Thursday, 30 May 2013

Bridges of Schädel Port - alternative urban dungeons

Above - London Bridge. When is a bridge not a bridge? When it's a mega dungeon!

Some bridges are cities unto themselves with palaces on top, apartments, gate houses, shopping arcades and more. Deeper parts of the bridge may have slumbs and sweatshops. Saw program on bridge in Edinbourough with such horrible dark work houses and even tunnels going below water level to who knows how deep. As Schädel Port , predates humans the basic structures are massive basault stone blocks with more recent structures made form sandstone, even wattle and daub for shacks on bases and rooftops. Tunnels run so deep they connect to city ruins, sewers an even dungeons. Cults and horrors from elder days hide here.

 Kings Bridge
  • Crumbling baroque ornaments of glory gone by make this bridge one of greatest in world
  • 12 Stories or apartments and small palaces on top, markets and 3 arcades of varied prices
  • Two roads, one for rich other for labour with papers from Scum Cove
  • 3 stories inside bridge including one for city military, others are sweatshops
  • Each pylon has 6 stories of sweatshops and slum housing
  • Tunnels below bridge riddled with monsters at least 4 levels
  • Only those with papers may cross, for wealthy and servants

Gibbet Bridge
  • A stinking slum covered bridge lined with heads on pikes, gibbets and cages
  • 8 stories of former posh apartments now a warren of scum and gangs
  • One road through with toll based on social class 
  • Copper for scum, silver for guildsmen and gold coin for nobles
  • 3 stories inside including prison level, a military base and a factory
  • Each pylon has 4 stories of slums and sweatshops and gangs
  • 3 levels of horrible slum with occasional monsters and cults beneath
  • Other tunnels and passages mostly forgotten and unexplored
Working on some more maps of city for next few games. Old thieves world box set tables (republished as RQ cities early 90s) to be used. Will do more detail yet including street maps, 2 sewer levels and more. The Martial district has a official dungeon and a monster filled death maze used for entertainment. At least 3 dungeon complexes and hundreds of sealed towers exist in Ruintown. I have run whole games in cities in the past so should be fun. Could run whole game on one bridge. Inspired by Pavis/Big rubble of RQ, fighting fantasy books, thieves world, Fritz Lieber and even Gygax greyhawk novels.

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  1. did street plan of grog town without so will take several sessions to finish this detail


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