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Notes For Post Apoc Game Start pt2 Basic Classes


So these are post apoc versions of my basic classes modified for this game.
Next nonhumans (I might use less) plus mutant and robot.
I find these help to be a good quickstart for new players and late players or quick replacement characters. They can be changes they are a guideline of a character for speed and learnificating not rules. I gave fewer options in some. Also need to prep and rewrite my psionics spells too and doing this fixed a few bugs in skills and spells. Got a bunch of blank sheets to mess with too.

Priests of the ancient machine gods
Post-apocalyptic priests who operate temples of the ancient computer systems. Many global and local systems exist, some good and some evil. Many AI overlords use agents to meddle in humanity's affairs and impose their strange codes of conduct. Priests have an implant that they use to channel their god's power usually on their palm or forehead if public (or hidden on buttocks or belly button if a secretive cult). This acts as their holy symbol and proof to other worshipers who have the same and is used to cast spells nd use holy powers or enter a temple inner sanctum.

+5 Chainmail & +1 Sheild  +1 Helmet (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d6 Truncheon (Clubs) & d8 Flintlock Pistol (Handgun)
Arts Skills
Computer Tech, Holy Lore, Programer Lore, Repair  
(Bonus Skills: First Aid, Healer, Cyber-Psychology)
Common S W, Ancient W 
Starting Divine Spells
Zero Lv: Alarm, Clean, Cure, Whisper
1st Lv: Cure Light Wounds
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv History +2 1st Lv Identify +3 2nd Lv Hold Person)  
Young zero level initiate d4HP AC +3 leather armour d6 club Skill: Computer Tech, Repair
Chainmail, Shield, Knife, Truncheon, Flintlock Pistol, 20 shots for pistol, Robes, Cape, Hat, Holy Symbol Medalion, Crystal Implant, Tablet & Stylus, Relic Box (old cables, screen wipes, floppy discs, ROM cartridges, punchcards and tapes of old computer files), Static Free Shoes, Jumpsuit, Week of Concentrated Rations, 3d6sp
Options (Gods)
The most detailed gods are:
Colossus god of everything (Lawful) can command robots
Proteus the god of cybernetics (Chaos) can call cherubim like homunculi
Capon god of bioengineering and chicken dinners (Neutral) can call chicken meals
More gods in the Planet Psychon Book

Roguish raiders of ruins
These are common scum who prowl ruins seeking scrap and old tech they can repair or recycle for profit. They rely on skills and cunning and ambush to avoid fights and avoid obstacles. They often form scavenger guilds who look out for each other and operate black markets away from the prying eyes of rulers or law or bullies

+3 Leather Armour (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d6 Machete (Swords) 3d4 Sawn-off Shotgun (Handgun)
Arts Skills
Climb, Bargain, Hide, Lock-Lore, Listen, Repair, Sneak, Trap-Lore
(Bonus Skills: Streetwise, Security-Tech, Mechanical-Lore,
Ambidextrous, Night-Sight, Flee, Sleight)
Common S Guild S  
Young zero level apprentice d4HP AC +3 leather armour d6 knife, skills: Repair, Bargain
Dog d6HP AC+3 d4 bite, skills: Track, Listen, Voice
Giant Rat d4HP AC+3 d3 bite Skills: Climb, Listen, Smell
2 daggers, machete, 4 knives, sawn-off scrap shotgun (one barrel break open to load takes one round), d6 shells, 4L waterskin, day of cheap food, lock picks, 12m rope, tinder box, 12 candles, face mask or wraps, goggles, all-weather coat, leather gloves, padded boots, common clothes, leather armour, hat, pry bar, bandoliers (holds 12 ENC), large sack (holds 12 ENC) 3d6sp
instead of backstabbing can apply damage multiplier and +4 to succeed to
Repair (scrapper) 
First Aid & Healing (Medic)

Wasteland Warrior
Wage war to survive
Warriors who survive in the post-apocalyptic ruins and highways. Tribals survive off the land in outback communities and are able to survive harsh conditions. Raiders are gang members who live by attacking and robbing weaker sedentary communities or travellers. Road warriors drive armed and armoured vehicles for war or sport. Soldier 

