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Broken Hill Start: Growing up after the world ended

Wanted some more specific backgrounds
might give ideas for your class or skills but not limits
Also map last post had major revisions so go see it

Recommended Classes For Planet Psychon/Post Apoc Oz:
Priest (programmer dedicated to a specific AI god and bear a com-crystal implant)
Rogue (thief, scavenger, technician, medic, pilot)
Warrior (recon, commando, infantry, road warrior)
Wizard (upload spell data into your brain which are purged each casting)

Bard (bards use psionics list or anyone list but operate like a sorcerer)
Druid (connected to ecological, environment and weather AI via internal nanites) 
Monk (Agent or Martial Artist) - I'm considering renaming Savant?
Sorcerer (use spell implants and cast psionics spell or anyone spell type)

Abhuman (Beast animorphs or android types)
Eldren (Astromorphs made to colonise stars)
Morlock (Subterranean cannibal dwarfs)
Mutant (Mutated humanoids)
Robot (Living AI machines)

d12 Childhood Years
1 Lived as a feral kid after the family lost
2 Grew up with tribal folk living off the land
3 Grew up a street urchin in a large town
4 Grew up with nomads travelling homeless across the wastes
5 Grew up with raiders and brutal gangs of the rubble
6 Grew up an orphan in a small country town and was treated well
7 Grew up on a poor struggling farm that was wiped out
8 Kept in captivity as a servant or labourer
9 Grew up in a family of hard-working poor in a town
10 Comfortable urban family with merchants and crafters
11 Lived in a struggling bunker community with many problems
12 Lived in advanced utopia where everything was clean and civilised d4 1=space orbital 2=spacecraft 3=bunker 4=domed community 5=underground city 6=underwater city

d12 Youth Years
1 Repeated the fortunes of your youth
2 Got an apprenticeship with a trader or merchant
3 Wheeling and dealing from your bicycle around shanty towns
4 Joined a violent youth gang of maniacs
5 Joined the army of a warlord
6 Homeless wanderers in the wastes and ruins
7 Joined a criminal gang or guild
8 Joined a cult or sect offering strange powers
9 Joined a major faction to survive
10 Tried to settle down with lover but lost everything in a tragedy
11 Escaped destruction of the village you settled in happily
12 Captured and mistreated by a hostile faction

d12 Animimorph Abhuman Origins
1 Feral child, you saw communities and became curious and learned to speak
2 You were part of a tribe of your kind living in wasteland seldom trading outside
3 You lived with a mixed band of beastfolk living as a wasteland raider
4 You were adopted by a biker gang of beastfolk and humans
 You grew up in a mixed town of abhuman beastfolk, mutants and many others
6 You lived with a mixed band of rubble prospectors who survived together
7 Your kind were a slave species used as soldiers by a faction as troops and labour
8 Your kind occupied a bunker complex formerly used by humans and adopted their ways
9 Your kind were grown in a vat by your AI God to wage war on its enemies
10 Your kind operated an advanced bunker they seized from the AI that made them
11 You were born in a vat and escaped to the surface as an adult with language and skills 
12 You lived an a paradise in a domed habitat but were cast out by the AI or escaped

d12 Synthetic Origins for Android Abhumans & Robots
1 Awoke in dump when someone found you with memory loss
2 A human science cultist built you from scrap found in ruins  
3 A faction found and repaired you to serve them
4 A crippled machine repaired you using parts of itself as it died  
5 Robot laid a crucible pod you hatched from and were all alone  
6 Sealed in ruin for 200 years and learned the new lingo from a robot  
7 Came from a ruined bunker after all the meat people died off
8 Lived with a tribe of feral robots in wild running off biofuel plants
9 Found in a crate and booted up by explorers
10 Built by AI to explore the surface world
11 Machine supremacists cult reset your memory to fight for their cause
12 Mumbot and dadbot built you in the shed in a robotown 

d12 Morlock Origins
1 Lived in underground caves eating bugs and creatures in the deep
2 Descended from apocalypse survivors taking shelter in an ancient mine
3 Lived in caves and ruins, roaming the rubble scavenging technology
4 Lived in burrows in the desert with tribe hunting beasts by night
5 Was a human child kidnapped and raised deep underground and changed 
6 Lived with clan inside the body of gargantuan land or sea beast
7 Lived in the workings of a megastructure in a world of metal and machines 
8 Lived in sewers under town snatching victims to eat by night
9 Lived in tunnels under town robbing the dead to eat
10 Served a malignant AI God or Demon from a bunker of once humans 
11 Lived in a domed underground city sent to surface to explore 
12 Lived in an ideal Morlock bunker with an adjacent population of delicious Eloi 

