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Planet Psychon Weird Encounters

Before i start todays post:

Im starting to have some funny dreams mashing up all my DnD setting of late which is good. Some ideas for cross overs and starting a party on psychon.

Long Stair Australian special forces visit Planet psychon and die or go native.

70s rock band chartered jet in bermuda triangle crashes on planet psychon become adventurer party.

Might have long stair things pop up on my Exile Island like some orcs with modern guns and GI uniforms. But bootlegging gangbuster bugbears might appear too.

A colonial scout craft with warp failure on return to earth crashes but not the earth they know of

Trying to sleep off flu

EMO DnD basic book im laying out now - made basic 4 classes updated and some other stuff. Spells basic NWP list and combat yet so no way ill have out today but good progress and at least i got started. Added a few little thngs to thieves again - better level bonuses for NWP than other classes so they can do almost magical stuff with skill at high level. And this:

Cut Throat
An incapacitated, unconscious or sleeping person is quickly dispatched by a rogue, allowing them one kill per level per round.

Sounds ok but im scared this could be used vs players. But you should be scared of thieves. Nobody played a pure thief in one of my games since 84 (assassins, bards yes).

Also a combat rule for shooting into groups to get a hit bonus (hit somebody). Was impressed to see two musket users shoot through two moving in opposite direction targets. Ultimate warrior tv show gave me some good ideas. Shame it was axed from cost not ratings but didn't even warn production or say slow down on blowing stuff up and experts from across globe but....

Anyway to maintain my "New wave OSR" title here is this:

D100 Psychonian Weird Encounters

1 - See a band of men or beastmen lowering prisoners into a pit. Sacrifice to monster or god? Dungeon trap testers?  If spot party will try to drop rest of prisoners in and flee.

2 - A strange high house on a hill is surrounded by furious squealing swine men. Inside is an old man. He is grateful for help but a bit spooky and is a wizard. Will offer them a old one relic or travel in his magical house (but always the pig men turn up).

3 - A woman in robes wanders the plains, looking like she is in shock. Helpless and beautiful with no memories. Seems willing to be saved by heroes (d6 1=infected by monsters incubating in her flesh, 2=a mad cult leader and witch recovering from a ritual, 3=she is a defective pleasure replicant fresh from a cryo pod, 4=a valuable slave whose owners want her back, 5=can hear messages from the gods and is moonstruck, her father a king wants her back, 6=she is a were spider looking for some love the a snack)

4 - A star falls from the sky and crashes, a commonwealth gunship from another universe has crashed, survivors speak ancient wizard tongue and some go mad when they realize on earth.

5 - Gargantua kaiju battle partly over horizon, monsters and people of all sorts flee towards party

6 - A light plane or passenger jet from 20th century crashes, helpless hopeless passengers need aid, not very grateful or trusting for most part, most die from common hazards

7 - A cliff face crumbles away revealing an ancient wreck or structure embedded in rock

8 - A wizard fishing for tasty trilobites will happily share his catch and join party

9 - A band of goblins have staked out victims who are being menaced by giant scorpions, the goblins are safely in trees or on a clifftop cheering the scorpion on

10 - Strange steam punk men are pumping a (random coloured) sludge from a mountain with a old oil pump, secretive but willing to sell some slops. A few tremors shake the area. They are pumping blood from a sleeping elder god who may wake soon. A village nearby will be destroyed first.

11 - A group of different sentient golems of varied types are standing about sadly. The diamond golem leader who let them all combine into one and gave them purpose was killed. They are displeased if any touch his body but may be willing to talk or be persuaded to go on a mission.

12 - A valley with 10,000 zombies holding up left or right or no hands. They are part of a necromancers binary computer and he will have to replace missing zombies with fresh ones. He is busy plotting to expand his operation to cover the planet in his tower.

