Monday, 20 May 2013

From the Labyrinthe with Love: Science Dungeons

Ongoing weird science game done as dungeon zone like my long stair stuff. Useable in gamma world or Psychon settings but also good for weird fantasy or even carcosa. In a more fantasy setting could mix with other earlier dungeon zones. Actually the under land zone would fit mostly in weird science too. Im thinking for Psychon letting players pick 6 levels in anything - dwarf2 elf2 orc2 or a sorcerer3 monk3 or something stranger. Tempted to run Devilmount ot Anomylous sub surface environment on psychon.

Science Dungeon Zone
A world under psychadelic skies, insane artificial life, mutants and ancient remnants of forgotten science and magic. Psychonian dungeons are often ancient bunkers or vaults or remains of the ancients. Some complexes have been repurposed many times.

Planet Psychon Underworld Hazard d50
1 Electric eye activates trap
2 Alarm klaxons and red lights
3 Doors seal automaticly
4 Console puzzle to open door
5 Toxic chemical waste leak
6 Live electric wires
7 Collapsed roof makes passage difficult and dangerous
8 Contaminated by  radioactive or mutagens
9 Electromagnet trap
10 Psychedelic hallucinatory gas leak
11 Flammable gas leak
12 Tiny vent to be crawled through to pass area
13 Weakened floor may collapse
14 Psionic crystalline growth effect moods and other mental affects
15 Burning furnace or natural gas or oil
16 Exhaust fumes and smoke choke some corridors
17 Automated advanced weapon shoots anything bigger than a cat
18 Automated intelligent weapon
19 Automated intelligent door
20 Acid pit has eaten floor away
21 Overgrown with slippery palid fungus
22 Magnetic anomaly compasses and advanced tech to not work in area
23 Automaton guard
24 Automaton servant insane from misuse
25 Automaton activates and needs repairs desperately
26 Glowing toxic slime pool with giant maggots
27 Mutant lair
28 Mongrelmen lair
29 Explosive trap - claymores or mines
30 Poison steak launching booby trap
31 Tentacles from drains attack
32 Swarm of rats, maggots or wasps
33 Sonic stunner trap, also calls security automaton
34 Buried in garbage, excavation required, may hide another hazard (1in6)
35 Security monitors online, local boss or automatons informed of location
36 Structure being repurposed by automatons, just finishing
37 Hologram - warns intruders
38 Hostile terminal gives false information and silently calls for help
39 Heat is overbearing, use more water, tire more
40 Poor ventilation fatigue increases
41 Chilly damp cave risk hypothermia
42 Air pressure causes mild bends and nose bleeds
43 Gravitic anomoly, reversed or zero
44 Hologram - talks to intruders, information dated
45 Hologram - lures into a trap or covers danger
46 Shaft deep into machinery and automated plant
47 Contaminated corpses infected with plague
48 Spores contaminate everything, most as disease, some mental effects
49  Poisonous liquid
50 Maze structure, possibly changes as party moves, actually growing

