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Doomraker: Heroes of Psychonia

Psychonian heroes are a bit different to my normal DnD world.

I will do some starting 1st levals for running Anomalous Subsurface Environment but will run some hot-housed "Doomrakers" characters with up to 6 levels in any class with racial classes included so weird hybrids possible. Up to 3 classes, last is most recent. Basicly considering players are freed slaves or servants, recently freed and banished or lost from homes.

Sorcerer3 monk3
Elf 3 Dwarf3
Warrior2 Rogue4
Warrior2 Sorcerer2 Rogue2
Druid3 Bard3
Dwarf2 Bard 4
Tako3 Rogue3

or add some non humans in the mix

Kobold3 Druid3
Elf3 Hobgoblin3
Wizard3 Bugbear3

Ive considered a few classes to bring all my gammaworld crap here too. Mutant. Cyborg. Robot, Animal. I had considered a beastman, giant, animal spirit, doppelganger of late too. Still wondering if i need Paladins, Rangers, Barbarians. Considering some proficiencies for 10th level +

Alignment champion and psionics benefits are available for a xp cost -10% each


Random psychonian skin colour
1 Crimson (red, brick, maroon)
2 Magenta (rose, pink)
3 Cyan (sky, light blue)
4 Turquoise (sea, turquoise, aquamarine)
5 Yellow (gold)
6 Tangerine (orange, bronze)
7 Emerald (olive, forest)
8 Green (lime, light green)
9 Violet (Indigo, purple, lavender)
10 Lapis (dark blue, midnight, navy)
11 Roll 1d10 twice times or ivory (bone, pearl, shell, silver)
12 Roll 1d10 1d4+1 times or jet (grey, slate, steel)

This is revised a bit from early versions which had according to webcolour 3 repeated colours (easier under other colour schemes to separate cyan, aqua, turquoise). Crimson instead of boring old red. Aqua and turquoise combined. Lapis is now the dark blue. The main point is to have skin colours from modern earth non existent. Metallic anodized metal colours possible. You can roll again for your blood colour.

Multiple coloured psychonians roll d6 here for ideas
1 Stripes
2 Spots
3 Chamo or puzzle piece pattern
4 Piebald (random blotches)
5 Hair and skin coloured different
6 Subtle tonal variation

d12 Hair
1 No body hair
2 Little body hair
3-5 Average hair
6-7 Crazy natural freaky punk hair like a mohawk (roll an extra colour for highlights)
8-9 long hair and or beard
10 Peach fuzz all over
11 Thick curly hair all over
12 Thick fur all over (like a wookie)

Elves/Eldren and women can roll a d10 instead if they want

d12 Height
1 Abnormally short (4' human)
2-3 Short for type (5' human)
4-8 Average (6' human)
9-10 Tall (6'6" human)
11 Huge (7' human)
12 Giant (9' human)

Dwarf/Morlock -2'
Elf/Eldren +6" but only roll a d10
No mods for gender

d12 Optional weird features
1 Tail (devil or various types)
2 Horns (one horn, two, cow, goat, deer)
3 Cat like eyes, reflective (other weird eyes like compound or chameleon or cyclops)
4 Scales (various sizes)
5 Long forked tongue (other weird tongue like frogs)
6 Edged Teeth (or fangs or rows of extra teeth or ruminant or none)
7 Tattooed all over (art, circuit diagrams, animal totems, ancestral deeds)
8 Webbed toes (or hooves or huge feet)
9 Different numbers or fingers and toes d6 1=2, 2=3, 3-4=4, 5=6, 6=7
10 Antenna (elfy or insectoid or moth)
11 Huge pointy ears (elfy, bat, lizard)
12 Reproductive anomaly (spectacular genitals, extra breasts, lay eggs, hermaphrodite)

only roll on this if you want to be a little bit freaky - no real benefits

Starting Equipment:

Everyone gets to pick common armour, any weapon you are skilled with, roll for a basic potion and item. Everyone starts with 1d6 days food, two days water.

Most common armour is the two following items. for lightweight everyday use.

Hero harness +1 AC, covers shoulders and joints and not much else. Includes lots of places to strap weapons and stuff.

Bracers +1 AC metal bands on wrists and legs can be added to other armour up to and including +5.

Heavy Cloak +1 AC huge furry cloak suitable for cold climes.

common clothes (+0AC)
leather (+1AC)
a small shield (+1AC)

A player can start with any of  these items if able to use them.

