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Silver City Locations

Finished several drafts and one of three editing projects. So will have a few products ready to sell properly. Also submitting some stuff to some zines. Knock 2 out with adventure of mine which is neat. 

Silver City is a reclaimed portion of the southern ruins, comprising of the inner city where these locations are vs the outer city a walled-off area where farmers and settlers are reclaiming land.

d10 Quick Types Silver City Locations
01 Food - not always using stated ingredients due to seasonal variations
02 Drinks - beverages some served for centuries
03 Hotels - accommodation and other activities
04 Vice - speciality vice dens
05 Armourers - guns, bullets, armour, weapons
06 Farming - for agricultural customers
07 Mechanics - machinists and craftsman
08 Relics & Technology - ancient goods
09 Specialty - various useful experts
10 Warlord - 

d100 Silver City Locations
Any of these places may need work fetching stuff, collecting debts, security
01 Saucy Sausage - sausage sizzle with bread, greasy onion and sauce
02 Silver City bakery - pies, pasties, sausage rolls, bread, sticky buns, vegemite rolls
03 Salty's Stewpot - a great pot of gruel been cooking for a hundred years
04 Silver City Stir Fry - various wok cooked meals with rice, noodles, sauce, meat and veg
05 Ancient Delicatestant - selling recovered ancient packaged foods and drinks
06 Kaiser Kebab - hot Turkish shishkebab, falafel, hot chips, pide, sweet pastry 
07 Hot Chips & Burgers - hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken
08 Pancake Hut - selling pancakes, hot tea, bush honey
09 Southern Cross Cafe - soup, roast meat, pie floaters, sausage & mash, sandwiches
10 Silver City Rotary Chicken - roast chicken and middle eastern chicken salads 
11 Water King - selling water in three grades to suit your price
12 Juice Bar - fruit, juice, cider and various sweet drinks from ancient concentrates
13 Coffee Pot - come in roast acorn and Queensland coffee beans imported
14 Silver City Milk Bar - selling milk drinks and sodas and icecream
15 Silver Tea House - selling various teas and herbal drinks some claim medicinal
16 Prospectors Saloon Bar - bar for explorers and looters from ruins, many also trade goods here and gossip
17 Blackblood's Whiskey Bar - former raider, now attracts rough types, merks, gang members, fights break out lots its a feature not a problem with patrons. Occasionally gunfighters meet here to kill each other
18 Red Rose Saloon - with strippers and gambling 24-hours a day
19 Bluey's Bar - inherited from her dad, Jane Doe runs the place her way and has the most women customers in town. A few trouble makers get killed intruding here monthly
20 The Irish Arms - a proper pub with vomit gutters around the bar and the cheapest grog in town with plenty of drinking contests, darts and a pool table
21 DeSade Hotel - full of rubber clad gang members, with cages, chains and sound proof rooms and basement cells. Electronic music only
22 Warriors Welcome Hotel - in for gang members and raiders that puts on a feast nightly followed by lots of men drunkenly fighting for money in a pit while punters place bets
23 Country Women's Association Hostel - a women-only hotel with country meals
24 Merrick's Friends Hotel - mutant hotel for those shunned in other hotels, craped, dark and smelly but safe 
25 Queen Kylie Hotel - a posh hotel with a dress code and servants for visiting tourists. Plundered with fittings from several historic hotels with many paintings and colonial-era relics 
26 Dropbear Inn - a modest hostel for travelling families, pilgrims and honest professional folk, no late entry or exits, no guests, no frivolity or high spirits, multi-faith religious artwork everywhere
27 Crown Hotel - with its own brewery, brothel, casino and quality rooms as long as you have the money otherwise expect to be murdered. Family owners believe they run the town
 and can do as they please. Beer is considered clean but weak as piss, they say
28 Silver Star Inn - owned by the Silver City Rangers, a vigilante club tolerated by the warlord. Good counter meals, polite, live sober country music on a jukebox, wild western-themed art. Troublemakers die quickly here. Visiting VIPs and wary travellers stay here having heard of the club. They patrol trade routes and main roads between town and the ruins and help travellers. Serve huge steaks and run a radio station
29 Merchantmans Hotel - preferred hotel of merchants owned by the Silver City Traders Association. Good service and VIP rooms and dining for extra fees
30 Mutant Camel Hotel - full of ferals, punks, hippies and others with music every night and copious drugs and alcohol and no nazi policy. Vegetarian meals only from
 pizza oven or various curry or dhal meals. They don't mind mutants and tribals and publish the Humble Bean full of vegetarian recipes, rave events, spiritual medicine and farm timps 
31 Wanda's Massage - a busy, quick turnover joint for sex workers of all types. Wanda is tired, smokes and is unflappable, enter at own risk
32 Pot O Gold Ranch for Rascals - specializes in the sexual needs of prospectors and fleecing them of everything with a casino room and lots of grog and drugs
33 The Doom Dome - a huge fighting pit with a cage on top where over a hundred can watch fights for money and place bets on several levels with VIP rooms with windows in the pit
34 Valhalla Motor Club - clubhouse for motorheads from road gangers, to the Warlords motor pool and various mechanics fans. Loud bands, lots of booze, feasts, with valkyrie strippers and lots of drugs available. Has own large garage where many leave their wheels while in town. Turning into a cult rapidly
