Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dungeons are Forever

This dungeon is personal!

With a party camped on a mega dungeon doorstep (or local town) game its nice to have a reason for heroes to be brought into a tavern near the dungeon. So this gives people a convenient excuse to be near the labyrinth and out to destroy the it, one trap and monster at a time. Use for rival adventurers and recruits too.

1 Family member or lover adventurer killed in dungeon
2 Family member or lover adventurer lost in dungeon
3 Family member or lover kidnapped by dungeon monsters on raid
4 Family member or lover killed by dungeon monsters on raid
5 Home razed by dungeon monsters on raid
6 Lost relic of clan in dungeon
7 Documents reclaiming clan honour in dungeon
8 Lost relic will cure family of curse
9 Prophecy of great relic found in dungeon
10 Descendant of builders seeking lost legacy
11 Quested by god or priest to atone for wicked deed
12 Personal Enemy holed up in dungeon
13 Eerie voices have drawn you hear all your life for this
14 A ghost has haunted you demanding you come here
15 A curse has compelled you here
16 A gap in the history of your people is here and its up to you to find it
17 A map to the dungeon is tattooed to your body somehow
18 In a past life you were killed in the dungeon, your memories are fevered dreams
19 Teleported here from a distant land
20 Gated here from another plane of existence
21 Dreams of a lover from with the dungeon lured you here
22 You woke up here with years of memory missing in strange land
23 A magical enemy being told you to never come here or else
24 You made a  badly worded wish for treasure and appeared here
25 A rare poison or disease afflicts you, the cure is inside
26 A being stole you soul/heart/belly button/shadow and has it in the dungeon
27 Your unearthly beautiful lover back home sent you on this deadly quest
28 A doppelganger ruined your life and fled here
29 A god appeared in your dreams and sent you here
30 A tragic link to history of dungeon in past brought your clan to ruin
31 Cultists kidnapped you and released you here fully equipped
32 Brought here from different time
33 Sent here as agent of the empire looking for anomalous dungeons
34 Sent here to look for long lost hoard with treasure map
35 Sent here seeking exotic magical ingredients
36 Sent by school as a test or ordeal or punishment
37 Brought at sword point by lawmen
38 A magic item seized control of you and brought you here
39 Addicted to rare substance only samples left inside
40 Personal debilitating curse cure inside
41 Clue to parents identity inside dungeon
42 Destined item in dungeon will reveal your destiny
43 Lost documents of magic will change schools of magic
44 Lost tactic or fighting technique manuals could revolutionize war
45 Lost recipe for gunpowder, incendiaries, poison or other secret
46 Means to restore or stop a lost age from returning
47 Means to resurrect kin or lover within dungeon
48 Hostage will be killed if you dont recover goods from dungeon
49 Means to release a hoard of outsider gods into this plane in dungeon
50 Means to awaken gargantuan word shattering beast in dungeon
51 Means to avert comet hitting world is in dungeon
52 Warnings to avert dragon plague is in dungeon
53 A wizard or demon heart in the dungeon could get a wish you need
54 Cure for plague destroying your home in dungeon
55 Strange salmon instinct brought you here, sense that dungeon is true home
56 Lost a bet, if you dont recover goods from dungeon your kin get mutilated by mob
58 Weakness of a rampaging Gargantua menacing your home is in dungeon
59 Your future self sent you a message instructing you to come here
60 Gas flooded your home, you awake here far from home
61 You spent years in dungeon when young, your family died inside
62 Your beloved was turned into a monster and is living in the dungeon
63 A monster ate you and you awoke here
64 A priest resurrected you then quested you to destroy dungeon
65 Spent years as a polymorphed dungeon critter, poor memories, familiar smells
66 Best friend, lover or child lost in dungeon
67 Best friend, lover or child killed by dungeon beast
68 Best friend, lover or child has become monster in dungeon
69 Parts of your beloved pleasure automaton are lost in dungeon
70 Your hands are grafted on, originals on creature in dungeon
71 Magical tattoos have given you signs to come here
72 You must explore dungeon or devils will drag you to hell forever
73 Your secret society has sent you on mission in the dungeons
74 A sibling has joined the dungeon monsters, up to you to bring them home
75 A wizard made you a clone and the original with his wealth is in the dungeon
76 A holy relic was lost by a great hero, everyone wants it to control fates of kingdoms
77 The dungeon is deep enough to reach the underworld and you want a dead loved one back
78 A hidden extra face grows in secret on you, it says it can be removed in dungeon
79 A mark on your hand lets you deactivate the monster foundry automaton in the deep dungeon
80 A trinket contains a trapped lover who can be freed by a relic in the dungeon
81 Haunted by a monster as a child who spoke of this place
82 Have heard many songs of treasures in the dungeon
83 Have heard many prophecies of heroes starting destiny here
84 You like money like a man on fire likes water, their is a kingdoms wealth in dungeon
85 Heroes from the dungeon have had great fame and glory in the past leading to golden careers
86 You need to prove you are not a coward to your community
87 Wanted criminal on the run from civilization, driven to frontier dungeon
88 You have been rejected by true love, so you want to throw yourself to the dungeon
89 Outcast from home where everyone wants to kill you, wound up here
90 A sentient magic weapon or relic is calling you
91 Scholar of dungeon lore, driven away family and  friends and come to the dungeon in person
92 You have been sent to report on military strength of dungeon and its bosses
93 You join and spy on adventurers for some group or nefarious intent
94 A hag cursed you to transform to a beast if you stay away from dungeon
95 The dungeon quest is a sacred test and ordeal for you to gain secrets beyond mortal ken
96 You had a necromancer call your lost dead father who told you about the dungeon
97 Found a hidden map to secret dungeon vault
98 Teleport back every time you leave too long due to curse
99 A split personality takes over when you leave and walks back
100 Roll twice again


you held a powerful relic, now you follow it into the dungeon, "your precious"....

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