Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Patreon Adventures

Finally finished my Patreon promised The Orc Prince adventure and like my last few efforts was bigger and slower so I think I need to wind back more as my older format short adventures were less stressful and less work. The cut my process to one thing a quarter instead of 2x threefolds in a month. My monthly earnings slumped and crept back again so I'm hoping on giving it some more effort and something manageable. I have a few revisions to make on some older books like my Murder Hobo Manual. When it's back to being manageable again I will do some new compilations. I have considered doing a monthly zine of the month's posts in one booklet or something or do something overdesigned because I can and I was doing punk rock zines since 1980 on a Gestetner machine.

I will release a bunch of 3folds for sale, I'm getting some edited now and someone going over planet Psychon who is a player so that will be good. I'm Quickly making a rough Psychon players book with psionics, mutants and robots and the base character classes with sample builds for a game so will share that when done. 

Editing my major setback plus there are plenty of things I have done with zero response or interest so It's hard to improve on them or do more the same. Lots of tables I have done are in comps, more than half. Possibly I have satisfied my urge to replicate certain types of adventure. I might try more Mid 80s episodic style pieces. Grammarly has been good.

FB is being a jerk at the moment so I have an escape plan ready in case. 
Redbubble still not dealt with a IP takedown for original artwork as someone claims to own every image of a certain dead film star which is silly but nobody wants to fight them. Has made me start posting on tumblr again. I will add a link when has more content.

So what follows is quick summaries of these larger adventures on Patreon which I may revise for public release.

The Orc Prince
28 Page adventure
Find Prince Gaynor & Convince him to return home to a royal marriage
Possible to play this with very little or no violence
A 50 room dungeon complex with quest and investigation

So this was trying to subvert dungeon and species tropes I have no idea if it is playable as I write years ahead of my play sessions. 

The Kobold Pits (revised version)
28 Page adventure
Bring peace to this Village on the frontier
Possible to play this with very little or no violence
A 48 room dungeon complex with quest and investigation
Includes kobold lore and info to set this village up as a home base

I came over all sympathetic to kobolds writing this and thought If I feature slavery I ought to include options for peace with kobolds and damaging the slave trade and ending kobold abuse.  Sorry. They ought to just be a playable species by now. I probably lost at one reader before the final version came through.

The Thrice Cursed City
56 Page adventure
Cleanse the ruins of the demon cult and recover the treasure
Sandbox area megadungeon with factions and a homebase
Over 100 room dungeon complex with surface ruins

This felt like a proper mega-dungeon inspired by Middle Eastern ruins. It worked well and satisfied this urge. Not quite mega but bigger than Into the Borderlands B series adventures but inspired by 1980 era adventures. I'm playing it now so I can see some fixes I need mostly some info organisation and I should put in extra full-size map spreads in too. You could get multiple sessions here certainly. The random demon cult lets you customise what evil lurks here and has some other tools and tables.

Other Projects
My homebrew rules is my main long term project which has back and forth moments. Currently write a basic book of player gen stuff, a longer book with notes and explanations and options and stuff for post apoc and science fantasy. Then Psychon and Broken Hill books. I hope to keep doing more 3folds and perhaps a new zine format. I doubt from Australia making physical ones is worth it.

Will put up 3folds as singles and as set of 10 with bonus content like maps for sail soon.

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