35 Hellfire Club - Satan's Pleasure Pit with gambling, prostitutes, strippers, sadism, drugs, blood rituals, duelling but only for the wealthy with themed fantasy and ritual basement rooms
36 Sexbot Funhouse - where various sexual robots and androids are rented out in rooms by the hour, the less intact the cheaper
37 Frankies Freakhouse - brothel for mutant sex workers, has several discrete entries and exits as many don't want to be seen coming here. A few murders happen here a week due to psychotic clients cracking up. Many want it closed as unclean
38 Sleepy Dragon Opium Den - where servants can keep you high for days in a drug stupor, with some VIP rooms with lavish decor from ancient Asian restaurants
39 Doc Chronics Weed Store - where locals buy and sell dope and bongs traded over the  continent
40 Love Shack - seedy shop selling ancient sex toys, drugs, videos, holotapes and have rooms with pay per view dancers. Open late for the local creeps 
41 Scrappy's Armoury - uncle crappy has a shed, tools and piles of scrap and he sells scrap built armour, hand weapons and pipe guns but no ammo
42 Black Powder Canteen - sells gunpowder, primer, muskets and flintlocks, cast iron grenades with lit fuses and various archaic speciality tools and containers, limited powder stock is on shelves most is made to order off sight
43 Dynamite Joe's - sells dynamite and nitro to licenced miners registered to the warlord and here buyer issued a chit that can be exchanged for explosives outside of the town gates
44 Haberk's Armoury - a fine old gent makes quality scrap armour and ballistic fibre armour made from mutant seedpods. Sells crossbows also and quarrels and archery supplies
45 Mongo's Weapons - makes various vicious-looking hand weapons and trades in second-hand firearms and has some assorted ammo
46 Dozy & Janx Ammo Shoppe - sells cased ammo made by quality robot labour and also do some robot repairs. They also help supply the Warlords troops and operate under his licence. They can make various sug gun rounds and pre energy weapon small arm rounds
47 Nazzer's Guns & Glory - selling lots of secondhand scrap weapons, muskets and pipeguns and b-grade ammo
48 Dr Armatiges Advanced Weapon Systems - or better known as laser-hut, this attractive scientist (or the Laser Lady) deals in ancient electrically fired guns and energy weapons. Customers communicate by a slot and an intercom but trusted VIP guests may get to see the labs and storeroom. She has several intimidating abhuman, mutant and robot guards. May offer advice on other ancient security. Sometimes if business slow she prints a bunch of disposable plastic pistols and rifles that break after emptying their magazines
49 Survival Suppliers Inc - sell army surplus lotted from the ruins including clothes, tents, sleeping bags, mess kits, ancient rations and few fanciful pre-modern swords and armour. Lots of rope, backpacks, fishing gear and camping gadgets. Has rack of replica 20thc hunting rifles and shotguns made by the owner in the basement while his family run the store. Includes a panic room in the cellar with a bank vault door. Occasionally has a high calibre scrap rifle for sale 
50 Wasteland Weapons - made from scrap materials but refined into skillfully made balanced and attractive weapons. Lots of bosses like to shop here so often keeps some flintlock pistols, a few revolvers and sometimes a broken laser pistol
51 Farmers Food Co-Op - where small farmers trade and sell food from local market gardens
52 Bush Tucker Supply - kangaroo and bushmeat with native desert herbs, tubers and yams
53 Seed Store - spare seed sold here for settling farmers, sometimes its closed for weeks
54 Trifrond Holdings - where trifrond plants are processed into oil, plastic, medicine and food in big cauldrons, with pens where plants are held before slaughter
55 Mushroom Barn - grown in a farm in underground tunnels under store, often problem mutant bugs dig in and eat crops
56 Silver City Brewery - the favoured larger brewery in town and the biggest. Wagons come and go constantly and there are warehouses for stores, brew vats and ceramics areas to make clay bottles and press to make labels for export. Visitors can get a tour and sample and there is a bar only open for 4pm-6pm where workers drink till they vomit after work
57 Clayton Farms Groceries - wide range of superior grown food and meat with refrigeration, everything here costs double but is bigger and better looking. Other backward farmers hate this store
58 Bishop Meats - a butcher shop and slaughterhouse that brings in livestock from best country rances within 4 days travel. Also makes sausages and smallgoods and has the biggest industrial meat grinder in town
59 Farm Store - sells tools and livestock and feed for farmers who hang around gossiping lots, sells a few pipe guns and some ammo. Publishes local stock journal
60 Rural Outfitters - sells farmer clothes, farm equipment and fencing supplies with some seasonal home produce and a collection of farming books. Also operate farmers radio
61 Moloch's Engine Shop - repairs and sale of various motors, generators and parts with a large scrap heap and warehouse, will work on other machinery too 
62 Farm Mechanic - repairs and sells agricultural machines made from scrap and old farm robots
63 The Bike Shop - sells pushbikes, scooters and trailers and trolleys, piles of scrap and bike bodies, a popular choice of transport for poor
