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d100 Tribes of the Goblin Mine

So in the great caverns and mines under the earth chittering goblinoid hordes plot wickedness. These are a few tribes...

More primitive ones use mostly stone, bone and wood and sinew for weapons. Live in scattered tribes and rare to gather in large groups as they fight among each other. They respect endurance and pain resistance most. They may free humans who put up with torture without screaming.

Barbarian tribes are more into chieftains and kings and often unite into large hordes and use metal. They respect brute strength most.

Most organised ones often serve other races or masters and have most discipline and technology and magic. Higher survival rates mean more elites. Some clans act on own initiative or break from masters once they have learned skills they desire. They respect brains and cunning over brawn and know goblins have many larger enemies.

Keeping tribes distinct will keep players on their toes and hopefully they will learn differences and behave accordingly. If you speak monster languages you probably will recognise tribes more often. Half INT on a d20.

Goblins because of their small size and fast breeding are more often seen around humans. Hobgoblins tend to concern kings more as a threat and prepare for war. Orcs tend to serve a master and can be bargained with or at least intentions are obvious.

Shadel Port uses orcs in city watch. Kobolds are sold and common slaves for craftsmen and thieves. Kobolds run messages, trap rats and many other uses. Goblins are quite crafty and stickybeaks and have uses too. Make good messengers (and spies). Goblins are good gardeners, animal tenders ans even can hep wizards as assistants. Mostly humans dont feel intimidated by goblins unless outnumbered. Hobgoblins are hard working and even make good thralls for labour or farming, but they are easily angered and riled up.

Also see this (dated and in need of revision but still viable for ideas)

This is gold too i missed first time:

d10 Quick Tribe Gen
1 Kobold tribals - wild chieftain led group

2 Kobold - organised with a king
3 Goblin tribals - wild chieftain led group
4 Goblin barbarians - led by cheif or king
5 Goblin soldiers - often led by outsiders
6 Hobgoblin savages - wild chieftain led group
7 Hobgoblin soldiers - organised military in service of king or outsiders
8 Orc barbarians - wild chieftain led group
9 Orcs warband - organised horde in service of outsiders
10 Bugbears - mostly in small tribes with cheifs

d10 Quick Elites and leader bodyguards
May have multiple but one in 25 pretty common
1 Elite example of tribe warriors with extra HD
2 Shamen or witch doctor of same species
3 Elite warrior with 1d4 unusual pets (owlbear, warg, doombat, bonesnapper)
4 Elite of other humanoid type
5 Bugbears - impressive muscle and assasins
6 Ogres - lumbering huge idiot bully's
7 Thouls - ogre goblin troll hybrids
8 Trolls - chaotic but intimidating
9 Dark elf - magicians and assassins
10 Nilbog, Dark Creeper or other magical or mutated freak strain of humanoid

d10 Quick tribal gimmick
1 Unusual skill set or training in stealth, missile weapons, traps, 
2 Well trained disciplined soldiers with shield walls, high morale, unique tactics, etc
3 School of warrior elite like beserker, sniper, assassin, skirmisher, hunter
4 Use of pets for mounts, guards or trackers

5 Use of divine magic and a favoured cult
6 Use of arcane magic school
7 Allegiances to other tribes with allied troops or specialists
8 Use of exotic technology, magic items, explosives or drugs
9 Vassal species or undead used for slaves, suicide troops, distractions, hostages
10 Mutated with sub normal and superior specimens or distinct tribal features