+3 Leather & +3 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
+5 Chainmail  +1 Helmet (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
+7 Scrap Plate Armour (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Choose One School)
Tribal: knife, spear, shortbow & 20 arrows, club
(school weapons: Blades, Spears, Archery, Clubs + Alertness & Shoot-into-melee, ) 
Raider: Dagger, Club, Chain, light crossbow 20 bolts
(school weapons: Blades, Clubs, Flails, Crossbows + Entangle & Martial Attack ) 
Roadwarrior: dagger, sawn-off scrap shotgun & d6 shots
(school weapons: Blades, Handgun, Gunnery, Heavy Weapons + Burstfire & Point-blank) 
Soldier:  Musket with 20 shots, bayonet, machete 
(school weapons: Rifle, Machete, Blades, Club + Critical-hit & Armour-Optimise )
Arts Skills
Tribal: Track, Search, Survival
Raider: Beg, Intimidate, StreetwiseRoad
Warrior: Drive Car, Mechanical Lore, Repair 
Soldier: Kingdom Lore, Looting, Search
(Bonus Skills: Critical-hit, Expert Weapon, Blackpowder, Firearms Tech,
First Aid, Spot, Listen, Quickdraw)
Common S, Tribal S 
Dog d6HP AC+3 d4 bite, skills: Track, Listen, Voice
Young zero level punk d4HP AC +3 leather armour d6 machete, skills: Repair, Streetwise
Equipment (3d6sp each)
Plus armour and weapons per type
Tribal: fishing kit, 4L waterskin, 6m rope, hatchet, 4 days dried food, d4 days fresh food
Raider: face paint, piercings, tattoos, d4 days mystery dried meat, incendiary, lighter
Road Warrior: broken car with no fuel, goggles, leather jacket, pipe bomb, lighter
Soldier: binoculars or telescope, 1L canteen, a bottle of beer, dog tags, notebook 

Wizards who hack occult powers from beyond
Post-apocalyptic wizards manipulate the worldwide teleportation array and other systems to do their bidding. Having brain implants that tap into these networks they run spell programs they upload and the process of casting them scrubs the spell data from memories requiring the be uploaded again usually from the wizard's tablet or other media such as floppy discs or ROM cartridges. Most fear this power as it may offend the gods 

Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d6 Staff (Staves) 
Arts Skills
Computer Tech, Arcane Lore, Flee, Forbidden Lore
(Bonus Skills: Alchemy, Familiar Bond, Ancient Lore, First Aid, Healer, Quick Cantrip)
Common S W, Ancient S W Machine S
Starting Arcane Spell Book
Zero Lv: Acid, Alarm, Brimstone, Cauterise, Detect Magic, Evil Eye, Read Magic
1st Lv: Charm Person, Sleep, Identify, Magic Missile
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Know History +2 1st Lv Illusion +3 2nd Lv Web)  
Possibly A Familiar
Young zero level student d4HP AC d6 staff Skills: Computer Tech, Flee
Robe, Hat, Tablet & Stylus, Pipe & Tobacco, knife, staff, d4 Firecrackers, Lighter, Flashlight with one flat chem cell, a bottle of vodka, d4 kg electronic scrap, backpack, 3d6sp
Options (Alternate Spell Book)
Book of Fire:
Zero Lv: Brimstone, Candle, Cauterise, Detect Magic, Heat, Ignite, Read Magic
1st Lv: Burning Hands, Fiery Eyes, Identify, Protection from Fire
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Elemental-Burst +2 1st Lv Light +3 2nd Lv Elemental-Ray) 
Book of Air:
Zero Lv: Bubbles, Alarm, Detect Magic, Spark, Read Magic, Whisper
1st Lv: Comprehend Language, Feather Fall, Identify, Shocking Grasp
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Ventriloquism +2 1st Lv Elemental Burst +3 2nd Lv Levitate) 
Book of Earth:
Zero Lv: Constitution, Detect Magic, Filth, Flatulence, Strength, Read Magic
1st Lv: Grease, Elemental-burst, Spiderclimb, Identify
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Arcane Sprint +2 1st Lv Hold Portal +3 2nd Lv Stinking Cloud) 
Book of Water 
Zero Lv: Acid, Detect Magic, Chill, Flavour, Icicle, Read Magic
1st Lv: Fog Cloud, Elemental burst, Floating Disc, Identify
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Arcane Swim +2 1st Lv Mask +3 2nd Lv Ice Knife) 
Book of Death
Zero Lv: Detect Magic, Open, Read Magic, Shape Smoke, Snuff, Vermin
1st Lv: Darkness, Identify, Skeletal Servant, Sleep
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Invisible Servant +2 1st Lv Know History +3 2nd Lv False Life) 

Psionic bards 1wandering the wastes with news and tales
Post-apocalyptic bards whose brains have been modified with implants to make them psionic using secret laboratories operated by the secret bard brotherhoods. They travel spreading hope and messages and are popular in camps and inns as guests. Often can busk for money and food to survive.

