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Planet Psychon: d100 Skyfalls and Everyday Eschatology

To celebrate 200 posts and 35000 odd hits, in the spirit of being slightly nicer here is some waffle about psychon and a d100 table to roll whenever party wandering wastelands looking bored.

If writing a table is the zen koan of the osg scene then crowd source hexcrawl generating is even betterer. Weird science fantasy crew on case now...

0806 Rainbow colored alien grass covered in weird saliva attracts giant space moths and caterpillars. A sect of deadbeat apprentice wizard drop outs gather here to try and hitch a ride man.

1801 Cyborg tyrannosaur guards the sacred drug grove of the mecha shaman. Outsiders are unwelcome to the contemplative philosophers.

0408 A archmage tower guarded by village of Guineapig men barbarians in scale armour. One of their heroes flies in a sky sled while his two velocer raptor hybrid brothers follow.

Planet Psychon: Day to Day Eschatology
 Psychonian setting is intended to be a world consistently inconsistent. An acid trip dream land of the blind where memories and histories are fiction. Where the time of the ancients is not quantifiable as ruined cities and freshly created primordial languages appear daily at whim of the gods.

This means if a party move much they will enter strange new hexes, but the journey is like a river. You dont get to go back in exactly the same river. One feature of veteran travellers is the sight of the gods terraforming a hex in sight or even hearing tails of those who escape hexes as they were transformed. Peoples may vanish or may be found to have new personalities, histories, languages and more. Some have tried to interfear with gods will, most end in failure or terms at best.

The gods are jerks and think its fun to teleport sleeping wanderers into different hexes.

This frees the game master to not worry about maps much, just local hexes that heroes can neatly overcome in a few sessions. A good hex has a community, a science dungeon, some cults, some monsters and weird encounters.

Sometimes the reconfiguration of a hex by gods is perceived as the end of the world by locals and most dont flee. Heroes might even trigger such an event or have them follow them in the form of new disasters. The following are some things to herald doom but you can apply to the just a local hex.

Ruin Your Campaign World

Some of my gammaworld stuff handy too...

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I have a few tables for planet Psychon coming up included -
d100 lonely house table
d100 crossroads
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d100 science dungeons and subworld generator

but for now here is:

d100 Skyfalls

Things fall from the sky from time too time. Possibly floating in space or just replicated history and all by some mad god.