13 - Necromancers are rendering corpses and building a great flesh colossus to fight gargantua menacing this hex - or so they say

14 - A strange burning pit of (random coloured) fire full of salamanders who entice you to jump in to feel ultimate pleasure, may gossip about sub world events

15 - A rust monster farmer with many coloured breeds asks for help finding exotic food, some of the magic eating ones need to feed on magic items or spells. He will reward party with a  (random coloured)  egg

16 - A farmer growing strange squealing plants offers you a place to stay, at night they become mobile and hungry while he sits in a iron cage watching and laughing

17 - A huge (random coloured) spinning top whirls across land and crashes. Dizzy (random coloured) men stagger out then look for victims blood to power their hemogyro

18 - A huge open mouthed sleeping face in mountain with (random coloured) morlocks walking in and out. They bring in soporific plants and bring out slabs of meat, horrible tentacled mobile tumours and weird fluids from his depths.

19 - A morlock with a coffle of 2d6 slave eloi wants to sell his cattle, they are drugged into submission. At least one infected by monster parasite

20 - An Eldren floating castle drifts by and throws down a rope ladder, the castle is occupied by a clan of 1d6+2 Eldren who need adventurers to obtain a rare mineral from a sub world to power the ailing castle flight powers

21 - A group of hobgoblins are busily torturing an Eldren prisoner. If rescued it offers to join you and knows many secret long lost to human places

22 - While near a body of water a Eldren maid on a silver boat offers to take heroes to meet destiny - she takes them to her home - a sub aquan research lab. The lower semi flooded levels are full of crab men who ate her family. If helped she will let them stay and will heal them.

23 - A shark man with a broken blaster threatens party demanding loot or disintegration

24 - Telepathic sorcerer pterodactyl men seeking sacrifices for obscene rituals

25 - Area riddled with giant purple worm tunnels but you realise when its too late, Morlocks offer to get you out safe if you let them eat a party member

26 - A hologram of a skygod appears in the clouds - when it sees party it laughs and teleports in a (1=band of angry red dog men, 2=psycho blue morlocks, 3=flying berserk hawk men, 4 =pink lizard men with business suits and pistols, 5=4d6 frightened memoryless naked humans, 6=4 samurai turtles) if party act entertainingly the god will transport them to another hex

27 - Ochre jellies feeding on a wounded blue giant, if saved and healed the giant will aid party a while

28 - A obsidian giant demand a sacrifice or treasure - in his loincloth are many strange items extorted from other travellers

29 - A goose beastwoman in a balloon offers party transport for food - she is wary but friendly

30 - A huge shadow from a gargantuan scarlet bat flies over head, it drops blood crazed jumping flea men across the land

31 - Strange pod plants across land scape are growing as party wander the hex (tasty edible plants). As time goes by some start to open and humans (random coloured) awaken. Some clones of party included, demand their equipment.

32 - Savage band of hawkman warriors out for revenge against humans, only helping them find justice will avert their wrath, helping them ends their vendetta and wins friendship

33 - Blue ogre eating goblins one by one from a huge jar, doesn't react unless threatened or runs out 2d6 goblins

34 - Flagellant monks ask party if they know of anywhere that could provide more suffering

35 - Lost crying ancient child with teddy wandering alone, over next few days adapts to Psychon, changing skin colour and new memories and able to speak Psychonian common

36 - A robotic exploration probe returned from Venus on the rampage with a laser and a drill, thinks is still on Venus, keeps reporting to mission control on some place called Earth in Russian

37 - A family of Sasquatches are being shaved by redneck humans at gun point for a laugh

38 - A brain in a jar with a speaker offers party to be its slaves and help it conquer the world

39 - Huge swarm of flesh eating flies swarm for 2d6 rounds around party, find skeletonised victims with treasure 10 minutes later

40 - A friendly but mute snow golem follows party, if warm weather it shrinks into nothing

41 - Evil wizards tending a bubbling slime pit brewing up a batch of orcs to be their army, not impressed by intruders

42 - A grove of tall pale ivory trees, drop nooses on party and reveal sideways toothed mouths

43 - A large group of humans gather around a pit where a meteor is growing, they believe it will grow into a citadel for their new home and was a god gift

44 - Raptor lizard men playing musical instruments. If party don't flatter them and accept job as roadies on tour of Psychon they will attack or expect party to play better. Huge stash of drugs and potions

45 - Plane of white stones. As they cross start to move and actually they are: (d6 1=singing animated skulls, 2=ready to hatch monster eggs,  3=undead skeletons being formed for a hex purge, 4=giant mushrooms grow bigger and bigger till a forest, 5=eroded burial site with petty treasure to be found every hour of digging, 6=magnetic drones that roll together to form a god avatar demanding worship)

