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Near Infinate Humanoid Varients

Fiend Folio has some varient races like norkers that are really just slightly different creatures. So as Im much more into the 1-page rule approach to monsters - just a basic list of humanoid by HD and size but then add some extra features. Marine varient notes are on hobgoblins, trolls, ogres why not others? Id rather a few lines describing a variant than a full description about someone elses game world of the military organization of monsters when appearing in group of 500.

HD and Height makes right
I usually assume races get a + to be hit but big creatures may offset with more armour to compensate
Tiny Under 1" -4 to hit
Small 1-4' -1to hit
Human 5-6'
Large 7-9' +1 to hit
Giant 10-17' +2 to hit
Titanic 18'-49' +3 to hit
Gargantuan 50' +4 to hit

d4 Kobold (3'), Booka(6"), Jermalain(1'), typical human (5'6"), Nixie (4'), Pixie (2'6") Killmoulis (6"), Brownie (1'6"),
d6 human militia man, bandit, Merchant, Cultist (5'6"+)6
d6 +1 (1d8-1) Goblin* (4'), Elf *(6'), Beserker (5'8"), Mite (2') Snyad (2'6") Xvart (3')
d8 Orc (6'+), Dwarf (4'), Human Soldier (5'8") , Gnome (3'+), Giberling (4'-5') Githyanki (6') Vegepygmy (4')
d8+1 Hobgoblin (6"6), Baboon (4'+), Bullywug (3-5'8"), Merman (5+), Dakon (6'2"), Dark Creeper (4')
1d8+2 Norker (4') Quaggoth (7+) Shocker (5'6")
2d8 Dryad, Gnoll (7'+), Locatha (6+), Caveman (6'), Dire Corby (6'), Grimlock (5'+) Kenku, Kuo-Toa (6+), Ogrillion (7'+) Qullan (8+), Skulk (5'6") Tabaxi (6'6") Ice Troll (9')
2d8+1 Lizard Men (7'), Troglodyte (5-7') Dark Stalker (6')
2d8+2 Sahuagen (6+mostly or 8+), Fire Newts (6'2")
2d8+3 Flind (6'+)
3d8 Nymph, Seahag, Triton, Crab Men (9')
3d8 +1 Bugbear (7'+), Wererat (3-5'8")
3d8+4 Needleman (5'8")
4d8 Meazel (5-6') Sandman (5'6") Derro (4')
4d8 +1 Ogre (9')
4d8+3 Werewolf
4d8+4 Yeti (8')
5d8 Carnivorous Ape, Satyr
5d8+2 Wereboar, Ogre Magi (10'6")
5d8+5 Verbeeg (8'6"-10)
6d8 Dune Stalker (6')
6d8+2 Weretiger
6d8+3 Minotaur (7-9')
6d8+6 Troll (9'+)
7d8 Rakasha
7d8+3 Wereboar
8d8 Nighthag, Lizard King (8) Giant Troll (10'+)
8d8+1d2 Hill Giant (10'6")
8d8+4 Mindflayer (6')
9d8+1d3 Stone Giant (12')
10d8 Efreeti(12) Giant two headed troll (10'+)
10d8+1d4 Frost Giant (15) 
11+1d4+1 Fire giant (12')
12d8 Mountain Giant (14')
12d8+1d6+1 Cloud Giant (18')
13+1d3 Formarian (13'6")
13+1d6+1 Firbolg (10'6")
14d8 Fog Giant (18')
15+1d6+1 Storm Giant (21')
17d8 Titan (18'+)
35d8 Gargantua Humanoid (80-100')

+1 HD Sub leader  Leader - one in 12
+2 HD Leader - one in 20
+3 HD Champion - one in 50 +1 attack +1 AC
+4 HD Cheifttain - one in 100 +1 attack +1 AC
+5 HD King - one in 500 +2 attack +2 AC
+6 HD High King - one on 1000 +2 attack +2 AC
if base HD d4, then sub leader gets 1d8 instead

*Deviations from the books... MM FF MM2
goblin is 1d7 18-1 minimum of one in AdnD
elf is d8+1 (5'+) in MM, my elves taller than humans but like greyhound lithe versions

undead, animals, other plane will get own later

Variations of standard humanoids
Id be quite happy with generic humanoid with variants by HD and do all of these monster on 2 pages
but here is my variable table to change existing humanoids or to generic humanoids with whatever you want. Starting with cosmetic ending with better ones. A second separate table follows of out right magical abilities after which could be for a magical elite type, other planar varient or hybrid or fey versions.

