humanoid slaves to staff new temple, adventurers will do
27 Cultists looking for monsters to be shrine guardians, just most monsters don't want job
28 Cultists resemble normal adventurer band offer to join up and betray later
29 Cultists of chaos come at bequest of visions to kill adventurers interfering in gods plans
30 Cultists hunting person d4 1=escaped sacrifice 2=secrets squealer 3=recover cultist 4=stolen from cult
31 Religion on quest to recover relics d4 1=weapon 2=saints remains 3=holy relic 4=missing holy man
32 A girl has divine visions and assembled a mob d4 1=delusion 2=possessed 3=reincarnation 4=paladin
33 A zealous local preacher has led an incompetent bad of most self righteous privileged jerks
34 A paladin with band or select followers out to slay the enemies of god for goodness
35 Warrior priests of barbarian beserker tribes come to let blood for the gods as a sacrifice
36 A temple has recruited a band of adventurers from congregation for important mission to dungeon
37 The theocrat has assembled a crack team to assault a faction in the dungeon against the church
38 An order seeking to avert an apocalypse gathering clues to fight doom and destruction
39 A band of wild holy folk from hills of the old faith, come to remove the blight of other worlds
40 A cult of evil hedonists agents to find exotic thrills, carry magic eyes masters can see all action
41 Villagers looking for easy money have gotten together to see how hard monster robbing is
42 A holy leader with a gang of superior locals is hunting the source of local evil
43 A convict work gang have escaped and are murdering monsters for cash and weapons
44 Village teens or kids exploring hole for first adventure, tease party for being old fools
45 Village lynch mob with pitchforks, fire and oil out to kill monsters once and for all
46 Some local youths looking for lost animal or friend or younger sibling
47 Some homeless old men have crept into dungeon and are killing, robbing, eating and abusing locals
48 A gang of youths from city to move in to this groovy dungeon where nobody has any rules man
49 A gang from city come for quick loot and some legal murder practice before inter gang rumble
50 A mob of villagers hunters with dogs are looking to pick off some monsters for bounties
51 Criminals looking for easy loot from dungeon chumps
52 Mobsters come to re-collect loans made to dungeon boss from a city gang
53 Assassins hunting someone hiding from them in dungeon
54 Bounty hunters collecting monster scalps for gold and any others they find with reward posters
55 A gang of bandits looking for a lair where they will never be found
56 Robber knights greedy for gold and murder willing to try truce for a while
57 Gang of killer bards having a drunken rampage with fans, out for cheap fame
58 Young hellrakes on drunken murder spree, trying to be most sadistic and depraved to victims
59 A gang of robbers sneaking in for look and a quick kill snatch and grab
60 Outlaws on the run from the law hiding in dungeon till things chill out and they can run away to sea
61 Non human band of mixed monster heroes with demi humans, beastmen, goblinoids and a token human
62 A party of shape shifting outer planar beings investigating mortal world to for souls and souvenirs
63 A party of goat men sworn to evil and blaspheme against humans, seeking new ritual ground for coven
64 A party of goblinoids specialist heroes who hunt adventurers as the deadliest prey with pet monsters
65 A band of intelligent undead in human form on quest for d4 1=souls 2=murder 3=recruiting 4=knowledge
66 A band of elves or dwarves or others on a quest for d4 1=kinsman 2=lost lore 3=lost relic 4=boredom
67 A band of mutants from the alchemy district sewers trying to make a new life robbing dungeon monsters
68 A band of monster races of the old times including: fish, spider, lamprey, rat, bat, goat, eel beast men
69 Band of reptile men with serpent priest and lizard wizard, a triceratops leader and draconic adviser lead
70 Band of doppelgangers seem like awesome guys similar looking to party composition
71 Official dungeons from local city, local favorites with big egos and offensive smack talk
72 A band of mercenaries and gangsters out for monsters bounties and legit state sanctioned murder
73 A bunch of pirates from the port have come looking for booty and killing monsters for a holiday
74 A gang from the city come for a dungeon gang rumble with dungeon factions, common gang ritual
75 Secret police looking for d4 1=escaped prisoner 2=plot vs nobility 3=bandit heroes 4=foreign agents
76 Guild agents seeking evidence of crime, banditry and dungeons linked, plus size of monsters stockpiles
78 Merchants mercenaries trying to recover goods stolen by dungeon faction and get revenge
79 City militia troops out to search and destroy anything but tell adventurers to bugger off
80 Country sheriff and beadles and bailiffs and deputies in a mob trying to capture dungeon folk to question
81 Barbarians looking for loot and killing, and a dungeon is like a department store for mayhem
82 Barbarian lovers have been captured by tribe and are looking about for some looting while they are here
83 Barbarians come here to compete with beast man tribe to killing monsters contest, all cooperate
84 Barbarian chasing his runaway wives into dungeon where women think is better than him
85 Amazons come to kill monsters for hassling local women, women warriors brutalize goblinoids
86 Amazons collecting monster heads to collect bounties on, offer to buy any from strangers
87 Amazons enslaving monsters as pets and servants and riding beasts, disprove of just killing them
88 Amazons seeking monsters to kill as trophies for the emperor or amazon queen
89 Amazons looking for wizards to kill because they are creeps and jerks
90 Amazons out to loot for he sisterhood, to build city of women
91 Adventurers looking for murder murdering and looting opportunities after getting a bit drunk
92 Adventurers are professional monster robbers who treat dungeon life as vermin
93 Adventurers grew from a gang to professional dungeon robbers from just dungeon punks
94 Adventurers were local village hicks now older and wiser, cleaning every scrap from dungeon by wagon
95 Retired gladiators need cash badly so putting monsters to the sword  for their gold and slaves
96 Old adventurers returning to raise cash for a new temple looking for quick loot
97 A bunch of alcoholics who like to kill, have done ok as adventurers and people like them more
98 A bunch of town bullies began killing kobolds and now think they are kings of the dungeon
99 Men's strangling association is a gentleman's club for monster choking and bodily development
100 Assassins looking for training exercise to practice killing and return with booty


  1. Holy wow, dude! What a great way to come through with some great, useful content! Colorful characters, adventure hooks and so much flavor. I continue to be so impressed.

    1. Cheers - i thinking very dungeony in between motor death spots

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