46 - Knee high coloured slime pours across hex (random coloured) is actually (d6 1=Gargantua blood from a battle, 2=bubbling up from sub world, 3=pouring from sky from a mad god, 4=apprentice wizard in tower experiment gone wrong needs help before master returns, 5=A horde of gargantuan kaiju conducting mating ritual, 6=Plague of giant frogs spawning)

47- Trees with human faces cry for help, mad druid did this to them

48 - Herd of intelligent colourful magic ponies, many branded with wizard marks

49 - Plague of giggling semi adorable critters swarm the land, eating, farting and squeaking. Exude psionic field makes locals adore them despite eating their crops and houses. Something or ability of party can stop them and the locals once free hold a huge critter BBQ in party honour

50 - A yellow Morlock trader with a bag of strange items badgers party to look at his wares

51 - A delicious candy house with a horrible evil witch inside, offers to feed party and drugs them if possible. Captive kids in cellar.

52 - US Infantry 2d6 very lost, hostile and trigger happy with no leader, start to metamorphose into psychonian humans over next few days.

53 - Aerial battle overhead (d6 1=dragons, 2=air cars, 3=ornithopters, 4=aerial citadels, 5=bird men, 6=aliens), some fall from sky and are hostile to any who find them

54 - A saucer hovering ahead (d6 1=aliens mutilating animals, 2=kidnapping humans for probing, 3=excavating an ancient step pyramid, 4=fighting gun wielding men, 5=releasing killdroid, 6=waiting for party to preach galactic brotherhood and peace to all life)

55 - Crumbling remains of buried shopping mall where fast food mascot android clans battle, will prepare terrible food for party to judge. Both unite to kill party if they don't like answer

56 - Creepy forest with trees with eyes always watching (d6 1=goblins plucking out eyes from screaming trees for snacks, 2=wizard trying to communicate with forest, 3=Druid covered in eyeballs attacks party, 4=Potato Men angry at intruders in sacred woods, 5=Dryads covered in eyes try to seduce party, 6=King of the forest is a floating eye monster)

57 - A party of non psychonian adventurers from a DnD trope universe lost and desperate to return before psychonian nanoswarms infect and make them native

58 - Crashed saucer with farmers lynching grey alien for molesting cattle, he offers service for aid

59 - A wizard tower surrounded by varied beastmen, welcomes party but only wants them as test subjects for cross breeding

60 - A huge metal scout tripod (no heat ray) looking for humans to cap with pacifier helmets

61 - A meteor crashes, A viscous martian octapoid with a heat ray tries to kill anyone interfering with his tripod building

62 - Procession from a citadel with huge god statue being dragged. The god seeks a new homeland to conquer after last home hex remodelled by a greater god. If aided the god will give the heroes titles in new order.

63 - A plain of angry giant beetle larvae who bite feet of travellers, they never leave burrows

64 - A flock of birds form into a giant who demands all parties bread, biscuits, grain or other bird like foodstuff. Eats then flies off in flock form again

65 - An intelligent coloured burning column of flame demands a sacrifice of flammable goods, if not sated it creates a angry firenewt for every party member

66 - A blue keep of Githyanki psion-knights are here to monitor Psychon for mindflayer activity. While here they may as well dominate and dissect any locals who stray near by

67 - A giant pink nautilus shell is home to innocent Eldren family, being stalked by hungry morlocks at night

68 - Airship citadel belching smoke flies overhead where decadent rich passengers shoot ground dwellers for fun - if somehow boarded they are cowardly. Ship so huge some parts monster infested

69 - Land leviathan - a citadel on tracks with cannons and an army preparing to wage war on world and looking for recruits, locals very pleased if plan sabotaged

70 - A semi sunk floating citadel of water breathing morlocks and slave eloi wrecked on shore of lake/river/sea. Escaping eloi being hunted by morlocks

71 - A plane of magnetic metal pillars with lightning quasi elementals dancing in the fields

72 - Women bathing in pit of coloured fluid (d6 1=its blood and they are undead in disguise, 2=reduces signs of ageing 1d10 years, women swarm from everywhere, 3= women are illusions by telepathic giant squid, 4=Dryads looking for companionship, 5=Were spiders who lure men close into liquid web fluid, 6=Liquid rejuvenation effect lasts only an hour, amorous welcoming women keen to try out young bodies, turn to wizened crones after sex)

