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Notes For Post Apoc Game Start pt3 Weirder Classes

I have no idea what the above says sorry. I thought it was futuristic.

More quick builds for my game.

I will leave halflings and changelings and gnomes for now till I have a clear idea of

I need to write up the robot again and add more apps and alphabetical....
-explain moving and power limits and stuff better and more apps
-then do golem version with sigils or something and built-in repeating crossbows
Swim bladder/ballast tanks so you can swim
Mutant is very simple really and fine
Need to rewrite my psion list again asap

will be updating this and the last post as needed
-i may add several more classes or just do part 4
-i just want concepts solid before I do them

Gnomes as greys with psionic spells?

Never found a great fit for halflings post apoc but my recent reskins might - even just as beastlings, wee pissweak looking Animorphs. Cannibalism is always a good option but I just want a better rationalisation for them. I did have them as cloned for bunker dwellings and confined underground spaces where less size = more luxury and comfort. Perhaps something like the Novel Non-Stop, halflings returned from the stars too. I dunno

Maybe changelings could be more like The Thing from John Carpenter or as dominator secret psychic infiltrators or pod plant people or liquid metal terminators

Star people returned from space
Before the end times, humans reached for the stars making Eldren colonise the stars. Many left and settled Mars, Luna and various jovian moons and some went further. Sometimes they return from their voyages. Others lived in orbitals and visit the surface. A few dwelled in secret underhill bunkers and shunned the outer world. Some went feral and live in the wilds. Some were used as cattle by Morlocks and were farmed as Eloi and drugged to repress their powers. Seen as beautiful and aloof, many fear them or resent them for surviving the apocalypse unscathed. Others fear the eldren agenda or more coming down.

Feral: +3 Leather +2 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Eloi: none
Space: +5 Mesh (resist bullets and energy without penalty) 
Void: +7 Reflec Plate (1/2 vs bullets and energy) 
Weapons (Arms Skills)
Feral: d6 Machete (Swords) Composite Bow (Archery) 
Eloi: none (unarmed Attack & Unarmed strike)
Space: d4 Dagger (Blades) 2d6 Civilian Laser Pistol 20 shot cell (Handgun) 
Void: d3 Knife (Blades) d8 Spear (Spears)
Arts Skills
Feral: First Aid, Herbalism, Survival
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hide, Nature Lore)
Eloi: Carousing, Grooming, Music Lore
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hide, Flee)
Space: Repair, Pilot-Shuttle, Astro-Lore 
(Bonus Skills: Computer Tech, Energy Weapon Tech,  Life Support Tech)
Void: Bluff, Disguise, Cosmic Lore
(Bonus Skills:  Forgery, Computer Tech, Gate Tech)
Feral: Common S, Ancient S W, Tribal S 
Eloi: Common S, Ancient S W, Morlock S
Space: Common S, Ancient S W Machine S 
Void: Common S Ancient S W Machine S W
Starting Spells
Feral (Druid Spells):
Zero Lv: Berry, Fire-Berry, Herbs, Vermin  
1st Lv: Entangle, Charm Beast, Call Beast, Goodberry
Feral (Arcane Spells):
Zero Lv: Detect Magic, Flavour, Puppetry, Spark
1st Lv: Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Magic Missile, Sleep
Space (Psionic Spells):
Zero Lv: Cure, Detect Direction, Evil Eye, Open
1st Lv:  Charm Person, Know History, Illusion, Mental Bolt
Void (Divine Spells):
Zero Lv: Cure, Aura, Evil Eye, Scare
1st Lv:  Cure Light Wounds, Deflection, Detect Enemies, Know History  
Feral: Young zero level zero apprentice d4HP AC+3 d6 Bow Skills: Sneak, Hide
Eloi: Young friend level zero d4hp AC+0 Martial Hold Skills: Carousing, Grooming
Space: Young zero level zero Cadet d4HP AC+3 mesh d6slug gun 10 shots 1 chem cell 
Void Elf: Flying Eyeball (basketball size) d4HP AC+3 Fly 24 Skills: Search, Night-Sight 
Plus armour and weapons per type
Feral: simple clothes, hat, 4 days food, fishing kit, first aid kit, flints, stone knife, leather bag
Eloi: fancy outfit, d6 beads necklaces and trinkets, grooming kit, piece of fruit
Space: jumpsuit, com-watch with rad detector and air purity alarm, d4 flares
Void Elf: silver jumpsuit, black business suit with tie, rubber mask, light crystal (floating lamp clips on the belt)

