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Some Premade Wasteland Travel Encounters

So these are some listed premade encounters for long wasteland travel based on my own encounter tables. So one list is for foot travel for one week. These are not meant to be too exciting or distracting from missions).

also these

Week On Foot Through Wastes

day 1
Morning: swagman is hungry and would love some booze, tells rambling stories
Afternoon: Cannibal mutant tribe 2d4 use missile fire and skirmish, try to take a body
Night: Mutant goannas with paralysing tentacles want food they can smell
AC+4 2HD Att clawx2 bite d4 tentaclex2 paralysis Mov 15 in groups of d3+1

day 2
Morning: Giant frill-necked lizard on the road AC5 4HD Att: Bite 2d4 Clawsx2 d4 Mov 18
Afternoon: Swagman looking for work on hard times, experienced shepherd and shearer
Night: Cannibal mutant tribe want revenge 2d4+4 assassins seeking revenge and corpses

day 3
Morning: Giant mutant scorpion attack
Afternoon: Lost Cattle, scrawny and dirty worth money d4
Night: Giant mutant scorpions attack d3+2 one first then others attracted to fight

day 4
Morning: Giant mutant scorpion attack
Afternoon: Gang punks without wheels looking for trouble on way home d4+2
Night: Hear some lost sheep worth money if rounded up 2d4

day 5
Morning:  Mutant dingos with chameleon-like blending get close and ambush suddenly
Afternoon: Merchant Wagontrain has slowed to fix a wheel happy for the company
Night: Hear then see wild goats in distance, riddled with tumours and worms

day 6
Morning: Masked raiders with the bike, trike with arbalest and a buggy
Afternoon: Feral cat abhuman sniper follows and harasses using bolt action rifle
Night: Swagman is attracted to the campfire, hiding tentacle arms under his coat and looks ill,
begs for food and place near the fire, later he turns into a tentacled thing like horror

day 7
Morning:  Mutant dingos, black and red, carry disease and berserker if zero hp (dead -10)
Afternoon: A tribe of ferals offer to trade food and bales of drugs, some will try and pickpockets and touch party stuff, a feral thief kid wants to join the party
Night: Four cannibals creep into camp and try and overwhelm one person to eat

Week On Foot Through Desert

day 1
Morning: rabbits grazing, warren close
Afternoon: locust swarm eat any food and nibble people not undercover for d3hp
Night: giant horned rabbits grazing, hostile and will teamwork attack camp d3+3
Exploration: Wrecked car body, some scrap 
day 2
Morning: Dingo pack hunting will keep away if spotted
Afternoon: Kangaroos grazing 
Night: Hostile tribe start fire upwind in the grass then circle round for ambush
Exploration:  Small ghost town of old forgotten faction

day 3
Morning: Farmers on way to market with wagons and muskets
Afternoon: Lone broken robot trundles towards the party - if party threaten with firearms the robot sez "draw" and pulls a laser pistol, older model with six shots and a half range  
Night: Hostile tribes use fire to cause an emus stampede
Exploration: Remains of massacre barely concealed

day 4
Morning:  Farmers on way to market with wagons and muskets
Afternoon: Raiders riding 4wd open top scrap utility truck, excited to see victims  
Night: Giant carnivorous sand mole grabs sleepers from underground
Exploration: Ruined farm Shack

day 5
Morning: Silver city Desert Rangers on a manhunt for a bushranger
Afternoon:  Gang of bearded dragon abhumans hunting giant bugs
Night: That night wounded bushranger tries to hold up camp for food and ammo
Exploration: Crashed aircraft mostly looted, some scrap and electronics

day 6
Morning: Feral cat has seen hunting almost 2m long
Afternoon: Herd of wild feral camels 
Night: Marsupial lion tries to snatch a victim, sneaking close and waits 
Exploration: Raiders camp two bikes and a buggy under repair

day 7
Morning: Farmers with wagons and muskets offer to travel with you to market
Afternoon: Raider motorcycle gang, four bikes with d4+3 psycho punks 
Night: Giant mutant constricting python slides under the sand for ambush
Exploration: Huge abandoned ant mound

Week On Foot Through Scrub

day 1
Morning: Explorers found an interesting building and are wary of claim jumpers
Afternoon: A lone prospector collecting scrap from ancient 1800s rubble heaps 
Night: Lone yowie sneaks into camp looking for food, flees if hurt
Exploration: Tribal camp, welcome if don't bring guns

day 2
Morning: Thylacine stripy marsupial dogs in a pack
Afternoon: Giant wombats grazing, will trample enemy if scared then crush with buttocks  
Night: Savage pack of giant hopping marsupial bilby, crazed for flesh
Exploration: Old farm shed full of scrap metal

day 3
Morning: Giant snake basking on road, venomous redbelly black snake 
Afternoon: Pack of mutant dingo, bites cause no damage but inflict green slime
dogs immune and swallow the slime once converted a corpse with feeding tubes
Night: Giant praying mantis disguised as small tree attacks traveller
Exploration: Hidden clan farm, hate outsiders and non-relatives

day 4
Morning: Giant wombats grazing, will trample enemy if scared then crush with buttocks
Afternoon: Pack of luminous green mutant dingo led by one huge 4HD specimen
Night: Wild boar snuffling about if surprised they charge
Exploration: Old agricultural machine wreck with scrap

day 5 
Morning: Red kangaroos grazing, a large male looks stroppy 
Afternoon:  Giant ants collecting bones pleased by the sight of travellers
Night: Marsupial lion hunting
Exploration: Giant termite towers

day 6
Morning: Explorers looking a ruined aircraft, jumpy if found, wary of bandits
Afternoon: Gumnut children tiny humanoids gathering bush food have never seen humans 
Night: Snake abhumans hunting for escaped lab specimens from ruined lab bunker
Exploration: Huge burrow entrance of some creature

day 7
Morning: Tribal hunters, wary but may trade or offer directions
Afternoon: Lone prospector with blunderbuss and donkey with a load of scrap 
Night: Clan of yowie attack seeking food, tools and the prettiest as mates
Exploration: Ruined mine shack and shaft into long buried buildings

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