How many rolls to make?

These tell you how many rolls to make and can be stacked if DM approves (chaos mongrel man mutant for example)

Minor sub breed
1 minor alteration

Major divergent sub breed
1d3 minor alterations

Mongrel Man or mutant
1d3 minor alteration
1d3 mutations

Futuristic version
1 minor alteration
1 anachronism

Throwback version
1 minor alteration
1 mutation

Magical sub breed
1 minor alterations,
one magical per 4 HD

Outer plane ancestor breed
1d3 minor alterations,
one magical per HD

Chaos Warped
1d6 mutations

Law Focused
1d6 Anachronisms

Minor Alterations 1d100

example damages for 1-4 HD humanoids, increase when making ogre or troll or giant size.
1-3 Tail
4-5 Prehensile tail
6-7 Weapon Tail (1d4 for human size)
8 Weapon Tail (1d6 for human size)
9 Sting tail (1d4 + poison +4 save)
10-12 Stubby horns (1d4 headbutt for human size)
13-14 Horns (1d6 for human size)
15-17 Fangs (1d3 for human size)
18-19 Jaws  (1d4 for human size)
20 Huge Jaws (1d6 for human size)
21-23 Claws or martial arts (1d3 for human size)
24-25 Claws or martial arts (1d4 for human size)
26 Claws or martial arts (1d6 for human size)
27-30 +1 Hit and damage
31-33 Dwarf version, half size
34-36 +1 hp per HD
37-39 Big version +1 HD +10%
40-41 Huge Version +2 HD +20%
42 Huge Version +3 HD +30%
43 Giant Version +4 HD +50%
44-46 +1 AC from hide or agility
44-45 +2 AC from hide or agility
46 +3 AC from hide or agility
47 Beserker +2 hit and damage, out of control, fight till all dead, difficult to stop
49-50 +2 hide and sneak
51 Mimic voices and sounds
52-55 +2 one type of save throw (poison, charm, etc)
56-57 +4 one type of save throw (poison, charm, etc)
58-59 1pt less damage per dice from one type of damage (poison, fire)
60 1/2 damage from one type of damage (cold, lightning, acid, edged)
61-62 Sneak attack as a rogue
63 Back stab as a rogue
65 First Aid NWP
66 +4 Torture
67 +4 Track
68 1/2 chance one normal sense NWP, compensate with blind fighting if needed
69-70 +4 one sense NWP check
71 +4 NWP sense checks
72-73 Night Vision (or day tolerant if day-blind), half normal penalties
74 Dark Vision (or day tolerant if day-blind), no penalties
75-76 +4 Balance
77-80 +4 Climb
81 +4 Pick Pockets
82 Swing in branches or stalagmites
83 Very Slow 6" base speed
84 Slow 9"base speed
85 fast 18" base speed
86 Hopping +50% jumping range, +1 hit damage with hopping charge
87 Glider Membrane, glide across in feet equal to height in feet, 90 degree turn each round
88 Crude Wings, 6" speed, rounds = CON per hour, 180 degree turn each round. I/nsect, bird or bat
89 True Wings, 18" speed, 360 degree turn each round, insect, bird or bat
90 Luminous organ or in emotional state
91 Chameleon +4 Hide
92 Stealthy +4 Sneak
93 Recover 1hp with 1 turn rest after a injury
94 Recover 1hp per hour
95 +4 Feign Death NWP
96 Freakish colours
97 Surprise on a 1d3 instead of 1 on a d6
98 +2 Initiative
99  Alternate alignment and contrary behavior to rule
00 Roll on magical or mongrels and mutations table table

