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Adds for my Wasteland

So one of the great world-building features of Fall out games (and 2000AD does well) is in world advertisements and posters and vehicles. Holographic ads might play in some areas still. So for my current game doing some Aussie advertising

d10 Advertisment Condition
1 Burned out
2 Faded and peeling surface
3 Graffiti by some recent local faction
4 Gunshots
5 Overgrown in vegetation
6 Corrosion or decayed
7 Battered
8 Scratched
9 Readable condition a few marks or divots
10 Like new

d10 Advertisement Type
1 Brochure often airdropped by drones or in letterboxes
2 Stickers
3 T-shirts, Caps & Clothing
4 Merchandise (cups, towels, packs) 
5 Packaging (bottles, drums, crates, boxes)
6 Posters pasted on walls
7 SIgnage of vehicles like truck or train or bus
8 Large signs on buildings, bus shelter, wall
9 Billboard sign on the structure or freestanding
10 Electronic d4 1=audio 2=hologram 3=robot 4=psychotronic mind control (buy a hotdog)

d10 Advertisement Special
1 Local feuding gang tags capping rivals tags in layers
2 Obscene witticisms and doodles added
3 Something stuck in the ad like a car wreck, arrows, tree 
4 Remains of former rival ad underneath partially visible  
5 Slander about a local personality
6 Threats and abuse between gangs added
7 Messages scrawled on it from several parties
8 Map scrawled on it
9 Hidden faction message drop
10 Boobytrap if tampered with (popular on flags and faction signs) d4 1=pipebomb 2=grenaide 3=shotgun or crossbow 4=incendiary

d10 Advertisement Types
1 Government
2 Ancient Faction
3 Current Faction
4 Fast Food
5 Beverages
6 Heritage Foods 
7 Tourism
8 Entertainment
 Manufactured goods
10 Megacorporations