Weapons come in lots of variety but sabre and spear followed by axe then mace are most common. Shortsword and daggers common second arms. Thrown missiles most common. Some areas have only some missile weapons but sling is pretty standard. Guns and even lasers are available but rare.

d12 potion
1 Healing 1d4
2 Healing 1d8
3 Growth 10 minutes
4 Shrink 10 minutes
5 Breathe water, 1 hour
6 Strength +1d4, 10 minutes
7 Neutralize poison
8 Neutralize disease
9 Commune with otherworldly being one hour trip
10 Detect magic 10 minutes
11 Protection from evil 10 minutes
12 +2 AC 10 minutes

1d6 doses

may choose holy water or flammable oil instead

d8 Potion forms
1 Inhalant - powder, 1 round to inhale, snuffbox
2 Ointment - 1d3 rounds to use, jar or tin
3 Injected - 1d3 rounds to use, syringe and bottle
4 Smokable herb or resin - 1d3 rounds to use, pipe and herbs
5 Pill - 1d3 rounds to use, tin or bottle
6 Edible - 1d3 rounds to ingest, bag or tin
7 Eyedrops - 1 round to use, bottle
8 Drink - 1 round to use, bottle

forbidden art of buttchugging potions might add a few extra rounds effect, failed rolls CON save equals poisoning - frowned on by proper adventurers

d12 items
1 A +1 weapon
2 A +1 item of armour
3 Extra stash of potion
4 Pet or mount
5 +1 saving throw charm as jewelery or ring
6 Gas mask or binoculars or filter canteen or space blanket
7 Electronic device - radio, gps (need to update in new hexes), rad scanner,  toy
8 Explosives 1d6 basic black powder grenaides with lit fuse or 1d3 advanced grenades
9 Rare missile weapon (crossbow, flintlock pistol, musket, derringer revolver 1d4)
10 Advanced missile weapon (light laser,  revolver 2d4)
11 Medeum armour chain +5

12 Heavy armour +7

Character Classes on Psychon

Zero level

peasant or shopkeeper 1d4 HD
man at arms, bandit 1d6 HD


The most common type of character and most respected by common folk. Warriors aspire to be mighty warlords but most die in petty wars and gladiator pits. Some guard citadels and live as part of military elite living in comfort. Mass combat is rare on psychon. Some warriors become alignment champions for additional power and purpose. Many common crafters, hunters even farmers are warriors or at least men at arms.

Psychonian WarlordTypical mercenary with dreams of being a citadel ruler
Sabre, Javelin, Dagger, Dart (all these for 2 slots as a group)
Sabre Expert +1, Improvise Weaponry (buy above group leaves 2 slots)
Survival, Bravery, Make Improvised Weapon
Psychonian Monster Slayer
Typical hunter of monsters and deadly creature and machines
Sabre, Flintlock, Dagger, Grenaide
(all these for 2 slots as a group) Fastdraw (Flintlock), Shoot moving fire
Blackpowder, Gunnery, Track

Psychonian Citadel Guard

Typical citadel warrior, each citadel has a preferred exotic polearm
Polarm, sabre, crossbow, dagger
Hafted weapon defense, Polearm expert
alertness, spot, listen

Priests follow the enigmatic gods of psychon. Priests know all the gods but favour one. Gods are creations of the ancients, with hidden holy complexes and satellites around the world they simultaneously dwell in. Gods work together to power priestly spells even if contradictory in purpose. Minor gods are to be respected but wary of. Priests receive an implant on initiation in the temple. Alignment is an important factor too affecting weapons and what a priest can turn.
this is worth a look for priests, other magicians and possibly other zelouts

Pychonian Holy Man/Woman
Typical village or wandering holy person
Staff, Sling, Mace or sabre (depending on alignment)
First Aid, Healing Lore, God Lore, Preacher

Pychonian Templar

Zelous holy crusader and inspiring leader of soldiers
Mace or sabre (depending on alignment), Crossbow, Dagger
First Aid, Alighnment Lore, Exortation, Chant

Many citadel dwellers are rogues including traveling merchants and tradesmen. Teeming masses of citadel slumbs are mostly rogues. The second most common class. Devious men with clever ways survive well in the wastes of psychon. Locks on Psychon are mostly in citadels, but advanced ancient electronic locks require specialized tools rather than basic thieves tools.