Science Mystery d100
1 Ancient Crionic Pod with something inside
2 Damaged automaton servant easy to repower or reboot
3 Ancient time capsule with personal effects and journal
4 Friendly AI
5 Graffiti of local gangs with slander and gossip
6 Remains of ancient civilization – ruins or partly inhabited
7 Fungus forest with giant albino lizards
8 Lost explorer remains, shelter and journal
9 Sealed bunker or vault
10 Habitat with artificial sun and creatures
11 Huge tunnel carved by worm or ancient machine
12 Remains ancient vehicles, some sealed and passenger remains intact
13 Remains of factory or power plant or other industrial crap
14 Journals detailing every day life in pictures
15 Technical manuals or text books of ancients
16 Teleporter pad
17 Micro factory with AI and some parts
18 Luminescent fungus covering walls
19 Mysterious Elevator
20 Remains of strange shelter of ancient race
21 Degenerate animal or humanoids devolving into monsters
22 Lone Robot tending garden with artificial light
23 Large metal canisters with dangerous runes
25 Missile warhead on crumbling altar, possible cult near by
26 Danger and hazard signs around a small shed
27 Courtesan androids (1-3 on d6, are psychotic killers)
28 Freezers with food, tended by crazy robot
29 Surgeon android (1-3 on d6, are psychotic killers)
30 Robots fighting over scrap heaps
31 Sign: Death ray test area or something equally comforting
32 Mad graffiti removal robot painting the ruins with its designation code
34 One armed bandit follows and tempts people to play
35 Ancient vending machine
36 Crystalline growths cover area with remains of things buried within
37 Video screen flickering with ancient programs
38 Genetic autofac with two pods, can grow clones but with animal dna to make beast men
39 Sentient cattle lining up at abattoir robot truck to go to promised land
40 Model of huge colony ship or moonbase or ancient city
41 Map sign on wall
42 Remains of stargate complex
43 Wrecked spacecraft, sub or plane or train
44 Huge fossilized strata with layers of animals and robots in strange sequence
45 Carbonized corpses
46 Huge gargantuan mecha with creature colony inside
$7 Staked burned bodies, some see still alive but undead or monsters
48 Personal droid trapped in hole
49 Dish or antenna array beaming signal into space
50 Area buried under junkmail, intact structures underneath
51 Strange ancient music can be heard
52 Holograpic Ghost signals party
53 Area is living organic being, giant eye or other feature spotted
54 Trees of living flesh growing clone organs
56 Sentient children toy doll wants to be your friend
57 Nannybot with cryonic pod inside with possible sleeping passenger
58  Automated transport vehicle (microrail system or golf car if in a base) offers party a lift
59  Radio with link to satellite AI
60  Radio link to colony distant starship
61 Radio link to local cult or gang or community
62   Sly grog shop run by local degenerates
63 Trader camp willing to swap stuff
64  False signage, trail and other clues misdirecting away from something
65 Old timer crawled down here to die
66 Huge architectural scaled signage with entry inside, possibly a statue
67 Huge crack has opened exposed another deep complex
68 Robots recyclers gathering materials from rubble
69 Escaped slave begs for mercy, warns of local gangs
70 Spam holograms advertise ancient food, automobiles, clothes, robots, gene therapy, etc
71 Horrible wasteland brothel open for business
72 Cyber mosquitoes steal party dna samples
73 Cyber insect crawls into party belongings and report to home base
74 AI observing party thinks it can use them for something, may send a drone
75 Hear machine code chatter, barely audible
77 Find buried shelter sign in rubble
78 Shaft into deeper level or complex or drain system
79 Crashed truck with load sealed inside
80 Wandering man in jumpsuit babbling incomprehensible rubbish 
81 Chained prisoners left out to be collected by other slavers
82 Cannibal campsite with half eaten bodies
83 Ancient tablet can be powered up
84 Holographic ghost images of ancient tragic massacre here
85 Talking local animals willing to trade
86 Stash of someones stuff, awkward possibly valuable stuff and some emergency supplies
87 Shrine built by mutants or gang, covered in trinkets and human and animal and robot remains
88 Accidentally reveal structures built by diminutive animals including technology and slave species
89 Armoured men at work on access port in wall, if seen then use cloak fields and escape
90 Secret door to hidden trasure 
91 Secret door to hidden isolated community
92 Tracks with possible rusty mine cart full of junk
93 Tiny shack atop ancient mound
94 Walls filled with frightening monster remains
95 Artist gang at work busy painting, but might accept a talented artist as friend or recruit
96 Collection of corpses as threatening landmark, crucified, impaled or in gibbets 
97 Area interferes with psionics or mental mutation powers
98 Hunters butchering a mutant (1in6 it is sentient and cries for help)
99 Spores from caves infect through air or contaminated food causes hallucinations
100 Tiny robot spies on party

