Wednesday, 4 August 2021

River Travel Tables for a few settings

I have done lots on sea and coastal and forest and mountains and urban places but I realised I have some key river tables to do as they come up a lot. These are meant for a variety of areas. Often I have option on d12 result of 12 to roll on a rare table or more extreme wilderness table.

d12 Civilised Trade Waterways
Exile Island & The Former Empire Waterways
1 Large school of fish or crayfish or clams
2 Waterbirds hunting opportunity
3 Small fishing boats of locals d6
4 Large merchant boats with guards
5 Local hunters or river ranger on patrol often hidden 1in4 in boat
6 River mammals d4 1=otter 2=beaver 3=river rats 4=giant rats
Gang of bandits try ambush at good location 1in4 have boats
8 Frog or Fish folk tribals hiding below the waterline with trained pets
Giant Frogs often single huge or many smaller ones
10 Giant predatory fish like pike or perch
11 Passenger boat d4 1=Pleasure Barge 2=Troop Transport 3=Ferry 4=Livestock Barge 
12 River goblins ambush d4 1=riding frogs 2=use archers 3=tiny coracles 4=marine goblins natural swimmers and divers can hod breath and get full Mov in water

d12 Wild North Waterways
Exile Island Mountains or the Frozen North
1 Huge herd of huge horned animals crossing
2 Predatory beast hunting d4 1=cave bear 2=sabretooth 3=carniverous apes 4=dire wolves
3 Wetland birds good for hunting
4 School of fish or marine animals good for eating
5 Giant beavers or otters
6 Tribal hunters and traders
7 Barbarian berserker warriors hate civilisation and magic
8 Bandit tribe outcastes from civilization, now live as raiders
9 Demihumans or spirit folk travelling in secret 1in4 in boat
10 Hill giant possibly throws rocks or wades into the river
11 Explorers from civilisation exploring and trading  
12 Giant prehistoric salamander (as crocodile but no deathroll)

d12 Rare & Strange Kingdom Waterways
Rare results for civilised or wild north and other weird places
1 Giant Snake hiding in water or trees
2 Giant Lizard lurking
3 Barbarian raiders 1in4 with boat or raft (sometimes also orcs)
4 Marine troll underwater
Giant snapping turtle lurks underwater
6 Ogres 1in4 on a raft or good swimmers
7 Kelpie - shapeshifting wicked fairy appears as desirable youth or horse
8 Demihumans or spirit folk travelling in secret 1in4 in boat
9 Werefrogs or fish changelings
10 Haunted barge with coffer corpses or other undead inside
11 Marine ghouls follow prey underwater till night
12 River Spirit d4 1=nymph 2=nixies 3=ghost 4=spirit dragon

d12 Desert Trade Waterways
Rivers of Exilon and Aegypt
1 Hippopotumous often territorial especially at night or with young
2 Crocodiles lurk around area
3 Wetland birds good for hunting
4 School of fish or marine animals good for eating
5 Baboons often in trees by water or a crossing demand food
6 Lion d4 1=lone male 2=hunting females 3=mothers with young 4=whole pride
7 Hyena or jackals or wolves prowling, will call more if sense food
8 Small fishing or trader boats
9 Barge d4 1=funeral 2=temple 3=pleasure 4=millitary transport
10 Swarm of locusts
11 Giant predatory fish
12 Giant Frogs or pack of smaller ones

d12 Rare Desert Waterways
Weird and rare rivers of Exilon and Aegypt
1 Giant snapping turtle
2 Demihumans travelling in secret
3 Lycanthrope d4 1=werecrocodile 2=werefrog 3=wererat 4=werehyena
4 Abhuman warriors d4 1=fish 2=lizard 3=frog 4=mantis 5=scarab 6=hyena
5 Carnivorous apes or terror birds hunting
6 Giant Scorpion prowling for food 
7 Ghouls from some ancient grave or occasionally mummies
8 Giant Scorpion prowling for food
9 Giant Lizard basking or hiding in ambush
10 Elephants wallowing or crossing the river 
11 Snake person with abhuman minions 1in4 in boat rest in ambush
12 River Spirit d4 1=nymph 2=nixies 3=ghost 4=naga

d12 Lost World Waterways
Monster Island & Tropical South
1 Hamanoid tribes hostile to invaders  1in4 with canoes
2 Savage demihuman tribes hostile to outsiders  1in4 with canoes
3 Goblinoid tribes angered by foreigners 1in4 with canoes
4 Orc or abhuman tribal warriors headhunting 1in4 with canoes
5 Mammal predator d4 1=sabretooth 2=dire wolf 3=Hyenadon 4=carniverous apes
6 Abhuman magician with tribal minions 1in4 with canoes
7 Herbivore dinosaur d4 1=brontosaurus 2=stegasaurus 3=ankylosaurus 4=triceratops
8 Preditor dinosaur d4 1=raptor pack 2=ceratasaurus 3=iguanadon 4=allosaurus
9 Undead Wandering  1in4 with canoes d4 1=mummies 2=ghouls 3=wights 4=spectral minions
10 Flying Foes d4 1=pteradactyl riders 2=winged snakes 3=giant dragonflies 4=harpies
11 Mutants cultists often settle here serving insane demons and bad gods
12 Dragon 1in4 with worshipping tribe 

d12 Underland Trade Waterways
Underground kingdoms and trade routes Waterways
1 Albino cavefish or crayfish or newts or other edible creatures
2 Giant marine creature d4 1=cave lobster 2=fish 3=eels 4=turtle
3 Giant toad or several smaller ones in a pack
4 Demihumans sneaking, possibly trade, half are evil, 1in4 with boat
5 Cave people or abhumans or orcs hunting or trading, 1in4 with canoes 
6 Ogre hunters or a troll or a giant if the room allows, 1in4 with canoes 
7 Owl bear or hook horror usually on shore
8 Swarms of bats 1in4 with giant or other dangerous bats
9 Piercers on ceiling 
10 Giant lizards or snake in or near water
11 Giant arthropods d4 1=spider 2=scorpions 3=centiped 4=ant
12 Cave Fisher Ambush

d12 Underland Deep Waterways
Underground kingdoms and trade routes Waterways
1 Strange species of abhuman or smaller humanoid only ever seen once
Mutant albino humans or demihumans adapted to underground living and hunting
3 Slime or ooze can float or swim 
4 Mushroom folk 1in4 with raft 
5 Aboleth prowling for slave victims 
6 Lost surface or demihuman  
7 Doppelgangers pretending to be demihuman traders 
8 Mephit or lesser demon 
9 Umberhulk
10 Ankheg hunting
11 Earth or air or water elemental (fire possible if lava near)
12 Purple Worm


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