Monday, 2 August 2021

Post Apoc till U Stop & C

My post apoc game today which is my 2 player only back up game. 

Dozy Galah - Parot abhuman in leather with a suto rifle and martial arts
-His ex-sexbot assassin follower with SMG
Janx the Gunfighter

In Silver CIty ruin settlement they have a ex political party office for a base with various robots they have rescued including Corporite VIP robot, an android janitor, a shop assistant without legs and another rescued lovebot with a missing arm. Have a police sergeant and a security robot and a rat mutant odd job guy. Have a tracked opentop atv fuelled by biodiesel. Also operate an ammoshop in shopping district.

So were in Chicken factory hunting killer cyclops chicken folk. Had made deal with AI to purge bad chickens and help recover the fallen radioactives from space. Had to fight a security bot and a chicken guard behind a security barrier with a half hand high slot. Dived in shooting at the robot and the guard and managed to win a few minor injuries. Poor chicken exploded from 3 laser blasts. Smashed robot was good for parts. Next chicken was behind reactor control room and AI asked them to be careful.

Dozy got a slug gun from one the dead guard chicken which was designed to be habitat save sub sonic compressed fired safety gun. He also had a vibro sword in the other hand. He planned to draw fire for Janx and his follower to move in to a better firing arc to not damage power plant. Took a few rounds and the sonic blaster of the chicken was the worst energy gun they had dealt with yet. Dozy was within a round of death and lost most of his feathers. 

So went and collected the radioactive meteorite and got the the deal with the chicken farm and turned off its capacity to spawn a killer chicken army. Dozy wondered if they could make an army of himself. The AI drove them to the village and all were amazed by french fried chicken dinners and built a hut for the party the morning after a great feast. They also brought baby chicken folk to see if the chickens could be raised without being evil. The village cargo cult was well underway with idols to the party made.

After a good rest and level up Dozy developed full flight and practised acrobatic aerial moves. He took an Oath to the AI to battle rival food outlets and fast food cults in return for knowledge of genetics. Janx became a more extreme neutralist and declared he will kill anyone seeking to murder him in return for knowledge of cyberpsychology to help con artificial beings. He also has learned machine languages. 

So the hills around Fargone village is full of ruined manours each with a bunker and 3 small suburban blocks of 16 houses each with small bunkers and tennis courts. The biggest building was a huge hotel in a square with a park inside. The investigated area as recovered and went to the big hotel complex.  Dozy saw a laser designator point moving and dived for cover yelling: Sniper!

Janx dived and got into a distant rifle fight. Dozy used the unique holo stealth medalion to fly up to the android invisibly, tackling it with his vibro sword. The android flipped away shooting Dozy and jumping off the roof and took more damage than it planned falling 6 floors and inside. Janx ran from the gate to inside. Dozy sliced through the roof into a hospitality supply room then cut into the service lift shaft.

Janx inside followed android grey blood to a counter and just managed to be almost killed by the android kung fu. Dozy came down and helped drive the android away into the courtyard and it shot the door arch collapsing it. Dozy followed while janx got first aid from his companion bot. Dozy saw android dive in the pond and some menacing plats so he grenaided the pond and the plants. The plants ran away and some android blood came up.

Ran away to heal up and rest. Returned to the hotel to explore upper penthouse and battled some balcony plants. Scored a good knife (double damage). Suspicious building is too quiet and that an android filled bunker is underneath. The hotel was a front with a government bunker and constant political conferences up to the apocalypse. Backed off again.

Visited a bunker under a mansion of a politician full of potrarits of Mike "Dan" Daniels a pro human purity party leader. Hacked open bunker and went through burned section and met a guy looking like Dan in a tatty suit and other people who fled. Captured and Dozy charmed the man with his psionic discipline. Caught some more people all clones of the same politician and the AI who had the mans personality. Aparently other residents of bunker fled to get away from Dan so he repopulated it with clones. Receptionist Dan at the AI office even wore a dress for the role. Dan was a bit of a creep. Clones were not very complete people and the AI wanted them not to leave. Fixed some of AI and found ailing life support with a rising spore count and the power plant on the verge of collapse. Oddly enough lots of 200 year old plants were failing at the same time.

Went home to split loot with the warlord and returned with their executive assistant robot who had a coms skill and could use a captured android advanced radio. Found the hoten had some wireless devices and signals despite ghost like calm.

Went to entry of the valley and took out three more android snipers and captured their bunker. They had links to the hotel and screens here showed the base was in link with a weather control satellite above that drives intruders from area. 

Returned to the village and a few Dan clones nowhere and all abandoned their AI. Dozy decommissioned the Dan bunker power plant and AI and destroyed the brain tape back ups of the ancient ruler. Dozy and Jax collected lots of clone lab gear and took it to the chicken factory and worked on setting up a clone bank of themselves. They have the memory writing hardware just not the scanner. Some another Dans had left the valley and the escaped chicken folk had set up a colony to the south.

Several plans.
As Dozy has rescued many sex robots from peril. He thinks of them as capable but exploited free-willed automatons who deserve freedom. Dozy's Angels will be part of his new detective agency. He also wants to become a bard based on bird songs. After he gets an extra attack next level in abhuman class. Janx has a good collection of lightly armed robots and the party have more guns so a 2-gun style with laser pistols that do 5d6 is kind of awesome.

So I started these guys at 1st lv and now 6th I am using more straight gamma world style weapons and monsters (though I had to tone a few down).

I now have to stat up the chicken factory cult.
And have a fast food war (Umerica books will be handy).


  1. Super cool. How did Dozy learn to fly with most of his feathers gone? Or was that just special effects?

    1. in melee with 1hp left dozys pal lept over with a wonder healing foam spray and saved him. There was a bit of healing time and both have psionic healing spells


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