d12 Eldren Origins
1 Lived in the wilds with tribe who came to worship the remains of old tech as magic
2 Raised in an orbital paradise but were cast out in a re-entry pod or teleported down
3 Returned from the stars, from an off-world colony to investigate Earth and crashed
4 Lived in an asteroid habitat surviving hidden from enemies
5 Explorer from Mars, investigating or seeking something on Earth  
6 From ruined generation colony ship orbiting the moon, escape in a pod
7 Decantered from a vat by an AI without memories but language and skills programmed
Raised in a paradise as an Eloi, until discovered you were just Morlock cattle
9 Lived in sacred precinct serving AI in a dome or bunker and cast out
10 Returned from the stars, come from an off-world colony to investigate Earth and crashed
11 Returned from the stars in a near light vessel but time dilation made voyage centuries on Earth 
12 Chosen to test a time machine in the past but the trip was one way

d12 Mutant Origins
A feral child abandoned when mutations appeared, lived in the bush
2 Lived in a shantytown in filthy humpies of scrap scrounging trash for food
3 Lived in mutant colony or ghetto in a town where humans forced you to live
4 LIved in town with family till caste out when mutated
5 Raised by a mutant cult who exposed you to many mutagenic weapons
6 Lived with peaceful mutant farmers in an isolated area left in peace until destroyed  
7 Captured from town and experimented on by AI or science cult  
8 Lost and wandered in the contaminated forbidden zone, when the home was driven away
9 Used to look human and your family all severe mutants who shunned your freakish normally
10 Lived with a gang but struck by mutagenic weapons, then gang cast you out 
11 Lived with extremist mutants who want all life to evolve faster with mutagens  
12 Lived in a ruined bunker with mutant clan until life support failed

d12 Archaic Tech Starting Gifts
1 Club d6, stone hand axe d4, stone knife d3, spear d8, bag
2 Shortbow d6 and 40 arrows, machete d6, dagger d4 
3 Crossbow 2d4, 20 arrows, helmet +1AC, hand axe d6, spear d8
Pack animal d4 1=donkey 2=camel 3=pony 4=mutant bearded dragon
Musket d6 and 100 loads of shot and ball and spare flints, bayonet spike d6
A loyal cattle dog AC+3 HDd6 Bite d4
7 Net, fishing spear, hooks, line, lures and a woven eel trap
8 Healing mutant berries 2d4 each heals d4
9 Antivenom fruit d4+1 dried pieces 
Poison for darts or arrows, 3d4 doses, save of 2d4 damage in d3 rounds
11 Poison 
for darts or arrows, 2d4 doses, save or sleep for d4x10 minutes
12 Sheild AC+1, spear d8, machete d6, dagger d4

d12 Scrap Tech Starting Gifts
1 +4AC flack vest, +1AC army helmet, +2 shield and d6 truncheon
2 Molotov incendiaries and a cigarette lighter D4+1
3 .22 hunting rifle d6 with bolt action and basic scope 5d6 rounds
4 .38 Revolver 2d4 with 6+d6 rounds in a holster belt
5 Double-barrelled scrap built sawn-off shotgun with d4+1 rounds buckshot 3d4
6 Gigercounter, gas mask, 2d6 water purification pills, d100 salt pills
7 Backpack, filter canteen, tent, compass, mess kit and a tiny solar stove
8 Carton of cigarettes, d6 litres of beer, a month of dried military ration wafers
9 Disposable printed 9mm pistol 2d4 with 20 shots, breaks when ammo used up 
10 Binoculars, hand mirror and a d6 old maps
11 Hand frag grenade 5d6 or d4+1 pipe bombs 2d4
12 Flare pistol with d6+2 flares (can fire 12 gauge shotgun shells also)

12 Ancient Pre-Apocalypse Era Tech Starting Gifts
1 Headphones with 10000 tracks with solar recharge
2 Box with d6 chem cells and a hydrogen cell and a flashlight
Ancient all-weather fashion jumpsuit AC+3 with hood, boots and common ID card
4 Chem jetpack, 2d4 minutes fuel, 65kph (requires solid rocket fuel pellets)
5 Com watch with calculator, alarm and digital camera
6 Tablet with lots of ancient maps and data interface cable
7 Data Crystal with specs to print 1000 hand tools and hardware items
8 Disposable one-shot laser 3d6 100m range, d4 in a box 3-cm tube
9 Memory plastic bicycle folds into a bracelet 25kph double if skilled cycler
10 Biopet, cute furry thing that detects toxic or contaminated food lives 4 years
11 Slug Gun fires 40mm subsonic plastic bullet, 
d6 100m 10shot mag + chem cell fires 100 times, 20 slugs included, considered non-lethal security weapon  
12 Emergency Space Suit +3AC + Helmet AC+2 1h air supply and rad-resistant

Everyone starts with light clothing, footwear, towel, sack, blanket, d4 days of food and a knife

Archaic tribal armour halved vs gunpowder firearms
Scrap tribal armour halved vs ancient energy weapons
Ancient armour fully resists everything with full AC including energy and radiation


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