Cannibalistic mutant dwarves of the deeps
Some humans went to the stars others living in deep bunkers and old mines and caves were contaminated but this saved them by allowing them to adapt. Shorter, white-eyed, durable and mechanically proficient they thrived and spread underground taking over bunkers and ruins and using them as bases to kidnap humanoid cattle and slaves. Mistaken often as dangerous beasts they thrive everywhere despite this and are often more advanced. Some Morlocks have come to the surface and lived among mixed communities and no longer want to eat everybody

+5 Chainmail +1 Sheild +1 Helmet (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d4 Dagger (Blades) d6 Handaxe (axes), d6 Musket (Longarms) 
Arts Skills
Mechanical Lore, Mining, Repair
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hide, Steam Tech, Artillery, Drive Transport)
Common S W, Ancient S W Morlock S W 
Young Punk zero level thug d6HP AC+3 d6 Light Crossbow Skills: Mining
Giant Rat d4HP AC+3 d3 bite Skills: Climb, Listen, Smell
Chainmail, helmet, musket, 20 shots, dagger, two hand axes, compass, lantern, hooded cloak, bandoliers, sack, 9m rope, folding spade (as handaxe), mess kit, repair kit, sunglasses 

Abhuman - based on human creations of science & mutation
During the end times, there were massive shortages of labour and troops and the pseudo flesh androids had revolted so animorphic abhumans were made to relieve this shortage. Many survived and many new types were spawned by AI in zoo complexes for various shadowy reasons. Animorphs sometimes split over herbivore vs carnivore or reptiles vs mammals but they will often unite against humans. Some have due to mutation changed to be more or less animal. There were said to be other humanoids made for war or exploring alien worlds but the last most significant type is necroids modified by alien necrovirus into semi undead. Abhumans get level benefits at higher benefits as their abhumanism develops. 

Android: None
Animorph: Leather +3 Sheild +2 (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Necroid: None
Weapons (Arms Skills)
Android d8 Sword (Swords) d6 Light Autorifle 20-shot mag (Longarms) d6 Truncheon (Clubs) 
Animorph d4 Dagger (Blades) d8 Battle-axe (axes), d8 Spear (Spears) 
Necroid d6 Unarmed (Martial Attack, Martial Strike, Martial Hold)
Arts Skills
Android:  Repair, Search, Listen
(Bonus Skills: Drive-Car, Endurance, Warfare Lore)
Animorph: Hide, Search, Survival
(Bonus Skills: Sneak, Hunting, Tracking)  
Necroid: Smell, Climb, Listen
(Bonus Skills: Search, Track, Taste)
Android Common S W, Ancient S W Machine S W
Animorph Common S W, Tribal S W Animal (your species) S W
Necroid Common S W, Ancient S W Necroid S W
Android: service android d6HP AC+0 d6 Martial Attack & Strike Skill: Grooming   
Animorph: young sibling d6HP AC+3 d8 Battle Axe, Spear Skills: Survival  
Necroid: newly risen d6HP AC d6 Martial Attack & Strike Skill: Climb
Plus armour and weapons per type
Android: binoculars, d6 tubs android food, plastic printed rifle (disintegrates when depleted), jumpsuit or fatigues, boots, sunglasses, camo rain cloak   
Animorph: battleaxe, spear, 2 javelins, dagger, leather armour, d4 days dried food, 4L waterskin  
Necroid: d4 human skulls, d6 chunks of human meat

Horrific monsters devouring way across the wasteland
A mutant humanoid species who as children live among humans until youths at 1st Lv where their teeth grow sharp and the begin to rocket up in height. As they grow taller they exhibit more non human mutations or strange abilities. 