d100 Tribes of the Goblin Mine
01 Rubblerats kobolds keep rats, serve the rat god, very hairy, use rat skull sign
02 Redhand kobold tribe leave bloody hand prints on turf and drink blood of victims
03 Dog Brother kobold tribe keep and ride hordes of wild cave dogs which have infravision
04 Marrow Suckers kobold tribe like to suck bones and breed bonesnappers as guards
05 Webfoot clan kobolds, expert swimmers, green skin, ambush near water to escapes
06 Wreckers kobolds, pet gremlins and sabotage, wear down enemies slowly by tricks
07 Venomthorn clan like forests, prefer poison darts and caltrops
08 Muckwallowers dirty yellow kobolds breed giant lizards and have diseased weapons
09 Batkin have glider wing membranes and fangs and perform bloody rights
10 Pale Ones are degenerate shy albinos but swarm intruders into holy places
11 Hell's Mechanics love complex traps and like to maintain and refit dungeons
12 Fire Devils are pyromaniacs who use burning oil, gunpowder and suicide bombers
13 Blood Weasels ride giant blood sucking weasels and use nets and bola
14 Devil Knockers love traps especially alchemical based ones, have horns and hooves
15 Vile Barb kobolds have scorpion sting tails and worship Tiamat
16 Dung Dwellers live off monster dung and are diseased so most leave them alone
17 Magi kobolds have lots of sorcerers among them and wear tiny pointy hats
18 Cave Tinkers all use hammers and picks, are miners but they hate claim jumpers
19 High kobolds are more cultured and better equipped and literate, like to hire mercenaries
20 Salurias tribe are randy drunks who sell grog and sex to other tribes, constantly aroused
21 Bat Rider clan, jet goblins, sneaky, use mostly bows to skirmish, immune to doombats
22 Yellow Dog clan are hunters with goblin dogs from the hills who love to eat humans
23 Hopping Fiends are able to leap great distances and ambush with nets
24 Khaos goblins are insane and often mutated beserkers who hate everyone
25 Blood goblins drink blood to heal, feared by others who believe they serve vampires
26 Mongrelz goblins able to hybridize with other species, have strange beast body parts
27 Gallows goblins worship god of murder and strangulation, like garroting and hangings
28 Bog goblins from swamplands, capture sacrifices to their home for ritual drowning in bog
29 Wasp Riders live in giant wasp nest and gather them food, cruel, enjoy darts and javelins
30 Worm Walkers follow the death & maggot god and need meat to farm grubs, lots of it
31 Blade goblins are highly martial, well equipped and make weapons for other tribes
32 Shroom Herders goblins grow crops for dark elves, use drugs and poison spores
33 Blue Boar riders are scavengers opportunist goblins, will attack weakened adventurers
34 Warg Riders, green goblins, sneaky scouts who inform locals if adventurers detected
35 Ant clan goblins ride giant ants and live with them as brothers, able miners and diggers
36 Scar Brothers, yellow skin goblins have hideous ritual scars and love ritual torture,
37 Horned God Brothers goblins worship demons and wage war constantly
38 Rock clan goblins have camouflaged skin with stony texture, guard mines jealously
39 Zabja clan goblin assassins covered wear black, cult who hire selves to others
40 Korad Dun clan goblins ride giant cave beetles and even have chariots pulled by them
41 Bone goblins are from Ghostwood and often have undead human troops with them
42 Snake Brother goblins serve serpent men and often use reptilian pets and poison
43 Spider Riders goblins are dark elves scouts, violet skin, often ride on ceiling upside down
44 Skull clan goblins serve priests of underworld, often include a priest and even undead
45 Barron's Goblins from the city come to recruit, trade with and monitor goblins activity
46 Magi goblin clan worship banished wizards and will do their bidding for new spells
47 Fire clan goblins worship fire, lava and arson, some are sorcerers, like to burn out foes
48 Bale Light Brotherhood goblins serve the elder god's cults as goons and servants
49 White Moon Sisterhood, matriarchal goblin cult kidnap men as slaves for breeding
50 Bound God Clan goblin priests claim to serve the wounded god under the mountain
51 Horse Eaters hobgoblin highland clan who battle nomads, expert shield and spear walls
52 Black Mountain hobgoblins, fierce predators, constantly angry, wear black bodypaint
53 Demon Hollow raider hobgoblin clan worship chaos and demons, some are mutants
54 Pit Clan hobgoblins dwell in underland and keep secrets from humans who they hate
55 Ashenwood Horde burn & destroy all not hobgoblin, rampage every few decades
56 Sea Clan hobgoblins breath water and dwell near wells, blue skin, webbed hands & feet
57 Murder Lord Clan hobgoblins like cruel slow killings, piercings and cannibalism
58 Obsidian Killers prefer stone weapons, human sacrifice and eating still beating hearts
59 Green Claw tribe of hobgoblins like to capture humans and challenge to fist fights
60 Greytooth clan hobgoblins live in boglands, enjoy strangling victims for the bog god
61 Deathcap hobgoblins serve dark elves and are disciplined halberdiers and crossbowmen
62 Darkthrall clan hobgoblins serve dark elves as farmers and forest guards
63 Morjkar tribe serve the giants as troops and servants, kidnap humans as gifts for masters
64 Hulk Horror tribe hobgoblins are ship wreckers, pirates and amphibious
65 Darkwood clan hobgoblins surround the elf kingdoms as a barrier to humans
66 Crypt Killer tribe hobgoblins served necromancer kings, enjoy living in grave areas
67 Crag Lord hobgoblins live in jagged mountains, love to hurl victims off cliffs
68 Dirt Eater hobgoblins live in total darkness, palid flesh and can live off eating dirt
69 Scaly Sons tribe hobgoblins served dragons in past, covered in scales, horns on head
70 Bonebreaker tribe hobgoblins into ritual beatings, flails, formerly served the Barron
71 Devil Hill Slayer tribe orcs dwelled here since first orcs, hate all demihumans
72 Storm Teeth tribe orcs play drums and rattles before battle, chant during battle
73 Night Fang tribe orcs fight by night and use stealth and ambush to kill humans
74 Blazing Skull tribe orcs like to play ball with burning severed heads before battle
75 Warhound tribe orcs have pet hellhounds or other monster canines with every group
76 Bile Boy tribe orcs eat enemies livers in battle to gain their strength