Mutations d100

More extreme bizarre, debilitating freak powers with clear biological quality
1 extra eyes +2 Spot NWP (like a spider or third eye on forehead
2 no eyes, but get blind fighting WP halves normal penalty
3 deaf
4 bat ears, sonar and echolocation powers of a bat
5 mute, possibly squawk or gasp or hiss
6 subsonic speech, silently speak to own kind
7 Huge ears, hear things from far away +4 Listen
8 Huge Nose +2 Track and Smell
9 Huge Nose +3 Find food, find water
10 Burrowing claws 1' per round, 1d4 damage (if human sized)
11 Huge Tougue +4 taste poison
12 Hairy all over or bald or freaky natural punk
13 Lamprey mouth 1d4 + can hang on and keep draining
14 Spider or crab feeding parts 1d4 (for normal size)
15 Huge Beetle feeding parts 1d6
16 Extra arms - extra hands
17 Extra legs - extra feet +50% move
18 Extra legs - cling with spider legs
19 Bendable +4 escapology
20 Stretchable +50% height or reach if needed
21 Elongated neck 1 foot per lv
22 Hideous Wattles +1AC
23 Tentacles for limbs or face or hair or fingers
24 Crab claw 1d4 nip
25 Elongated prehensile tongue
26 Independent googly eyes can look multiple directions 360 degrees
27 Spinnerets can spin lv" per day of rope from your butt
28 Pheranome spray +2 CHA with oposite sex
29 Hermaphrodite or variable gender
30 No gender, breed by budding, or new babies hatch from corpse or sexless or sterile
31 Bombardier Blast (1d6 fire bolt 10" per lv)
32 Tough Feet, dont need boots, -1 damage per dice from ground attacks
33 Bizarre Phobia (something ordinarily harmless scares you like holy symbol, rats, spiders)
34 Parthenogenic, breeds without a mate and can start a colony
35 Hybridizes with anything it can mate with, mongrel features
36 Extra heads 1d6 1-3 = +1, 4-5 = +1d3, 6 = +1d6
37 Slug legs, 50% speed but cling
38 Tail 1d6 slap, extra attack
39 Vomit Acid 1d6 every 3 rounds spit 1" per level
40 Quadrupedal
41 Missing limbs or body part
42 Huge stomach, +2 vs ingested poison,
43 Hump or fat stores food and water a for week
44 Extra face or set of teeth on body
45 Trunk or prehensile nose 6"-3' long
46 Duck Bill or other bird beak, 1d4 peck
47 Sterile or sexless
48 A swarm live in the mongrels body
49 Freakish genitalia and sexual characteristics
50 Altered diet, eat some basic food like plants, shellfish, bugs, dung
 51 Amorphous blob, no longer humanoid
52 Weakling 50% STR
53 Sickly 50% CON
54 Clumsy 50% DEX
55 Idiot 50% INT
56 Fool 50% WIS
57 Hideous 50% CHA
58 +1d4 STR
59 +1d4 CON
60 +1d4 DEX
61 +1d4 INT
62 +1d4 WIS
63 +1d4 CHA
64 Two brains, extra save vs charm but turns on back up personality (?)
65 Regrow body parts back but different species
66 Thermal vision
67 X-Ray vision one round per turn 1' thick stone or 3' wood
68 Beam vision like Fiery Eyes spell
69 See souls, can spot undead, see targets in dark, tell if dead, see spirits leave those killed
70 Grows valuables in body like gen in head, ivory, fur
71 Unnatural 1d3 extra hybrid species features
72 Spit poison save or blind 1"/lv
73 Scream, demoralizes all in 10"/lv, once per battle, heard for miles
74 Con save each round to stabilize HP loss when in negative HP
75 Amphibian can breath water and air
76 Can hold breath one turns instead or rounds
77 Immune to blinding attacks
78 Always land on feet -d6 fall damage
79 Tusks 1d6 extra attack
80 Shoots spines or bolts from body like a light crossbow, 1 shot per CON per day
81 Vampire drinks blood to live and can heal a hp by drinking blood after a battle
82 Albino dark adapted hates natural sunlight -2 to fight or sense in daylight, white skin and red eyes
83 Shock touch 1d3+1 per level touch once per battle, can stack with a punch or kick
84 Shed skin or sleep in cocoon monthly and get changed appearance and possible abilities
85 Cold resistant with blubber or fur or both like a polar bear or seal, comfortable any natural cold
86 Biomonofilament tentacle 1d6 1'/lv
87 Able to infect others of its kind to be more like it, change in looks and alignment over time
88 +4 Disease Resistant
89 +4 Poison resistant
90 Produces addictive delicious fluid or scented musk it uses as bait or to train slaves
91-95 roll twice more
96-100 roll again and +1d3 times more

