Saturday, 21 August 2021

Notes For Post Apoc Game Start pt1 Skills

I've been using my dnd homebrew for various post apoc games, metamorphosis alpha and gammaworld, and mixing adventures from many games. So as Im running 2 games as a guest dm of my broken hill game I thought I would make some quickstart character set ups. So my current homebrew has example "builds" covering classic elfgame class tropes so I thought id do some versions for my post apoc game but first more skills to help players destroy the universe. Im open to weird tech specialities.

Skills - extra ones for setting
older skills of repair, mechanical lore, engineering all still useful

Heavy Weapons - missiles, machineguns, fixed weapons
Artillery - use long-range
Gunnery - use weapons built into a vehichle or turreted weapon

Atomic Lore - physics, radiation and operate high energy power plants & equipment

Astro Lore - space navigation, astronomy and knowledge of space exploration

Bio Lore
 - biology, botany, zoology, anatomy
-Clone Lore - for vat growing clones or organs in a lab or factory or using a bioprinter
-Gene Lore - repairing or modifying genetic material, making abhumans or monsters
-Germ Lore - cure diseases and using germ weapons

Chem Lore - basic chemistry
-explosive lore - make explosives from natural materials or cleaning supplies
-acid lore - make and handle dangerous corrosives for traps, weapons or industry
-poison lore - make or treat dangerous poison
-gas lore - aerosolize other chemicals for traps or warfare
-metal lore - identify and refine metal and ancient advanced non-metallic materials
-drug lore - make narcotics and medicine
-fuel lore - produce refined or distilled fuel from various materials

Program Lore
 - write program code to direct or operate machines in new ways
-Artificial Intelligence - expert at dealing with or making AI
-Robotics - an expert with programming robotic systems
-Cybersecurity - defend or breach computer security
-Cyberpsychology - negotiate, help and analyse robots, cyborgs and AI

Psionic Lore - knowledge of psionic abilities and mentalism

-Bicycle - pedal-powered bikes, skilled can go faster for longer
-Cycle - include various motorbikes, speeders, hoverbikes, monobikes
-Car - standard personal groundcars, hovercars, skimmers and light transports
-Transport - operate heave industrial, military or exploration vehicles some with tracks
-Walker - operate scout, industrial or military walker vehicles or giant robots

-Aircar - covers most personal atmospheric jets, prop planes and other flyers
-Airship - operate lighter than air vehicles like scrap blimps or huge ancient transports
-Copter - rotary-winged vehicles like helicopters
-Drone - remote control various drone scouts, transports, missiles or weapon platforms
-Flight Pack - personal jet packs, rocket packs, anti-gravity belts
-Glider - operate hang-gliders, purpose-built gliders or non-powered flying craft
-Marine - various powered seagoing vessels from personal to transport
-Shuttle - planet to orbital or orbital to lunar space shuttles and re-entry vehicles
-Ultralight - cheap, fragile, easily packaged light flyers often built of scrap

Tech Lore
-Aerospace Tech - repair aircraft, near-earth orbit flyers and space shuttles
-Android Tech - repair and operate android pseudo-biological systems and make android food
-Antigrav Tech - repair and operate anti gravitic systems
-Computer Tech - operate, repair and assemble computers

-Coms Tech - communication technology including radio, laser, wireless and other systems
-Construction Tech - use fabrication machinery to build items from guns to buildings
-Cyborg Tech - expert on cyborgs and human-machine interface. Instal minor implants with surgery and major ones with med-tech
-Energy Weapons - familiar with advanced energy weapons repairs
-Exosuit Tech - wear, operate, repair and modify powered suits and armour
-Firearm Tech - familiar with scrap built and printed cartridge-based firearms
-Forcefield Tech - repair forcefields, force blades and other related systems
-Life Support Tech - maintain and repair bunker or space life support systems
-Med Tech - operate advanced medical equipment
-Nanotech - operate and evade sensors and scanners
-Power Tech - generate, distribute and store energy by various means, recharge cells
-Robot Tech - repair and build robots
-Security Tech - operate and evade installation of electronic security and alarms
-Sensor Tech - operate and evade sensors and scanners
-Steam Tech - repair and operate steam-powered machinery
-Transmat Tech - teleportation technology
-Transport Tech - repair and operate industrial and personal vehicles & loaders
-Warp Tech - portal and warp drive technology 

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