73 - Psionacist with huge overweighed cranium offers to teach you his secrets in return for service, attacks if his gift refused

74 - Vents in ground releasing strange vapours, go down to sub world factory of the ancients

75 - Tall Eldren tower with no doors, bored maiden waves and sends bird messenger telling that she desires freedom - as she is only 160 she is still a minor to her clan and her father and brothers are appalled by adventurers turning up

76 - A strange house on the hill with sounds of revelry, a bar where all races and monsters mix freely. Anyone who fights is teleported to a different hex

77 - A cave with a chest in the mouth is just an illusion hiding a colossal snake

78 - Gigantic crystalline dice litter the plane, while in the middle a great god hand reaches down and rolls them causing chaos among party

79 - A great sailed land yacht passes by, party invited to participate in decadent hedonist cruise, really they drug everyone and put average charisma to work and pretty ones into orgy slave cages, free drugs though...

80 - A giant, really an android fast food or theme park mascot of ancients looking for his friends

81 - A goblinoid market and casino, strange trade and horrid muppet parties await

82 - Two wizards sitting on columns with a giant size chess board of charmed creatures try to make party join game

83 - Lotus tree fruits smell delicious and the locals seem peaceful and friendly

84 - A castle with welcoming friendly nobles but a strange custom invite inside for evening, feasts, romance, intrigue await

85 - Crystalline arch is a gate to another planet or world

86 - Friendly villagers but all have horrible parasites clinging to them

87 - Pterodactyl riding amazons looking for worthy mates

88 - Dino riding ape boy looking for friends, dino not so well behaved or trustworthy

89 - Two kaiju gargantua making out, a sorcerer with an easel captures scene

90 -  A glass blasted plain, just under the surface is an ancient saucer (d6 1=frozen greys, 2=frozen WW2 SS, 3=frozen cattle in hold; 4=inbred albino morlocks, 5=serpent man wizard deep in hibernation, 6=two friendly androids offer to take party home - no idea on navigating craft in time and space)

91 - Ruined haunted citadel remains, filled with creatures and degenerate citizens

92 - Ancient house with elderly couple (d6 1= cannibals, 2=demon worshippers, 3=old one cultists, 4=don't know the are time travellers, only wizards understand their arcane ancient speech, 5=desperate for company and a need some chores, reward with cookies, 6=greys or migo in disguise)

93 - A crystalline dome with a furious beast imprisoned within (d6 1=dragon. 2=shoggoth, 3=giant, 4=gargantua kaiju, 5=giant troll, 6=giant zombie)

94 - Broken crystalline sphere of fluid with naked unconscious time traveller inside

95 - Robot vending machine with ancient goods inside, threatens with law if they harm him (d6 1=food. 2=bubblegum cards, 3=sex toys, 4=guns, 5=data cubes of ancient pop music, 6=soft drinks)

96 - Roadside mutant prostitutes with goblin pimp - lovers of every colour sex and persuasion

97 - Angry protesters stalk party for killing monsters, harming nature and breaking gods law

98 - Psionic plea for help from a cave mouth (d6 1=mutant child, 2=trapped psion, 3=gargantual psionic spider building crystal web matrix to control universe, wants party to find crystal offers magic and powers, 4=Cave fisher with telepathy, 5=Human being hunted by lusty giant, 6=broken robot with no limbs, might know useful stuff

99 - Giant purple ape with dog boy sidekick, want to be your friend and helper, hopelessly clumsy and incompetent

100 - Mad wizard offers trip to the moon as assistants (1=mad, 2=has a broken old rocket in silo he is pretty sure will make it, 3=transmat pad to a moonbase, just needs power, 4=has map to ruined spaceport, 5=has giant moth or other creature, 6=knows were saucer people have secret base)

Tempted to do a whole article on crystals as i hate them in sf and fantasy and quit any computer game with too many - but psychon could go new direction.Last one i did was trying to be psychon or gammaworld this is more crazy

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  1. I only read about 6 or 7 of them, but can already tell this is great stuff! Thanks, hoss.



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