Magical Alterations 1d100
 Id use these to make spell caster and elite types

1 Bizarre Phobia (something ordinarily harmless scares you like holy symbol, rats, spiders)
2 Bizarre magical aversion (cant cross water or holy symbol or snake or something)
3 Bizarre magical allergy (harmed by substance like cold iron, garlic, holy water)
4 Cast spells as a priest
5 Cast spells as a sorcerer
6 Cast spells as a druid
7 Cast spells as a wizard
8 Cast spells as a psionic
9 Spell like ability (1-2nd level spell, at will like Invisibility, Knock, Spider Climb, Chromatic orb)
10 Spell like ability (3-4th level spell three times per day like Fireball, Polymorph) )
11 Spell like ability (5-6th level spell once per day like like Teleport, Curse, Quest)
12 Wish powers (d6 1-5=monthly, 6=yearly) conditional and flawed or dangerous or cost (soul?)
13 Create Darkness/Light 15" radius once per turn
14 very fast 24" base speed
15 Spider climb
16 Mask - illusion of face at will
17 Disguise - illusion form over body
18 Shape Shift 1 form
19 Shape Shift 1d3 forms
20 Shape Shift 1 type of creature (size, mammal, plant, elemental)
21 Shape Shift into anything at will
22 Resistant (fire poison edged) 
23 Invisibility (10 minites ever hour)
24 magic and one base metal or material like wood or stone to hit
25 +1 to hit
26 +2 to hit
27 +4 Initiative
28 Sense (Life, gold, good, or any one thing)
29 Regenerate
30 Divination powers or special wisdom or can ask gods or spirits
31 Body parts good to make magic item or potion
32 Has true name, can be bound or banished with right spells like demon or devil
33 Returns as undead when killed
34 Monster hatches out when dead
35 Resembles totally different creature like undead or mechanical or looks human
36 Can be trapped in bottle or container with right magic
37 +4 AC from metal hide or crystal carapace
38 Levitate
39 mate and reproduce with anything even inanimate objects
40 Tries to poses a new body after undead, three tries before spirit departs
41 Undead, gains resistances as if undead and vulnerable to necromancy, turning and holy water
42 Drains one level on touch
43 Craves bizarre or expensive food craving or sexual desire or something unnatural
44 Dimension door for escapes
45 Teleport for escapes
46 Plane Shift to escape
47 Gate can call a other plane being HDx10% chance once a day
48 Phaze can shift to other plane and back, needs magic to harm,
49 Alighnment flips and changes
50 Gate HDx10% chance once a day can call a lesser other plane being
51 Gate HDx10% chance once a week can call a major other plane being
52 Gate HDx10% chance once a year can call a unique other plane being
53 Can shrink to one foot +2 AC -25% move
54 Can shrink to 1" +4 AC -50% move
55 Can grow next size class
55 Can grow several size classes
56 Blunt weapons, -1 damage on any any edged weapon hit till repaired
57 Conjure weapons into hands at will
58 Can cast cantrip per HD at will of any type
59 Extra attack 1d6 tails with poison sting
60 Venomous bite or claws 1d4 or envenom weapon by licking
61 Shape shift into last thing they kill
62 Turns to normal person when killed
63 Can change gender
64 Immune to 1st level spells
65 Immune to 1st to 2nd level spells
66 Immune to 1st level 3rd spells
67 Turn to a statue or tree or crystal foe years if desired
68 Powers of remote vision
69 Danger sense, cannot be surprised
70 Charm person three times per day
71 Fear three times per day
72 Increased STR +3 damage increase
73 Increased CON +3 hp per dice
74 Increased DEX +3 hit and AC
75 Increased INT +3 extra languages and proficiencies
76 Increased WIS +3 extra second chances
77 Increased CHA +3 extra followers
78 Call animal servants or friends as followers
79 All members of species carry a magic item (d6 1-3=all same 4-6=all different)
80 All connected to other planar lord or god
81 Spawn of other planar power, parent bares grudge on killers
82 Race can identify any who have killed a member of the species on sight
83 Explodes on death
84 Turns to stone on death
85 Turns to smoke on death
86 Turns to stinking cloud on death
87 Turns to simulacra of killer on death
88 Influence local weather, more powerful or large groups have more effect
89 Breath weapon
90 Hypnotic gaze, transfixes victim stared at who fails save
91 Paralysis touch
92 Stone gaze
93 Magic resistant HDx5%
94 Magic resistance HDx10%
95 Raise undead minions from dead as animate dead spell
96 Unique magic item or relic, possibly with prohibitions or taint on user
97 Bard Powers
98 Alignment champion powers
99 roll twice more
100 roll again and +1d3 times more

Anachronism table later
This table will appear in future post sorry - a d100

More for high tech cyborgs or exotic ultratech hardware

Lawful features from planes of law (opposite of chaos mutation) might appear like clockwork or steampunk or decopunk  cyberwear or weapons.

Consider some varient mutations like cthulhu table, or table for each alignment...

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