Science Encounters d100
mechanoid, automatons, androids, morlocks, mutants, mongrels, beast men, madmen
1 Corpses of ancients awake as undead when fresh food near by
2 Insane survivors of the ancients in torn jump suits
3 Morlock patrol looking for hardware or food
4 Cyborg, territorial about facility it needs to survive
5 Wardroid on patrol
6 Security droid on patrol
7 Replicant child with bomb inside
8 Eldren or men living in hidden sealed section as ancients
9 Psionic hermit most want to be left alone and a bit mad, some crazy killers
10 Cultists looking for relics
11 Squid man with awesome powers
12 Assassin android looking for disguised target
13 Liquid shape shifting metal mimic killing machine in disguise
14 Mushroom men spreading psychoactive spores everywhere
15 Morlocks herding slaves
16 Hobgoblin troops on drill guarding a point
17 Morlock smith and followers willing to trade
18 Bugbear stalks group, tries to scare or kill party member
19 Eldren warrior with exotic weapons and armour, out to kill humans or morlocks
20 Eloi drugged idiot slave from morlock herd, may recall life if sober long enough
21 Psionic emaciated humanoids from beyond seek prey
22 Ogre with horrible pet mutant 
23 Mutant troll with huge pulsing tumors  
24 Ghouls gang looking for food
25 Glowing ghouls, contaminated with disease or mutagens or toxins
27 Zombis burst from ground
28 Horde of slow moving relentless zombies
29 Well armed and armoured knight with strange mutant or robot mount, plus a few flunkies
30 Wasteland gang
31 Mercenary gang
32 Toad men with slaves and merc guards
33 Armadillo men
34 Rabbit men looking for better guns
35 Wolf men looking for victims
36 Giant land crabs defending territory
37 Giant wasps looking for victims, team work and carry paralyzed victims away
38 Giant Mantis hangs from above in disguise
39 Troglodyte hunter with club fighting monster
40 Giant scorpions
41 Troglodyte psion hermaphrodite with laser riding devolved quadraped human
42 Mole Men harvesting mushrooms and worms for overlords
43 Goat men looking to sacrifice victims
44 Giant flea swarm
45 Bat men cultists stalk and attack at opportune moment
46 Degenerate albino lizard men attack like pack of beast
47 Degenerate albino lizard men serving mad serpent man
48 Lizard men with obsidian edged war clubs and spears hunting
49 Lizard men guards with serpent man
50 Razor roach swarm
51 Fish men priest and bodyguards seeking mates, slaves, food and sacrifices
52 Dog men bandits, serve a eat warlord
53 Cat man bounty hunter with exotic fighting skills and tactics
54 Hog men demand party food 
55 Hairy boar men attack party in berserk rages
56 Giant Toad appears as rock, tries to swallow victim whole
67 Giant Cave Chameleon hangs from celing
58 Giant Iguana concealed under rubbish and fungus heap
59 Hawkman monk will watch group from distance and assist if worthy 
60 Giant cricket leaps from cover for a nip
61 Giant mole cricket bursts from ground
62 Giant Cockroach clings to wall in disguise
63 Colossal mutant tunnel rat size of a grizzly
64 Pack of dog sized giant mutant rats with disease
65 Abomination mutant seeking a mate or food or both
66 Rat men spreading disease
67 Swarm with tiny rats, snakes, bugs, spiders, scorpions, etc
68 Dog sized giant ants carrying technological scraps
69 Colossal ant on the hunt
70 Beetle men halberdiers with giant war beetle
71 Shoggoth avoiding any would be masters but attacks if cornered
72 lost surface madman out for some crazy quest
73 Giant cave ferrets or weasels
74 Badger men in ringmail, with morning stars, looking for food and loot
75 Giant monitor lizards scavenging on carcass
76 Giant basking monitor lizards swarm like hungry crocks
77 Cannibal gang
78 Mutant gang
79 Plague bearer zombies, with cloud of flies
80 Giant mutant hell hound
81 Giant looking for little people to eat
82 Crazed automaton with industrial tool arms out to kill living
83 Mushroom men in group trance
84 Mushroom man insane looking for composted flesh to spawn on
85 Acrobatic assassin android with sniper rifle and exotic blade
86 Horrible dwarf men crave food or lovers or both
87 Genetic infantryman, will kill and rob well equipped adventurers
88 Cult secret meeting, overly wary of rivals or state
89 Zombies looking for corpses to take home
90 Ghouls, almost human from civilization looking for food but recently dead will do
91 Sanctioned adventurers demand squatters hand over look and leave, licensed by local authority
92 Mutant cult who sacrifice victims to mutant abomination in a pit
93 Mutant hunter, very hungry, tries to be sneaky or get ahead to make trap or ambush
94 Mutant pervert brothers with chained dawgs (sentient quadruped kinfolk)
95 Creepy lone mutant stalker, just wants friends but is horrible and demented and easily angers 
96 Mutant berserkers
97 Beastmen warriors, out to get humans
98 Robot on a mission for a distant master
99 Adventurer party, wary and trigger happy
100 Degenerate surface folk turned into cannibal clan

