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D100 Crossroads

Crossroads are special  place for travelers and folklore. So today ive done a table for Exile Island my traditional DnD world ad for upcoming planet psychon. Thanks to Andy for swapping old cthulhu stuff for red and blue dnd books from early 80s.

My next tuesday game has a citycrawl session so im printing up all my old city blogs and will map a few more districts the party may visit. One player lives in holy district crashing with the partying drunken faiths. Id forgotten my gangs, cults, encounter tables and nobles as well as weird spell casters of the city area.

In the powerplay of Emperor and the Barron, both factions have declared publicly elves are not to be harmed by pain of death. Elves could turn tide if involved. They could also destroy all humans if war went badly for both human factions. Elves testing this, dark elves especially. Elf kingdom is strong, dark elves wood small enough to fear annihilation. I guess they could all flee underground...

Visiting elves kingdom could be interesting. Unicorn industry will be a big issue used by Barron and Elf the king and queen.

D100 Crossroads on Exile Island
1 Gibbets full of crow pecked corpses (sometimes undead)
2 Living man with hands and feet cut off (possibly an orc)
3 Vampire burial with staked body in a cage
4 Gallows with hanging corpses (sometimes undead)
5 Stocks or punishment box or cage with abused peasant trapped inside
6 Gibbet with living persons cry feebly for help
7 Beheading block (1in6 chance of execution in progress)
8 Graveyard for unblessed undesirables, often haunted
9 Remains of witch burning for unlawful magic use (1in6 chance of execution in progress)
10 Lonely guardsmen on punishment duty hassle travellers
11 A bard recanting news of the Empire or Barrony (paid public service)
12 A shanty town of peddlars and farmers have set up shop
13 A sly gambling racketeering gang have set up
14 A carnival with a stages and rides and sweets has set up
15 Traveling entertainers putting on a show
16 Pimp offers his exotic wares
17 A healer has set up a clinic for locals here
18 A priest is here attending a shrine, looking for evil signs or undead
19 Undead haunt here, minor corporeal by day, major noncorporeal by night
20 A travelling fortune teller d6 1-3=Fraud 4-6=real
21 A travelling potion seller d6 1-3=Fraud 4-6=real
22 Secret police looking for trouble makers or people to bully
23 Barrony military foot patrol
24 Empire scout horse patrol
25 Local sheriff and bailiffs looking for wrong doers
25 Local militia out on drill or monster hunt
26 Animals hunting ground d6 1=Wolves 2=Dogs 3 =Werewolf 4=Owlbear 5=Lizard 6=Toad/Frog
27 See a lone unicorn in distance 1in6 chased by horrible hunters of Schädel Port elites
28 Elves seen in distance, just to remind people they are afoot in human lands
29 Knight challenges nobles to uphold status and fight a duel
30 Holy man preaches to all who pass
31 Thief tries to offer grog and food to get people close, has a little hut if raining
32 Holy hermit stays here receiving donations from passers by
33 Gang of thieves meet here to size up passers by
34 Louts from local farms loiter here and abuse passers by and throw old produce and dung at them
35 City kids with chariots terrorize roadside with their racing and bad behavior
36 Gremlin left here will try to jump in party baggage
37 Young kobold sucking thumb looking hungry and wide eyed
37 Urchins begging for scraps
38 Abandoned baby
39 Druid here preaches for return to old ways or else old ways will return your enemies
40 Hunters having a BBQ, visitors welcome
41 Slave auction, 1d6 persons for sale with auction post in a good position, armed guards watch
42 Farmers having an archery contest, a hogshead of cider for the winner!
43 Gnome philosopher preaching something about social totality and the sword of scientific socialism
44 Celebrity Highwayman with pistols tries to rob party, he is a high level rogue
45 Local guerilla fighters demand a toll - money needed for the revolution, pay or die
46 Seedy alchemist offers drugs and performance enhancing potions back in his shop