+3 Leather, +1 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Knife (Blades) d8 Flintlock (Handguns) 
Arts Skills
Bluff, Gossip, Music-Lore (Guitar), Performance 
(Bonus Skills: Beg, Sleight, Forgery, Ancient Lore, First Aid, Flee, Healer)
Common S W, Ancient S W Machine S
Starting Psionic Spells
Zero Lv: Cure, Puppetry, Stun, Evil Eye  
1st Lv: Know History, Charm-Person, Regenerate Wounds, Sleep
Young zero level student d4HP AC d3 knife Skills: Music Lore, Flee +1 instrument
Robe, Hat, Cigarettes, leather jacket, knife, guitar, Lighter, a bottle of whiskey, sixpack of beer, Sunglasses, d6 novelty t-shirts, d4 chocolate bars, electric guitar with built-in amp takes 4 chem cells for 24-hour full volume & tough enough to be used as shield or club

Holy druidic healing the wasteland and mutant ecology
Post-apocalyptic druids implanted with elements within their flesh by great AI god Gaea or her servants. Natural philosopher hermits who mediate between nature and civilisation. Spells affect living things like plants and animals and processes of growth and reproduction. Sometimes druids help humans live with dangerous beasts and plants but sometimes druids make monsters if locals are too prolific for druid schemes. Druids besides using nature magic can shapeshift.

+3 Leather, +1 Sheild (1/2 vs bullets, nil vs energy weapons)
Weapons (Arms Skills)
d3 Dagger (Blades) d6 Machete (Swords) 
Arts Skills
Healer, Beast Handling, Herbalism, First Aid   
(Bonus Skills: Folk Lore, Survival, Nature Lore, Ancient Lore, Plant Lore, Beast Lore)
Common S W, Bird S, Dog S, Cat S,
Starting Psionic Spells
Zero Lv: Berry, Fire-Berry, Herbs, Vermin  
1st Lv: Entangle, Charm Beast, Call Beast, Goodberry
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Beast Speech +2 1st Lv  +3 2nd Lv ESP)  
Young zero level student d4HP AC+3 d4 sickle Skills: First Aid, Herbalism
Wallaby d4HP AC+3 Mov24 skills: Scouting, Jumping, Flee
Young Dingo d6HP AC+3 d4 bite Mov15 skills: Track, Listen, Hunting
Kookerburra d4HP AC+3 d3 Peck Fly 36 skills: Spot, Listen, Voice
Robe, Hat, sickle, staff, machete, dagger, knife, small sheild, leather armour, herb pouch (20 doses), first aid kit, bandages, camping mess kit, large pot, herbal tea, mushrooms, pipe, week dried food, 4L waterskin, tobacco, bindle cloth, bird seed
Pick one animal form 

Travelling savants, masters of martial arts 
These are loners wandering the wastes but somehow get mixed up in local problems and conflicts. Some end up spies, pit fighters, bodyguards and duelists yet they are also able scholars or anything they set their mind too. Most just want to be alone to study and train. Some study in secret schools, dojos and monasteries if a master accepts them. By serving these secret masters they may gain more implants and gain supernatural seeming powers. Many shun violence but others just live to fight.


Weapons (Arms Skills)
pick one specialist weapon +1 hit damage initiative and hit magic
d6 Unarmed (Martial Strike & Martial Attack) d8 Katana (Swords)
2d4 9mm Automatic Pistol 20 shot mag (Handgun) 
Arts Skills
Acrobatics, Running, Search, Wallrunning
(Bonus Skills: Dodge, Critical-Hit, Stun, Streetwise, Escapology, Jumping)
Ambidextrous, Night-Sight, Flee, Sleight, Survival)
Common S W, Ancient W
Young zero level apprentice d4HP AC +10, Unarmed d4 skills: Martial Strike, Beg, Running 
light clothes, long raincoat, holster belt for 9mm pistol and ammo, Machete, small pack, leg and arm wrappings, iron pot, tea, d4 dried noodle meals, bowl, cup, 2 scrap knuckle dusters

Sorcerous masters of mysterious mentalism
These wasteland sorcerers have been implanted with strange psionic implants that let them tap into the powers of the various AI gods that control every aspect of reality. Unlike wizards, they don't forget spells but can channel energy through the implants that grow within them. As they don't require the brain-frying discipline of wizards they tend to be more lazy, self-indulgent and prone to starting personality cults or scams to rip off communities or both. In between living lives of vice, they often end up broke and on the move. Some prefer to keep moving and never look back. 

Weapons (Arms Skills)
d4 Dagger (Blades) 2d4 Revolver 6+d6 bullets (Handgun) 
Arts Skills
Alchemy, Bluff, Evil Eye, Psionic Lore
(Bonus Skills: Flee, Hold Breath, Cryptography, Forgery, Fortune Teller, Quack Healer, Sleight, Shun Materials, Shun Sight)
Common S W  
Starting Psionic Spells
Zero Lv: Cure, Detect Direction, Evil Eye, Open
1st Lv:  Charm Person, Know History, Illusion, Mental Bolt
(Bonus Spells: +1 1st Lv Comprehend Language +2 Fear 1st Lv  +3 2nd Lv Hold Person)  
Young zero level student d4HP AC+3 d3 knife Skills: Bluff, Beg
Robes, fancy hat, fake beard and moustache, d6 silk coloured scarves, d6 bottles of fake potions, d6 luck charms, deck of cards, bottle of good wine, sunglasses, holy journal, crystal wand, big leather-bound holy looking book (possibly a phonebook or legal text)

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