1 A space craft escape cryopod with a possible humanoid inside
2 Satellite with unstable core attracts cultists
3 Crashed spacecraft of long lost ancients or from other plane jump mishap
4 An ancient aircraft, ship, train or bus crashes from sky inexplicably
5 Saucer crash grey aliens hostile to primitives
6 Tentacled martian crashes, tries to build tripod for assault mission
7 Parachute of ancient long lost airman falls from wormhole
8 Ameboid jellies in meteor rapidly grow into hostile life
9 Syliva grass spores from space spreads over area, digesting animal who touch it
10 Satellite crashes, is badly hurt, promises reward if you take it to a radio temple
11 Pod with robot, borg or android frequently deranged or virused 
12 From meteor egg a tiny lizard creature hatches, will double daily in mass till gargantua
13 Triffid seeds pods begin to grow, seems like a blessing at first
14 Spores of a colossal fungus forest erupt over night
15 Hanbau type Nazi experimental saucer with SS archeologist team
16 Space pod crashes, astronaut ok at first but space parasitism or mutations turn him into a monster
17 Balloon crashes with eccentric old wizard
18 Sky citadel of the eldren crashes from core meltdown, last few Eldren have little will left
19 Cloud crashes but is gelatinous with honeycomb structures and begins to melt
20 Sky squid crashes to earth, swarms of opportunistic feeders atracted
21 Spools of monofilaments like strands of hair fall that cut anything touched and sink into earth
22 Battlesuit crash, ancient military unit, pilot is mummified
23 Plant pods land and start to grow replicant army to replace or repopulate locals
24 Huge flying structure of the space gods lands then inexplicably flies away
25 Gigantic space god ascends from heavens and prepares to judge the hex
26 Swarms of jeweled locusts
27 A huge leviathan airship with vast ruined gondola where survivors dwell
28 Primitive psychonian glider or flyer crashes with inventor inside
29 Swarm of floating jellyfish with toxic stingers
30 Blue skinned race of one eyed bat men swarm here to die en mass
31 Dead gargantua falls from space, creatures living on it need a new home
32 Huge solar panel from space
33 Burning space debree drops as burning fireballs over hex
34 Burning up orbital of zombies, crashes and spreads zombie plague
35 Gods eye drone crashes, offers reward for aid
36 Gods eye drone crashes, party blamed by its kin for murder when its brothers arrive
37 Swarm of insect size robots eat metal to take to distant factory hive
38 Containers of green slime, alien necrotic algae, evolves int tentacled horde if left
39 Hailstones of exotic colours and flavours pummel everybody
40 Fish or frogs formed by nanocloud rain over hex
41 Flaming meteor crashes, releasing a powerful fiery demon or devil
42 Burning birds fall from sky everywhere
43 Automated shuttle to orbital lands, ready for return trip
44 Dueling wizards fall from sky, only party could save them now
45 Dead angels and demons drop from clouds
46 Giant leeches rair from above
47 Delicious manna cakes rain gently from sky, a free feast for all
48 Frozen sewerage falls from sky possibly injuring people
49 Lightning bolt stuns party
50 Beam of light from orbit pinpoints party for journey
51 Holographic bombs and explosions go off everywhere
52 Asteroid base of ancients semi intact with robot guards and AI
53 Small nuke or sub nuke munition dropped from space within a km
54 Rain of slme from above lubricates everything
55 Saucer of robots crashes
56 Saucer of morlocks crashes
57 Eldren ornithopter crashes
58 Robot bats swarm about recording everything
59 EM FX - everything bathed in weird aurora affecting tech or magic
60 Trees drift gently to ground and take root
61 Crude psychonian built rocket men vessel crashes, survivors cover up secrets
62 Spacecraft of undead crashes and look for innocents to eat
63 Bubbles drift down and pop, possibly full of gas or biological agent or nanites
64 Spherical bubbles land from space and bond with humans as living jumpsuits
65 Hate rays beamed from space enrage every living thing
66 Rocket crash - pathetic low gravity insect men can barely move but dangerous psionic powers
67 Alien pod infects all plants win area with carnivore and mobility mutations
68 Hawkmen rocket plane crashes, they are police looking for escaped criminals
69 Hawkmen flying citadel crashes, possibly over military action
70 Clouds of huge glowing air jellyfish with long trailing tentacles
71 Rocket re-entry pod crashes, dead ape at helm
72 Parachutes of cargo cult pods from sky gods, food, tents, water, shovels, groundsheets
73 Parachutes of cargo cult pods from sky gods, weapons, possibly defective or little ammo
74 Flying monkey swarm try to kidnap party for witch in distant citadel
75 Aircar or rebel hero crashes, dashing hero will aid you if saved from burning wreck
76 Pod from space crashes with space vampire inside in form of desirable lover
77 Space god glowing craft crashes and explodes a mountain, a few survivors escaped
78 Dead tattooed giant falls from space
79 Alien corpse with energy beam gauntlet and activation medallion, drive user evil
80 Blood from a wounded god rains down
81 Silver humanoid (android?) crashes on antigravity board
82 Spacecraft of cyborg crashes home after aeons of madness in space
83 Puffballs as big as cows drift in the wind, exploing to infect living with spores
84 Skycar with mutant operator crashes, hostile to all life
85 Saucer with shape shifting shoggoth
86 Saucer with invisible power armoured grey hunter
87 Dragon crashes dead, rider unconscious
88 Frozen ancients corpses rain from space
89 Gargantuan flyer poops over party for fun
90 Spacecraft crashes intact but surviving crew try to warn about alien in hold
91 Saucer with hungry space vampire looking for rescuers to eat
92 Space gods scale down to planet surface size (500m tall) and begin analyzing area
93 Huge sky beast among clouds drops tentacles to surface to snack
94 Gasbag balloon plants land delivering pod people plants or full grown triffids
95 Morlock air ship with hungry crew sees party
96 Crashed saucer of evil psychic Derro looking for victims to mate with
97 Aircar of servant or millitary androids ignorant
98 Giant bubbles with creatures and or humans drift from sky to populate area.
99 Returned space ark with hold of alien or ancient creature being released by robots
100 Comet crashes, infecting area with surface like alien world that spreads over hex

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