d10 Advertisement of the Rubble
01 Public warning: Do you know the warning signs of Zombification? Get on board or Die!
02 Victory in the Jungle Means Peace At Home!
03 Cyborg War Vets Need Your Love & Understanding. Inform yourself about Cyber Psychosis
04 Give up your job to Automations and don't work, enjoy life and live it for yourself
05 Robots & Androids: Deactivate and contact local government for collection, don't take the risk of the killer virus
06 This Abhuman soldier fights for Democracy! Animorphs are our furry friends!
07 Contact the Off-world colonisation organisation today for a chance to escape Earths problems, see if you qualify or can afford it today!
08 Remember the drills for enemy Attacks: Atomic Biological Chem
09 Beware: Enemy Spies are everywhere preparing Psychotronic Attacks!
10 Stop Sabotage! Protect Industry From Electronic Terrorism!
11 Humanity First Party: Stop Playing God Science!
12 Peace Party: Together We Can Save The World
13 Only God Can Save Us Now: The New Purity Party
14 Zone War Veterans: We have the Right to Keep our Augments!
15 Machinist Party: We want to keep our Automatons! We don't care about the risks!
16 You Can Take My Freedom But Don't Take My Sexbot!
17 Stop The Machine Now! Shut Down A.I. Before It's Too Late!
18 Together We Can Fix It! Don't Let the Neo-Luddites Win Again!
19 Stop The Colonies: let's Terraform the Earth Not Burn It!
20 Stop the Pancific Alliance! Pull our Robots Troops Out Now!
21 Beware Mutants! Purge Genetic Heretics & Abominations!
22 Welcome to the Wasteland! (graffiti billboard with crucified skilless bodies)
23 No Humans! Animorphs Only! "All Animals are equal except the man who put themselves above all & ruined the world" 
24 Do Not Resist! King Toad Wants Only To Help (by Canetoad guerilla army), shows king toad waving from his vintage Bently convertible or a nice portrait
25 Let The Machine Take Controls Now!
26 Come Party & Trade at Grand old Silver City -  The Capitol of the wasteland
27 Silver City Rangers - Keeping you safe of the road
28 Wake Up Its Time To Die! (gang graffiti) 
29 Prospectors Guild - Dig Safe! Dig Free!
30 Support Your Local Fire Volunteers!
31 Chicken Attack! Cloned on the bone au natural!
32 Soylent long life snack bars taking you to the stars!
33 Brain Bars - full of caffeine, smart food and nootropics 
34 Ms Maggie's Pies - full of flavour to savour
36 Burger Clown - the fun family feast!
37 Pizza JoJo - pizza and video arcades
38 Sharky's Seafood - fresh frozen from the sea! 
39 Rowdy Burger - bite my bunz youz dirty losers!
40 Bush Kebab - synth lamb, goat, kangaroo, chicken and tofu-style kebabs
41 Karma Kola - you'll get what you deserve! red and gold minimalistic art
42 Astronomer Whiskey - bam! takes you to the moon! 
43 Aelita Vodka - the crystal purity, orbital distilled 
44 Smart Soda - for a hard cognitive boost to get you through!
45 Goonbox - Australias most sophisticated wine in a box
46 Beer - lots of brands, many local including Coopers, VB, Resch's, Carleton
47 Pure Stream Water - the luxury of the pure essence of water
48 Full Boar Draught Beer - Its Beaut Mate!
49 Slime Time - tasty slime from a can in your hand
50 Chunky Custard - got that chunky lovin' 
 Vegemite - If You Don't Eat It you'll Drop Dead!
52 Soylent-in-a -Biscuit, the tasty spicy cracker of the people
53 TimTam Snack packs - in 12 fantastic flavours
54 Chiko Rolls - now in sixteen flavours! rock-n-roll! Usually with motorbike and attractive youths
55 Rosella Tomato Sauce
56 Liptons Tea
57 Wagon Wheels - jam and marshmallow filled biscuit coated in chocolate
58 Pollywaffle - choc marshmallow waffle tubes
59 Farmers Union Iced Coffee
60 Smiths Soylent Chips
61 Dinosaur Gardens - home of Tony the T-Rex, see him Roar for real!
62 Pleistocene Park - Australias premier prehistoric attraction
63 Come see The National Mad Max Motor Museum Silverton north of Broken Hill
64 Emu Flats - come see the test sight of a dozen atomic tests!
65 Woomera Rocket Range - Australias Original Launch Site
66 Come to the Races! - broken hill race carnival season, bring your betting money!
67 Welcome to Slaughter Seven! See the sets where your favourite stars are hunted and killed by histories greatest killer holograms! 
68 Come See Silver City - Gambling! Drinking! Whatever takes your fancy can be yours!
69 Come See the Dream Dome on Mars, You'll never be the same again!
70 Come and see the new Inland Sea! The wonder of the Outback - now featuring Sharkworld!
71 Helix Freight & Transport Services - when moving matters
72 Cloud9 Airlines - hypersonic style
73 National VacTube Transport Services - cross the continent underground in safety
74 Omnimart - a galaxy of consumer goods and food items
75 Necrotech Mousoleum - preserving your body, so one day we can bring you back 
76 Mall Surgeon - quick fix automeds for cosmetic and minor surgeries
77 Medivac - VIP ambulance and evacuation services
78 Standard Security - where 
79 Biota Pharmacy - where science and nature meet to heal you
80 MacGruder Real Estate - keeping the homeowners happy
81 The new Holden Blastmaster Groundcar - pulse-pounding atomic power!
82 New Aelita Swan GEV Skimmer Car - Luxury over land, sea and sky! 
83 Matsushita Hovercycles - the only hoverbikes to break land and sea records
84 Powdermill - Sporting Arms Vending Machines - with the 3D Printed Armoury never get caught unarmed again! Guns Ammo Cheap Fast!
85 Signus Non-Lethal Security and Arms for a Sick Sick Planet in need
86 Samps
on Robotics - servitor and household robotics safe and affordable
87 Toast King Toaster - brings the power of the atom for perfect toast
88 Lumium - atomic and hydrogen fuel cells - driving the future further
89 Firestorm Energy - solar and wind and wave energy farms & thermal storage
90 Zephyr Minerals - mining & smelting
91 Necrotech - giving you control over necrovirus infection and other fatal medical conditions
92 Omni Cybernetics - Omnipotent Artificial Intelligence Systems 
93 Offworld Colony Corporation - Giving you the jumpstart to paradise
94 GAEA Terraforming Technology - halting ecological collapse for over 100 years!
95 Buy Robot Bonds! - Help send robot infantry to clean out the Zone once and for all!
96 Biota Biotechnics - clone insurance, expendable animorph labour, bioprinter replicants, together we can be gods
97 Geneforge - Protect Your DNA with genetic augmentation, before the gene bombs strike!  
98 Prometherium Androids - building a new generation of better, safer servitors
99 Aelita aerospace, be elite and move up to orbital living, don't drag your feet in the dirt
100 Executex Cybernetics - for security for defence for freedom, the no1 combat cyberwar manufacturer in the world, home of the full-body-borg credit scheme!

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