77 Snake Eater tribe orcs carry venomous snakes they throw into battle and worship
78 Shit Eaters are a dung eating tribe of stinking & dirty orcs, eat victims full intestines

79 Demon Fist orcs worship demons and use black sorcery & priests for unspeakable rites
80 Demon Marsh clan orcs keep great sacred spawning pits for many wild orc tribes
81 Hells Hammer tribe orcs use halberds and march in strict formation, willing mercenaries
82 Blood Hog tribe orcs are swine like, often lead by devil swine and have pet monster pigs
83 Burning Blood tribe use burning oil, siege weapons and gunpowder for the Barron
84 Skull City Slayers tribe act as militia and troops for the Barron, they swear he is a orc lord
85 Iron Sister orcs, harlots reward brave and whip cowards into battle, torture deserters
86 One Eye tribe orcs are all cyclopses, served a god long ago, gold and power mad
87 Goreraven orcs served wizards long ago now hate and kill and eat wizards in vengeance
88 Spineripper orcs leave crucified victims in wake, and collect spines for tribal rituals
89 Ribsplitter orcs use human rib cages as chest decorations and warning signs in lands
90 Manskinner orcs, flail humans and dress in skins, build huts from man bone and skin
91 Ironlord bugbear clan carry huge lead and iron capped maces, delight in collecting hands
92 Shadow Sons bugbears worship nightmare lord, shaman enter human dreams
93 Avernus Legion bugbears trained by devils specialize in arson and siege warfare
94 Red Rock bugbear band worship megaliths they bathe in blood, serve druidic blood cult
95 Whitecliff bugbear tribe specialise in ambush & traps, cover self in chalk look like ghosts
96 Marsh tribe bugbears are stinky & diseased, eat rotten flesh of humanoids 
97 Blood Ridge khaos clan bugbears, often mutated, unpredictable beserkers
98 Tree Fiends live in the forests often working with other creatures, pet owlbears
99 Black Powder brotherhood like gunpowder, master snipers and demolition crews
100 Skullrock clan bugbears from ghostwood use undead, priests and necromancers

There was a Corpse F*cker tribe but they all died out a millennia ago and used to kidnap necromancers who they originally served. Many now undead.

Don't even ask about peaceful kingdom of Futanari mentioned in art

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