Psychonian Citadel Gang member
Typical street gangster
Sabre, Dagger, brawling
Sneak, Hide, Listen, Pick Pockets, Taunt, Streetwise, Climb, Shadowing

Psychonian TraderCon men, fences, merchants and dealers from citadel markets
Sabre, Dagger, Dart
Appraise, Bluff, Merchant, Repair, Haggle, Fortune Telling, Quack healer, Escapology

Wizards understand the occult sciences of the ancients and the gods and can defy them with arcane knowledge. By years of study and practice in manipulating psychonian ether flows and auroras the perform miracles. Wizards can read the ancient tongues and players may offer psudeo-scientific gobbledygook for any phenomena their characters witness. Some wizards study scientific lore of the ancients and refer to themselves as scientists.

Psychonian ScientistLike to wear lab coats and imitate ancients
Staff or Dagger
Alchemical Lore, Blackpowder, Incendiaries, Poison Lore, Observation, Ancient Lore, Brewing,  First Aid
Know History, Light, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp


Sorcerers are the lazier kin of wizards who find magic easy. Their powers and knowledge come in dreams rather than study. Many are descended from or are allied to otherworldly beings. Sorcerers often live indolent lives of pleasure but some with allies have other demands and even act as spiritual advisers to a cult. Common cult witches and warlocks are sorcerers.

Monastic orders are scattered across the wastelands emphasizing discipline and skill over magic. Scholars, martial artists and soldiers, they create wells of civilization in a desert of madness. Many exotic arts and sciences are preserved by them. Monks practice self defense but try to avoid fights and avoid using soldiers arms. Most have very little property.

Psychonian Martial Artist - wanderersTypical lone martial artis travelling the world to learn new tequniques
Staff, Shriken, Martial Punch, Double Punch
Tumbling, First Aid, Spot, Diplomacy


Nature on psychon is very different. Druids deal with forces of life and nature as embodied by psychogenic gods. Druids read the skies for signs of terraforming and changes in hexes, ready for wild weather, quakes, terrain changes and other problems. Druids help warn and protect commoners and deal with the constant changing ecology. They deal with ild creatures and inhuman inteligences of the wilds. Many citadels and ziggurats have gardens which druids tend. Druids and priests share lore and magic theory, but druids rely on rote learning than scripture and deal with a greater variety of lesser beings.

Psychonian Druids (Priests of nature) Rainbow Robes, any balanced or middle
Aid common folk against psychons weather, monsters and the gods thoughtless hex terraforming
Follow gods, elementals, spirits and sylvan beings in tune with Psychonian changes
Sabre, Staff
First Aid, Healing Lore, Nature Lore, Sense weather
3rd Lv can sense gods changes in weather or terraforming in progress
6th Lv One species of animal form one change per lv per day
9th Lv Any species of animal one change per lv per day
14th Lv may hibernate at will for years in form of a coloured rock monolith
18th Lv may plane shift per lv per day to the elemental planes


Bards are traveling messengers, entertainers and artists. They wander freely and many isolated xenophobes will tolerate bards more than other persons. A legendary magical guitar is a desire of every bard, created in elder days magic. Bards are experts in ancient lore and various cunning tricks and feats. Various bards use different magic and work with other magicians. The may even act as holy folk in a tight place.

Psychonian Guitar Hero Bard - rock and roll champion
These bad assed trouble makers roam the world from gig to gig, fornicating, shouting, ruining inn rooms and abusing alcohol. Despite this Psychonian teens love them and they tend to support freedom and sometimes get involved in political movements.
Sabre, Crossbow
Song Lore, Play Guitar, Listen, Seduce, Bluff, Drinking
Magic as per any class but Psionic bards common on psychon

Elf (Eldren, Eloi)

Eldren were bred aeons ago by the gods to serve them in the stars and secret places of Psychon. Their numbers have dwindled but they are almost immortal. They are warriors and magicians but they cannot take punishment as well as a human warrior. Some Eldren have been bred as food slaves by the evil morlocks and are drugged and kept ignorant. They are so tasty Morlocks continue to herd eloi no matter the cost of race wars. Eldren are usually immersed in pleasure, study or artworks and many have failed to notice the decimation of their kind. No longer the favoured of the gods, eldren are doomed. Reproduction (not sex) is distasteful to most of them born nowadays are halfbreeds born outside secret citadels of Eldren. Some Eldren live wild and savage lives in the woods far from humans. Humans seem hasty and crude but eldren prefer them to other races. Some eldren live in open, unaware of their scarcity or their high value as slaves.