47 Food stall with local favorite in small wagon, pickled newts, eel pie, frog stew, squirrel stew
48 Group or pushcart food vendors with cheap exotic snacks 1in4 with bonus parasites
49 Cultists spotted meeting, many cults must kill those who see them
50 Crazy old man laughing and rolling in piles of human bones, seems happy
51 Chained prisoner to rock, wild feral and mad from exposure
52 Sly grog shop operating from a tent with gambling, dancers and other vices
53 Pilgrims ask you for protection
53 Pilgrims ask you for protection except they are killer chaos cultists
54 Clowns and jesters offer to perform for your pleasure during supper for a few coins
55 Clowns and jesters offer to perform but are really insane cannibal cultists
56 Hobgoblin camp, peaceful but easily insulted and may need to apologies for looking at them
57 Goblin market with bargains specially for human customers
58 Slave dealer selling kobolds (with carry bags), orcs, goblins, whips, chains, addictive drugs 
59 A rogue has a great idea and looking for helpers to get in of deal
60 Farmer selling his daughter on roadside, she begs party for a good owner
61 Farmers playing ball with severed orc head or turnips
62 Hay market, wagons of hay and drunk farmers enjoying a break
63 Gang of unemployed hungry miners, tell sad tale of kobolds in their mine
64 Farm-girls spying on handsome strangers, families nearby
65 Apprentice wizard, master killed and eaten by ogre on quest, needs help
66 Village idiots congregate here to have foolish discussions about life
67 Goblin kids throw rotten miniature pumpkins at party, flee crying if any hurt
68 Village kid throws rotten egg at party
69 Cluster of strange eggs, farmers debating what could they be
70 Toll troll set up operation, pay me or die scheme here
71 Initiate priests gather here begging for donations for local steeple fund
72 Flagellants camped here for rock and roll antics party, locals youths have started joining them
73 Tax man with troops declares 10% of everything gives receipt (1in6 forged)
74 Sheriff wants to know where you've been, has local unsolved crime, he wants you down at cells
75 Parents trying to give away crying children to strangers
76 Wagon of the local child catcher, with a new load off to the city
77 Animal dealer d8 1=dog 2=pony 3=donkey 4=monkey 5=birds 6=goat 7=hog 8=sheep
78 Stolen horse dealer - super cheap deal (death sentence for owning, only nobles may ride)
79 Magic bean dealer d6 grow 1=triffids 2=giant tree 3=fruit tree 4=vines 5=garden 6=pod people
80 Mutants in cages freak show, tent out back is museum 1cp entry
81 Mutants chained to rock in open
82 Mutant trappers wagon with lads on the lookout for victims
83 Slavers looking for prey
84 Bounty hunter looking for targets, talks to passers by, offers drinks
85 Assassin looking for targets, talks to passers by about road and weather
86 Single huge predator d6 1=Sabre tooth 2=dire wolf 3=raptor 4=hyenadon 5=terror bird 6=wyvern
87 Journeyman wizard swapping spells behind masters back with other local apprentices
88 Bugbears here like to scare people and laugh then flee, they respect Barron's law
89 Wounded person calls from off the road for bandit ambush, avoiding death sentence for road crime
90 Disabled people in cages on wagons off to country fair
91 Anti slaver rebels hold up party to release slaves, if none look foolish and demand donation
92 Religious or carnival procession arrives at crossroads for a ceremony, may continue
93 Lights from forest, enticing dancing luminous elves try to lure party off road way to faerie gate
94 Hobbits have set up a tint town here and locals dont like it
95 Sir Octavious the Tako octopus Knight riding his amphibious levitating seahorse seeks adventure
96 Currency exchanger with troops. 1in6 is clipped coins or faerie gold that melts next dawn
97 Dryad spies on party for handsome men to charm
98 Sphynx has set up here demands riddle, knowledge or food to pass
99 Ogre set up toll booth has a pet d6 1=wolf 2=bear 3=warg 4=hyenadon 5=raptor 6=lion
100 Abandoned camp and wagons, remains of many persons (and perhaps goods) having disappeared