Leather +3 Sheild +3 (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
Maul d10 (Club), d4 Unarmed (Martial Holds) d4 Rock
Arts Skills
Smell, Track
(Bonus Skills: Search, Survival, Listen, Voice)
Common S Tribal S
Young Punk zero level thug d6HP AC+3 d6 Light Crossbow d6 Machete Skills: Climb
Sheep d6HP AC+3 d4 butt+ Charge, Knockback Mov15
Animal hide leather armour, large scrap shield, sack, 4kg wheel of cheese, 2kg ham, 12kg apples, a bag of 20 rocks, piglet 
Minor Mutation
d12 Minor Mutations         
1 Polyps clusters with wiggly tentacles d4
2 Cyclops
3 Horns
4 Hairy (cold resistant)
5 Fingernails +1 unarmed damage
6 Smoke when angry
7 Huge Feet +1 Mov
8 Fangs +1 unarmed damage
9 Long Arms reach ground standing
10 Hump stores a d4 days food, week to regrow 
11 Flatulent
12 Recognise most species by the taste of blood

Mutant - survivors of mutagenic weapons
During the apocalypse, those not enhanced by stabilisation treatments the current ancestors of humans did, were vulnerable to all kinds of mutations. Mutants undergo constant change and can become unrecognisable after a few years. They can survive what makes ordinary people devolve into cancerous lumps. Mutants are often treated poorly and are resentful and suspicious of humans. Many live in shantytowns outside trading posts and many prospects in contaminated zones. There are lots of types of mutation the tables below are simplified quick ones.

+3 Leather +1 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d6 Club (Clubs) d6 Musket (longarms) 2d4 shots, d4 Sling + 20 stones (Slings)
Arts Skills
Search, Survival, Repair
(Hide, Sneak, Mutant Lore)
Feral: Common S, Tribal S, Ancient R
Starting Mutations
Roll one minor and one major mutation
(Con bonus gives you extra major mutation rolls) 
Young zero level zero mutie d6HP AC+3 d6 Club d6 Javelinx1 Skill: Survival  
Leather Armour, small shield, sling, 20 stones, club, knife, hatchet, bag of bones, hide bag, d4 days of bush food, d6kg scrap, Musket, 2d4 shots

d12 Minor Mutations (one)   
1 Polyps clusters with wiggly tentacles d4               
2 Carnivorous or Hemovore (blood)                          
3 Constant runny nose                                            
4 Heart very loud when stressed                            
5 Fingernails +1 unarmed damage                            
6 Fangs +1 unarmed damage                               
7 Huge Feet +1 Mov                                              
8 Sweat constantly like in a fever                            
9 Swallow meal on one gulp
10 Dislike strong light, prefer sunglasses 
11 Hard warty skin +1 AC  
12 Webbed hands and feet +3 Swim 

d12 Major Mutations (1 + Con Bonus Rolls)
1 Tentacle 3m long, extra unarmed att
2 Eye Ray d3+1/Lv once/Lv per day Range 6
3 Gas resistance
4 Disease resistance
5 Poison resistance
6 Slimy body -1 dam/dice from weapon or unarmed
7 Bony plates +3 AC
8 Club or claw hand d8
9 Horns d4 extra unarmed attack
10 Vomit Acid d3+1/Lv 1 range once per Lv per day
12 Poison blood, biters save or d4 damage
     can use to dip arrow tips in blood 1hp/10

Robot - ancient automatons become sentient over centuries
Robots were common at the end times but after a spate of robot hacking terror attacks androids came to take some of their jobs. In the current era robots in the wild can be operating old programs or insane but many have managed to survive. Some serve AI gods and are accepted as such. Some scavengers attack robots for scrap. Robots add new apps to themselves as they rebuild themselves. Some remember where all parts came from.

+1 Shell +2 Sheild (Sheild half vs bullets no use vs energy)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d8 Unarmed Drill (Martial Attack & Martial Strike)  
Arts Skills
Power Tech, Repair, Computer Tech, Robot Tech
(Drive-Car, Engineering, Program Lore)
Feral: Common S W Ancient S W Machine S W
Starting Robot App Modules
Zero Lv: Camera, Drill, Printer, Self Repair
1st Lv:  Fuel Processor (make own fuel with organics)
(Con Bonus Apps: +1 1st Lv Thermal Vision +2 1st Lv Las-Gun +3 2nd Missile)  
Young bot with one wheel level zero d6HP AC+0 d4 Claw d3 Laser Skill: Repair
squeaky shopping trolley, sack with d4 days good leaves for fuel, street sign shield, spare drill bits, d3 empty chem cells, robot tech kit, ancient wind up toy tin robot, cleaning spray, sack of old rags, oil can, repair kit, 3d6 kg of scrap, d4 kg electronic scrap, d6 plastic bag, plastic sheet, 12m plastic rope, d6sp

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