Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Interview about my other secret life

Interview with me about my career in urban vandalism and toon octopuses

konsumterra on flickr has thousands of pics of me

and while im at it here is a d6 table of Australian news headlines so i never need to care again

roll a dice for Australian news 1d6
1 = leadership crisis
2 = miners wont pay crisis
3 = shock sport scandal
4 = refugees and immigrant crisis
5 = Julia the PM is terrible
6 = party politics bitch fest crisis

roll a dice for Australian current affairs tv story 1d6

1=shonky next door neighbors

2=shonky tradesmen
3=celebrity scandal
4=medical tragedy
5=kids in danger
6=touching animal story

I am reminded i had tv content generators for dozens of max headroom/running man/robocop type media for my cyberpunk game on a single A4 sheet. Also used in my superhero rpg. Will try to find. Also a huge list of evil corps i should find.

Other upcoming ideas include drugs for fantasy, weird science and sf games. Expanded versions of old tables from only d20 or d50 to full d100. Have printed out pdfs from my own blog and others and compiled for in game resource.


  1. I'll be on hols in WA and NT in July. I'll check out if I spot any of your art!

  2. mostly in adelaide and sydney still left

  3. since posting this our first female prime minister was outed by her own party because they listened to opposition and big business media - ruined months of election prep to bring back yet again kevin rudd who wants to ban interacial, bigboob and small boob porn from internet and has been acused of being chinease agent, yay

  4. i didnt like her but she in every measurable achievement she ranked as one of worlds best leaders - bullied constantly by everyone


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