D100 Crossroads on Planet Psychon
1 Crashed aircraft like a airship frame or plane wreck has become a trading post
2 Public well with guardians d6 1=androids 2=robots 3=sphynxes 4=dragon 5=eldren 6=elementals
3 Morlock ambush of hungry fiends with pits and nets and snares
4 Eldren with exotic steed and firelance seeks adventurers for a quest
5 Tavern open to anthing with goods to trade
6 Prison run by whole village with dozens of sheriffs and specialized lawmen
7 Post office with heliograph or telegraph or birds
8 Diner serving local delicacies
9 Shrine of god with satellite tower or dish maintained by cult
10 Bath house where locals come to decontaminate, purge and detoxify run by shamen
11 Remains of huge skeleton or carapace of gargantua
12 Wizard tower where the wizard dwells or used to
13 Nightclub where local bands play to crowd of mutants and freaks
14 Tomb and graveyard with undead aplenty
15 Old house see old house table previous post
16 Bunker of the ancients with secrets of dread technology and degenerate survivors
17 Giant crippled semi alive robot mecha designed to battle gargantua, creatures live inside
18 A space god cyclops watcher, standing a mere 100m high impervious to mortals
19 Beam from satellite scans everybody here
20 Fungus garden with spores from many distant lands, peaceful goblin folk here in heaven
21 Ponds where local fishermen catch trilobites, one giant sea scorpion rules whole pond
22 Massive pile up of cars, a train wreck or section of ancient highway
23 Massive stinking garbage dump
24 Toxic waste and psychotronic weapon dump, rusted drums of rainbow sludge and mutants
25 Missile silo d8 1=wizard 2=troll hole 3=kobolds 4=beastmen 5=morlocks 6=derro 7=cult 8=robots
26 Crater with stunted trees and creepy fungal growth, dark young and mushroom men come here
27 Huge monument of ancients (probably a copy) possibly all in smaller scale
28 Ruined city of the ancients, sprawl filled with gangs and mutants
29 Ruined sub station entrance to underworld
30 Gargantua giant with brain injury buried in hill, cultists come to hear his idiot mumblings
31 Huge cactus with village inside d4 1=talking animals 2=mutants 3=halfmen 4=goblins
32 Giant snail shell or sea shell with creatures lair or village inside
33 Tent city of exotic nomads d6 1=insect men 2=desert men 3=mutants 4=cult 5=eldren 6=psions
34 Huge caterpillars eat weird animate rainbow coloured syliva grass here
35 Triffids or pod people or wolfweed or other killer plants planted here by maniacs
36 Police robot checks everyone out for long dead fugitives, sometimes hes wrong and finds one
37 Frozen area with ice geyser pumping up jellified ice to surface and attracting cold creatures
38 Volcanic vent spewing poison gas, hey its a great landmark!
39 Vent from undeground fire from coal mine or sub world, smoke from cracks in ground
40 Boiling mud pools
41 Salt pans with psychedelic colours
42 Fields of bright coloured flowers battle to dominate  area with own strain
43 Trees with human organs growing in them tended by robots
44 Vaseline lake where miners and robots come to collect
45 Grove of magic rainbow berries where different strains is season most times
46 Unexploded doomsday class missile 1in6 can still talk but feels nothing
47 Crippled land leviathan class tank with functional AI, a race of beings dwell within
48 Monumental statue dedicated to a god or a wizard
49 Stadium where musicians and dancers battle
50 Gladiator fighting pit
51 Orphanage selling children to any who pay from dubious sources
52 Bird or lizard or spider fighting ring
53 Amazons with vehichles or exotic mounts and tech seek worthy mates
52 Undead sorcerer evaluates your magic items and tech for free
53 Cache of weapons in pod, begin to break down and disolve after 24 hours
54 Android thinker capturing wizards to study brains lives here with soldiers
55 Pyramid with semi explored temple
56 Ancient temple long fallen and lost, moans of dead only here now
56 Airfield, possibly being used by multiple parties and maintained by robots
57 Crater of what used to be here long ago
58 Weird old tree, eats occasional traveller
59 Doorway to subworld or dungeon guarded by cult
60 Animal market of strange local beasts
61 Huge insect hives or mounds a local landmark and foodsource
62 Blood covered shrine
63 Vending machine of the ancients
64 Idol salesman with over a thousand gods to choose from in wagon pulled by exotic beast
65 Crashed saucer here, explorers have reduced survivors down to nil
66 Tripod here seeks to cap people with pacifier helmets or drink blood
67 Huge pit with levels of sub world visible
68 Ghost town 1=phantom 2=shadows 3=ghost 4= spirit 5=goblins with sheets 6=mutants
69 Force dome with ancient structure inside
70 Huge rift with exposed subworld levels exposed
71 Glowing lifeless crater, worshiped by mutants
72 Freakish luscious garden tended by machines monsters or men
73 Artist colony taking drugs, having parties selling art and poems to passers by
74 Medical droid heals passers by who travel here
75 Brain depository and library guarded by cult
76 Sorcerers pleasure dome
78 Ruined library of the ancients
79 Ancient necropolis crawling in dead
80 Huge growing cancerous thing growing in crater from meteor
81 Ballgame court, android team claims to beat puny meatbags
82 Wormhole opens often and gods make time traveling people or monsters to test us here
83 Former undead quarantine camp buried, if new strain brought in by players could awake horde
84 Musclebound cyborgs, mutants and warriors here to wrestle and be wasteland overlord
85 Cyber swap n chop shop show with rusty old war borg for security
86 Robot scrap yard where scavenging robots try to survive in a robot jungle ecology
86 Magical energy fields here enhance spell powers
87 Monastery of martial artists and holy men
88  Blacksmith making weapons from ancient scrap
89 Huge statue of player character titled the evil one
90 Drunken poets in bamboo grove preach go with the flow
91 Jousting field  and melee field for martial games
92 Wizard battle arena and magic shop
93 Robot gladiators pit and scrapyard
94 Machine town of androids, robots, cyborgs, replicants living like humans
95 Mutie town with bizarre offers and services on display
96 Geosquid holes everywhere, tents and trade goods left out
97 Apes loitering here to spread anti human cause
98 Psion spiders who live on cultist backs keep road free of trouble here
99 Demonic or devilish statue and altar
100 Monolith array like stone henge dominates crossing, druids in area

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