Psychonian Eldren

Typical eldren hidden in his secret citadel now a doomed wanderer
Sabre, Longbow, shuriken, dagger (all these for 2 slots as a group)Ancient Lore, God Lore, First Aid, Etiquette
Magic as per any class but Psionic bards common on psychon


Typical morlock herd beast kept in pleasure palace in life of ignorant bliss
Martial Punch, Double Punch (tend not to have access to weapons)
Eating, Drinking, Grooming, Etiquette
Magic as per any class but Psionic bards common on psychon

If eldren become alignment champions they get these additional benefits

lv 2 cosmetic alteration
lv 5 second alteration
lv 8 third alteration
lv 10 functional wings fly at run speed - bat, insect or feathered

alterations include:
horns, tail, halo, cloven hooves, glowing eyes, metallic skin, antenna, feathers, scales

Dwarf (Morlock)
Savage cannibal subterranean dwellers, who herd and enslave other races. Dwelling in ancient sub cities, some even serve great death machines remaining in abandoned human sub cities. Bred by gods to survive the apocalypses of the age of sorrow, they were made short, able to dwell in underground tunnels and survive biochemical horrors of the ancients. Cannibalism was an unfortunate trait some god thought made sense to survive. Morlocks have advanced technology, often using steampunk science or better. They display their tech blatantly, unimpressed by magic. Most are rightfully suspicious of them, but some live with humans and restrain their vile tendencies if well fed. As horrid as they are they are still preferable to goblinoids and giants who morlocks wage war on constantly.

Psychonian Morlock - cannibalistic subterranean dwellers
Battle Axe, Mace, Spear, Crossbow  (all these for 2 slots as a group)
Sneak, Hide, Mechanical Lore,
Make Improvised Weapon
Halfling (Halfmen)
Halfmen are kin of men, morlocks and eldren, bred by the gods to dwell in underground shelters in high density living. Very able to live hidden in their luxurious burrows for life, some choose to live with humans and in the open. While weaker than other races they make able assassins and destroy enemy leaders or other who trouble them on the quiet. Halfmen in human towns are usually lower class but they still like to maintain tunnels to connect human style cottages. Halfmen are renowned hedonists who gorge themselves on delicious food and vice, but less known is their ability to do without and survive where others wouldn't. Halfmen are ignored by history and empire makers which suits them fine.

Psychonian Half Man
Short bow, Short Sword, Dagger (all get brawling and rock)
Sneak, Hide, Listen, Eat or Drink

Tako (Octopus Men)

Tako are intelligent octopus men who have immigrated en mass to the land. While some dwell in undersea kingdoms using found ancient tech, the surface dwellers are as adept with tech as any human. Able magicians also. Tako are not numerous enough for citadels of there own but many serve as mercenaries ans adventurers. Tako like humans, eldren and halfmen but are wary of morlocks. Some men hate tako and associate them with evil. Fishermen accuse them of ruining nets and stealing wives. While no more evil than humans evil tako feel affinity for alien gods and various sea demons.

Shamen are magicians who serve tribal persons mostly with their mental powers and ability to deal with spirits. They commune with various non corporeal beings like nature spirits, long dead ancestors and others. In civilized places they serve as spiritualists and exorcists. Shamanic doctrines are rote learned and taught personally to students with potential. Shaman are a great source of knowledge on local spirits and beings and worth speaking to on the matter.

Ill add some more shamen types here later

Psionacists are magicians of the mind who have developed a systematic approach to mentalist magic without spirits like shamen. Can be confused with monks or wizards, psion schools teach meditation and train in mental and physical disciplines. In some places psions are dominant culturally. They acknowledge the gods as a force in the psionisphere but put mankind first. Lone psions often travel seeking new disciplines and skills not taught by home teachers or schools. Most people dont diferetiate psions from other magic often calling them mind mages. Psions have been known to lead revolts against corrupt leaders of citadels. Some wage war with corrupt wizards and sorcerers. Psions come from all social classes and often teach literacy to common folk, believing human destiny requires minds of men rule rather than mucles of brutes or hidden power of gods.

Ill add some more psionicist types here later


Most are iliterate and use picture symbols. Gods made most men incapable of comprehending speak or write ancient. Only eldren and wizards speak or write ancient.

Only monks, priests, eldren, psionicicts and wizards can learn any written initially.