64 Buggy Barn - sells and repairs and builds buggy and scout and subcompact vehicles
65 Real Bike Factory - sells motorbikes for the tough set like raiders and gang members, no wimps allowed in store, must have gang or warlord colours
66 Offroad Supply - sells and repairs scrap built 4wd trucks and SUV and jeep type vehicles
67 Tyre Shop - make new tires and recycle old ones as well as keep piles of old ones in mounds some sold as building or craft materials
68 Auto Salvage - yards and warehouses of vehicle scrap and bodies
69 Automotive Murder Supply - build and equip cars approved by warlord with armour and weapons
70 Trader Repair & Transport - a scrapyard specialising in vehicles for traders including wagons and livestock to pull them. Also work with post office and passenger services via wagon or bus once a week to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney. The trips are hazardous and long
71 Radio Supply - com systems, scraps and part
72 Electronic Scrap & Parts - electronic scrap yard who buy and sell by kilo, some parts melted for materials and foul vapours fill the workyards
73 Robot Supply - robot repairs and parts
74 Hot Circuits Computers - mostly personal devices like tablets, laptops and tabletop terminals. Has built some bigger systems from private clients by consultation
75 Battery King - recharge cells and sometimes sell them. Can repair power systems but reluctant to travel
76 Minerals & Metallurgy - identify and deal in precious metals, test soils for minerals or poison
77 Pawn & Loan Mart - deals in loans for high tech so some good items end up for sale here
78 Smith Biotech Forge - operates a variety of ancient clone vats and bioprinters but it keeps breaking down. Mostly does secret work for the Warlord and bioprints modified seeds for post-apocalypse soils to keep farms going or grow dangerous plants for defence
79 Exploratory Research - lab outfit where scientists buy mysterious and strange tech, hire explorers to search certain sites for them, wary if adventurers too smart or understand tech
80 Dotty's Maps - various maps of the new Silver city and ruins, sells sections of city maps, collects new information on city areas. Actually, Dotty is the town planner and has a bodyguard who works for and informs the Warlord 
81 Doc Blumpkin All Hours Medical - drunk first aid and surgery, no guarantees
82 Barber Store - also dentistry, first aid, surgery
83 Medicare Clinic - VIP clinic with advanced medical tech, automeds, and robot surgeons, operate medical radio service and hope to restore flying doctors service 
84 Silver City Skool - where VIP and talented children are trained in basic skills to improve society. The poor students are bullied and exploited by the rich ones. Also, run a school of the air and post-exercise books yearly to outlying stations
85 Silver City Sentinel Newspaper - daily broadsheet with news, announcements, advertising and gossip, fully approved by warlord unlike other publications
86 Silver City Museum - with plundered displays from tourist attractions and various relics that faction experts study for science in the back rooms. Publish the Golden AgeJournal about the wonders of the past
87 TAB - betting office concerning sports and battle kill results and fights. Also sports clubs use this to plan timetables and seasons so people can play more sports without conflict. Publish sports mag Razzlers Sports. Race associations and sportclubs use this for meetings
88 Silver City Traders Association - where the leading council of merchants and shopkeepers deal with matters around inner-city markets and operate 
89 Fire Department - use fire carts for inner-city and have several trucks for bigger fires in the walled city or nearby farms. They also run ambulances and emergency services and operate a radio station with warnings and safety tips 
90 Prospectors Union - protection guild for prospectors, scavengers and looters. Occasionally argue with the warlords edicts. Operate prospector radio and scrappers newspaper
91 Post Office & Telegrams - send packages, letters and wireless messages long distance on trade routes. Runs a news radio station about the warlords orders and warning to enemies
92 Deeds & Titles - property registration for land inside the walls or claims on ruins or mines and registering special equipment to price ownership - also see 98
93 Silver City Citizen Registry - citizens can update their records and yearly citizen fees here
94 Silver City Sherrif - law officers who keep peace inside walls, call on barracks for warlord soldiers if help needed or firearms involved, issue most wanted magazine for local bounties
95 Silver City Prison - where valued citizens are kept to punish them instead of exile or execution, most prisoners cooperate 
96 Silver City Casino - the biggest casino in a city run by the warlord, largest VIP areas and dining and rooms. Warlords crew everywhere inside
97 Warlords Barracks - where warlords troops train, sleep and a recruitment centre
98 Warlords Salvage & Taxation - prospectors are to bring advanced tech here where the warlords tax-techs trade it for lower value items as tax
99 Warlords Motor Pool - Where the warlord's bikers, roadwarriors and truck convoys are based from with a few busses for group transport
100 Warlords Palace - a fortress in the inner wall overlooking the city with advanced computers and a private bunker beneath it. A dungeon level for dangerous enemies and interrogations part of the bunker. The city wireless networks are monitored from here and rumour says the Warlord has an AI

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