Tuesday, 4 June 2013

My open letter about what I GM to Gamers Get Together Group

Will run cthulhu somewhere and willing to do one offs for events etc - 1920s, 1890s, space or cthulhu metropolis decopunk whatever players want - have 3 foot high stack of adventures can run one offs or longer game if you want to play more campaign game where i kindly let some characters live more than one session. Have run Arkham County as sandbox - do as thou will in Lovecraft country.

Happy with Tuesday Exile Island DnD game 4 players - very cosy in kitchen around stove

Monthly urchin books DnD game (S.O.G.G. Sydney oldschool gamer group) - this isnt much effort. We welcome one or two more to sample beginners early 80s style DnD (at moment). Last year we played 2nd Ed Gammaworld and Cthulhu (1920s and Space).

Am willing to run up to one night a week. Buncha one offs or fortnightly games possible. Plan to get one game of cthulhu in Sunday for long weekend players welcome at my place as Meridian closing.I have space for two more tables if people want and late is an option for coming weekend.

No set plans for game or venue but my place or city possible for winter and ill offer to run cthulhu as people know it.

Id run 80s style games as one offs for anyone interested for cons or events (and possibly more) at least one more night a week during winter time. Cthulhu and Chaosium house system BRP or basic roleplaying system are only "modern games Ive played much of (mostly unchanged since 84).

Stuff i have ready at moment...

Gammaworld 2nd edition,

Marvel Superheroes 1980s FASECRIP system (non marvel universe) smash stuff heroicly! I ran a game lasted 20 years.

Space Opera SF DnD based game inspired by Goblinoid Games Starships & Spacemen (yes i made more Blakes7 type horrid universe).

I run DnD basicly streamlined BX+NWP This is early 80s pre Ad&D Dungeons and dragons with a non weapon and weapon proficiency system like AdnD oriental adventures. 90% of all rolls d20 with most non combat being stat based.

Three settings

My own Exile Island inspired by 80s TSR and UK fantasy giants of 80s like Fighting Fantasy, Old White Dwarf and .first fiend folio. Players are robbing dungeons to afford to visit horrible city state of Schädel Port, 80s style

Long Stairs is modern special forces secretly gating squads into dungeon dimension, based on a RPG.net thread. DnD 70s dungeon tropes vs modern firepower. Can you mow down the orcs before one gets close enough cut yo up? How did the mob get down here? Why are the guys in my squad all starting to change and adapt to"downstairs"? Its like the whole place is alive.

Planet Psychon is my latest world based on 70s prog rock album cover art like Roger Dean and Rodney Mathews, comics like Heavy Metal, 2000AD and Epic magazine comics.Owes more to non tolkien fantasy tropes like Barefoot in the head by Brian Aldiss, oldschool DnD, Gammaworld, Moorcock. Burrough's Barsoom, Jack Vance Dying Earth, Norman Spinrad Iron Dream, John Sladek's The Reproductive System, William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land, Clark Ashton Smith wierd fantasy, HP Lovecraft and many more. Psychotronic warfare, terraforming AI satellite gods, nanoswarms and psychedelic warfare ruined the world 50 years ago or a million nobody knows anymore. Remnants of tech, mutants, eldritch sorcery, psionics, necromancers and holy powers all work side by side. If wizards battling with guitars on a record sleeve inspires you this it the real thing.

Will run Chaosium BRP mechanic games and hijack some famous settings. Storm bringer, Ringworld (my setting not Niven sorry), cyberpunk/carwars/darkfuture, etc. RuneQuest3 settings i run include Glorantha, my own, Darklands (based on Sandy Patersons microprose pc game of early 90s available on gog.com), Vikings and Bronze Age Near East. Some of these more prepped than others. Pendragon is a simplified more story oriented Arthurian knights version of BRP.

Most of my blog readers are older gamers like me or new generation who have come to prefer older simpler faster games. We played 40 rooms in 5 hours recently. Ive been out of touch with wider local gaming community and industry. Only been buying Cthulhu mostly for most of last 15 years. Recent old school game sections in shops growing so ive got Dungeoncrawl Classics DCC RPG and a few other old school Renaissance products like Anomalous Subsurface Environment one and two. I am most interested in Eclipse phaze and Laundry for modern settings and might try some other games out but im a better GM than a player. Played Cthulhu, Paranoia and RuneQuest2 most.

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