Sunday, 26 May 2013

A doodle break - my secret life fighting monsters for the kids

Last post left me woozy and ive been having a life. Finished my mini bond theme secret one manned blogfest. Good health had more mobile - party with some good conversation and a woman with a nice haircut. Extra relief shift scanned my octopus and cartoon art i do mostly for kid and four days of my other awesome secret nocturnal hobby you can see on my flickr (new look flickr still wonky). 

Octopus monsters and drawing kids requests here - mostly wholesome.
Anyone welcome to print as colouring pages for kids from nicer ones

New hat. Good times. Knee flare up and fever today but alright. Zine fair today and meridian game club and friends if i can handle it. Late start at work monday phew. But probably not quite so intensive here next few days. This post a bit more game idea based and have another drive to check then ill start scanning from my huge personal library then i will spend days in next trip home in 2 uni libraries with a digital camera. Trip to Melbourne which has Assyriology at uni too (i might check out course as ive been tempted to move to melb and my niece moving there this year).

I have 4 posts to finish including petty psychonian god inspired by auntie jack feed back - so thanks for feedback - give me something to write when im feeling poopy.

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