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Looting Grounds & Upcoming Story Arcs


Players had found clues that a political party had a secluded private gated community that was secretly full of secret bunkers to survive the apocalypse. So many sessions later they have driven here exploring. Players made it through a mysterious barrier of weather securing the valley that they could beat in their tracked at. Now of course they have a hut in that village in the middle and are searching ruins.

The main features are
2 Service station - secret sniper base
3 Village of Fargone
4 The New Century Hotel
5-7 Housing blocks - each house has a small family bunker
8-24 Mansions - each has a medium bunker for up to 40 people

d12 Encounters Inside Village
1 Hunters returned with some food or a monster corpse
2 Working in fields and gathering crops
3 Processing and cooking a feast
4 Oldster telling stories
5 Children playing a game
6 People relaxing around a fire
7 Everyone eating a Chicken-Attack Meal-Pack
8 Building usually a house or wall
9 Decorating their Chicken-Attack Resteraunt-Temple
10 Everyone alert for a local monster or strangers seen
11 Hover Truck full of Chicken-Attack meals arives
12 Villagers all drilling for combat

d12 Encounters Outside Village 
1 Herd of mutant animals d4 1=deer 2=kangaroos 3=emus 4=goats
2 Sabretooth feral cat mutated to prehistoric proportions 8HD
3 Pack of dingos 3d4 hunting
4 Dropbear ambush from above trees
5 Giant mutant snake
6 Giant goanna or other lizard
7 Archer Bush ambulant plant, shoot poison spines like arrows 
8 Diprotodon a prehistoric giant wombat
9 Feral chicken abhuman warriors of human hating clan
10 Morlock hunters from bunker seeking delicious human captives
11 Ghouls from a bunker hunting 1in6 led by glowing ghoul leader
12 Android sniper with laser rifle fires twice then bolt for hiding place

d12 Odd things to find in the valley
1 Find an air vent with grill or 
exit drain pipe from something buried uphill  
2 Locked box on post, local security switchboard with phone and clipboard inside
3 Exposed corpse of bunker escapee often with a few items
4 Wreck of vehicle overgrown with vegetation
5 Security cameras hidden in trees
6 Abandoned snipers hide possibly some supplies hidden
7 Android or robot or cyborg corpse tangled with vegetation
8 Interesting new breed of berry discovered
9 Unexploded artillery rocket
10 Lair with breeding monsters in former giant wombat burrow or small ruin
11 Trap d4 1=inactive mine 2=active mine field 3=tripline with grenade 4=pit
12 Automated pillbox fires medium machinegun bursts within 100m

Map Key
1 To get here you need to fight fierce desert wind and sand that has claimed many vehicles and a few lives. Most people get lost and directed back to their start. 
2 An old service station kiosk with garage. Three android snipers are based in a bunker here with secret tunnels and a scanner room showing weather satellite control.
3 Fargone a village settled by people who exited bunkers over the last 200 hundred years. A few travellers have joined including some mutants and animal folk who pass initiation. Most realise this valley is idyllic and free of problems. Crops were poor recently and now the village has a Chicken-Attack restaurant temple where the delivery trucks of their new AI god Capon come weekly. Recently a number of fast-growing teen chicken abhumans have joined the tribe and some clones of some guy named Dave, some prewar bigshot
4 New Century Hotel & Conference Centre - android sniper seen guarding ghost building complex but courtyard has killer plants. There is a government mega bunker under this with upper levels abandoned
5 Paradise Grove - a complex of 16 luxury houses each with its own small bunker. Most of these buildings are rubble heaps and some of the bunker doors are visible where underground structures fared better than some attack on the surface 
6 Silver Medows - a complex of 16 luxury houses each with its own small bunker. These buildings were lived in and maintained for a few decades post-apocalypse and many bunkers are worked into the modified house plans. Some have defences and traps left behind
7 Bronze Hill - a complex of 16 luxury houses each with its own small bunker. These houses were abandoned mostly and are untouched due to contamination
 Darwin House - this bunker has been heavily modified by morlocks who have built a secret extra level where they control their cattle eloi living in the main bunker in lives of ignorant pleasure. Grown from vats as adults they live a few years before being butchered. The AI has been modified by morlocks to operate the bunker and selects the victims for slaughter
Purity House - damaged, now decommissioned plant and AI, formerly occupied by clones of Mike "Dan" Danvers, Purity Party leader who finally all escaped the AI version the leader
10 Alexander House - Doomsday cult welcomed apocalypse, joined by raider gang, AI named Demon encourages survivors to remain inside. The original and raiders fight and the AI rewards both to create the perfect psychotic minions. Inside barley works with improvised repairs with scrap
11 Canberra House - Preserves of history and culture, house is a museum with many famous documents. Hungry undead took over and AI does best to care for them despite fire damage. 
12 Brisbane House - System gaining but look alright, displays of stuffed animals in cases in house. Bunker designed to preserve animal DNA and the raiders who took over have been growing animals in vats to eat and never occurred to leave. The AI has manipulated them to control them and stop them from ruining the archive and facilities. Developed bizarre rituals of beast cult hostile to outsiders. If the AI finds better guardians will betray its cult. An android replicant has infiltrated them and been instigating conflict
13 Hawk House - Garbage strewn mess, a political family dynasty lived here and survivors battle hostile virused robots and overgrown in killer plants. Occasionally clones are decanted when the family all killed and it starts again. AI is optimistic everything is ok 
14 Frazer House - Plague ravaged medical expert bunker, overrun with mutant fungus
15 Perth House - Toxic contamination from faulty equipment, political dynasty devolved into inbred mutant clan, many with two heads and tails, AI protects as best it can, clan split and infighting
16 Cook House - Fire damaged propaganda think tank with experiments in psychotronic mind control. Robots serving AI use humans as guineapigs 
17 Port Moresby House - Radioactive leak, billionaire family, now mutant bug lair and AI thinks they are the family it protects with robots
18 Melbourne House - Radioactive leak, corporation executives here replaced by wasteland killers now ghouls. Mutant plants thrive inside
19 Aukland House - Corporate board of sports broadcasters with sports memorabilia everywhere among the garbage. Settlers found occupants had killed each other and have been living here in ruin ever since in secret with some systems working
20 Sydney House - Worn but in good condition, for senior military staff in charge of certain black operations. Now degenerate albino cannibals with scatty AI are not quite right. Corrupt priests waste finite resources in rituals, many are sick and the population won't last much more as most infants die
21 Christmas House - themed for Christmas as many bunkers were the surface was overgrown in dangerous mutant holly trees. A Christmas cargo cult from the wastes came here and took over merging with the original inhabitants. The whole bunker is decorated for the holiday with santa and reindeer themed robots, deadly Christmas pudding and other horrors
22 Hamilton House - Pristine, a medical research team working on curing bioweapons used in war. A wacky AI personality annoys and torments the gloomy medics with offers of cool parties and having a break. Many scientists are abusing drugs the AI gives them 
23 Tasman House - Failing system with glamourous descendants of celebrities, assured they are prettiest, smartest and best people. AI coddles them and grovels and lies to them to flatter them. Desperate for new media and entertainment. They will need to vacate soon
24 Adelaide House - Mutagenic contaminations from burrowing warhead. Former scholar enclave, now a secretive cult serving the gaslighting bully AI god. Horrible odours come from lower levels where the mutated populations are kept  


  1. I am absolutely loving the Fallout: Down Under vibes of this whole campaign. Keep up the good work!

    1. thankyou

      there is plenty more in older posts and a gamma aeon book also under downloads and other pages


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