Common S & W
Ancient S & W
Eldren S & W
Goblinoid S & W
Morlock S & W
Reptile Man
Sepent Man S & W
Goat Man S & W
Ape Man S
Dog Man S
Cat Man S

Plenty of beast men languages, listed most common
Alignment languages also with spoken and written
Many beast men have own languages, written less common
Each god has a cult language also with spoken and written

Growing up Psychonian

Where did I come from d100
1-7 Raised with own people but lost as adult
8-12 Raised by other different people to your own
13 Raised by monster
14 Raised by a god in a hidden palace
15 Raised by aliens in secret base or sky chariot
16 Raised by talking animals in forest
17 Raised by gang in a citadel slumb
18 Raised by monk or monastery
19 Raised by priest or temple
20 Raised by mutants in the wastelands
21 Raised by wizard as servant in a tower
22 Raised by sorcerer cult as servant in a pleasure dome
23-24 Raised by cultists in secret cave or ruin or sewer
25 Raised by slavers in captivity
26 Raised as food by morlocks in underground complex
27 Raised by goblinoids in cave
28 Raised by half men in burrow or cottage
29 Raised by goat men in forest
30 Raised by travelling merchants on the road
31 Raised by barbarians on warpath
32 Raised by nomad hunters in wilds
33 Raised by robots or androids in bunker
34 Raised by cavemen in cave
35-37 Raised self in citadel slum
38-40 Raised self as feral in wilderness
41-45 Raised with own people but saw them all killed by raiders
46-50 Raised with own people but saw them all enslaved and scattered
46-50 Raised with own people but saw them all killed by disaster
51 Raised with own people but saw your home hex recycled by gods
52  Raised with own people but they have had history changed by gods, nobody remembers you
53 Cant remember real past, god over wrote your past
54 Decantered from from clone vat in vault, no memories
55 Thawed from extreme past, everyone you know long dead
56 Gods changed your skin colour and or race alienating your kin
57 Raised with own people but saw them all killed by plague
58 Raised with own people but saw them all go mad and die
59 Raised with own people but saw them all affected by shared halucination without you
60 Raised with own people but saw them all killedby monsters
61 Decantered from from clone vat, aware you are copy of high level leader
62 Decantered from from clone vat, no memories
63 Raised by other planar beings on other dimension
64 Raised by degenerate minions of elder gods in cave or temple or basement
65 Raised by Psion teacher or school
66 Raised by shaman as servant in wilds
67 Raised by undead in crypt or vault
68 Raised by Tako under the sea dome
69 Raised by mongrelmen in toxic ruins
70 Raised by fishmen near water
71 Raised by bat men in a cave
72 Bred by serpent men as sacrifice and lab rat
73 Ancient criopod opened, Psychonian phenomena erased memories, changed race
74 Ancient escape pod from space crashed, Psychonian phenomena erased memories, changed race
75 Raised with own people but outcaste for a crime or breaking taboo or love gone wrong
76 Wandering world since teen vision of one true love in distant land
77 Air nomads raised you and took you far and wide
78 Raised in sky citadel folk who raided the surface and left you behind long ago
79 Raised by rat men in ancient sewer
80 Raised by dog men mercenary tribe
81 Raised by stag men in woods
82 Raised by bird men on floating island
83 Created spontaneously as adult by a god as experiment
84 Created spontaneously as adult by a god for secret mission
85 Time traveller, altered by Psychonian phenomena but memories partly intact
86 Raised by spider folk in cave
87 Raised by reptile men in a swamp
88 Raised by fire newt men in volcano
89 Raised by doppelgangers in secret citadel chambers
90 Raised as privileged city dweller till out caste by coup
91 Ressurected from mummified corpse, loved ones long vanished
92 Left home to seek adventure and excitement
93 Left home long ago to follow lover who abandoned you
94 Kidnapped by press gang and raised by mercenaries
95 Teleported by gods far from home for unrevealed reasons
96 Hatched as adult from egg
97 Grew from pod plant as copy of other person
98 Raised by swine men as house servant
99 Raised by exotic beast men as own
100 Roll twice and try to fit stories together

A few bugs in my consistency i uncovered here - will be doing EMO (elfmaids and octopi DnD) book and revised Psychon book over next few months.

Character Classes: the basic classes

Warriors character class
Priests character class
Wizard character class
Rogue character class

Character Classes: the specialist classes
Sorcerer character class
Druid character class
character class
Bard character class

Character Classes and Other Races

Elf character class
Dwarf characer class
Halfling characer class
Old version Tako character class
New version Tako character class
Races Beyond the black stump: Goblinoids

Character Classes and Psionics
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 1-3
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 4-5 with Shaman Class
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 6-7 with Psionicist Class

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