Friday, 17 May 2013

Psychon Sample Hexes seven + some weird blog links

have been interviewed for my arch nerdery at
Thank you very much for this - best titled interview ive ever had

This Hex:

This thick forest of giant violet trees dominates with several ancient clearways to the new citadel built with aid from the god Colossus.

While mob forces dominate the magenta tribes living in the city, a outcast tribe of rebels act as bandits.

Ancient monuments from ancient yellow men are seeming shelter from weather but filled with barrow wights.

The ancient city was destroyed by fire and undead aeons ago. Adventurers and looters flock here but the magenta mob clans demand a cut. Yellow zombies and worse dwell here.

Ruins of an alien steam foundry and logging complex is a popular bandit and cultist hideout.

The fire node is a gate to the fire plane that seasonally opens in a great red stone pit with a winding stair case. Fire beasts and cultists are common here.

The temple is a great steel tower guarded by flame strikes from the gods eyes in heaven. Colossus has an active temple library here and will consider audiences with the worthy. Colossus cultists obay a strict regimen of diet, sleep times and trivium. The help colossus spread across the world to bring an age of justice and peace. They often aid adventurers and give them quests for ancient tech and against evil gods. Collosus was alive in ancient times and is considered the oldest god. He still has adepts clipping mystical cards in some shrines.


my fave weird science fantasy blogs:
great space gods, pulp space and other weirdness
great doomed giant ruined ocean liner as a whole world
magical tatoos, guns and great skill systems
great take on non medieval dnd
A very dedicated Barsoom / john carter campaign
Great for Gothic end of weird - carcosa remix stuff is great
Pulp era fantasy and other good weird stuff - ill buy his book shortly
Anomalous subsurface environment genius here

listening to carcosa author explaining stuff
nice to hear gammaworld and barsoom part to blame
a nazi saucer trip to carcosa game and wacky racers carcosa campaigns were stranger still

tukemal good too
earthdawn seemed too new age to me

ill look at dark sun again as i wasn't into it at the time
needed to be weirder but i realize now psychon has some common ground

watching Barbarella, final program, colossus the forbidden project, flash gordon


  1. Cool! Thnaks for the plug as well--particularly amongst such stellar blogging company.

  2. cheers - got yer book too - look fwd 2 reading it


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