Science Loot d100
1 Flashlight
2 Digital camera
3 Phone or wrist com
5 Tablet or laptop computer
6 Toy robot
7 Briefcase
8 Lunchbox
9 Clothes
10 Headset com unit
11 Comdot unit set
12 Game consol
13 Backpack
14 Video projector
15 ID cards
16 Credit transactor
17 Desk toy
18 Umbrella or poncho
19 Armoured vest
20 Concealed pistol
21 Small pistol
22 Military side arm
23 Hunting rifle
24  Hunting Shotgun
25 Military rifle
26 Military shotgun
27 Truncheon
28 Non lethal weapon - stunner
29 Non lethal weapon - chemichal
30 Bat
31 Uniform
32 One person camping outfit and backpack
33 Anti gravity parachute pack
34 Pills
35 Hand grenade
36 Hand cuffs
37 Hat
38 Mask
39 Goggles
40 Sport protective mask, pads and vest
41 Climbing equiptment
42 Batteries in a box with plug in charger
43 Cooking equipment
44 Trolly or hand truck or pram
45 Software cartridge or portable secure storage for robot
46 Riot armour
47 Retro tech armour
48 Retro tech hand weapon
49 Retro tech fire arm
50 Diagnostic hand scanner for one discipline or field
52 Cable, chain or monowire or spinarette gun
53 Fire extinguisher
54 Explosives
55 Chemicals
56 Preserved rations
57 Ancient rations
58 Fresh food
59 First aid kit
60 Bandages, rags, berries, bottle of spirits, saw, hammer in bag
61 Alcoholic drink
62 Hash, tobacco or opium or other smokable with pipe
63 Narcotics in pill or injected form or inhalant form
64 Adult content data storage
65 Costume
66 Smartsuit, self cleaning and repairing
67 Awesome fashion item fit for a rock star
68 Headphones and media player
69 Prosthetic body part
70 Candy
71 Jewelery
72 Condiments
73 Robot parts
74 Android food
75 Portable entertainment system
76 Religious icon or book or statue
77 Collection of skulls
78 Collection of poor quality ammo and archaic weapons
79 Box of 1d6 mines
80 Box or 1d4 rockets
81 Knife
82 Hatchet
83 Cutting tool
84 Spool of wire
84 Polybond tape
85 Axe
86 Translator
87 Flares and pistol
88 Bloodpacks
88 Empty atomic power cell
89 Helmet
90 Gasmask
91 Drone or remote
92 Toy raygun
93 Egg
94 Sealed tin of food no label
95 Clipboard with notes
96 Pack of pens
97 Aerosol cans
98 Skateboard or roller blades
99 Flight suit, fireproof with air supply, hud, comlink
100 Bicycle or folding scooter or sedgeway


  1. you rock... extremely creatitive .. my random tables seldom go above twenty .. .

  2. i still managed to roll same thing 3 times in a row generating hexes with d100 - ive been in training to bump up from d20 to d50 to d100 - i steal from myself too for a few entries


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